In Commerce City officials have closed the Clearview Motel after investigators found not only bed bugs but cockroaches, gas-leaks and more in the motel rooms. The motel was then closed Monday and the residents had until 3 p.m. to move out. A sign with the word “Danger” was posted on the motel’s door. Michael Finley, who rents a one-bedroom and works for Quality Resurfacing, says that many of the residents are handicapped and that they should’ve waited until after Thanksgiving to close the motel because many residents have nowhere else to go.

One resident had been without heat for 15 months and instead used his gas stove to heat the room which causes a high risk for carbon monoxide exposure and not to mention is illegal. The rooms were rented out for about $170 and had many gas leaks and carbon monoxide exposure. Other rooms had no running water.

A task force inspected the motel and deemed it ‘unfit for human habitation.’ The structural, safety and hygiene problems must be fixed before the units can be reopened. Initially the residents where shocked by the closing of the motel but were soon thanking the city for finally addressing the problems. Social workers came to distribute bus passes and grocery store gift cards. They also offered counseling and help in finding new housing.

Could you imagine living in a place like that? It sounds awful! What is worse is that many of the tenants lived there for years without seeing improvement. No one should have to live in housing conditions like that. Please feel free to share your comments with us below.

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  1. lina young says:

    Went through the living nightmare myself–started last summer. My poor kids :( I felt so terrible and helpless, trying everything under the sun and still not being able to do anything about it. My little two year old baby girl had to be hospitalized because she got such a bad skin infection. We lived in that house for four years and never had a problem until last summer when we got new neighbors in the other side of the duplex. Nobody understands either, or cares for that much, not unless they’ve been through it. We just recently got a new house and our family is so much happier. I would like to report the house as unfit, but don’t know who to call or how to do it anonomously.

  2. Hellen says:

    Just wanted to drop a few sentences. For hopefully one day none of you will hbe searching the WWW to desperately find instant death to those microscopic vampires that WILL DESTROY your life w/ a lifetime guarantee.

    I’m in traumatic shock. I’m going to my doctor tomorrow. This is absolutely terrible.. The apt bldg I live in is promised to be infested w/ bedbugs, as of a few months ago, we got them. I have been a tenant in the same apt bldg, & have lived and moved throughout 3 different efficiency units in the 1 of the 3 bldgs included in the property owned and Condo Assoc utilities controlled community at the address of 4050 Golden Gate Pkwy.. All UNITS.

    These apts are Individually owned & rented out so each apartment has an Owner. It is then not the condo association’s responsibility to provide prevention and & treating these horrible infestation of bed bugs. During my 5 year stay, with a few months in between my moves back to this building I never had a bed bug problem, until about 2 months ago, my roommate & I both had discovered we had been bitten by something unaware of what lied ahead us.. which is HELL!!!!!!!!!!! Landlord (rent collector) had pest control to stop by and test for BB. After supposedly professional pest control, which is a joke, the bugs in this apt building laugh when any spray goes their way.

    What can we do ?? I Have lived a tough life thought id seen it all so to speak, this is a living nightmare.. I swear to you, and to try to battle this talk to the news people reporting from NYC.. asap.. we all need to help otherwise, we will all end up going insane.. Epidemics are not a joke.. help your country NOW

  3. jack davos says:

    I live in the Main st Inn 2461/2 Main st Longmont Co
    It is infested with bed bugs. Management has known for years.. The rooms are furnished with what
    appear to be old cast-off mattressess, stuffed chairs and broken dressers. Bed bug stain is on everything from
    dressers to box springs. Regularly see them crawling on floors or table tops even in daylight.
    Most of the tenents are parolees from DOC sent there by the local parole office. I imagine the officers
    get some sort of kickback since this place is out of code yet remains operating. It sounds like a carbon copy of the tenement building in Commerce City.

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