Holiday Inn Claims they are OK by Bed Bug Dog

Apartment Complex Tackles Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bug bite lawsuit wins big award

Personal Bed Bug Detector

Review of the personal bed bug detector that detects co2 put off by hiding bed bugs.

Bed Bugs in Clothing

Bed Bugs in clothing at Hollister causes store to keep doors shut on Friday!

Man Sues Over Bed Bug Infested Apartment

In Cleveland a law student from Case Western Reserve University filed a lawsuit against Reserve Square Apartments after claiming that his apartment there was infested with bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Turn a Woman’s Life Upside Down

Ms. Dziekdziczak is a Polish woman who speaks very little English and lives in public housing and isn’t taken seriously when it comes to bed bugs

So You Think Your Bed is Cozy? Think Again!

Bed bugs are little insects that feed off of the blood of humans. Although most commonly associated with hotels they can really be found anywhere and not just in your bed either.

Bed Bugs are Biting in Hotels

In the 1970’s and 80’s bed bugs were pretty scarce because of pesticides and other older chemistry that was used to get rid of ants and cockroaches as well. The pesticides pretty much eliminated bed bugs all together, however they were still seen once in a great while. Today things are changing.

Motel Deemed Unfit for Human Habitation

A task force inspected the motel and deemed it ‘unfit for human habitation.’ The structural, safety and hygiene problems must be fixed before the units can be reopened. Bed bugs were one of the many things found in these motel rooms.

Schools Risk Bed Bug Problem

Because of the rise of the bed bug epidemic researchers and public health officials are concerned that the little unwanted bugs are going to spread through schools.

Irresponsible Tenants Cause Bed Bug Infestations

The Stern Environmental Group wrote a very interesting article yesterday about landlords in NJ and NYC have difficulty with bed bug infested apartments. The article states that the landlords could really use help from their tenants in preventing this problem.

Crusade Against Bed Bugs

Heringer has been called “The Bed Bug Lady” but she looks at her nickname as a compliment, though some have thought she was infested with bed bugs this is not the case.

This Bedbug Infestation Bites!

Sergio Ramos explained that the infestation started in one side of the complex well over a year ago and now the entire place has bed bugs

Beg Bug Problem Persists in Public Housing

A man in a public housing unit has experienced problems with bed bugs for over three months.

Think You’re Sleeping Alone?

In Gentry’s article she discusses the fact that bed bugs are truly a growing problem and are becoming an epidemic.

Growing Bed Bug Problem in Franklin County

There have been two major infestations of bed bugs within the county but the Franklin County Board of Health unveiled a task force in hopes that it will decrease the amount of bed bug infestations.

Bed Bugs at the Polls

Bed bugs are being sprayed for at the library where election polls are supposed to be held.

Bed Bugs Scar Child for Life!

Bed Bugs scar a child for life and cause a lifetime of pain.

Animal Planet Features Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

Woman Receives $71,000 from Bed Bug Bites

A woman receives a settlement of $71,000 after being bitten by bed bugs in a hotel.

Police Firefighters Should Get Financial Help for Bed Bugs

Cincinnati local news recently wrote an article about the City Council saying that Policemen and Firefighters should get financial help for the removal of bed bugs because often times they unwillingly bring them from their job scene to their own home.

VIdeo of Man Who Lets the Bed Bugs Bite

A man lets bed bugs bite him in order to better understand their habits

Family Reports Bedbugs at Value Place Hotel and is kicked out!

Bedbugs at Value Place Hotel in in Kansas City reported by KCTV5.

Kick the BedBugs Out of Your Bed!

An article discussing tips and tricks on how to get rid of bed bugs in your home

Hotel Zaps the Bed Bugs

A Manger at Days Inn in New Mexico is renovating entire hotel because of a bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Problem Persistent in Section Eight Housing

A Section Eight Housing unit is forced to spray for bed bugs multiple times as the problem stays persistent

Bedbugs a Growing Problem for Hotels

Bedbugs Declared a Health Hazard

Bed Bugs Force Students to Move

Bed Bugs Force Students to move at Goucher College

Bed Bugs at Days Inn

Bed Bugs at Days Inn were found and while the manager said this is new, a review from July states that this is not true.