Residents who live at Ballard Griffith Apartment towers have been living with bed bugs for months. The problem was reported in September by 27 NEWSFIRST. The towers are supposed to be used on Election Day (November 4, 2008).

Fayette County Clerk sent out letters to those who are supposed to register at the site. The letters informed voters that the library where they are supposed to cast their votes has been sprayed with chemicals and the carpets have also been steamed. Although no bed bugs have actually been found in the library they wanted to take proper precautions to prevent them from showing up, especially on Election Day.

According to the article on 27 NEWSFIRST’s website 200 of the 600 voters actually live at the Ballard Griffith Apartment towers so they really didn’t want to move the polls unless absolutely necessary. The residents are also expressing concern over why the pests are being sprayed for on Election Day and not for the residents as well when they are forced to live with the bed bugs.

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