As bed bugs are becoming more and more of a problem through out the United States people are coming up with more solutions. One solution is dogs that are professionally trained to sniff out and locate bed bugs. On an upcoming show “Dogs 101” on Animal Planet a beagle that is trained to detect bed bugs will be the star.

Tracer, the name of the Beagle, and his owner Mike Tache will demonstrate to viewers how dogs can be trained to sniff out bed bugs. Tache operates his own business called American K9 Private Investigators with his dogs, Tracer and Ace, a Siberian husky-beagle mix.

Tache rescued both dogs from an animal shelter and trained them. The dogs usually detect bed bugs in college dorms, hotels, businesses, homes and schools. In fact, the dogs are in high demand due to the rise in bed bug infestations.

Tache mentions that many of the latest bed bug infestations have become immune to the methods that used to kill them off such as sprays and dusts used by exterminators. However heat is one way to kill them off but it needs to up around 130 degrees. Closing off the entire building and using vikane gas is another method, but it is extremely expensive.

Stories and articles about bed bug sniffing dogs are becoming more common and they will have to come up with more new ways to get rid of bed bugs as they are now resistant to many methods exterminators used to kill them. Questions or comments? Leave them below!

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  1. sandy says:

    I have to get one of these bug sniffing dogs!

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