Bed Bugs Turn a Woman’s Life Upside Down

Woman sleeping in bathtub from fear of bed bug bites.Bed bugs are becoming a serious issue more and more every day. In a devastating article written by Hugh Adami for The Ottawa Citizen, Ms. Dziedziczak is a woman who was forced to live with bed bugs. Ms.

Dziekdziczak is a Polish woman who speaks very little English, lives in public housing and isn’t taken seriously regarding bed bugs.

Ms. Dziedziczak was forced to sleep in her bathtub, on the floor, or sitting at the table wrapped in blankets after being constantly bitten by bed bugs in her bed. She even bought a new mattress but was forced to throw it out and her couch after they became infested with bugs.

Ms. Dziedziczak has had city-hired exterminators to her unit about five or six times in the last ten months and says she was ridiculed occasionally by those who came to spray her bed. They told her that she might be imagining bed bugs, which weren’t real.

People claimed that her apartment was dirty, but this isn’t the case; in fact, Ms. Dziedziczak is very clean.

How horrible; Those who have had bed bugs know how traumatic and stressful it can be. Imagine no one helping you or even believing you. Her sister stopped visiting because she didn’t want the bugs to follow her back home.

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  1. Lorraine Tauson says:

    I have never encountered bedbugs till this summer! I awoke one morning to a terrifying encounter of what seemed like millions of bedbugs all over the right side of my bed! My landlady told me it was bedbugs and arranged for immediate extermination proceedings. It has been sprayed in my apartment three times and will be a forth time this week. It is not working like it should as a few seem to come back! I had to throw out my bed as it was totally destroyed by the creepy crawlers. Now, furniture is being severely damaged and I am so fed up I figure I will have to throw out all of my furniture next. The frustrating part is I have no money to buy new furniture. Even my clothes have been damaged enough to be thrown out or bagged up where I can’t get at them in storage. I have to wash and dry all clothes as they have been in storage all summer so they are dusty and dirty. My nerves can’t take this anymore. My apartment is horrible and cheerless looking to live in. I sleep on a love seat that is too small. I miss the comfort of my bed. I can’t afford a new bed either. I do however, want to get as far away from these dam bugs as I can get. This never has happened to me before and I most assuredly pray that it never ever happens to me again. I seriously would not wish this on my worst enemy. It is emotionally, financially and physically draining.

  2. sarah says:

    Two treatments in and i swear these bugs from hell are still around! My whole life is in turmoil and no one sees the magnitude of my hell. feel like this is all on me. no help no sympathy from the select people we do tell. unsure where else to turn..i wanna quit my job crawl into a hole and let them vampire me until their gorged…so very tired of trying.

  3. Tony says:

    Live in an apartment building and had my fifth treatment over the past year for an infestation of bedbugs. It’s maddening, for sure, but you have to keep it in perspective: they’re no more troubling than mosquitoes. Problem is getting rid of them. Home remedies won’t work, so you’ll have to use a professional exterminator educated in bedbug remediation and even then it’s going to take time. I vacillate between stressed and frustrated, but moving isn’t an option so we just have to hang in there. Good luck to anyone who is battling this problem.

  4. gone crazy says:

    i know about this i been living in my apartment for over three years never had a problem with the bugs people moved in above me and with in two months my apartment had them my landlord had the building sprayed five times and nothing has changed. i have three little kids they have all been eaten by these bugs my husband and i split because of this. we threw everything out and still being eaten. i looked at a couple different places to move to but the landlord i have now tells the other landlords about the problem in the building so i feel that i am stuck here with my three little ones i need help what can i do please someone help my kids have bits on them my landlord just complains about what its coasting him well its coasting me to between rent laundry and now we have to buy all new bedroom sets and living room sets even had the board of health here they do not help i do not think i should pay my rent till this is over any advice for a single mother loosing her mind

  5. frustrated beyond belief says:

    I live in the South in a house and I had read articles about how bad bed bugs were getting in places up north like New York in apartments and hotels, but I didn’t have a clue that I should be on the lookout here. I live on the banks of a river, so when I started noticing a few bites, I just chalked it up to mosquitoes. But, it got worse. My mother looked and asked if I had gotten into any poison ivy? I am outdoors frequently so I thought maybe that was it. But, I noticed new bites and realized it had to be something else. I sprayed for mosquitoes like crazy convinced that I must have a particular bad infestation of the tiny ones. (I know, I know…I really thought this!) I never saw any spots on the sheets, nothing that would make me think of bed bugs. My sister-in-law finally asked if that might be it. I flipped my mattress up and still didn’t see any right away, but I finally caught one of the buggers in the corner.

    Devastated doesn’t begin to describe my feelings and I’m only 2 days into it. I’ve taken off work to battle them and I’m embarrassed that people will see my arms and figure it out. I feel stupid as I’m certain I know where they came from now. I was visiting my step-brother who had cirrhosis in a nursing home once a week up until his death. I remember seeing rashes on his arms and asking about them. He said he was told by the staff there that cirrhosis will cause rashes and itching when it’s bad. (I looked it up and did see that cirrhosis can cause this.) I’m convinced now there were bed bugs in that place! Even worse, my mother had taken him a huge comforter because he was getting cold frequently. It sat in the corner, he never actually used the thing. So, when he passed away, my Mom asked if I wanted to take it with me? I didn’t really need it, but I did bring it home. (Groan.) I actually meant to clean it right away, but it’s so big that I’d have to take it to a laundromat and clean it in the big washers as my home washer is too small for it.

    Meaning to get to it eventually, I put it in my closet and it’s been there for a few months. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. I pulled it out yesterday and it has bed bugs on it. (I don’t see them on any other blankets…I’m positive it’s where they started.) My couch is the worst spot in the house. My 5-year old son’s room seems to be clean for the moment. I’m about to get rid of the couch and get some DE to put everywhere. I bagged the mattress (sprayed it down until it was wet with some hot shot spray for bed bugs). I’m depressed about this whole situation. I can’t believe that I was so stupid to bring that thing into my home. My son and husband don’t have many bites, just me. This is my 2nd day off…I sprayed everywhere with a spray I got at Lowes but no good as they were on the couch again this morning. (Good news, I don’t think I got bit in the bedroom at least, but I’m not believing it’s fixed.) I hope the DE works!!

  6. ross r says:

    I am 8 12 months pregnant and wondering how dangerous it is to have bed bugs ? I really need help please

  7. Sandra says:

    I just moved into a HUD VHDA apt. and I started getting bit by multiply pest, fleas, and bedbugs. I complained and the manager intimidated me and started eviction. I wish I could download my pictures. I have lost 30-35 lbs in 45-50 days and can’t absorb food.
    I am going to be evicted soon. Welcome to Virginia and the good ole USA.

  8. doenstmatter says:

    For over the past month I’ve been dealing with bed bugs, when I realized I couldn’t deal with it alone, I took it to my manager.
    Waited two weeks on just a response of when the company could come out and exterminate. They were trying to have me wait for 2 weeks longer. With demanding emails, I had them come within 6 days.

    my boyfriend had to go out of town on tour to make a little extra cash. I had to prep for the extermination BY MYSELF.. put all my clothes and curtains and towels in the dryer, had to discard of any cardboard boxes or clutter. That took 9 hrs, up and down stairs with loads of clothing, was hallucinating seeing bugs out of the corner of my eye.. all this work top of little sleep due to bed bugs, I felt like I was gong t o have a nervous break down. The following day they came and sprayed, thought they said it was freezing spray, not sure.

    I’m still getting bit, they are suppose to do a second treatment, but I need it done sooner than that, and knowing the way management takes their sweet time, it’ll probably be longer. I dont know why they had me wait so long to spray, I dont know why they were so adamant on using that company, if they were booked, they should call another company. The stress has caused me another rash. I am unable to work, I model, HOW am I suppose to work when I look like I have a disease? I can’t. I used my last bit of cash for dr apt and meds, gotta say this itching cream isn’t helping the way the dr said it would.

    I am at my wits end, I cry just about every other day, I’ve thought about suicide. Just because I feel like I am beside myself, my bfs out of town, I have to wait for exterminators, dont think I can crash with friends. THEY DONT WANT IT. I cant afford a hotel, I woulda have my own exterminator come in, but they needed management confirmation. I’m so screwed.

    A friend of mine who has dealt with this says only a heating treatment works.. so I guess there is some thing where exterminators come in with a heating device?? I DUNNO, this is a problem nearly impossible to get rid of.. Im actually getting bit more now AFTER THEY SPRAYED, in the prep sheet, they said I may see more activity from the bugs, and pretty much dont complain until after the 2nd treatment. DOUBT THAT WILL KILL THEM.. Ive only seen a few bugs, they arent hiding on the bed. I have no idea where they are hiding.

    Half my stuff is still in plastic bags… my home is upside down. I think they may be hiding in between the cracks of the wooden floor? I am so so so tired. Im very fatigue, and thats a side effect, very depressed, very emotional. Right now I am contemplating wrapping trashing bags around me, so I can avoid getting bit. I know they go for the face and mouth, so also depending covering that with some material. HOW CRAZY IS THAT? but when your desperate what are you going to do?

    today Ive called the department of health and left them a vm… I need this taken care of asap.. Its ruining my life. This is no joke, this is a serious situation. NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY.. If you dont solve the problem while its small, it can become a huge deal.. and these blood sucking bed bugs the hardest to get rid of. This infestation had caused me and my bf to fight, lose of work.. my sanity, my photo shoot gigs and importunity, Spent so much money on washing clothes And the bb sprays from the walgreens and rite aid stores THAT DO NOT WORK, but I hada try some thing while waiting for professionals to come in.

    Today I sent a email to management, I want them to reduce my rent. After spending money and not being able to make money, or sleep or do any thing but sit here and sulk… (been to weak to do anything) many people and drs say That I do not have to pay rent, this is a health code violation, and I am damn well going to try to get rent knocked off or I heard some thing about rights to breaking the lease? I dunno, gonna get my boyfriend entertainment lawyer and see what he can do…
    hopefully the department of health can get them to solve this.

  9. inam says:

    hi all of u suffering with the same thing as i am…i have sprays in my apartment for 5 times. i have small kids and its terribly hard to clean and wash all the things again and again and staying out for hours when they spray chemicals inside. in my opinion the pest control people are not bedbug specialists and as they offer low cost and have contract with my building landlord that’s why its all not working.

    The thing that i need to knw is..can i force my landlord for treating my apartment with heat. as this is expensive she is not taking my request seriously and she is insisting for more sprays and chemicals in my apartment. is there any law by which i can have heat treatment that is safe for my children despite of pesticides that evidences show did nt work at all. i live in toronto..plz tell me any thing that can help me

  10. Lindsay from wpg mb says:

    Well I can’t stop reading all these stories and figured I would write one of my own.
    I’m 25 I started dating a guy and ended up getting pregnant, we were living together and with a baby on the way we needed a bigger place.

    We lived with his boss for a few months then with my parents after I had my baby for a month, we felt like it was Time to get a place of our own, so I was looking online for a place close to my parents, I ended up finding a 3 bedroom completely renovated side by side, we loved the place and signed a year lease.

    We were excited to move into our place and we started to unpack everything right away, we went to bed tired and exhausted that night. The morning my bf left to work while I slept in with our 1 month old son, I woke up itching and knew right away it was bed bug bites.
    I checked under my pillow and found 2 bed bugs, I looked along the baseboard and found another!!!

    I called my bf to tell him what I found and while on the phone telling him the place had bed bugs I noticed one crawling on my baby’s blanket towards him!!! I started to cry and bawl my eyes out, he told me get out of there asap!!

    I called my mom and told her what was going on and she came within 5 mins to pick us up, I took off all my clothes an my baby’s clothes and made sure none were on us. My bf called the landlord and told her there was bed bugs and she said oh….. Ya we knew we had some but thought they were taken care of. We told her we want back our rent money and our damage deposit back.

    I went again online to look for another place and the first place I found and called said the place is a brand new home that has just been build, so without looking at it I told him I will take it I don’t care what area it is in as long as nobody has lived in it yet!!

    We moved into our new home and haven’t had a problem so far mostly because we threw out everything we had except the clothes on our back!! I don’t let people visit because I am so scared they might bring a bed bug with them LOL

    When I go out to visit I make sure nothing comes home with us!! I am so scared of them because they tend to love biting me over everyone else.

    Is there anywhere I can move where bed bugs can’t survive??!! I am dead serious about this too.

  11. Me baby says:

    I live in a duplex with two roommates, and I am the only one that is getting bit. We have had the house sprayed by an exterminator, washed and bagged all clothes and bedding, and cleaned like crazy. I am the only one getting bit. Now, over a week after the exterminator came, I am still getting bites all over my arms and hands. I can’t find these guys anywhere. I have looked in the box spring, mattress, edges of the carpet by the wall. I am going to re-dry all my clothes and linens just to be sure, but if I can’t find them what can I do?

  12. Tyler says:

    I will start off by saying in little to no words this infestation sucks! My fiance and I moved into a place with BEDBUGS. I looked at the place an though it looked pretty good. We signed the lease paid our deposit and got our keys. We moved in on 3/1/2012, on 3/2/2012 we bought a brand new pillow top mattress an box spring, and comforter set. We decided to retire to our bed.

    When we woke up i had large circle spots all over me an welting my fiance had the same problem. We called but had idea what it was. This continued for a few days. I couldn’t handle the itchy scratchy feeling so i went to the doctor an said it was a rash. Gave me some benedryl and benedryl cream.

    We went home and the wall had 20 bugs on it! I called the landlady an said there’s bugs. She came over and looked at them, she said they were bed bugs. I was outraged!

    I ask why she did not tell is about them. She said she forgot about them. The last tenants lived with them for a year with their 3 children. When she left i called the health department an they sent her a letter. She has 5 days to fix the problem.

    The health department called a pest control place. The exterminator did a consultation and said that this infestation was the worst he had ever seen. He has been on the job for 37 years an never seen anything like this!

    He told me the time that we have lived her at least 55 eggs have been dropped a day because the females can drop 5 to 6 eggs a day as long as we are feeding them. No choice on our part.

    The pest control guy has been here twice an we are still getting bit. Its the 15th of march an the light in the tunnel is still a dot. The pest guy told us our 400 hundred dollars and that our bed, chair and couch has to go!

    I’m at a loss. I called the health department back an they ask how it was coming of course i said wonderful (not). I ask if i was able to leave (move) they said not until these things are out of the house. To much of a liability. We can become the taxi service for them. Taking them to a new stomping ground. I said great. I hung up told my fiance and landlord.

    I asked the landlord if she would be able to put us in a motel for while. She said i am paying for the bug removal so you can live there. That’s all i can do at this time. I hung up with her. I proceeded to my work place, an to add icing to the cake i was pulled into my office to be told i am suspended until i get my bug situation figured out!

    I had to tell him because i had to be home to let my dogs out. We don’t have a fenced yard. Me an my dogs needed fresh air anyway. Wonderful day at the dog park. So what i am reading this can take up to 3 treatments which are scattered though 6 weeks. I don’t now what to do other then scream. I have no job a house full of bed bugs!

  13. Sunny says:

    I’m no bed bug expert but I can say NOT to buy new furniture because not only is that costly but not effective. Of course I understand the anxiety of bringing them to your new place but if you have family that’s going to re-infest you then it’ll all be for naught. When I first got bed bugs I was absolutely devastated. I heard about them in hotel rooms and apartment complexes but never thought in a million years I’d ever see one crawling around in my home, especially not across my bed.

    Me and my fiance both seem to have an allergic reaction to them and as our wedding day is drawing ever closer I was devastated that all our wedding pictures would show us with red bumps all up and down our arms. I quickly bagged all of our clothes and washed them with hot water. After which I dried them all for 60 mins and quickly trashed the bags and took them out of the house. As you might have read some people have great success with home remedies or exterminators. That isn’t always the case though, bed bugs are TRICKY little insects. They can hide in places that smoke, powder, liquids etc. can’t reach.

    What worked for us was after washing our clothes I used spray from the store around the room. I did this about 5 times over the course of 3 days. Then I carefully inspected things like books and cds to make sure to the best of my knowledge there wasn’t anything in them and removed them. As others have said I thought I was rid of them but found them to be in my walls.

    Well I don’t know about you but I wasn’t going to rip apart the walls of my home in order to find every little bug. So as funny as it looks I duct taped all the baseboards in our room on the top and the bottom, the corners. I did however throw out my box spring and mattress but that was because my mom didn’t think the spray I used would be safe to sleep on something I sprayed it with. I did however replace it with an old mattress from downstairs and a cheap box spring.

    I do not intend to buy a new anything until I know for a solid year after the last sign that there’s no more signs. Thus far after the major infestation I have seen (very far apart in time) an adult which I caught with a piece of scotch tape and threw away, and one “baby”. Both which I believe came from my light socket which is the only thing I didn’t tape around the edges of. I intend to to see how that goes.

    I believe that I can’t get them out of my wall but… for the most part I can keep them in my walls and starve them. Though it seems this is going to take a lot of time I have seen that sometimes relying on an expensive exterminator can be ineffective.

    Whoever you are, whatever your circumstances the best I can tell you is don’t give up or get discouraged. If you see stragglers or get re-infested, don’t let it get you down. Sometimes it happens but if you can tell you’re getting infested after you defeat them, you need to start thinking of places you may be picking them up from to take more preventive measures there. If it’s just simply a few here and there after treatment that I like to call “stragglers” just tape them up and throw them away.

    There’s a lot of helpful tips but more or less don’t just automatically throw out your stuff, it can be salvaged. Just be patient and keep at your methods to battle them and sooner or later you’ll get there. Keeping your bed away from the wall really helps in detecting them and making it harder for “stragglers” coming from other areas to get to you before getting noticed.

    Stay strong and know you’re not alone and to anyone who is being treated poorly you’ll have to excuse your family, you must understand that what you’re going through is scary but it’s also scary for people who fear you infesting them. You can’t really blame them but the best thing to do is really keep a watch for the bottom of your shoes and your pants legs when you leave the house. Also try to keep your clothes hanging up somewhere rather than in drawers until you get things sorted out.

    Good luck to all of you. Stay strong and don’t let it get you down. It has nothing to do with cleanness. I have OCD and am one of the most anally clean people ever and I got them. Keep your chin up and take charge of YOUR stuff and YOUR home.

  14. Kimboto says:

    Well hello there.

    I have been very moved and educated by this site and I thought the least I could do would be to contribute my own bed bug tale.

    I never would have thought this was possible. I honestly still thought bed bugs were a grisly myth. I have just recently moved into a beautiful apartment with my beautiful roommate and after seeing raised red welts on my hands, arms and legs I assumed I had developed an allergy. I changed my detergent and watched for flare ups. Each night I had a few more welts (and by a few I mean fifty) that were swollen and hivie and itchy beyond itchy. Finally we searched our lovely apartment. I found nothing and I have still never seen one of these bedbugs but thankfully my RM saw a little critter on the edge of my mattress and confirmed my worst fear. I called an exterminator right away when we knew what was up.

    So a few things to note from my research so far. Firstly, it appears that the creepy critters tend to prefer one member of the household. I get covered in bites and my RM has yet to have one. The variety of allergic reactions is very different as well. Some get bitten and have no idea they were while others, like me, swell and itch until the cows come home.

    Also, the shame and social stigma is brutal but this is a concern that can effect anyone, you will never know how the bed bug infestation first occurred for sure and there are plenty of other things in this world to be embarrassed about so I have decided to give up shame and instead talk about it and spread some awareness. My friends and family were initially freaked out but they soon came around when I explained my efforts to protect them and soon I was receiving the love and support we all deserve during this trying time. You are not alone and you are not to blame.

    So, since I got the two bedroom apartment sprayed for $700 last week I have still been noticing bites all over my body but I am unsure if they are new or old bites taking a while to heal as they appear and disappear over the course of the day like allergies.

    – I covered my mattress, box spring and pillows with encasements from Sears which ran around $100 for the whole lot.
    – I put tupperware full of Vaseline on each box spring leg to catch them if they try to climb.
    – I got resealable clear bags from the dollar store and put every fabric I could find in them for washing and drying.
    – I read blogs about how bed bugs hate Windex so I spray and vacuum around my mattress, box spring and floors everyday.
    – I now wear close fitting underwear and pajamas to bed to ensure the bites are contained and I pulled the bed out from the wall and curtains to make sure they didn’t have a little bridge to make it to me in the night.

    Bottom line, even with a lot of effort this process is unpredictable and scary. Really scary. I have been getting to sleep by reminding myself of a few important things…

    This is scary, not deadly. Big difference. It is completely normal to feel physically offended by a creature making a meal of you but even in a severe infestation you are only loosing a few drops of blood a night. And the bites themselves are practically painless. Bugs unfortunately belong here too. Remember. Scary, not deadly.

    I appreciate my allergic reaction. Sure itching is annoying but I am aware every time I get bitten so I can more accurately monitor my progress. And as a skin therapist i can say. They are a zillion ways your skin can give you problems. This is not one of them. Thank you skin for giving me the bedbug alert.

    Allergy medication takes down your hives and your itch and makes you feel almost normal. :) Antihistamine is my best friend lately.

    I am a clean, special, lovable person but now I am all the more clean, all the more special and all the more lovable. And so are you. We the current sufferers will be able to give strength and hope to others after us.

    Bottom line. This is crumby, creepy and unfair but things could be much worse. Keep up the fight but don’t forget to love life. Thank you for your stories here. You have all helped me out.

  15. Melissa says:

    I have been dealing with bed bugs for almost two years now. My grandfather lives in an elderly housing community that is infested. While at work, he would come to my apartment to watch my son. I knew of his problem and thought at the time that bed bugs were a work of fiction…you know night night sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite…Ha! I really dont think the supposed experts know how to handle these infestations. My grandfather told me they made all infested units purchase new beds. That doesnt solve a thing for a serious problem!

    One of the bugs must’ve made the trip with him because soon my son was itchy with bites all over him from sleeping on the couch. He didnt like being in his room so he and the dog slept every night on the couch. Poor Milo the dog! He was blamed for the infestation because i thought it was a flea problem! I had him treated with every flea killer available and the couch and home sprays i used as well.

    It wasnt until my boyfriend was watching a special about bed bugs until the truth came out. I didnt believe him until he caught one. I feel like i would’ve solved the problem if the couch was thrown out immediately….It became a huge problem and it has such an emotional impact that someone who has never experienced it could never understand. I solved my problem by taking EVERYTHING out of the home made of fabric and washing on high heat. I bought bed bug spray and cleaned every hard surface and every nook and cranny. I used a carpet cleaner after vacuuming and even bleached my wall to wall carpeting. I did store several sealed bags of clothing and linen in my hall that i did not wash. Within three months i was moving bedbug-free – or so I thought!

    The bugs take a very long time to die and can live for SEVERAL months without food. I am now staying with family also infested. We have all re-infested each other. So now I have my new apartment I will be moving into in two weeks. My son and I are getting ALL new furniture. The only chance for reinfestation is our clothing….or visiting family members. I’m a cynic now because I feel like no matter what I do these little jerks will find us. My grandfather has no reaction at all but my son and i get a reaction quite like mosquito bites…but imagine getting mosquito bites year-round and fifteen to twenty bites a day.

  16. Hrisio(freaking says:

    I need help. my boyfriend has a serious pest problem. bed bugs always bites us up at night and we are not sure if it is from the mattress or the house. we don’t have enough money for a new apartment or an exterminator right now. Is there any supplies we can buy that is not online or has to deal with shipping and purchasing. we live in chicago and any advice on stores would be helpful. PLEASE HELP WERE LOOSING OUR MINDS.

  17. krista washington says:

    I have been living with bed bugs for almost a year now and its impossible to get rid of them! I have also had exterminators come to my house over 15 times and it didn’t even lighten the infestation up, as a matter of fact it got worse!

    I’ve researched ways on the internet to get rid of them and the only results i got was the way they die from extreme heat and the best way is to heat up the room to 300 degrees and that will kill them for good. yeah right, it would probably be better to just set my house on fire right. nobody could stand the heat of that so i guess I’m asking for help to anybody who read this if anybody has any other ways of getting rid of this pest to please reply back to me. I will check here daily thanks and good luck to all in need!!!

  18. annoyed says:

    Hi Danielle, what state are you in? I’m nervous now because i bought my couch from value city!

  19. annoyed says:

    I feel itchy on my couch….just bought it 2 months ago at Value City…just read the post about Value Citys mattress, just not right! They didn’t even take it back or refund your money..don’t know what to do. I’m having exterminator drop off glue traps to see if that is it..please hoping its not…but why do i feel itchy on couch??

  20. lakesha says:

    Hi, Let me say first hand i really feel blessed to know that one week before xmas my daughter woke up with red marks on her then i had about one or two on me and my husband the same. Why i say i fell blessed is because I caught our bed bugs very quickly like within a few weeks. I had a wonderful pest control company come out to inspect first they found stains on the bed, then a week later they came back out to treat the problem, then a week later to make sure everything was fine.

    The reason i feel blessed because let me tell you people they call me the e.r. queen because any time i see something that is not the regular i run to the hospital, doctor, whatever. Soon as u see something that is not right you get on it, this could affect your life. I brought mine home from work a patient was bringing them to my clinic and then of course i brought it home. a bad point to my job.

    I now i hear people say they are going crazy. but i thank god i caught it quickly because if i hadn’t we would have some deep problems. The pest control was a wonderful company and very professional. treated my whole house and didn’t have to pay because i rent, and management took care of that. my apartment was treated jan 4th i have slept wonderfully, no bites, no seeing bed bugs, threw out everything out in that room its empty. and mind u that was the only room that bed bugs were found in not in my daughters room or the living room, so react fast!

    If your management cares about there tenants they would do everything possible to get rid of bed bugs because no management in their right mind wants this problem in there buildings affecting others. my management acted very quickly and very professional, if they don’t react this way contact someone.

    And in the mean time in between time what i hear that kills the bugs is any alcohol over 80% so go to your local walgreens, c.v.s get alcohol the higher the percentage the better they even have 91% get it put it in a spray bottle and spray like hell on couches around and below beds every where floors, corners of rugs kids toys. it helps. Bugs are not a joke and they are to be taken very seriously.They can leave very ugly scares from scratching also. But if you feel uncomfortable where you live i wouldn’t stay there.

    I stayed here cuz of course its winter plus my lease is up in june. And the number 1 reason i stayed is to make sure every thing was treated before i left i didn’t want to take any little friends with me. And mind you when i do leave i am leaving my living room set also even though nothing was found there it just would be safer. Honestly after throwing out the bed room set and bed and living room set (in june) we want have but small stuff to move i feel good about that already.

    I will tell you i want to take my family on a vacation but i am so frightened cuz i didn’t wana deal with the bugs then well b back in the same predicament. so il just stay at home for now until something is done about these blood suckers.

  21. Lee says:

    Hi. Thank god i found this site i have been thinking i was going through this alone my husband and I had a rental that we found out 4 months after living there we had bed bugs we threw almost everything we owned out.

    Things we Kept its shorter ” 2 Tv’s , 1 Laptop, 1 Xbox and controller, All clothes and linens but they have been washed in hot water and dried at laundry mat for a hour and have been in tubs since the laundry mat. We have been staying with family since about a month we finally can sleep again thank you tylenol PM , Xanax and other sleeping pills.

    Yes I have gone crazy our family claims they understand but i don’t understand if they truly do. I feel we lost everything for something that we didn’t deserve not that anyone does but its not like we lost our job we lost everything uncontrollably.

    We are moving into a new home with all new furniture and beds and yes even sheets bedding and pillows but have we done enough to not bring them with us. We have had no problems at family’s house and we check at least 500 times a day.

    By the way did i mention this is all happening and i’m getting married in less then 7 months so all my wedding stuff is gone too, Blahhhhh

    Please help I’M GOING INSANE over bed bugs!

  22. Amy says:

    We became infested after buying bedroom furniture from a family member. We thought there was no hope but, there is. We were blessed by God when we found out exterminator. It cost us about $700 and more if u count the furniture we lost.

    We have had the house sprayed 4 times and we are free! Not only did Sam exterminate but he educated us! You cannot take care of this yourself. DO NOT BOMB!!! That’s the worst thing you can do, it just sends then into the walls and makes them harder to kill. Throw away your furniture, expensive I know! But do it!

    Take every price of clothing, linen etc and put in seal tight plastic bags. Wash in hot water and dry on high heat. Pit them in new, sealed tight bags and do not bring them back in the house for at least two weeks. Make sure u take apart any furniture you just cannot throw away and make sure the ext. spray it!

    It should take the bed bug exterminator three to four hours to do the treatment (and out house is small). Just because u don’t see bites doesn’t mean u don’t have them. Everyone reacts differently.

  23. frustrated says:

    My boyfriend and I moved into an apartment and within about 2 months I started waking up with bumps on my arms and legs. I thought it was an allergic reaction since we just did our laundry at the laundromat and I’m allergic to tide detergent, but then my boyfriend started getting them too.

    It was during my finals week our downstairs neighbor came up and announced they had bed bugs…much to my horror we checked our bed and sure enough we had them. We live in a huge house that is split into 4 apartments. We called the city inspector who stated the whole house should be treated, our landlords decided that only our 2 apartments would be treated and went with the cheapest treatment possible.

    Needless to say a month later we are still finding them we have tried the casements and the DE and everything else and our landlords refuse to do a second treatment. I want to move, but I don’t think we can until these bed bugs get treated for good.

  24. losingmymind says:

    We have been dealing with an infestation for months now. I don’t know what to do it’s so overwhelming I am currently 8 months pregnant and running out of time. After research and experience our only option is to move but we are unable to find another place. I cannot bring my newborn baby home to an apartment full of bed bugs.

    To make matters worse my boyfriend seems to think i am “overreacting” because for some reason he is not affected by the bites like i am. I can get a dozen while sitting on the bed and he gets one. Or none! I try to have an excuse to sleep over my mother’s as often as possible …but the baby will be here soon! I’m afraid to even set up his crib or take anything of his out and set it up because i don’t want his baby things infested too! Sometimes i think why me? Why now? I’m so desperate and depressed over this! I never thought this would happen to us!

  25. Maria says:

    It started a year when I moved into a house I had bought out east.
    I checked everything and never ever saw a bedbug anywhere. 6 Months later I moved into an apartment and bought a new bed and a new sofa. Still getting bitten. Out camping.. still bitten and now traveling in an old motor home I bought and still bitten. I have never seen a bedbug in the last year at all.

    The bites seem to be a gouge..leaving a sliver like scab. Other seem like a very tiny blister.
    I too washed all my clothes..and heat dried them for a long time. threw out a LOT of items.
    I am completely sick of them and sick of having bug bites all over my neck arms and back.

    I am going to try the DE and some natural kind of spray or something to keep them from biting.
    I am hoping some tea tree and other essential oils might help.

  26. Martha says:

    The only thing that will get rid of them is heat you have to have a company come out and heat your house to 140 degrees for 4 hours and it kills the bed bugs and the eggs it is costly about $1.OO PER SQ FOOT BUT IT WORKS

  27. Mozhdeh says:

    Hernandez!!! I really understand you! :(

    I am a student and live in Stockholm. I found a bedbug on my sheet, 40 days ago, I called my to come and treat them. Sweden does not use any dangerous poison, the just spread some powder around the corner and bed but it takes time, they told me I should sleep at room to cause bedbugs come out and walk on the powder to die, but it’s awful, I can not sleep while I know they come and suck my blood. I couldn’t sleep more than 5 hours per night during last month.

    I put all my stuff in laundry for more that 3 hours several times .. I don’t know what should I do? I am really going to get crazy .. I can not sleep and always looking to find a bed bug .. my body start to be itchy when I decide to sleep. I have lots of exams and lots of work to do, but I can not concentrate because i can not sleep. Please help me… What can I do to get rid of these awful creatures?

  28. Joan says:

    You can beath these things, as we did! I had severe itching on my arms and legs late last winter, but thought I must have developed some type of allergy. My family wasn’t having any symptoms. In May, I was visiting a motel and laying in bed and thought about this tv show I had seen years ago regarding bed bugs….it hit me….maybe we have them and I was getting bit. When I returned home, I pulled back the mattress pad and the bed shirt on the box spring. I was shocked….we did have a handful of bugs that were visible.

    I was sick over the whole thing, as I am a neat freak and faithfully wash the bedding every other week, including vacumming my carpets weekly, etc. We started the battle last summer. We purchased a kit of sprays and DE from and started the process. We felt relief within a few days and kind of thought it was done. We were stupid not to repeat the process, as it all started over again within a few weeks. We finally figured it out and kept doing the process every 2 wks, as that would catch the new ones that were hatching. We had threw out our bed and were sleeping on an air mattress on the floor.

    We finally got it elevated up off the floor and also tore out our carpet. We have been bug free now since August. I am still really jumpy at anything that looks like it could be a bug…I pick at every piece of lint I see. I still have DE around the edges of our mopboards. We are going to wait until spring to buy a new bed and new carpet.
    They were also in my son’s bedframe, as he has a captains bed. We took a heat gun and took every piece of the bed frame apart and heated each piece….had a pile of wood…then reassembled the whole thing. I treated his room every 2 wks, just like ours and there isn’t any sign of them. We also bought the round plastic crawlups that put them under the bed legs to help monitor. We are confident we got them all…thank god, as I went months with very little sleep and was ready to drop and very emotional.

    It is true, it can take over your life, but you have to stay positive and don’t give up. You can’t let them win and ruin everything. Stick with a process… spray and then lightly puff the DE, then two weeks later do it all over again. Do it for a total of 6 wks. It works! Check out the kits at bug bed Also buy the encasements….they are expensive, but great quality. Try to stay positive, as it is possible to get rid of them on your own. Good luck!

  29. Magpie says:

    I was being bit for months without knowing bed bugs were the reason. I thought I was using the wrong shampoo…silly me. My apartment has been sprayed 4 times and I have thrown out my old mattress, bought a new one, got a cover and still I am finding one or two here and there. At night I think they are crawling on me and so sometimes I lay awake all night. I am at a loss of what to do. Life sucks.

  30. Hernandez says:

    Hi, it’s 4:45 am, I am so tired but I can’t sleep knowing that these damn bed bugs are crawling all around me. For the past 4 hrs. I’ve been laying in the dark constantly checking my bed, and finding these bugs on me. I really just want to close my eyes and daze-off, but my mind does not let me. I have been reading all these stories of people with same problem. It’s horrible to see how many people are being affected by these blood suckers. I have an idea, and I’m really hoping it works. I know that these bugs only come-out in the dark. I don’t have the money for an extermination to be done so I thought that maybe I will just sleep with a couple of night lamps above my bed. If that does not work I might just have to sleep with the light on. I know it sounds crazy but I’ll do anything to be able to get some sleep. Sorry to hear that you guys are suffering with the same problem. I wish u luck.

  31. Katherine says:

    Okay I had Bed Bugs 1 year ago today and my only advice is, leave everything you cant bleach and move!!!!! It is the only way your EVER going get away from them. I didn’t even bother waiting for them to exterminate, I pack a few personal and valuable item and I walked away from my apartment…If you own your place good luck .I heard heat treatments and dogs really work they’re alot of money though. I am still traumatized to this day, I check my bed at least 2 times a week and I twitch all night long. You should have seen what happen when I found a lost ant thinking their was a bed bug again……..I stood in the corner for 30 minutes crying with complete fear. It has changed me from an easy going person to a paranoid loser. I hate what happened to me and I hate that no one could help us.

  32. Going broke and losing my mind says:

    I woke up to bed bugs eating me alive in October. :( I had never even heard of bed bugs before. I notified my apartment complex of the situation immediately. She was completely rude about the whole situation. She informed me that in our lease, it states that we must pay for any extermination for our apartment and neighboring apartments. So, we paid 80 dollars for an inspection for them to tell us what we already knew. We in fact had bed bugs! 500 dollars later, our apartment was sprayed and a million little holes were drilled in our walls. We also had to pay 160 dollars to pay for our neighboring apartments to be inspected as well. The exterminator came last Wednesday and cleared us of bed bugs.

    We went and bought a new couch and bed. Well, on Friday, we received our new bed and that night, I was bitten again. I am so livid that the stupid exterminator cleared us of bed bugs and 2 days later, and thousands of dollars spent on new furniture, the bed bugs are still here. We called the apartments again and we have to start the whole process over again. (INCLUDING ALL OF THE FEES) The exterminator comes again tomorrow to do another 80 dollar inspection. :( I really just want this to all go away. We had to cancel our holiday plans because we are afraid of infecting our family’s houses.

  33. Unwilling Buffet says:

    I’ve done it all!
    Tried it all!

    Diatomaceous Earth made me SICK, and made my dog SICK.
    It KINDA works, as if you put it EVERYWHERE, they won’t stand a chance.
    But the DE loses it’s effectiveness over time and must be vacuumed up and reapplied. EXPENSIVE.
    I laundered everything as I was told. HOT water (Washer has a SANITIZE function that superheats the hot water) and dried on HIGH heat for hours. I still had bugs in my clothes. I tried rubbing alcohol and tea tree oil and organic insect killer and all sorts of things to no avail.

    They bite me, and my dog.
    They live in everything I own.
    I’ll soon be discarding over $1000 worth of electronics and furniture because they have infested it ALL and I can’t afford to do anything else.

    The person that brought them into the house when he moved in is now GONE but he left us with a disgusting plague of parasites known as bed bugs. He did nothing to rectify the problem even after admitting it was his fault. The owners do nothing, as they refuse to allow chemical or heat treatment. They insist on this food grade DE that is irritating my asthma like I walked into a room full of smoke. My dog keeps sneezing and choking, and I’ve choked up disgusting, bloody mucous not long after sleeping in the bed (they told me to cover the mattress in DE and then put sheets on it.) I had to go to the ER. I can’t afford to move out, as I’m 21, living with my parents in a friend’s house. I have a job but I seriously don’t make enough to move out. I haven’t slept well in ages, and I have terrible diarrhea because it turns out I’m very allergic to the bites. It’s heck on earth.

    My last resort will be to buy a LARGE canister of CO2 (like they use in soda machines, or welding), seal off my room with duct tape, and open the valve on the canister, then sealing my door behind me as I exit. I hear this depletes all the oxygen in the air in the room, and keeps it depleted for quite some time, suffocating the little creeps!

  34. Bedbugs R Zombies says:

    Hey you guys! I often read about bed bug stories and I know that they make people lives a living h*ll (including mine). That’s why I wanted to comment on the subject in hopes that I could either help RELIEVE YOUR BED BUG PROBLEMS or help PREVENT them! I’m not sure if it works 100% yet, but I figured why not spread the word. If you have a bed bug INFESTATION either MINOR or SERVERE use FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH (D.E) or very fine crushed SILICA GEL CAT LITTER!

    Just use one of the powders all over your house, especially around and on the area you sleep in. The fine powder will cut into the bed bugs, including roaches and other bugs, and stick to them while slowly dehydrating them causing them to die. You may not get rid of them in just a week, but give it 2-3 weeks and you will be BED BUG FREE!!! IMPORTANT: Be sure to get FOOD GRADE D.E because the FILTER GRADE is NOT SAFE!!! Hope this helps :)

  35. Mary says:

    Please help… I just found bed bugs in my home two nights ago. I have five children one is a 7 month old baby. I have bombed and sprayed and took the beds out and put them in the garbage. I have cleaned the walls floors and everything I could think of but they are still not dead and i still keep seeing them. I have not slept in days.

    I stand over my kids watching for them to get on the bed so I can kill them. I don’t have the money for a exterminator to come into my home so I am doing what they do. When my kids go to school I spray the bug killer all over to kill them and clean it up before they get home. I have killed a lot of them but I still am so worried that they are going to bite my kids what can i do to keep they at bay for my kids to sleep at night please someone help me.. Thank You

  36. Bed Bug Girl says:

    Hello Traumatized,

    If you’re sure it’s a bed bug and exterminator has been out there 5 times and still can’t fix the infestation, I’d choose another company!

    As for telling your landlord, I (personally) would. You have been there 13 years and to a landlord, you are gold, it’s what every landlord hopes for. Plus, you have a clean history, so it shows this is something new – and – may result from an adjoining apartment being sprayed for bugs that drove the bed bugs to your area in the first place.

    If anything, the landlord will probably know of an exterminator that can do the job.

  37. traumatized says:

    Please if anyone can help me with this I would truly appreciate it. My husband and I had a professional exterminator come to our home 5 times and spray our entire home plus our furniture. They told us that we did not have an infestation problem. Now I keep either finding one crawling on me out of nowhere or dead bugs. What does this mean?? Are they gone or aren’t they??

    This has cost us well over $1000.00 dollars and we just don’t know what to do anymore. We even bought a new bed and I still find one crawling on me. My husband has not had any issues at all. We don’t want to move because we live in a great place plus it’s cheap rent. We have been here for 13 years and we have never had this problem until this year. We also just sprinkled D earth on our bed, sofa, floors etc…Praying it works but still frustrated and traumatized. Do I tell my landlord??

  38. I feel like Ashley Judd in the movie BUG says:

    I live in an apartment in San Jose CA and Thursday Morning 09/29/11 when I woke up I found a bug crawling on my blanket it looked like a tick to me so I put it in an old medicine bottle ran really hot water in the bottle which killed it immediately.
    I took it to work and looked it up and it is a bed bug that night after work I took it still in the bottle with water in it to my landlord she looked in the bottle and said “That’s not a bed bug, None of these units have bed bugs they never have” then immediately told me a story of a tenant they had that had bed bugs and she was bitten while showing the apt and then woke up with bites all over her so she had the exterminator spray for fleas I just stood there looking at her very confused about the story and she stated that if it were bed bugs I would be bitten and be able to see bites which I don’t have. She said she would have their exterminator look at it still swearing it was not a bed bug. I told her that I was taking a half day the next day which was Friday and I was going to start bagging up my clothes and things that I could so I can get a better look in my room and if I found any more I would let her know.

    I began in my living room and worked back towards my room all room’s including my son’s are bug free so far. it was by this time Sunday evening I still had not heard back from the landlord I started bagging up things in my room and my closet was perfectly clean the wall on the far side away from my bed looks good I then started on the side where my bed is I found 4 in the pictures above my bed I put them in a bottle I moved my antique steamer trunk away from the end of my bed and sure enough there they were I found the black spots and 4 more bed bugs along the bottom of my box springs. I right away put the steamer trunk back and did not move the bed out afraid that this would aggravate them and I am still waiting to hear back from the landlord I found a total of 8 in my room.
    I know they must be coming from another apartment we have not been bitten and I found one already full of blood.

    In the 2 years I have lived there they have only done 1 all unit spraying and all they said was they were spraying for unwanted critters and the only rooms they sprayed was our kitchen and both bathrooms.
    I have seen at least 4 exterminator trucks out in the parking lot but they have only come to our apartment 1 time.
    We do not travel we don’t go to movies the only piece of furniture we have brought in is my grandmothers 300 year old buffet and we did that over a year and a half ago from my brother in laws garage and I know he does not have bed bugs.
    The only thing that comes into my house is groceries and clean clothes.
    I had to go over to the landlord yesterday 10/04/11 because she had not come back she stated still that they were not bed bugs I know better from all I have seen online and she stated the exterminator is coming over on Thursday 10/06/2011 which is tomorrow.

    I am at a loss I know these things must be bad in someone elses’ apt.
    I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I don’t know what to do if these people either tell me it’s not a bed bug or they tell me it is and they say it is my responsibility to get rid of these things I am done because I don’t have the money to hire anyone, I can’t move I would take them with me I am about to lose my mind over this 10/06/2011 at 8:53 am I called the landlord and stated that I was unable to get the day off per her and my conversation on 10/04/2011 I was at work and was going to have my son call me when he got there because one of my cats is very skittish and will only come to me and he needs to be put in one of the rooms or our large carrier but I thought if I knew what time I could be there a little early and have that done already and did she have a time that the exterminator was coming over she asked me if I had gotten her message I asked her what message and she stated the one she left me this morning letting me know the exterminator was coming over on Thursday I stated no and I realized I had not given her my new cell number which I then gave her at that moment.

    I stated to her that she had told me when we spoke on Thursday 10/04/2011 she had offered to call me when the exterminator arrives because they are spraying 2 other units and she will have him start there I said that was perfect and I thanked her we talked for a minute and she said she still didn’t know where they could have come from and I told her I did not know either she was not at that point still denying they were bed bugs.
    I asked if she knew about what time and she said he told her between 9 am and 11 am I called my son to let him know what she had said and that if he could please call me anyways just so I could be doubly sure.
    I received a text from my son at 9:58 that the manager said that the exterminator just got there I texted back and said I am on my way at 10:11 I pulled up into the parking lot in front of my door.
    I get into my apartment and the manager knocks and says to me “it doesn’t look good” I asked her what she meant and she stood there with a blank look on her face I said did you check the other apartments do they have them she just said “It doesn’t look good” again.

    The whole time I never saw the exterminator pull anything off of his truck that he would use to spray although he had a can of bug spray in his hand and they only went to the apartment above us and an empty apartment above and to the left of us and those tenants had moved out just days before in a rather quick hurry after being there for awhile they were there before we moved in and we are there 2 years.
    The exterminator tells my son they checked all of the apartments surrounding ours the manager tells me they only checked the one above us because they just moved in and they were from India and that she had other people from India that had lived in the complex with the same problem.
    The exterminator only spent 10 minutes if even that in my apartment.
    The manager says that they did not find bed bugs in any of the apartments surrounding mine even though she stated that she had not been able to check one of the ones on one side of me and that is the apartment where their bedroom is right next to mine the lady and their son had about 3 or 4 months prior spent 1 or 2 months in the Ukraine or Romania something like that and had brought home 2 times the luggage that they left with and after going through my room that was the only place I found them was the area around my bed and on that wall my son went through his room and could not find them I told the manager that as well and she then said she forgot they had done some international travel.

    Since 09/29/2011 when I first told her to 10/06/2011 when the exterminator came was 7 days and now from 10/06/2011 to 10/12/2011 another 6 days the bed bugs are now in my son’s room.
    I have not seen the manager since 10/06/2011 the day the exterminator was there and I have yet to see the property owners.
    As far as I know the apartment where their bedroom is next to mine has still not been inspected and they have not posted notification on the doors of the other tenants unless they have notified them by mail.
    There was never any clear instructions on prepping for the to spray the exterminator stated the manager had that and the manager stated they did not have any of that information the exterminator finally gave me a piece of paper and a pamphlet and told me to go online for the rest and I had to wait for that until he inspected another ladies apartment after her telling him that her cockroaches had come back and could he do what the other guys did with the gel and the spray.
    What do I do they are trying to blame me for these and I know that other people must have them.

    We don’t travel can’t afford it, we don’t shop in thrift stores we have not brought anything into that apartment in over a year.
    I am afraid they are going to try to make me pay for this and I have no money I have spent what little I had on bags and such to prepare for this what if they try to evict me? Help me PLEASE!!!!

  39. Terri says:

    I know what everyone is going through. The only way to get rid of the bugs is to have your home done by a professional. However for those of us who live paycheck to paycheck this is not an option. So now I am going to move. At first thought the problem was fleas I do have dogs but it turned out to be bugs. My roommate says he does not have them in his room but I quite sure he does.
    Do have to tell my job about this problem? What if I bring them to work? As for moving well I will just have to through out all of my stuff and start over. I am so stressed that I can not be nice to anyone. I Have let my bills pile up because I do not care anymore. If moving does not help maybe jumping off a bridge. This is what these bugs will drive you to.

  40. helpless says:

    OMG!!! I never thought I would be going through this!! I feel like a complete NUT searching in the carpets every night. I thought I was the only person dealing with this. My family and I were being bit for months but never saw anything.

    I had a bite mark on my knee so big and hard it looked like I had two knees! I am constantly scratching and even rubbed my hair from my scalp because I think bed bugs are in there.

    I have tried “hotshot” but noticed tons of babies the next day. BEDBUGS are ruining my life!!!

  41. Helpless... says:

    After being a nomad for more than 3 years, I was finally referred by a friend to a room in a 3-family house that a friend of his and his wife owned. I met with them and they worked with me on the price because being a student and working part-time was enough for market rent. I was ecstatic that I would finally have something to call my own after years of moving around trying to finish school and just recently being homeless. I brought everything new to make my room my “home”, even spent a good amount of money on my mattress.

    I have been here 2 months and about 3 weeks ago, my roommate said that he had to leave the night before because “the bugs” were biting him really bad. I looked at him confused and said what “bugs”…he replied bed bugs (I could only imagine the horror that came over my face in response to his reply) I had heard of them but never in my 28 years have I had to deal with them.

    One night before turning out my light for bed I felt something on my back, I turned toward my pillow and low and behold I laid my eyes on a bed bug for the first time in my life. I didn’t know that’s what it was at first, but I caught it and placed it in a Ziploc bag, I looked up pictures to see if this was indeed a bed bug and to my horror it was. After more research I learned about the biting and how hard it was to get rid of them. I haven’t had a good nights sleep (light on every night as if that would do anything) since the first sighting and every night I do a check of my bed and everything around it like a crazy person. The exterminator has been by to treat my roommates room but hasn’t done mine yet but says that he doesn’t see any signs of them. I have found 2 more since the first one and everyday I am growing more and more anxious. I feel like in the meantime my landlord should provide a covering for my bed so that I wont have to throw it out if there happens to be an infestation, and am I supposed to wait for this “infestation” to happen?? I am soo stressed already from my crazy school/work schedule and getting no sleep isn’t exactly helping the situation. The thought of having to throw all my belongings away and start over just makes me nauseous, especially since I don’t have the money to do so. I would love to leave and sleep somewhere else, but I feel like I would bring them with me and I would never wish this on anyone never mind be the reason for it!

    All I can say is that this is a nightmare……but on the brighter side I am looking into the Diatomaceous earth product and will be purchasing it hope it works. Would be nice to have a good nights sleep in my bed (which is unbelievably comfortable-minus the damn pests!!)

  42. Judy says:

    Not sure if any one is actually reading the other posts on this website? Seriously people quit trying to get rid of these things by yourself, and just except the fact that you must call a proffessional. I don’t know if you have researched these things, but they can live up to 18 months with out eating!! Which means when you fill your house with purchased pestisides you are just pushing them deeper into any crevice they can hide and they can seriously get every where, and they will just wait there for a while until your done. Hence the reason they are gone for a couple months and then come back, because they were never gone in the first place. I hired a proffessional and it took 2 treatments, and that was about a year ago and I have not seen one since.

  43. Victoria says:

    This problem with bedbugs are no laughing matter. It seems it isn’t taken seriously by the higher ups and the problem isn’t going away….I had an exterminator and I don’t know what he used, I told him to use anything just get rid of them… they were gone! I cannot understand how anyone would get rid of this DDT, when in my opinion, it was the ONLY thing to get rid of them and to eliminate them completely from this country, in the past. I am deathly afraid of them, and was getting sick physically and mentally…..I couldn’t sleep, and would put the air conditioner on full blast, with no covers on me. I would wear a long robe, and be covered from head to toe……I was a mess……PLEASE AMERICA GET RID OF THIS PROBLEM…….I only hope the people in government who can get rid of this problem, come to their senses an get back DDT the only thing that will help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I don’t believe the people in government have this problem, with these things, I am sure it would of been gone by now if they did.

  44. parynoidandroid says:

    Pesticides, sprays, and pest control people will NEVER get rid of your Bed Bug problem.
    The only 100% effective means of treatment is Diatomaceous Earth. I have used this in the years past for bed bugs and ants and it is the only thing that fully took care of the problem.

  45. there here says:

    We had bed bugs 2 months ago got rid of them with steam took a few weeks and now they are back again in the same room we got new couches have a two year old and are wondering is it safe to call someone we just had a flea and tick problem too that has gone away this is getting costly should we go to the feed store and try to fix the problem. What do the pros do?

    Do we have to take everything out of the house from what i have read some of the stuff they use is not safe for your family? Our house is in need of a few repairs its old is this why they are back I looked at the bed a few days ago and didn’t see anything in need of help don’t want to go threw another bug problem now …………

    We both slept on our new couches last night i keep the the house clean very well and i think we just need to fix the floor that may solve the problem.

  46. there here says:

    well lets say that when they bite me they leave a welp on my arm just the way a masquitto bite would do

  47. maisha says:

    Well wht I want to say is that I never lived in a house with bed bugs until last year nov and im 30 something. I hate them my 6 year old daughter keep bites so bad I hate that I get them to not so bad I’m living with someone and the bed bugs are all over the building o.m.g I need them to go or we should I need help…..

    Also I hate to see them bed bugs my life have changed so much they make me sad and depressed and I just want to cry everyday when I look at my baby arms and and legs I want the owner of this apartment to spray or I will try and sue cause this don’t make any sense and my baby have asthma to top it off

  48. Bed Bug Girl says:

    It is not usual for them to pack up and leave but perhaps they did indeed move out. Sometimes, bed bug spray can drive the bed bugs into the next apartment (let’s hope that is not the case). I’d make sure they are indeed gone and that you’re just not reacting to the bites as before – check out my page on bed bug traps – it’s a do it yourself guide. Let us know what you find out will you?

  49. lon says:

    My studio apartment was infested with bedbugs up until recently. I suffered mltiple bites every single night and the bugs would be very visible during the day as if they owned the place. I used a couple of sprays but i was never really throrough with my efforts. One day recently, it ocurred to me that was not being bitten anymore nor did I see any bugs. It has been about 4 months now since I have seen any evidence of bed bugs. Where did they go/ Is it normal for them to just move on?

  50. melody m. says:

    I live in Phoenix,Az. and have had bedbugs in my apt. and these little bugs have bitten me over and over… I have bombed my apt. twice in the last 6 months and sprayed bedbug pesticide repeatedly and even got rid of my couch, sheets and pillows. These little pests are indistructable. I have used HotShot bedbug treatments that have not worked many times. Help me get rid of these pests that live in my home and Do Not pay rent!!!! LOL

  51. lynn says:

    I live in a 24 plex, my landlord told me that the apartment below me had bed bugs. He said they got a couch that had them and they were getting bitten. He said he was probably going to have pest control spray the whole section. He has yet to do anything and I have been in this apartment since July.

    I get rashes. I have skin problems (rosea) and so I don’t really think very much about rashes when I get them but I had one on my arm recently and I worked at hotel…a guest was talking to me about it and about how they’re like hives. It looked like that and I have smaller bites too. I swear I thought I caught one crawling on me one night, but I woke up and didn’t have anything in my hand, but there were bits there…

    I should also note that I have yet (knock on wood) to find stains on my sheets…or mattress. There is however a smell…I thought was from rotting dry wall from the leak in the kitchen sink that landlord has yet to fix, and there’s a mold spot on my bed but I don’t know.
    They’re probably in the nasty carpet or floor board.

    There were small bugs in my previous apartment (same building) that look like the longer adult bed bugs, but I showed them to my landlord and he said they were baby “cockroaches” which this building is also infested with. He had the other apartment, and the other wing of apartments sprayed for roaches, but I think the little bugs were bed bugs.

    I’ve also found: Larder beetles, Carpet beetles, and book lice here. He never changes out the carpets, or the cupboards or anything.
    I hate to get rid of everything but I will. I will do whatever it takes to get the hell out of this bug infested pit and not take the problems with me.
    BTW I should note that I live in Alaska. I think the landlord is lazy and doesn’t want to spend any extra money to fix things around here. It’s pretty horrible actually.

    I can’t sleep.

    I was working nights before, and still get bit during the day and now I’m afraid to sleep at night. I keep thinking things are crawling on me.

  52. sharon says:

    Hi Star,

    Yes, I had the same thing happen with the bed bug bites. It’s very hard around them. Also when they bite they can leave scars behind. This was very upsetting for me because I’ve had problem skin for a long time. The last thing I wanted was bed bug bites on my face.

    I do have a suggestion that that helps tremendously. If there are bedbugs around put something like Live Clean non-petroleum jelly on your face and neck. I learned from doing a lot of reading that they need a dry surface to bite. Sure they can still bite arms and legs because any jelly will come off but it’s better than having bites on your face and neck. Also I felt better sleeping clothed.

    Another thing I did that helped was that I set my alarm for 5 am in the morning when they are most active and went hunting for them. I know that it’s very upsetting but try not to panic. I saw an article today about someone who built a trailer to heat and kill them.

    Summary of article: Winnipeg landlord Leon Wieler took an old trailer, spent about $14,000 on heaters and equipment turning it into a bed bug oven. For items that are not sensitive to heat, he runs it for 4 hours at 158F and reduces the heat but increases the time to 20 hours. The important part here, is that Wieler considers it only a part of the process of killing bed bugs.

  53. star says:

    Hi well I’ve been reading almost everyone’s comments! And I’ve been trying to figure out if i have the same problem as everyone else? My son recently slept and the couch and got bite! His bite did itch but it made is arm swell and it was very very hard around the bite! And than just the other day my friend slept on my couch and she got bite and it as well was very hard around it and pretty big! So I’m wondering if this is bed bugs or something else? i have checked my whole apartment and found nothing. And have notified my apartment manager and they have someone coming out today to spray! But does this sound like its bed bugs or not? I’m a little confused and praying i don’t have them! But taking the precautions as if i did! I have all my things ready to go to the laundry mat .

  54. mrss says:

    First and foremost, I want to say sorry to those of you who have suffered. I, too, know the feeling of suffering from bed bugs. We have been living in our apartment since July. I was pregnant with my third child when we moved into this building. I started having what I though was hives shortly after we moved in. I went to both of the local hospitals, my doctor, and even had my ob-gyn (baby doctor) examine me. We changed all of the products that we used to clean our house, my body washes and everything, we attempted to reduce my stress, and even got a baby sitter for my oldest two for some rest and relaxation. NONE OF THIS HELPED. Recently, i started hearing about the fact that bed bugs had infested the local area.

    Upon doing some research, I learned a lot. People are very misinformed about these bugs. They do not care if you are clean or dirty. They will move into your house on anything that you can carry. The only EFFECTIVE way to get rid of them is to higher a professional. Take my advice… DO NOT SPRAY CHEMICALS IN YOUR HOUSE. YOU WILL ONLY CAUSE THE BUGS TO BITE YOU MORE!!!!!!…. BOMBING OR SPRAYING WITH CHEMICALS WILL NOT HELP!!!!!…. IT CAN ACTUALLY BE MORE HARMFUL TO USE THESE CHEMICALS SINCE YOU ARE NOT A TRAINED AND LICENSED PROFESSIONAL.

  55. ree baby from kenosha wisconsin says:

    About 3 yrs ago i noticed my autistic son who was about 2 kept having these red bumps on his body. I thought it was spider bites so we bombed and bombed and bombed some more to no avail. I had no clue that bed bugs were real, just that it was a lil sayin we use to say when I was a kid.

    Fast forward about a year. I had met a new man and things were going smoothly until one night when sleeping, he yelled owww something bit me !! I was like really he said yea so he sat up and there was this thing that looked kinda like a baby roach and there was blood on my sheet. He was shocked and said it was a bed bug! he proceeded to tell me bout them. I looked closer at the bug and realized i had seen bed bugs before, like 2 yrs ago crawling on my night gown after sleeping.

    I thought maybe they were just contained within my room, no luck! A couple weeks later and a air mattress in the living room later i went into my sons room to change his diaper and pulled down his blanket and there were 3 bed bugs all feeding on my helpless baby who couldn’t even communicate to me the horror he had been experience for the past 2 yrs!

    We all moved into the living room but the were there to. It was like a roach infestation. We moved again like a month later and had to leave every thing that couldn’t be washed behind. It was like we were the victims of a natural disaster. we literally had to start from scratch. I tell u what i would do it all over again in a second (leaving everything behind) to be rid of these bugs. I still freak thinking about them and i still feel guilty from my son having to deal with this………

  56. Michelle says:

    It is so comforting to know that I am not the only one plagued with these little vampires! Around my area, people don’t want to admit they have them or care to know about them and pretend they don’t exist or better yet, place blame either on those who aren’t clean or a specific race! THEY ARE BUGS PEOPLE- SORRY BUT THIS IS THEIR WORLD TOO!

    Yes I am a single mother and I live pay check to paycheck AND I go to school as well- we ended up being forced to move because our neighbor hated us so bad, she’d yell at my kids every time they merely went to play outside, and even kicked our cat who was just laying in her garden and threatened to kill me!

    People get mean about these things as if it’s all your fault and down right cruel just like when lice goes around; everyone treats you like you have the plague with bed bugs.

    Anyway, we have bed bugs for the second time and this time all I’ve been is just school and work which worries me that it’s so close to home- will we be able to keep them away once we get rid of them again?! HELP!!

  57. Judy says:

    If I can give any advice to anyone with this problem is to hire a professional!!!!! And don’t wait, call now! I just recently purchased my very own home. My dream slowly turned into a nightmare about 2 weeks after moving in. Me and my boyfriend began to notice bites all over us.

    For me they were small and looked like tiny hard pimples and were not itchy, and not always in 3’s. For my boyfriend they looked like large rashes all over his body. I would have never of thought bed bugs except they have been all over the news lately, and like allot of other naive people I assumed since I was clean and wasn’t renting it couldn’t happen to me.

    After an inspection of my room and the guest room sure enough we had BED BUGS!!!! Of course the first thing I did was panic, cry and start throwing stuff out, because I read enough about them to know how horrible they are and how hard they are to get rid of. Honestly I know this sounds stupid, but bed bugs were one of the worst and most traumatizing things that ever happened to me. We put ourselves in debt trying to get rid of these little nightmares right after we were already in debt for purchasing our new home.

    We had to buy new beds, even though we could have purchased mattress covers, but I was not comfortable knowing they were still under there possibly waiting 18 months to die! Not to mention the cost for an exterminator, and I strongly recommend the follow up treatments. I ruined half my wardrobe because everything and I mean everything had to be washed and dried on hot, which made for a hefty utility bill and the amount spent at the dry cleaners and laundry mat came to hundred of dollars.

    I couldn’t imagine if this happened to a single mother or someone living pay cheque to pay cheque. And again not to mention the emotional toll it takes on you. These things are not easy to get rid of, and the proper prep work that needs to be done for an exterminator to come in is exhausting, but must be done. And many many sleepless nights. I was a mess and just disgusted and angry about the whole situation. I have never wished death on something so bad! They turned my life upside down for almost 2 months.

    It is almost a month after our last treat and I can say I have yet to see any or have any bites. Mind you I have double sided tape on all the furniture, everything is pulled away from the walls and I now have mattress covers on the beds. I would like to be able to rest easy, but until months (maybe a year or 2) goes by with absolutely no sign of them will I really feel at ease.

    So for anyone dealing with this now I feel for you, but please do not take any short cuts in trying to get rid of them. Honestly if this can happen to me it can happen to anyone. The government MUST do something about this soon before everyone has them, and not everyone can afford to. The exterminators that came to my house told me that they spend most there days now dealing with bed bug infestations, but because of the stigma attached people are very hush hush about them, especially private home owners. I know if this happened to me again I would be screwed!!

  58. Turk says:

    the absolute solution is DDR which is illegal to use here.

  59. Rhonda says:


    Bed bugs are not like ticks; they do not attach and keep drinking blood. Bed bugs are a suck and run type of pest. Bed bugs usually go for the easy meal and will suck your blood on any exposed skin. A bed bug could have climbed in your ear and bitten you and caused you to have an allergic reaction to its saliva. If your problem continues, you should see a doctor.

  60. Robert says:

    Can a bed bug get in your ear and live there? I discovered that my friend had bed bugs, and after I spent a night my ear began to hurt, as well as, my hearing in that ear has been affected. With no health insurance I’ve been reluctant to go to the doctor and get it looked at. Help!!!

  61. lisa28 says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I am having the same problem. We went on vacation in April..shortly afterwards we had bedbugs. Orkin has come out not once but 3 times to spray and steam. The cost was about $700.00 for my whole apartment. I have taken all of our clothes to the laundromat. I also have purchased Diatomaceous Earth. This stuff has not worked for me. I placed it on the bed, under the bed, and everywhere else. The next day my 2 year old had bites all over his arms and legs.We sleep covered up from head to toe but these bugs are biting him not me.Right now I have my mattress outside because it has been so hot in NC. I also purchased the mattress encasements for the mattress. The encasement helps so the bed bugs can’t get out but it doesn’t slove the problem about the existing bugs since they can live anywhere.

    I am so tired of these bugs. I don’t want to throw any of my furniture away because it brand new. I’m looking for any over the counter products that work. I have tried the fogger for bedbugs it doesn’t work. I purcahsed from home depot. Any suggestion s let me know…

  62. Sharon says:

    Hi Shanda, I’m so sorry that this is happening to you. Three years is far to long to have to put up with bed bugs. One of the things that makes it so hard to get rid of them is that they can be anywhere and in anything. I’ve seen bed bugs in the kitchen. And the professional who did the spraying said that they don’t spray the kitchen because they aren’t there. I know that they like warm places. They also like wood, cloth and paper.

    I don’t know if the steamer method works but I think you’re going to have to get rid of absolutely everything you don’t absolutely need. Books, magazines, ect. I found one hiding inside an air pump. They can also be behind the baseboards or coming into your place if it is attached to another unit. Bed bugs were entering my apartment by crawling along the pipes and entering the bathroom.

    I wish you the best of luck. Remember, it’s not your fault.

  63. shanda says:

    I have been dealing with bed bugs for over 3 years now. We have had our house professionally sprayed twice. We have invested in the same chemicals suggested by the professional (because we could not afford to pay him again for the third time). Chemicals were over $100. We have invested over $1000 with renting a pod to store all of our household items so that the professionals could get a “good spray” HA HA HA. (0f course we sprayed everything, cleaned everything and bagged everything before putting it in the pod).
    We have washed and washed, bagged and bagged. Cleaned, scraped, replaced bedding. My son’s school sends home letters almost on a daily basis about the “bed bug” bites. I have tried to insure them I am doing everything humanly possible to get rid of this. Only one of my children shows signs of the bites.
    I Give up! I live in denial until I can’t stand it anymore and than I try again. Now, I am looking to see about buying a steamer (I guess that is the way to go. I would like to just throw out the living room furniture but I am in terror of doing that as well. My neighbors know nothing about my nightmare for fear that they would stop allowing our children to play. If I throw away perfectly good furniture without any resources to purchase new. They will know I am hiding something.
    I feel like the worse mother in the world! I can’t even protect my family in the one place called home!
    I just don’t know what is the best way to solve my problem anymore. We have tried almost everything. WE have NOT tried the steam method. Can someone please tell me if it works?
    I cannot afford to move, buy new furniture and I would never buy used for fear my problem would get worse. I read someone’s post above and they happen to mention Value City. Well my original problem started shortly after purchasing a recliner from them. I don’t have proof that it was the cause and it wouldn’t do me any good but I just thought that was ironic.

  64. Sharon says:

    My apartment and 2 others in the building were sprayed for bed bugs. All the clothes washing was a tremendous amount of work. I was bed bug free after all this for a short while bug then they started coming back! I suspected that they were in other apartments. I called public health and they told me it is at the landlord’s discretion which apartments they want to check and which they don’t. The cost of extermination is $375.00 per apartment, so needless to say they don’t check many. Also, they put out no alerts to warn other tenants. Long story, short I left all my furniture behind and I’m with my parents. Lost a month’s rent. Be very careful when you move from an apartment with bed bugs. Remember they can be in or on just about anything. Even books!

  65. mrs t says:

    im in low income and i know the bugs is in these apt.. my apt wont do nothing.. i had a toilet over flow three times since we lived here the floor was wet and dry wet and dry… i see spiders and bed bugs.. they say its me but no no no no no no… i think its these apts they dont want to fix… i know its mold under the carpet.. and whatever else and they cleaned the carpet once… and it flooded two more times… what should i do .i have three kids and a very very low income..but i feel like i live in mold unsafe water damage apt… so they could be coming from this nasty carpet … anybody no somebody who can help me and my girls out….. my face my body keep getting bit up …. no matter how much we clean they are here MEADOWBROOK APTS a call for help…. if i say to much they will find a away to make me and my kids homeless….. but i wonder if thats better then being in this mess….. please help …… i cant take the ITCH

  66. Kimiko says:

    I am so tired right now, but I can’t stand the thought of sleeping with bed bugs. I hate bugs of all kinds! Even Butterflies! Does anyone know if Diatomaceous Earth actually works? And where I can get it? I don’t want to throw out my stuff like my stuffed animals, dog leash, books, chairs, maybe the bed, umm anything else those little Nasties can get to.

    I have a cat and I work at a Doggy Daycare, do the bugs bite animals? Is it safe to go to work? Or will the damn things follow me and infest the whole store? Geez this is frustrating, I’ve had them before and my mom got rid of EVERY single Stuffed Animal I had, and some other crap.

    I don’t know what I’m gonna do…… but if I get bitten I’ll get bitten, I’m to tired I don’t care anymore. I hope my cat doesn’t get bit…

    OH WELL!

    If you got any idea’s for me PLEASE let me know!

  67. sef says:

    I had bedbugs in an old bad apartment where I immediately left. The home I moved to was great. Then I moved again and I saw two bedbugs (one of which I killed) in the place that I live in now. I don’t have any bites but it still drove me nuts and I used sprays all over the place. Then I realized that both bites and the fear of being bitten by bedbugs every night are less harmful than the damage caused by chemicals. So, I decided to use chemical sprays less frequently and cautiously, and bought a non-toxic one.

    I think we should be more easygoing with bedbugs. Do not let them turn your lives into a nightmare. Be clean, use organic sprays, vacuum your mattress. But do not be obsessed with the idea of “getting rif of them” bcs they can come anytime again. Just accept the fact that sometimes we can see one or two bedbugs…keep on working and sleeping..

  68. tarrabyte says:

    Bed bugs are a nuisance but you can get rid of them. Please be careful about using Diatomaceous Earth in your home. It should only be used where people don’t walk or sit, so mostly around baseboards and cracks and crevices. It’s made of silica and if inhaled is forever in your lungs, so caution. You can also get rid of bed bugs with chemical treatment from a professional or heat treatment (thermal treatment).

  69. Lisa Smith says:

    I do not know where I got the bedbugs from. I decided to get my hose fumigated in Sept and was told that anything living would be dead. One night later I was scared but had fallen asleep on the couch and was bitten the fumigation told me too bad. Do not get your home fumigated does not work so now 3 months later still trying to get rid of them also anybody have ideas on how to stop them from biting your dog. For right now I have him sleeping outside at night when they want to bite. Also I have been getting bites on neck and starting to look funny and red any suggestions to put on your skin?

  70. tina says:

    I work at a hotel that thinks bed bug are no big deal…i feel so bad for my customers

  71. Barbara Smith says:

    Help, I saw a couple of bed bugs in my daughters bedroom,again in my bed room then the living room. had professional pest control come in 3 weekends in a row did whole house. bagged everything up emptied closets threw out my box spring.

    It was as if I just moved in washed everything that would fit in the washing machine. They sprayed, put holes in walls put down dust and a month later i found a bed bug. I’m still washing and putting things back and throwing out unnecessary items. I had so many clear bags of clothing toys stuffed animals everything was in bags I had to put it outside in my gazebo so the exterminator had room to walk. what can I do. I don’t want to go through that again.

  72. Cynthia says:

    As I am reading through all of these posts, searching for an answer to the bed bug problem in our own apartment building, and of course it is an elderly & disabled one at that. What we have done so far is to circulate a petition having at least 50% of the residents signing the document. There were a few residents that were intimidated by the live in manager, and refused to sign the document, but we did get over 50% of the residents to sign.

    We had looked up and found out that for them to threaten to evict anyone who signed the petition was against our tenant rights. And that the building must provide a clean and sanitary place for us to live. I had also read that people were blaming a dirty house. Bed bugs do not need a dirty house to infest, you could be a “Howard Hughes” type person who keeps things so clean that it was sterile, and still have bed bugs, cleanliness has nothing to do with this infestation. We have also contacted our state HUD office and a couple state politicians, who are all willing to work with us.

    My husband and I have only recently moved into the building and this had been going on for over a year from what we had been told. The management group are the ones who have been trying to cut corners by only treating one apt at a time or when they had the professionals come in a spray, they only treated every 3rd apt. Well now with the petition they are going to have to treat EVERY Apt in the building. Plus you have to make sure that you use the pesticide that is only for bed bugs. Using roach, ant, wasp, bee, centipede or etc.. spray will not do the trick. plus the bed bugs can lay dormant for up to 5 months, so they place needs to be treated several times like once every 3-4 months for a whole year, to ensure that the next generation does not come back and start the problem all over again.

    I do hope that this helps someone out there with whatever they may be going through as well.

  73. Entarsha says:


    Well, I am just beside myself here with these stupid bed bugs. I had my place sprayed last week. I paid for that I live in an apartment building. Then the exterminators sent this guy back to do a follow up from March. He came he had a broken steamer he knew was broken. He did part of my big couch before the steamer crapped out.

    He left came back with another steamer dis some of my love seat but was more interested in answering his 6 text messages than he was in steaming my love seat. It took him longer to plug in the steamer than it did to actually do his work. So I called the office (Exterminator Office). They said that he was coming back to put monitors down, and the proof would be in the pudding if after his so called treatment. I said that if I got any in the monitors he would have to pay me for my day off work.

    My laundry all the bins I had to buy and he would have to pay for a PROFESSIONAL to treat my place. I am so angry right now. I woke up this morning and I have bites on me and I have a bed bug in one of the monitors. So does anyone think that he did his job properly. I realize that they could be coming from another apartment. But he apparently did his job in March when he was here. I keep reading that bed bugs are found in dirty places. I don’t have a dirty place. But I did hear that sleeping in the bath tub is better than sleeping in your bed when you have those stupid things.

    When I get bit I swell up a lot and the bites hurt and they are just freaky things I can’t even look up what I am suppose to do for fear that I will see a picture of them.

    I think that when they send someone out to treat a place that a video camera should be set up so the people who live there can KNOW that they did their job. If I was not here and that steamer crapped out he would have just left got paid and that would have been that. But as it turned out he did almost nothing anyways.

    Well thanks for listening if anyone has any ideas I am interested in hearing them.



  74. nancy says:

    I bought furniture at a garage sale, i was getting bitten but i never saw anything. My children saw bedbugs on the couch, of course I was in denial. I have scars on my arms and legs that will never go away. I cant wear short sleeves or shorts because of the scars.

    I have gotten rid of everything and have started over, we have moved and i am starting to get bit again, i think the building is infested with bed bugs. I would not wish them on anyone cause it is painful and the itching will send you over the edge.

  75. Danielle says:

    Sorry to tell all of you but i had bed bugs and the only way they disappear is to get rid of your mattress its terrible never shop at Value City Furniture…my mattress was brand new and they wont do anything

  76. lona frazier says:

    I finally got rid of my bed bugs, yeah!!

    Here is how I did it. I used the power diatomaceous earth which I found at the local feed and seed store. It took about a month, but are finally gone. I put it everywhere, on beds, under the couch and everywhere else I could think of. It does work!!

  77. lona frazier says:

    i have bed bugs i got some liven room furniture at a yard sale .never do that it was infested with these bugs i have had to throw out every thing all the way to the carpet steam is all i know that will work . i have double sided tape every where to see where they are now.

    Thanks and I would appreciate any advice

  78. kirsty says:

    Hey, I’m in need of some help!!

    Recently, I have noticed I’m being bitten but only at night, i instantly checked my mattress and washed all my linen.

    The weird thing is that my hubby hasn’t been bitten at all, yet the lower half of my body is covered in them.

    Could this still be bed bugs and should i call in professionals to help??


  79. Angie says:

    From reading this website and also dealing with this problem myself for a year now, and also talking with BIGNAMED pest companies and fellow victims of bedbugs who live in my neighborhood. The spraying didn’t work the bugs scatter and the eggs never die from the pesticide, so those eggs hatch and your reinfested again.

    Fogging (fumigating) worked and cleaning and steaming everything. Washing and Drying at high heat every piece of fabric including clothes, towels, curtains everything!! Steam every piece of furniture, of course rid yourself of the mattress and or anything else that cant be saved, be sure to spray paint it when discarding it mark “BEDBUGS” on it so someone doesn’t take it home and don’t get stuff second hand it might have bedbugs on it to. If you get a secondhand mattress please invest in a really good mattress cover any bugs cant get into it and lay eggs and any eggs and or bugs in it will eventually die it can take a two years so keep the cover on it and check for tears periodically.

    Also I read recently to use Diatomaceous Earth but I’d verify and make sure its child safe before spreading it around. I haven’t tried it yet but I will search around to find it and use it one day. Steam steam steam that has been working for me. Where I live now (since I had to move out of the bedbug infested apartment building) somehow the bedbugs managed to follow me but they were only in my living room (thank GOD) but my poor husband falling asleep on the couch watching TV he was bitten everywhere that’s how we knew we brought them with us.

    We rid our self of the living room furniture AGAIN!! furnitureless we have had the house fumigated twice and have steam treated the furniture, baseboards, walls, floors to kill any eggs that were left behind, for now no bugs! PLEASE LET THERE BE NO MORE BUGS PLEASE I AGREE I RATHER SLEEP WITH SNAKES!!!

  80. maria says:

    I live in an apartment section 8 city building for the elderly and disabled. It is disgustingly infested with bedbugs! Even though many other units are infested, the manager continues to ignore my complaints and yet another cycle of the bedbug’s life happens. They had a professional exterminator come in and they came back but instead of treating the whole building at once, they fumigate one unit at a time and ignore the laundry room, a place where the bugs hop from one load to another.

    I live alone alone and i get no visitors, nor can i get rides or visit others. My only company are those disgusting blood sucking critters; and forget a good night’s sleep!!!! EWWWWW

  81. jessica rodriguez says:

    I live in a apartment and the bed bugs are so nasty that I am scared to sleep at night. My 4 year old and my 2 year old are also scared to sleep at night. The bugs smell so nasty even after they sprayed 4 times and still they live. What do I have to do to get rid of these disgusting bugs?

  82. Bed Bug Hater says:

    I hate bed bugs!!! I would rather sleep with (non poisonous) snakes than with them!!! But wouldn’t everyone?! [please] help me get rid of these little life ruiners, help me END their pathetic miserable creepy crawly disgusting little lives before I end mine………….. yea that’s how bad bed bugs make me feel!

  83. swati says:


    I live with my family and have been suffering from bed bug bites at our home for the last year now. We have tried all the insecticides and pesticides but still bed bugs are crawling on the wall.

    It’s so bad that we have forgotten what a good nights sleep is like! Please, does anyone have a solution that will kill bed bugs forever?

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