Imagine that you’re a college student at Goucher College in Baltimore. You are living in Towson’s Dulaney Valley Apartments just outside of campus. Now imagine adding bedbugs to the scenario. Unfortunately this really happened at this apartment complex forcing dozens of students to move out.

There were three confirmed incidents of bedbugs at the complex one in mid July and the other two in September. Many students moved closer to the college to a placed called the Sheraton while others to Dulaney Crescent Apartments.

The college encouraged each and every student to move out of their apartments however some decided they’d take the chance and stay put. These students were asked to sign a liability waiver. About 30 of the 94 students decided to stay, others on the other hand couldn’t imagine staying. The article quotes a student, Marissa Kluger saying, “The thought that you could have bedbugs is frightening.”

The college felt obligated to assist students in moving although the apartment complex is now completely bedbug free after having a pest control company take care of the pests immediately after the September incident. Fortunately for the students they are now reassured they are living bedbug free. Bedbugs can come from many different places, but in hotels and apartment complexes they can spread and repopulate even faster. For tips on how to spot bedbugs check out our FAQ section and bedbug checklist.

If you think you may have bedbugs you’ll want to take immediate action or you may find yourself forced to move like some of the students at Goucher College.

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  1. Ricardo says:

    Go to Ace hardware and buy a bag of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. Go back to your house and spread the powder everywhere around your bed and closets, do the same under the bed, under the mattress. with a brush apply it to all the hidden parts of your furniture. Also apply it with the bush around the room, wall corners, etc. Wait for a few days and they´ll be gone.

  2. sandy says:

    I don’t believe that ALL of the bugs have been dealt with. Bed bugs are very sturdy little creatures. And they have been known to hide away from chemicals and things that promise eradication. Also, be careful moving to a new place. They may have bed bugs. It is amazing how many apartments and hotels have bed bugs and don’t tell anyone, but they will gladly take your money and your deposit and smile as they show you around their bed bug palace. I would question why the carpet was changed out, if the carpet is brand new in your apartment. There may be a reason other than a little wear and tear!

    Oh, for your bites, and yes, by the sound of it you have bed bugs, but I am no doctor. However, I have had experience with these pesky creatures. Use some Benadryl to try to stop the itching. Bed bugs are usually light in color and turn reddish after having their dinner, which is you.

  3. Lucretia Richards says:

    I think i have bed bugs!! The bites i have are itching like crazy they hurt and i keep seeing little black bugs!! they are red and round i have 7 bites are just one arm and about 15 on one leg it hurts like crazy, my bites burn, hurt and itch; can someone please tell me what to use?

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