Channel 3’s Obie Shelton WKYC just interviewed the Mathis family about their bed bug infested stay at a DAYS INN and suites at east 36th and Euclid. I looked up the Inn and found a Days Inn at 3614 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115 (216) 361-8969.

I called and spoke with an employee who stated that have sprayed the room and they will be coming back for a second spray this weekend. When she asked how I heard about the bed bugs, I explained that WKYC did a story on the recent problem.

You’ll notice in the video the hotel manager claims they have never had a bed bug problem before; however, after doing some research, I found that on July 17, 2008, a TripAdvisor member (Luv2goBuckeyeState) left a review stating he and his wife found bugs in their daughter’s bed. He also reports that management was unresponsive when confronted with the problem. Here is part of the review:

Jul 17, 2008 – We stayed at the hotel to enjoy a concert in Cleveland. Older building in need of updating. We came in late and crawled into bed. We were disgusted in the morning to find live bugs …

Something just doesn’t seem right, does it?

What is really unfortunate is that the Mathis family lost their home to a fire and was placed here by the Red Cross. The Red Cross also claims that they have never had this happen before.

Pays to do the Bed Bug Check (see Above) before you spend a night in a unfamiliar bed!


I also found a story by the Daily Times, Farmington, New Mexico concerning bedbugs at local Days Inn; Article is by Cornelia de Bruin at The Daily Times and published 10/01/2008 12:00:00 AM MDT (CI_10604090)

The Days Inn it seems is located at 1901 E Broadway St, Farmington NM and the attorney for those bitten by the Bed Bugs is Richard J. Valle of Carter Law Firm. Long story short, three officers and one child were bitten by bed bugs during their Sept 21-26th stay at the Days Inn; they were attending a training program. One of the victims bite became infected and caused scaring.

Here is a quote from the article:

‘The clients, whose rooms were on different floors, met each other because they sought medical treatment from a local urgent care facility. Since all were being treated for the same malady, the two sets of people met again and traded information about what happened.’

The story goes on to say that Days Inn management offered one of his clients a “bed bug discount” of around $15!

A little research and I found that TripAdvisor member BornItalian reported bed bugs at their stay on on Aug 12, 2008. Two other members left comments as well, they are:

Evax51 states that on June 7, 2008 bed bugs were found in his room.

Mibunny88 states that on Feb 23, 2008 she was bitten by bed bugs, found them and reported the incident to the front desk and ended up leaved frustrated.

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  1. Nayski31 says:

    Stayed at Days Inn near Airport on NE Evangeline Thruway in Lafayette, LA on April 17-20. Was so concerned about seeing cockroaches and sketchy people lurking at all hours that didn’t think at all about the possibility of bed bugs :( i now know how how misinformed I am on this topic. Luggage was on the floor, right next to my bed. A little over a week since my return I started noticing red itchy bumps. At first I thought it was mosquito bites or something, but the more I researched it became more and more possible that it was from BBs. The boyfriend remains unsymptomatic. Lucky him. I’m still not sure as I have not seem any solid evidence but I’m not convinced of it since I am still waking up with at least one new bite daily. Anyone know if this hotel has them???!! I’m going crazy. Thanks.

  2. DianeWF says:

    We also found bed bugs at a Days Inn in Vernon, TX. We were in town for HS softball playoffs. I received bites all over my arms, legs & neck. They didn’t show up until 24-36 hours later, itching. I didn’t see any on me, but found them in my luggage & clothes. We ended up bringing them home with us and had to get an exterminator. We called the motel, but they denied having any bed bugs, of course.

  3. Tracy Gorman Seymour says:

    2011 March 27 to april 1st I stayed at the Days Inn in Milpitas California room 103 has bed bugs. I will call the health department to relay the message on monday. My room mate and I both have several bits all over oour body’s. I will not stay at the days Inn again.

  4. Libby Butero says:

    Bed bugs in room at Days Inn in Madisonville, KY 2/14/2011. We put two of our workers there while doing work in the area. The workers were getting bitten in the middle of the night. The hotel would not give them a different room that night and only agreed to give a 50% discount on that bug room for the first night. We moved the men out of the hotel. We contacted Wyndham because of the poor response from the Days Inn in Madisonville, and Wyndham did nothing but send us an email that they would relay our complaint to the Madisonville Days Inn. PATHETIC!!

  5. Mary Winterbottom says:

    My husband stayed at days inn in vicksburg mississippi last night 12/12/2010 and after two hours of sleep woke up with bed bugs all over him 1000s in bed. there is no way they didn’t know about this

  6. LaDonna says:

    Got bed bug bites at Days Inn, Moab, UT the first week in Oct, 2010. Owner was not responsive and didn’t even apologize. Corporated Days Inn was uncaring and said the hotels are privately owned.

  7. diana says:

    We stayed at the Days in, 4617 Scottsville Rd Bowling green, Ky 42104. I sent this to their manager and also the head quarters
    I have to tell you that your Hotel is DISGUSTING.. my friend and I tried to stay there the night of Sept 1 in rooms 225 and 231 and BOTH of those rooms had bed bugs. I have stayed in plenty of Days Inns to know that that is not appropriate for the name. Granted you didn’t charge us, but we had stopped that night early (6:00 p.m.) so we could get a good nights sleep for a long trip the next day. We settled down and I had bugs crawling on me, so we requested another room. Before we settled in I checked it out and sure enough there were bed bugs in that room also. By the time we checked out of your nasty place and checked into another hotel and settled down to sleep it was 11:00. Thank you for a nice relaxing time, THAT WAS SARCASM!!
    And you can be sure that I will pass this e-mail onto EVERYONE that I know. I know that it doesn’t mean anything to you, but it will make me feel better. Even if I can save one person a night in your hotel, I will feel better

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