Imagine having to pay $63,000 because of thousands of bugs that are only a quarter of an inch long. You probably wouldn’t be too thrilled right? Well that’s exactly how the owners of Days Inn in Farmington, New Mexico felt.

Rez Chowdhury, the owner of infested Days Inn, says that they are going to replace everything from carpets to bedding. They are currently waiting on Ecolab to return the results of an investigation. The Ecolab employee, Rocky Jordan, claims that he’s seen much worse bed bug infestations but he defiantly found evidence of the little pests at the Days Inn. Jordan suggested they strip all the rooms where they found the bedbugs and rooms adjacent to those but it was Chowdhury’s idea to do the entire hotel and Jordan agrees that it’s a good idea.

Because there is no evidence of bed bugs on the ground floor they are starting with the second and third before returning to the ground floor to spray there also. They said the problem may have started about two years ago, also the time when national media first noted the resurgence of bedbugs in this country. Some blame international travel for the spread. But luckily bed bugs don’t spread any sort of diseases, they are just itchy and annoying.

Chowdhury apologized to each of the bite victims and also is removing the hotel manager, Amish Patel, due to his lack of response. Chowdhury is training a new manager and keeping busy with the renovation of the hotel. A quote from the article says,

“It’s worth it,” Chowdhury said. “When they remove the furniture and carpet, most of the problem is gone, but we want to be sure so we will treat each floor, come back and test in a week and do it again if we have to.”

We can only hope more managers of hotels would address a bed bug infestation in this manor. When traveling be on the look out for bed bugs and if you spot any don’t hesitate to inform the management about the situation. Questions or comments? Share them with us below.

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  1. Bed Bug Girl says:

    Hello Vanessa,

    No, there is nothing that forces them to let you know. The only way to find out is by asking here or researching yourself online. As long as the hotel zaps the bed bugs when they find out about an infestation, they’ll have a good record – you’ll see a complaint, but then nothing after or a major gap. It’s the hotels that have multiple complaints over the last 12 months that I’d stay away from!

  2. Vanessa says:

    Are hotels required to let you know that they have bed bugs?

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