Hi, I’m heather and I’m showing you my bed bug infestation so that should you end up in the same situation, you may be able to avoid the run-around I received and get to the root of the problem.

At first we thought I was getting bitten by a spider over and over, but after the first visit to the doctors (and ruling out spider) I started taking pictures. The first picture of my shoulder is how I attempted to rule out bed bugs. Because I thought they could not bite through clothes or would not travel that far to bite me.

The photos of my back show bites that progressed in intensity over an 8 day period. The 2nd day of the back (what I thought was a ) rash I went back to the doctor who ordered a whole blood work up which included testing for thyroid issues, white blood count, food allergies and a few other things. When it came back normal she sent me to an allergist (thinking maybe a bed bug bite reaction).

I told him each day I get up and it hurts so bad I cry. But as the day goes on it feels a little better but then at night its awful (turns out they were just chomping on me again and again every night). Anyway, the allergist gave me a steroid cream that did nothing.

2 days later I’m back at the allergist with a few choice words. I’m diagnosed with contact dermatitis. I get an antihistamine and a different cream. And that i need to take an allergy test for materials and metals that will cost about $800. My husband decides I’m allergic to the new mattress cover and he tossed it (good bye bed bugs). Within days it’s better. And in a week it’s gone!

Unfortunately, the welts on my arms were back. I’m annoyed thinking there must be a nest somewhere. Well today I put my son down for a nap, I come to check on him and bed bugs are crawling all over my poor baby!! Now there is no question we have a bed bug infestation.

At first I thought they were ticks and I strip him down and toss him in the bath and search his whole body and hair for the devils. But after further research of his bed I discovered the bedbugs!

I’m hiring an exterminator and it’s gonna cost $1,400 to get rid of them and a whole month of treatment!

Moral of the story: Take your time and do a proper search for bed bugs the first time!