The Stern Environmental Group wrote a very interesting article yesterday about landlords in NJ and NYC have difficulty with bed bug infested apartments. The article states that the landlords could really use help from their tenants in preventing this problem.

One landlord in Toronto is being faced with a lawsuit because of bed bugs in his apartment building. It’s important that both the landlords and tenants work together to prevent bed bugs. Tenants will often times bring in used furniture, which contain bed bugs and then invest the rest of the apartment building.

On top of all that the tenants aren’t properly preparing their apartments to be sprayed, which happens once a week. And to make matters even worse the tenants continue to bring in used furniture they find, who should really be sued here? It is common knowledge that used furniture is one of the leading causes of bed bugs and the tenants should really know that.

Landlords are going broke from all the lawsuits against them regarding bed bugs. The article suggests that NJ and NYC hold a seminar to inform tenants regarding how to do a proper bed bugs inspection and tips on how to prevent a bed bug infestation from occurring. They should really bring in an expert to do the seminar as well to make sure each and every tenant is well informed. Hopefully this would cut back on lawsuits. Ultimately it should teach landlords and tenants to work together to prevent more infestations.

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  1. Susan says:

    I live in the NYC area and several apartments in my building had bed bugs, I didn’t know until sometime later. Then some time ago I realized I had them! As crazy as this sounds I believe the super, who doesn’t like me, along with the exterminator planted some in my mattress. I had suspected he’d come into my apartment several times w/o my knowledge.

    I had a suspicious hole in the underside of my mattress and thought it was due to a mouse but now I think they punched a hole there to allow the bugs to enter. I can’t prove any of this but the super has done other kinds of lowdown things. I’ve put an additional lock on the door that management doesn’t have a key.

    One day I even caught the super on a latter at my window where my bed is right next to. He quickly went down but I was in too much shock to move. The window was open so I guess this might have been his way of trying to either enter my apartment or to plant more bugs. Thereafter I noticed bugs under the towel I kept in the window. I hate that man!

  2. valreca says:

    what would you all tell someone to look for b4 one moves into an apartment. how can you tell just on the walk thru? what questions do you ask your potential landlord? what are some signs to be on the look out for?

  3. sandy says:

    Yes! irresponsible tenants can cause bed bug infestations because they don’t care about transporting these bugs to others. They just come and go whenever they please without a second thought. I don’t know if it is denial or they are just careless, but I personally know someone who is totally upset with me because I won’t have them over to my home. And if they come over, they can’t sit on my cloth furniture, period! I don’t want these things. And I have children! Am I wrong? And I am going to stop my children’s friends from coming over to my place. I don’t know what they have at their home.

  4. InviuctusX says:

    I live in bedbug central:NYC,and the hotel I live in didn’t have them in February when I moved in,they started in May or June and lo and behold,another tenent had them so bad that it was said there were thousands under his mattress at the head of the bed,do they attack the scalp,I spray a solution that kills them and you can spray on yourself.Do they go away in the winter in very cold climate?

  5. melissa shaft says:

    I cannot sleep anymore i have 3 children and they are getting bit i watch over them at night and always find them on the ceiling above them. It’s killing me 4 real I have been moved into an infested apartment and all the connected units are infested 4 some reason I am the only person speaking up management says its in my head ok then why are there pestiside company constantly spraying and treating mine and 5 other units i called the news and now the apartment wants me 2 move out, I have all brand new furniture and my childrens pics im so exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I dnt know what 2 do anymore? Its getting the best of me

    by the way ive purchased mattress covers and rented a new washer and dryer and lots of non stop laundry why wnt management help? Instead they are furious with me when they told me themselves it was here be 4 i even got here pay full rent and have cooperated with them they just dnt care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nee says:

    As a tennant with bedbugs I have to say I agree w/ this to a point. There are many jerk landlords that I’m sure are renting apartments that they know to be infested. I got bedbugs from a neighbour in the building – this is after the landlord had all our apartments treated 2xs as a precaution. The problem is that the tennant in question keeps bringing in second hand stuff, and letting her friends (who also have bedbugs) into her apartment. I feel sorry for our landlord having to pay and pay to keep having the units treated. All we need it to be precautionary and sensable. Now that I have these bugs I can tell you I’m going to be super cautious about anything I bring into the house as well as luggage when I travel.

  7. Toya says:

    It’s better to target the problem than place blame on each other. The best way to discover and control bed bugs is for the Landlord and Tenant to work together!

  8. Joanne says:

    Where do you get the $30 zippered mattress bags? I looked at WalMart online and couldn’t find them.

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