Imagine going on a vacation or trip only to have memory of one thing: bed bugs. John Keenan wrote an article for the Omaha Newsstand called “Pest control companies report a growing problem with bedbugs.” Many hotels and motels are the very place where bed bug infestations begin and in Omaha the story is the same. While bed bugs aren’t common they certainly aren’t unheard of. But according to local pest control companies and an educator with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s extension office bed bugs are being more and more of a problem.

Gail Banach along with daughter Leslie and her Siberian husky were passing through Omaha and stayed the night on their way to Utah. After calling a few hotels in search for a vacant room she finally found one that had a two-diamond rating in the AAA guidebook so she figured it would be alright. A quote from the article states:

“When they awoke the next morning, Banach said, it was to a splatter of tiny bloodstains on the sheets from where they’d been bitten.”

Banach searched and realized that there were bed bugs in her hotel room. She collected evidence of the bed bugs to show the hotel clerk on duty who suggested Banach’s dog was to blame for the bugs. Banach said there was no way her dog was carrying bed bugs. Besides, if her dog was, wouldn’t she have discovered them in her own home? Banach proceeded to report the episode to the Douglas County Health Department. Inspectors found bed bugs in some of the rooms and destroyed the mattresses, because mattresses are often where bed bugs are usually found. Further inspections will be made as well as follow-ups.

Mike Patel, owner of the Relax Inn said that he had found one bug, but the problem had been dealt with. They also figured it was an isolated case as there was no evidence of a widespread infestation. Inspectors agreed that bed bugs can’t come from a dog, but rather suitcases, furniture, boxes or clothing. AAA told Banach it would refund the cost of her motel room. Patel also said he would give her a refund.

Because hotels and motels are the most common places that bed bugs are found it’s important to be informed on what to look for. Be sure to check out our FAQ and bed bug checklist before you travel to make sure you don’t take any unwanted guests home with you. You’ll also be sure to fully enjoy your vacation!

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  1. Carolynn Booker-Davis says:

    I have bedbugs, I’ve been in this apartment for 6 years and recently there was some duct work done on my building. Every since then I’ve been bit by bed bugs. Will I have to get rid of everything? I don’t know what to do. Tonight, I put a call in to my resident manager, I hope I get a return call before noon tomorrow or I’m taking the ones I have killed to the office. Please Advise!

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