You really have to feel bad for Clyde Burton, a resident at a public housing unit in Halifax, NS, because for the last three months he has been waking up with an burning sensation in his arms and sometimes with red welts all over his body. Burton, 59, has been living with bed bugs in his apartment unit for over three months now.

On more than one occasion he has reported the infestation to Metropolitan Regional Housing Authority. They tried three different times to send a pest control company to take care of the problem, however Burton couldn’t handle the chemicals due to the fact that he has had brain surgery 30 years ago. After treatment for the bed bugs is applied Burton is supposed to avoid cleaning and was advised to leave his apartment for about four hours while it was being sprayed.
Because of Burton’s disability it is vital that he gets a good night sleep which he hasn’t been able to do for the past three months or so. Burton claims that his apartment building is infested from the top floor down. Other tenants in his building agree with him, but didn’t want to say anything in fear of their apartment building being closed down. Burton desperately wants to move but unfortunately many of other public housing apartments in the area also have bed bug issues.

A spokeswoman from the Community Services Department, Kristen Tynes, says that it’s not just public housing units but it’s a problem that is happening all over Halifax. Ms. Tynes says that one of the biggest cause from the infestations is buying second hand furniture which often times has bed bugs already. Then when you bring the furniture to your home and apartment they spread throughout the entire place. Currently, the biggest challenge they face is trying to prevent another infestation.

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  1. Tiffany Renee Richardson says:

    I am 24 years old i have a 8 yr old son an 6 yr old daughter. I been living in Richardson Court Apartments in Nashville NC for 4 years, I have never had a problem with bugs except spiders. Now my apartment is infested with BEDBUGS. I had to throw away all my furniture, we have nothing to sleep on, I don’t have a job i live off unemployment. My landlord acts like she does not want to fix the problem even though i’m showing her proof, they have sprayed twice but its not working. I have found them on my floor, in the carpet, side of the sink, on blow-up mattress, my finding babies an adults. I don’t know what else to do i’m going crazy, i cant sleep at night i’m taking pills. After all of this my landlord thinks i need to pay rent, i don’t think i should, Can anyone help me find a lawyer. MY LIFE IS A LIVING HELL!!!!

  2. Melissa says:

    Hello, I’m a young mother of 2 babies both under age 3, I’ve lived in low income housing now for 6b months …the hole time residing here I’ve been battling the bedbug issue and because I’m on income assistance i cant afford adequate housing …..

    i pay 229.00 for and unit that’s a 3 bedroom heat and hot water included..sounds bomb doesn’t it ? but really my money is going on new furniture every month and spray’s to keep the bedbug pest problem to a minimum ….housing is suppose to provide us with a spray and but the spray guy never seems to wanna do his job when coming here….he tells me to leave my unit while spraying and when i do return to the apt…it looks or smells like its never even been sprayed! like….I’m so ready to call department of health and see what they can do for me…

    this is highly unfit and uncalled for ….id rather pay another company to come in and spray then to fork out another month’s rent to people who don’t do anything for me while renting from these people….please someone help please…..not even for me but for my 1 and a half son and my beautiful daughter who is 2 and a half . They don’t deserve to get bitten up like this …please help us please

  3. Tanya Johnson says:

    Am at the point i keep sleep at night. my husband bought this spray that does work. Each night it get worst. i cant sleep , getting bite up, always crying. cant take please help me .

  4. Susie Thomas says:

    Hi! my name is Susie Thomas and I live in Chicago Housing Authority (Lake Parc Place) family housing high-rise building of 15 floors. We also have an infestation of bed bugs. The pest control company wants to cut open residents beds and sofas (even if they are brand new) to see if you really have bed bugs.
    If the furniture is new how can bed bugs get into it?

  5. carlos ruiz says:

    Who do we call because we have bed bugs we just moved in 2 months and we didn’t know we are Bermuda Dunes California and the land lord does not want help.

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