Bed Bug Relief: Home Remedies from our Visitors

Our visitors have shared how they found bed bug bite relief through over-the-counter and DIY treatments you can try at home, and they are listed below; we have not verified whether these treatments work or are safe, but they will give you a great starting point for your research. We also have some awesome pictures if you’re wondering what bites look like on other people.


Tea tree oil used for bed bug bite relief.

Tea tree oil used for bed bug bite relief.

OMG! This is the worst ever. I don’t have the number of bites I’ve seen in your pictures; however, this itch is worse than any pain I have ever felt. I would take the birth and labor pains of childbirth over this any day, and I have had 4 kids, natural. At least I knew the pain would end.

A popular way to find bed bug bite relief is listed below, but be careful and read about reactions with pets.

This…this…ugh!!! I went to the Doctor, and the moron said my son and I had scabies. I wish they are easier to get rid of than bed bugs! He gave us a CREAM to cover our bodies from head to toe. Said to bag everything that can’t be washed. Make sure sealed airtight for 3 days. Ok, I believed him. After all, he is a doctor. Did everything just as he said. I had to pay 70 $ cash for my medicine. I had purchased tea tree oil for the bites before the prescription. I lost 3 weeks of work because of how severely I scratched in my sleep.

One month and a half later, here I am. I went back and told the Doctor it wasn’t scabies because I had been to the badbedbugs site at least 30 times this past month, and he should feel free to check it out. I guess he felt insulted. I have changed my carpet, washed everything in hot water, and vacuumed and vacuumed, yet somehow 1 or 2 pop up daily.

Please, some help here. I can’t afford this. Does the baking soda really work? And my son, poor guy, is only two. His blood is sweeter than mine. He has like 3 or 4 new bed bug bites a day.


Relief using Witch Hazel with Aleo Vera

I use witch hazel with aloe vera (from Thayers). Apply with a Q-tip or cotton ball. WORKS VERY WELL for me, mainly when applied soon after the bite is detected. If it stings a bit when applied, the bite is likely recent and more likely to reduce the itch. However, if I apply it soon after a bite, I feel a little sting from the astringent, and the itch is often eliminated (although not sure how large the bugs are that bit me). If you are good at detecting the bite ASAP, you may be more likely to reduce the itch than if you treat it long after you’ve been bitten. The more mature the bug, the greater the reaction.Plain witch hazel also works fine.I tried vinegar once when I had no witch hazel, which seemed to help, but not as much as witch hazel. Very dilute ammonia had no effect on me. Hydrocortisone helped, but not that much.
I have no idea what works…. all the Benadryl, cortisone, calamine lotion, and any cream/ointment said that they help with insect bites DOES NOT work. Once you start scratching, it’s over; you will scratch until the cows come home. If I can, the trick is not to scratch at all. The enzyme is only released when you scratch unless you are highly allergic, like in the picture above, and I thought I was allergic, but I guess not. Thank God! Witch Hazel seems to work. I will try the baking soda paste and peppermint oil to see if that helps. I could get off the embarrassment wagon and ask my doctor for something.
Kathy Roush::
All these bites can be dealt with using over the counter meds, but I prefer the DIY bed bug bite treatment my family has been using. It is best to use a non-chemical treatment to make it safe for your environment. People react differently to treatments, so bed bug bite relief can be trial and error, so use a small test area with caution.

  1. Put 1 half cup peppermint oil in the tub in your bath.
  2. Make a paste out of baking soda and apply it to the area where you were bitten.
  3. I was in Fla. one year, and my two children were bitten by Jelly Fish, and the sting was horrible. The lifeguard wet the sting area and poured Meat Tenderizer Salt onto the wound…and this worked so quickly that the pain was gone almost instantly.
  4. When bitten by Chiggers found in the grass and also called Red bugs, the Pharmacist told me to get some Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline and apply it to each bite, and it would smother the Red bug, and it would die….IT WORKED SO QUICKLY ….and now I pass that on to everyone.
Woman making a home remedy for bites from bed bugs.

Woman making a home remedy for bites from bed bugs.

The Red bug bite is as painful and itches with no let-up as the Bed Bug bites. The only difference is the Red Bug is in your skin, living under your skin until you kill them. My mom and dad used to say when fresh grass is cut, not to roll around on the ground because the Red Bugs ( or Chiggers) would get ALL OVER YOUR BODY, and they were right.

In the 60’s, we had only a few treatments, and the old remedies were passed down from family to family. ( you can buy Chigger ointment from pharmacies like Polks or old timers Drug Stores) we used Micureocome and Methilate for bites and scrapes. My spelling isn’t great.

NEVER PUT ALCOHOL ON BEE STINGS, WASP STINGS, OR ANYTHING WITH A will force the venom into your bloodstream and increase the danger, always use Meat Tenderizer salt, toothpaste, and anything that draws out the venom from the skin.




Bob Philipek::
The baking soda and water remedy cured it within an hour after I put it on.THANK YOU! :D
Leila R::
We have been dealing with these pests for over a month now! WE are covered with welts and itch continuously. I tried bathing in shaving cream and got some relief. The shaving cream has a disinfectant that purifies the skin and relieves itching for several hours. I still find a stray bed bug occasionally, but we have almost solved the problem.I used an Aloe Vera Gel that also worked.
Clearasil acne cream provides effective bed bug bite relief. Just apply on the affected area and repeat – in about 2-3 days, the itching will stop.

Bed Bug Bite Relief using Epsom Salt & Hot Water

Gary S::
Just recently had my first experience w/ bedbug bites in Nicaragua. Hundred plus bites in one night, and over three days, they became so inflamed, there were tiny blisters on each bite. These suckers snacked on me like I was an all-you-can-eat buffet. I itched 4 days straight and finally went to a pharmacy there, which prescribed me acne creme.Worked, I guess, at least psychologically. But the bites kept festering more and more.
Luckily we were at the tail-end of our trip, and once I arrived home, I immediately soaked in a hot-hot Epsom Salt bath. I used 3 cups of Epsom Salt, repeated that twice…and shazaam! The bites reduced in size, and the itch was “almost” completely relieved. Nevertheless, I had an extremely severe reaction and, at one point, considered going to a dermatologist or hospital for professional care. Now I’m REALLY paranoid the little bastards are slinking out of my backpack and into the carpet, soon to reach my bed – thus sparking another outbreak. But who knows… I’m itching just writing about this. TRY THE EPSOM SALT BATH, it gave me the bed bug bite relief I needed.
When I was a young kid and got chicken pox, my mom bathed me in warm water and oatmeal. When my children developed chicken pox, I did the same for them; this helped with the itching for several hours. You can buy packets of oat meal at a drugstore for purposes suck as chicken pox, poison ivy, poison oak, etc. The packets sold at stores contain oat meal and other ingredients to ease itching and burning.
I hope this is helpful for anyone willing to try it; it provides effective bed bug bite relief for my family.
James Arnold::
I have been getting bit for over 5 years. I went to the Doctor, who said it was welts from allergies. I was once bitten on the face, and it swelled so bad my eye looked like I had been hit..the whole side of my face swelled into one welt…some on my upper leg are 7-8 inc. round.I am 59 and never had any allergies before. My other half never got bit until recently, and it is only recently I’ve seen the bugs.. we got a new kittie, and he gets them before or after they get me. That’s how I finally saw one; he woke me up chasing it.For the bites, I cover them with alcohol for 2-3 days, and the itching stays down… am going to try the Diatomaceous earth trick. I am on a small pension and can not afford Orkin or any this site, great information.
My family and I have had bed bugs for about 6-8 months. We have tried everything we could except hire an exterminator because we cannot afford it. I am awake right now because I just found 3 bugs in my bed!!! I have been rubbing baby oil over my whole body and have not got bit. I suggest that you try it; it has helped me. I can honestly say I do not get any bites when I use baby oil.The exterminator said they could live anywhere!! Your light sockets, outlets, cracks in your walls, TV, dressers, anywhere. We threw away all our furniture and beds and still have this problem months later.
I spent the night at my boyfriend’s house 5 nights in a row, knowing that his family owns a couch infested with bed bugs. I find it weird that I’m the only one out of 7 family members that gets bit by bed bugs!It’s crazy! I get bit during the day when I sit for a few mins or even sleep on the bed at night, but it still baffles me that I’m the only one suffering from the itch of the bites. My son, who I share the bed with, does not get bit at all, which is great, but I’m curious, “Why only Me?”Someone Help Me
I don’t know if I have bed bugs, but they look like them. I tried to pop one that really hurt, and I did, and pus came out. Do bed bugs leave pus behind? I am in pain. I Have one in my back, and it hurts all the time I move; it’s worrying me. Can someone help me GET RID OF THEM.!!
I have been suffering from these stupid bed bugs, but I want to know if the baking soda mixture only cures the itchiness or makes the spots disappear. I try as much as possible not to scratch it because it makes it expand. I am looking for something to maintain my skin color and not have unwanted spots all over. I’m in the heating business to cure the bugs, though. Thanks for the hints.
It Chee::
Just came back from a hotel stay, have one VERY itchy bite on my wrist. I don’t know that it is a bed bug bite, but I haven’t unpacked my bags yet, so hopefully, everything is safe. Right now, I have an aloe and lidocaine gel over the bite, but I may try soaking it in a tea bath when I get home. The tannin in black tea can also help with itching and swelling.
Angela Lopez::
I am staying at an upscale hotel charging me top dollar to be attacked in my sleep. I am waiting for the hotel management so I can introduce him to my new hostage (bed bug). I woke up at six and pulled back the sheets, and there it was, one of my nighttime terrorists. They ate me alive. I HAVE TO WEAR PANTS TODAY AND ITS HOT. I AM NOT HAPPY. So how to treat bed bug bites like this? What lotion provides the best bed bug bite relief?
I recently stayed at the A-1 Motel, and our bed had bed bugs. I really want to get rid of these bites because they itch so bad. I have them all over my arms, legs, neck, back, and stomach. I want to get rid of them so I can go out in public without having to be embarrassed by them. I will try the baking soda and water, hoping it will work.
Tree sap::
My family isn’t sure if we have bed bugs because my liddo sister is four, sleeps with her mom, and has about 8 bites on her arm and 1 on her face, but her mother doesn’t have any bites. There are a few spider webs in the house, but no more than 3. Do you think our family has bed bugs?
About a week ago, my son bought me a sectional sofa at a yard sale, and by the 3rd day, my granddaughter had more than 100 bites all over her arms, legs, and back. I told my son that it was chicken pox because she got so full of them by the next day again until I got up the next morning with my legs, back, and arms filled with the same bites….for my luck, the sofa was loaded with the unwanted bed bugs and now they were all over my home.This is the worst itching ever, not to mention the frustration when people see you with all the bite marks and they see you like you have something contagious. So I threw the sofa out and found a spray called “Rest Easy bed bug repel” ($10.00) and a powder (Diatomaceous Earth) ($10.00) and sprayed all the mattresses in the house along with the powder and washed EVERYTHING with hot water. I think they are gone now.I bought Calamine lotion, Benadryl anti-itch cream, and cortisone, but the only way my itching started to feel better was with “Gold Bond Max relief cream.
Itchy Scratch::
Last Saturday, I slept over at my boyfriend’s house to be safe from that hurricane that came to NY. Unfortunately, his house is pretty infested with them. Still, he bombed the room where I slept and sprayed a whole lot of bug spray on and around his mattresses, did all his blankets and pillows, and yet I’ve either been bitten so much that I can’t even tell if they are “breakfast, lunch, dinner” dots, or just rashes from a bad reaction to something. And the baking soda trick, to my surprise, didn’t work! Grrrrr!!!
Hey Guys!Thank you so much for all the advice. My fiancee and I just moved into an apartment and discovered we have these nasty creatures. I have yet to read all the comments, but I wanted to share our remedy for the itch and swelling.We apply ice to the bites until the burning/stinging sensation stops (3-5 minutes). So far, we have not itched after doing this, and the swelling has subsided. But this is working for us.I will try other methods also and keep you posted.Good Luck!
I recently stayed at a nice resort and had bed bug bites. Since I was on vacation, I had nothing with me for itching except (and don’t laugh) hemorrhoid wipes. I was desperate, so I tried one, which provided immediate bed bug bite relief, seriously, and itching would stop for a few hours (unless something touched the bites). After reading the posts here, I see that witch hazel and aloe, both in these wipes, are one of the better treatments for itching. Although the wipes were great, they are “wipes to go,” which means individually wrapped so I could carry one in my purse and use it throughout the day as needed and then fold it up and put it back into the wrapper til next time. These can be bought OTC at any pharmacy, and I have the store brand, not the name brand.
My daughter recently got exposed to bed bugs at her aunt’s home and has severe bites. The burning was so intense that she was in tears, and come to find out, tucks ointment helps with the burning and itching! I thought I would share that in-case anyone is going crazy from the symptoms.
Mrs. N.D. Blume::
I was in a hotel that had bed bugs. The itching drives me crazy, but I found a reprieve when I washed the bites with hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide made it sting, a great change even if short-lived. I alternate that with rubbing alcohol and cortisone cream.
I recently got bed bugs from my roommate’s mom’s house, and the pain is so bad it feels like there’s poison in my stomach, and it sucks. I have done the Benadryl spray didn’t work. The only thing that I have been doing that helps with the itch is rubbing alcohol, but the thing is, it works for like ten mins, and that’s it. I hope to try the lime thing tonight and see how it will work.
Went on vacation with my husband just 3 weeks ago. Stayed at a motel in Daytona. Had a double bed. Slept with my husband the first night, and we did not go under the cover. The next night slept in the other bed, went under the cover, and low and behold felt something biting me in the middle of the night, so I went on top of the cover for the rest of the night. Told my husband about it when we awoke.Pulled back the sheet, and sure enough, there were bugs.I saw 2, but I believe there were more. I killed the two, then he went to report it to the front desk, and they did nothing about it. We checked out the next day, and I only had a reaction 3 days later after we left for Orlando.Went to the pharmacy and got Lanacane ointment and other meds for the itching. It’s been 2weeks since the bite, and I’m still itching like crazy. Luckily, I came to this site and tried the baking soda paste, which seems to be working. I also used the witch hazel and will try raw aloe also. I hate little black bugs.
Have you tried the hot-water cure? It’s an old fashioned DIY bed bug bite treatment, but works for all kinds of bites (mosquitoes, fleas, BB, sand fleas and poison ivy, and oak, and also for bee and wasp strings but not spider or venomous bites). My Doctor told me about it when I was pregnant and had gotten bitten by sand fleas. You take a very hot shower, and the itching increases dramatically as you put the water hotter and hotter. You do this until it starts burning SLIGHTLY, BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF!After a few minutes of hot water therapy, use cool water on the bites. You may alternate hot and cool water several times until the itching is minimal or gone. Finish with cool water and apply aloes to bites. You will have several hours of relief.My doctor told me the hot water releases histamine in the skin glands and takes several hours to refill the glands.About bee stings: I had an extreme reaction to one wasp sting several years ago. Last year I was attacked and suffered over 60+ bites on my face, neck, and upper body. I raced into the house, jumped into the shower, and opened the hot water full blast.The hot water provided immediate bedbug bite relief. I stayed there until the hot water tank was empty. I emerged from the shower without ONE single swelling. I was amazed as I thought I might die. If you are stuck without an Epipen, this might be something to try. I was told bees and waste venom is neutralized by heat. It sure worked for me.
I love being in an apartment and I’ve had bed bugs for about a year. We have been trying many things. But we can’t really bomb cause we have pets and have nowhere to keep them during the bombing.We vacuum the carpets and bed almost daily, wash everything every week, and even spray everything with bed bug spray. It seems to be working a bit cause they have lessened, but I’m still getting bitten quite a bit. Of course, they itch and I scratch a lot. I’ve been using the baking soda and water remedy (it works pretty well for me), but before, I used to scratch until they bled and now I’m having trouble healing old bites.The bites are on my arms and legs (below my knees).I wondered if someone could advise me on how to heal the old bites that I scratched until they bled. They have been healing, but it’s slow, and some seem scared. I’m getting tired of people at my high school asking about the bites on my arms, and I hate that I can’t wear anything like shorts, skirts, and dresses without them being visible.I would appreciate any advice on how to actually help me heal them and not just stop the itching. Also, anything on how to treat the actual bugs in the apartment or how to help heal my scarred bites would be great too.
My Doctor prescribed Hydroxyz for bites (usually used for nasal and non-nasal symptom relief). It’s not a natural remedies for bed bug bites, but It works; careful though, it makes you very sleepy, so if you have work or things to do, only one pill will do it during the day and two at night as long as you have at least 8 hours of sleep.
8 days ago, my friend & I decided to crash at my grandma’s house after a wild night out. In the morning, we woke up in horror seeing how they freely crawled all over her mattress cover.Within the last 7 days, bite marks have been appearing all over my body, and I am practically covered; my friend is lucky she has only 3 on her arm.The problem isn’t only that I have more bites than her, but I believe I have an allergic reaction; the bites have massively grown in size.Unfortunately, I do not know what else to try; Calamine doesn’t work, baking soda with water worsens it, and Benadryl hasn’t done anything.I am at a point where I am about to cry. The worst part is that I am going on my first tropical vacation in less than a month. I simply cannot handle the stress, I suffer from mild anxiety & these massive rashes have turned these 7 days into hell. I have stopped scratching because it seems to irritate the bites. Please help.
Dominique Jenkins::
I was asleep, and it felt like something was crawling on me at 2 in the morning. I turned my bedroom light on to find my blanket and pillow full of bedbugs. I am itching so bad. I came to this sight to find out how to cure it.
My husband and I sleep in the same bed every night, but I don’t get bit; only he does.He has really bad bites and we’ve been researching bed bugs cause we know absolutely nothing about them. How do we get rid of them without having to pay a lot cause were on a tight budget. We want them gone cause even though I’m not getting bit, it’s hard to sleep knowing you are sleeping with little bloodsuckers.
Thank you all for the advice I’m seeing here. Hydrocortisone was doing nothing for these bites. I have a high pain tolerance, but these bites made me cry. I felt relieved when I tried the Veeno Oatmeal bath, Witch Hazel, and Aloe Vera. These bites were very uncomfortable. I still itch a little but the swelling has gone down tremendously. I keep the Aloe Vera and witch hazel handy for the itching.
I am currently having a bed bug experience and this site has been VERY helpful. Thankfully mine is not a major infestation yet, but I don’t want it to get like that.I am apparently allergic to these things. My bites swell to huge sizes, and I get red marks running up my arms, and it itches like crazy, almost like a burning itch.However, doing some research, I found an effective way to stop the itch. It’s not for everyone, but for someone like me who can’t even touch the shells (my fingers have gotten swollen searching for the damn things), this works for me. Again, not for everyone:
Run hot water as hot as you can take it. Run the hot water over your bite when it’s hot enough for yous. Yes, it does burn a little, but you’ll feel relief from the hot water drawing the “itch” out. Do this for about 10-15 seconds, immediately switch to very cold water, and run that over it. The shock to your skin from going from hot to cold immediately relieves the itch, and it lasts for hours.I can take it pretty hot, so I almost give myself burns, but it’s worth it.The hot water/cold water method also helps remove the swelling and helps the bites heal faster (not sure why). It really helps me a lot and works a lot better than anti-itch cream for me.I also have to take Benedryl to stop the swelling, but this only helps the itch so much. It’s more to stop the allergic reaction that I get. Once, I had eight bites in the same area, and my arm swelled so much that I almost went to the hospital.I am currently (right now) cleaning the house and spraying with the Diatomaceous Earth treatments, and I have tried the bed bug trap, but haven’t caught any bugs that way. Good luck!
Bonnie S::
Witch hazel and lemon juice work very good for the itching, aloe, But I need to know how to get rid of the scars too. I was told to use the stuff I used for stretch marks, so I will try that. So I wish you all luck until the next time. God bless.
Thanks so much to the person who mentioned the hot/cold water method! When you do it when you first notice the bites, It will keep them from becoming huge, itchy welts!I run hot water over the bites and feel relief as if I’m scratching the bite without actually scratching it. Then, the area turns pink, and I keep going until the relief sensation has subsided, then I run cold water over the area. Works great and it does last for hours!Next, I rub on some witch hazel to reduce the swelling. I think it also helps the bites to disappear faster.As a quick countermeasure for any bites I missed, I got this Benadryl itch-stopping gel that’s extra strength. I use it sparingly; too much can make you drowsy or sick.I love the water method because it requires no drugs or chemicals! The only risk is burning yourself if you’re not careful. So, be careful.
Recently I went to Dubai. I stayed at my husband’s furnished rental flat. The next morning I was covered with bites. Immediately I knew its big bites but didn’t know it was bed bugs until I google searched online for a few days.I was so allergic to the bites & can’t stop scratching them. At last, I went to a local pharmacy and got this ‘Fenistil Gel’ AKA Dimetindene maleate. It provides great bed bug bite relief. My bites stopped itching and swelling reduced. For some bites, I needed to apply the gel 1-2 times a day then it stopped bothering me. The only problem now is the marks never go away. :(
Verdeso Foam, not exactly a DIY bed bug bite treatment, but it’s a good way to take away the scars (if they are recent). I have psoriasis and recent bed bug bites. It really works. I have no marks.Also, vapor rub can help the swelling (I get big ones).Neosporin and Aveeno itching cream all help. (I apply these -except for Verdeso- about 3 times a day)NO SCRATCHING
Hello everyone!I have read about this remedy online, but I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it will work well. After u have been bitten and u find the bites in the morning on ur body, if ur itching, it’s going to make it worse, so try not to scratch, but if u can’t help yourself, I have this remedy! Ok, so put vinegar onto ur fingers and dab it at the spots. It’s a great itch relief (if that’s a word)!Good luck ..!
These things are the real vampires!!!! Just got a bit over my eye, which now is all swollen and hurting, and 3 bites on my upper arm caught the 2 little bugs on the wall next to my bed. Make sure that your bed is away from the walls. I use tea tree oil; it helps to calm the itching down; I have a bad reaction to them. Not sure where they keep coming from, and they always come in twos. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! Can’t sleep
I’ve been getting bites as well, and I am extremely allergic. It is super itchy, and I now have scars that will never disappear. I am the ONLY one in my family getting bitten, so no one understands my pain. I have 2 hours of sleep max at night because of both paranoia and getting bitten. I am up to the point that I cry almost every night from the pain.I’ve tried a lot of solutions, and the one currently working for me is Vaseline. I apply several thick layers of the jelly, and it stops the pain and itching. It also helped a lot with the swelling. I noticed it sped up the healing process more than over-the-counter drugs I’ve tried. I hope this helps!
After trying baking soda, witch hazel, hydrocortisone cream, etc the hot/cold water has by far worked the best! It gives immediate relief and has really taken the swelling down. The best part is it’s free and all natural.The only other thing I have used is a stick called After bite. It’s ammonia mixed with natural oil. Someone else suggested using ammonia, and it truly has helped me.So, as a suggestion, skip the baking soda. It made a huge mess, and my boyfriend made fun of me because I looked like I was trying to make cocaine in my kitchen. :(Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. It’s helped me a ton!
I have what I guess can be described as a mild case of bed bugs in one of my cars. Weird, I know, but in the process of taking care of it. I get bites around my elbows, and it gets really itchy and bothersome for almost a week. What I found works wonders for me is simply taking 1000 mg of Motrin once a day. I had a huge welt that looked swollen and red, and taking Motrin calmed it down and made it stop itching for almost a full day.
Debra Wymer::
I found something that works. I put a heavy blanket against the couch and then use an itching cream called gold bond medicated cream; use the maximum kind use it on every part u have been bitten. Do this for a while u will start to see a change.Then, the bites will go away slowly until they r all gone. Also, make sure to wash where ever you have been bitten in cold water and use a lot of soap; wash them good, then use the medicated cream. Just some tips for bed bug bite relief, I have bed bugs, and I have been bitten, and it sucks. It itches bad, but I have found that this works!
I was attacked by the little monsters last night at a movie theater.
I have found Emu Oil to quickly and effectively stop the itching. I’ve been putting it on every few hours.
My husband slept in an infested bed and ended up getting hundreds of bed bug bites. The only 2 things we found to help relieve the pain are after sun medication and Vagicaine cream, also known as vagisil. The Vagicaine helped the best!!
I have found that Mederma works great! Applying it a couple of times a day, for just 2 or 3 days, removes them.
St Louis::
That baking soda solution worked great on my bites as I was going crazy itching! Once I placed the solution on the bite, I immediately felt relief, but you have to keep it up!
Here I am 61 yrs. So old, have stayed in a lot of places, and just got acquainted with those dirty little suckers from a hotel in South Dakota.After a week of itching like hades, I tried some Neutrogena tar gel, it’s for an itchy scalp so I thought, what the heck? Hey, I slept all nite. Hope it works for you. Give it a try. You can get it at Wally World. Shampoo section. It’s dark brown and is for severe scalp itch, so read the instructions/warnings first. Good luck!
Hey Emily, sorry about that, and I’m having the same trouble. I thought they were the same as mosquito bites, but these BB bites seem to leave nastier and more visible scars. They are all over my feet and thighs/arms. I have no idea if the scars from itching are permanent, and I am also looking for advice?

Have a home remedy or treatment tips? Feel free to share!