A woman stayed at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in San Francisco and during her stay received more than 400 bed bug bites. During her stay the woman noticed blood stains on the sheets as well as insect bites on her face and body. Upon her departure from the hotel she mentioned the bug problem to the front desk.

Within a week the woman’s face and body were covered with hundreds of bite marks along with intense itching. After seeing a doctor she was informed that it could take up to ten days for her skin to fully react to the bed bug bites and related irritants (for example: bed bug feces).

After receiving treatment the woman developed what is called steroid acne. Later, it developed into dermographism, which is a skin condition where you can actually write on your skin.

The hotel decided to offer the woman $71,000 to settle her claim, which happens to be the largest sum of money ever offered to a victim of bed bug bites.

Also, see San Francisco Superior Court Case Number: CGC-07-466944 Dana Miller vs. Ramada Plaza Hotel et al. 2nd Amended Complaint.

Nelson C. Barry III, Esq. 87839
Law Offices of Nelson c. Barry III
32 Sussex Street
San Francisco, CA 94131 I
TELEPHONE NO., ( 4 15 ) 587-0550 FAX NO 10ption411; (415) 587-1211
E-MAIL ADDRESS nb@nelsonbarry.com
ATTORNEY FOR Plaintiff Dana Miller

Defendant is Ramada Plaza Hotel

Prem.L-1. Plaintiff(name): Dana Miller alleges the acts of defendants were the legal (proximate) cause of damages to plaintiff.

On (date}: October 16, 2005 plaintiff was injured on the following premises in the following fashion (description of premises and circumstances of injury):

Plaintiff suffered severe injuries as the result of being bitten over 400 times by bed bugs while staying at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in San Francisco on October 16, 2005. Plaintiff not only incurred medical bills and wage loss, but she also suffered steroid acne and developed Dermographism, a long-term condition that causes extreme skin sensitivity, as a result of both Plaintiff’s physical reaction to bed bug bites and matter (i.e. feces) and the large doses of steroid treatment used to cool the reaction.

Plaintiff stayed in the room assigned to her by defendant Ramada Plaza Hotel.

Over 400 bed bug bites, serious and permanent skin disorder and psychological pain and suffering.

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  1. rufus hodges says:

    it is a damn shame that a public has no outlet to hold these kind of places accountable for the correction of this kind of problem.

  2. Contemplated suicide LIFE AFTER BEDBUGS says:

    I felt helpless, what do u do when being diligent doesn’t pay off , section 8 is corrupt ,lanlord is malicious. 17 months insomnia NO FURNITURE & living out a car while living in new place 3 times .third apt has no bed bugs , but ur doctor @a mental health retardation center . Says ur delusional, major depression, anxiety & ocd type girl. Medicine is xanax, haldol, ambien, anafrinal forgive the spell check .sleeping on the floor, was life, now life is daughter sleeps in tub , I sleep next to her or stay up till 4/5 .either way I will protect my baby #10 yrs old. Bedbugs can have my body , the LORD WILL KEEP MY SOUL

  3. janet says:

    i went to a dermatologist and she told me it was allergies go figure! i have been itching welting and very upset when i finally today pulled bed apart and seen bed bugs ..ugg i am so mad cause they came from my sister she had them but she called them red ants go figure washed all the linens .. should i sue my dr and beat my sister down … serious its gonna cost 300.00 for the upstairs and i didn’t go as far as talking about the rest of the house should you do the whole house???

  4. Bed Bug Girl says:

    Do you have pictures Jessica? If so, send them to badbedbugs@gmail.com – documentation with any bed bug infestation is extremely important in such cases!

  5. Jessica says:

    I was sold a used bed with used mattresses infested with these bugs after a week of itching torture I was wondering what in the wod was going on.. I thought hives .. Eggs and bug feces are all over this frame and mattress .. The manager is insisting they sprayed the mattress .. But what they are unaware of is they can live in the wood as well which is the case for me … I am going to sue .. If people feel competent enough to run a business
    Selling used furinture and mattresses.. They should understand how one wrong move can ruin a life and turn sleeping into a nightmare .. I now can’t sleep .. I am covered in bites .. This is the worst nightmare to ever have to wake up to and have to live … :-( I am scarred for life .. Can’t even eat cause I still feel them crawling .. So gross such misery..

  6. PW says:

    I called Terminex….they did not show for first two appts. when they did show I was told they would do my dining room, living room, three bedrooms and basement. First appt missed….they said they sent my request to wrong people. The 2nd appt the guy then tells me he was not told to do the basement. I have an appt for my 3rd time, through out my daughters mattress and box springd and my sons and my sons rebought mattress and box spring and my living room furniture. Terminex coming here for 3rd attempt. I dont might paying the price to rid these creatures….but dont B.S. me and say you can fix the problem if you can’t. The guy said to me that he pulled stuff out and really vacuumed. Hmmm…same dust balls were there when I left…no I did not hire him to clean for me but…..where did he vacuum at? I wish I would have hired someone to do the heat method…much more expenisive but I want accuracy over inadequacy.

  7. gina says:

    my neighbor is usein terminex n had used then less then 4 months ago..bed bugs is the worse thing 2 have n get rid of..i dont think terminex did ther job the 1st time n she called again and now her bill is doubled n now this time they wanna talk 2 us…i think companys come out n they know that u will use them again so they dont get rid of the problem they just want ur money..my poor neighbor is goin thru hell with this bed bug stuff n i think terminex is just out 4 $$$$$$$…..n im freakin out cuz they just said they can travel on clothes and we were never told that and i been helpin her out…ughhhh

  8. sandy says:

    We should all sue! Maybe that will wake apartment managers and ‘some’ landlords up about this. Makes me nuts how people just don’t think they are a big deal! Hello…. they literally eat you alive!!!!

  9. Bruce W says:

    So it is their fault the matress covers tore? its their fault you had to burn furniture? why did you burn the furniture? did you burn all of your furniture before you called them for the first spraying? I guess you had all new furniture when they sprayed for bedbugs? i would go after the furniture store. they must have sold you infested furniture. You story does not make sense.

  10. Paul Watson says:

    i called terminix upon discovering bedbugs. The bed bugs gained entry to my home via moving my blind brother in to help him out. he lived in a high crime area. well, terminix said the bedbugs were confined to one room ( blind brother). they treated room and sold us 2 mattress covers for the box spring and mattress. we were told to check daily for bugs and did so.

    By the constant shifting of the box spring, the cover received tears/rips and the adults escaped. now we have them all over the house. we have burned a custom made couch, recliner, and expensive box spring and mattress. now our sleep number bed is probably next.

    We were told by terminix that they would refund our money for the bed covers ( 150.00 or more) but have not received that. they also promised to come out and re-treat us, but haven’t. now we have a re-infestation.

    DO NOT USE TERMINIX !!! I am out 700.00 for terminix’ fee, and about 3-4000.00 for the furniture i have lost, so far! Again – DO NOT CALL TERMINIX.

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