From Tierre::

Hello, Tierres Bug BitesMy name is Tierre and I was reading over you guys’ website and I’m a little concerned about the bites I have on my legs. Can you tell me if they are b-bug bites. If it helps any, I will add that they are really itchy and are flat bites. It would be very much appreciated if you respond to this email. Thank you very much.


A visitor posted this from their phone and wanted to show everyone what bed bug bites, shells and the bug itself looks like. Here is her comment:: Bed Bug ShellsBed bug found crawling at 3am My son was sleeping I took this so others know how a bite looks like. Found on the arm rest underneath the long couch. Just discovered them after my son and I had lots of bites. Bed Bug I stayed up all night and waited until 3:00 a.m then I found it crawling on the sheet. I grabbed it with napkin and there you have it one more XBug!!! Before last night I had never seen a bed bug bite. They are so gross looking!


I woke up yesterday and noticed these marks that could be bites on my chest. They do not itch and they are quite tiny. They are very bright red almost as if they are wet with blood (but they aren’t wet at all). photo of bug bites on steveI read through this site worried that it could be bed bug bites since there appears to be 3 in a row though they aren’t very close and the 3rd one is very tiny and not bumped up. I took off my sheets and inspected all around my mattress and box springs and wall but saw no bugs, exoskeletons, eggs. Also I was wearing a white undershirt but there were no blood stains on it or my sheets or mattress. Can anyone confirm what these are? For all I know it is just popped blood vessels but the 3 in a row has me worried. Thanks.


Alright, this has been bothering me for the last couple nights.

Everynight when I lay down to go to bed I get extremely itchy and end up with little bumps kinda like Amelia had but not as many and they are only on my leg. They are small and are itchy but they are sore later.

I have a cat but she has never had fleas and I gave her a bath only an hour ago and she still doesn’t have any, the rest of my family has had no problems with this at all, I haven’t visited anywhere recently I’ve just stayed home, and I have not found ONE bug. I have literally ripped my bed apart trying to find a bug but I haven’t found one!

Am I just really paranoid or what?


Starting ~2 weeks ago I noticed small pimple-like bites on my legs–upper thigh area mostly. I would only get one per night, they never seemed to itch, and within a few days they’d scar over like a pimple. Now I have about 2 dozen bites, spreading from my upper calves to my lower stomach (see bedbug1). Upon investigating my mattress, I noticed black and yellow pebble-like debris in the round indentations of my pillow top (I suspected eggs or feces). When I lifted my mattress to look in the corners for bedbugs, I saw a very small 1 mm or less cigar-shaped insect scurrying in the crack (bedbug2). I squished it when I tried to grab it, but along with the debris I found an exoskeleton or dried corpse in the similar shape (bedbug3). I’ll call the exterminator tomorrow and see my dermatologist in a few weeks… but can you tell me what I’m dealing with in the meantime?


Just did came back from a night as a guest at a sleepaway camp.

Ellas bug bites

Ellas bug bites

I came home, took a shower, and notices small red bites all over me. I slept on an old mattress in a cabin in the woods, so I know it could be anything…. but this was my first thought.

I immediately took everything that was with me and threw it in the washer and dryer. Is this bedbugs? What else could it be? And most importantly, is there anything else I can do to ensure that I didn’t bring them home with me????

Any info will help!!

Thanks, Ella.



I’m hoping someone could answer a couple questions. Three weeks ago I was reading a library book in my bed when I saw a little bug crawl off the page and on my hand. Thinking it was a little spider I tried to smash it and it scurried off.

A short time later my husband came to bed so I went downstairs to the recliner to read. When I turned the page another little bug crawled off the page, this time I grabbed a tissue and picked the bug up. I instantly knew at that point what it was from doing research back in January after a co-worker found out she had them and hundreds of bed bugs bites on her. It was a nymph because it was very tiny and transparent with a little dark spot on the bottom area.

I went upstairs and made my husband get up so I could bag the sheets, duvet cover and goose down comforter in a bag and put in the garage. After speaking with my friend the next morning, I purchased a mattress cover for my bed and my two girls and a spray called Rest Easy made by Right Brain and sprayed the box springs, bottom of recliner, floor boards and register vents.

Next morning after inspecting the bed I swore I found fecal matter so I contacted Orkin (we have a contract in the summer because of past issues with ants) he came to inspect my room and found nothing, the stuff I found wasn’t fecal matter and told me he wished I had kept the bug. So I calm down thinking now maybe I was wrong it wasn’t a BB, so I continue to sweep the floor everyday, check the sheets and spray.

One week later I have my husband help me turn the box springs so I can spray them again and sweep under the bed. While doing this I found what I hope is the second of the two I had seen in the library book. It was all dried up and barely moving (spray must have worked). I saved this one for the Orkin guy who comes for his regular visit tomorrow.

Anyway, now totally paranoid and haven’t slept in a week I decide to go ahead and cover the box springs for piece of mind. I continue to sweep every two days and am up at all hours of the night looking for the bugs. I have not been bitten, nor has anyone in my family that I can tell. The pictures online are obvious, but it did say that different people respond differently.

However, I cannot stop itching and feel like I’m losing my mind. My head is what itches the most, but my husband has an answer for everything, he thinks it’s because I’ve been to the pool everyday this week and it’s dry skin. He also thinks I should stop spraying the Rest Easy, that could be causing the dry skin and the other day when I sprayed in the return air vent, I did get some spray in my hair.

Fast forward, it’s been three weeks, I’ve been up at all hours of the night (I sleep with a mag light) and haven’t seen a thing. No one has been bitten (that I can tell) and no fecal matter, or blood smear on the sheets. My next plan of action is to spread the Diatomacious Earth in my room or set a couple traps to see if I can catch anything.

My husband thinks I’m nuts and need to calm down it’s all in my head, which I guess it could be. Could I be so lucky that the two that fell out of the library book are the two I have found and killed? The library book laid on my kitchen island for three days before I read it. I just can’t calm down knowing how these bugs can reproduce and how sneaky they are.

I have attached a picture of the bug and of these bumps on my chest for you to take a look at. My bumps do not itch, however I do have one on my should that looks like a pimple that does. My daughter showed me two bite marks on her, one on her leg and one on her neck that do itch, however my husband thinks they are from laying in the grass yesterday when we were at a cookout on my Gramma’s farm.

I am unable to get a good picture of those (my pictures are hard to see also), my camera could not focus on it, that’s how tiny they are. They look like a little pimple though.

Please give any advice you might have! Oh, not sure if it matters, but we have two indoor cats that never go outside.

Sincerely, Casey

Mel Hughes::

Bed bugs may not be discovered simply inside beds and mattresses. Bedbugs may be discovered on their own, but far more often gather together in groupings. Counter to belief, bedbugs don’t reside within the mattress, despite the fact that they might be discovered in the seams. They are usually located in bed rooms but hide within spaces and crevices during the day.


This is just a suggestion to try but it seems logical to me and firms in California use heated whole house envelopes to get rid of termites. My wife thinks Im crazy but its entomology so it should work.

If you really want to try get rid of all the bed bugs in your domicile ( and all other bugs to boot) rent yourself an industrial heater like a Herman Nelson or a Frost Fighter. These units pump out heat in huge volumes. Run the hoses into the house through a sealable opening. Then get a few remote readable temp probes( cheap house ones that have multiple sensor options) and then seal up your house for a few hours. Put the probes under your mattress and under couches to be sure residual heat reaches these areas. Protected areas where heat will have trouble penetrating are the important monitoring points.After a couple of hours of over 120 degree F. heat that should be enough to do the job. Longer is better but no need to over do it.

Obviously all heat sensitive items should be removed prior to heat up. Bugs can not sweat or get rid of excess heat so it follows logically that the little buggers will die. Rather elegant solution and I believe rather fool proof. And as I stated at beginning all other troublesome bugs should also be eliminated.

Just a theory but based on logical assumptions. Good luck

Bed Bug Girl::


Thanks for the excellent comment and your latest picture was perfect! You are not crazy, but the image is not of a bed bug.




I went to bed and when I awoke, I found a large number of bed bugs bites on my arm.

Sean's bug bites later in the day.

Sean’s bug bites later in the day, red and swollen

Sean's bug bites first thing in the morning.

Sean’s bug bites first thing in the morning that look like blisters

The first picture (click on it so see full photo of the bug bite) is first thing in the morning.

The second photo is what the bites look like later in the day.

Do you think these are bed bug bites?

Any help would be appreciated!




Have you ever heard of bed bugs bitting private areas, because I found a lot of bites on my son’s privates.


Hey Natalie,

Yes, this happens often. If you protect this area, different underwear, etc. you should see the bites move to a different area.

Bed Bug Girl::

Hey Natalie,

Yes, this happens often. If you protect this area, different underwear, etc. you should see the bites move to a different area.


Hi, I’m Megan,

Last week I attended a retreat and we stayed in dorms at a college campus. After my second night there I discovered 6 little bites on my stomach. I thought they were misqueto bites but my friend convinced me it was bed bugs. I looked it up and did a bunch of research, they look like bed bug bites, they itch, and the little rash looking bites are still here after a week. I checked the beds, I checked my clothes, sheets, blankets, pillows, and even my suit case, and i found nothing. The beds are also covered in plastic lining and I was told it was impossible to have bed bugs. No one believes me though. I wont show my belly so no one but my good friend hand i have seen the bites. Everyone thinks im simply over-reacting and crazy. Is it possibly for me to only get 6 bites, not ever see anything, and so far have no signs what-so-ever of me bringing them home with me? I was sharing a room also and was the only one bit. Am I probably just over-reacting like they all say and it is just from misquetos?



I recently stayed at a hotel while my family went to Disney land when we came back i noticed my 7 month old son had these bites on his arm.

You can see how bad the reaction to the bites are.

Can you tell me if these are bed bug bites?




I’m not sure if I have bed bugs but I’m so sure I saw one today on my pillow! It came out this morning as I was laying down watching tv… I sprayed alcohol on it & sealed it in a bag. I saw the same type of bug 3 months ago… The only thing is I have never been bitten & no sign of them to be anywhere!!! I purchased a new bed back in September when I 1st moved & I have had them cover with plastic zipper mattress covers including my box spring since I got them! I periodically look for any openings or rips & there never have been any! Ive done my research about bed bugs & i get more freaked out as I look… So I don’t know what to do? Or if I should even be worried? I do live with a roommate & on the lower level of my building… Is it possible just those 2 got into my apt somehow?

Thanks in Advance



So I don’t know if I have bed bugs or not, and I figured this was the place to fin

Bug bites on ajs neck

Bug bites on ajs neck

d out. For the past 3 nights I have been getting bite marks all over my hands, forearms, upper arms, and the back of my neck and for the past night my wife got some on her arms as well. They are very itchy, and seemingly the welts pop up at all times of the day.

I initially thought mosquitoes, but we have only found a single mosquito. I checked but couldn’t find any signs of bed bugs in the mattress, corners of the walls, bed platform, or any fecal spots or anything really. The only bug I found is a cockroach nymph. In other relevant information, we just got back from a trip to China 5 days ago, and we both had mosquito bites but these are new since we got here.

I also just moved to a new place before vacation, I spent 3 nights here before going on vacation but the bites have only started since I came back. When we came back I spent a night at my parent’s house, but was not bitten there. Its strange because the bites ar

Bed bug bites on Forehead of Ross

Ross had his whole body attacked by starving bed bugs and these are what the bites look like

e only on the arms and my neck, nowhere else (legs, torso, back) even though I sleep shirtless and in shorts.

Any help is appreciated as to what I should do now, and if you think they are bed bugs.



Not sure how to get the photos up, so I just emailed them


Hi AJ,

These look a lot like Ross’s bed bug bites picture, but if they are popping up randomly throughout the day, I wonder if they could be mites (scabies mites perhaps?).



AJ'sj bedbug bites

AJ’sj bedbug bites

I came across a forum where you were very helpful to others and I was wondering if you could help me too in determining if this is a bed bug rash.

I am very nervous. I recently stayed at a Disney hotel in Florida and found these on my leg the next morning. They started as tiny flat pinkish-red dots that weren’t itchy, but turned into this hours later. It is moreso bumpy now and pinkish.

Very much like mosquito bites..but this one is in a cluster..

Please help me, I would be sooo eternally grateful.


Hi August,

Those have the same pattern as when bitten by bed bugs. It’s hard to say for sure, but by the looks of those bites, and if you are still getting bitten days after your stay, I’d search hi and lo for any sign of bed bugs, such as stains, etc. Try the bed bug trap found on this site and see what you catch.


Update – no new bites since 2 nights ago for me, and the ones I have are less itchy and swollen. The wife, however, has now gotten several new bites the past 2 nights, occurring in a linear row of 3 bites but only on her arms, that have begun to itch her severely. I’m wondering if we were bitten by bed bugs while in China last week, and only got reactions now? We did move around a lot, and often only spent 1-2 nights at a place. One place in particular had extremely tiny bright red bugs on the sheets and walls that were definitely filled with blood, because it rusted/turned brown after a while when they were squashed and smelled like iron. I’m wondering if they were mites or some sort of “chigger” or something else and they bit us, but we only got a reaction now? I feel like with the number of bites, if we had bed bug there would be enough that I would be getting many new bites all over my body from the past 2 nights…what do you think?

RE: scabies, unlikely given that there are no lesions on the back/groin/legs, where scabies like to bite, and I haven’t had any new itching/bites

Irritated & Confused::


I started getting bed bug bites when I was in school, sleeping in my dorm room. Then, I was studying one morning in bed and noticed that a bed bug crawled up onto my pillow. I captured it with a piece of tape and put it in a zip lock bag and took it to the coordinator. I told the coordinator and showed it to him, and he said that he would send in a specialist. I stopped getting the bites and I thoroughly cleaned everything in my room and washed and dried EVERYTHING in hot temperatures.

The specialist came but he only glanced at the room and told me that I was probably fine. It’s been about 9 months since then, and I live with my husband in a town home and I just discovered a half of a bed bug body that fell out of a blanket I had in college and that has been hanging around our couch. I have no idea what to do and I am so frustrated. I don’t know if I have carried them with me despite doing everything…

My husband and I were getting tiny bites every now and then but as we golf, we figured that they were mosquito or other types of bites. I also have not swollen up with them like I did when I knew that they were bed bug bites. I mean, they really swelled up back then and were in a linear or rash like pattern on different parts of my body. These bites are tiny little bites , one on one limb and then nothing. We also have a spiders everywhere, so we had thought maybe our bites were tiny spider related. We have no other signs of bed bugs, we’ve checked everywhere.

Any suggestions for us??


I have over 50 bites on my hips and rear end and in lines down each side. My left hip has a cluster of about 20, then each of my cheeks has about 10. The other hip just has a few somewhat in a line and the ones on my side/ribs form a line of about 3. As I live in the South and am VERY prone to mosquito bites, I initially thought that’s what they were, although I couldn’t figure out where I had gotten so many bites in such a small area without realizing it.

Carridas bug bitesThe first night I noticed them, they were very small and more painful than anything. By the next morning, they looked more like my typical mosquito bites. After spending a few hours in the car, they were beginning to itch and swell up more. After remaining seated nearly all day at a meeting, then another long car ride, I was nearly at my wits end trying to not scratch the horrible itch and went to the pharmacy for some anti-itch cream. Even with that, diphenhydramine, and my usual zyrtec, I woke up in the middle of the night itching so badly I couldn’t go back to sleep for an hours.

Unfortunately I faced another several hours in the car before and after another all day meeting, with the location of these bites just awful for sitting, seat belts, and even underwear for that matter! Since I couldn’t drive and participate in the meeting on benadryl, I had to wait til I was back home. As soon as I walked in the door, I took my diphenhydramine, smeared on more cream, made ice packs for my hips and bottom and tried to rest and NOT scratch.

It’s now the third evening since I first noticed the bites and I’m pretty convinced these aren’t my typical mosquito bites! I’ve been absolutely miserable and now I’m pretty sure I’ve found bb evidence. We’re moving this weekend and I’m not sure we can afford to replace the mattresses right now but I don’t want to take bedbugs with me! Clean laundry has been on that bed for sorting and packing too!

What do I do? This is a nightmare!


Hi, I’m Rachel,

I have found a total of 3 bed bugs over the last several weeks. After finding one, I sprayed steamed and thought I was in the clear. Found two more today (one live, one dead) while throwing away my bed and mattress and moving to my new place.

I have not had any bites as far as I can tell.

What should I do? I’m concerned that one hitched a ride in clothing or blanket to my new place. I am getting a whole new bed and mattress and don’t want those to become infested. Please help!!



I just came back from a camping trip in Wisconsin. We rented a cabin. Bugs were biting like crazy one night. We didn’t do much. Next morning me feet are covered in bites about 50 or 60 on each foot and up around the ankles. Some bites here and there up my legs and about 10 on my butt and hips up to my belly. My friend told me that my back had a lot too. The mattresses had a plastic cover on them. 4 people stayed in the cabin. All but one had bites on our feet. They are about the size of a pea or a needle prick. They itch and are red. I was walking bare foot but never barley ever in the grass. The next night I didn’t get bites, I was also waring socks. Wondering what kind of bites I got. They are smaller that some of the bites scattered around my body. Please Help!!


I’ve been getting bug bites on my feet, only my feet, for the past few weeks. Initially I assumed spiders, it’s happened before, but now it’s becoming constant. I’ve started wearing socks to bed, but they’re going through or into the socks. Do some bed bugs stay in only one area of the body to feed? I haven’t gotten any bites anywhere else. Do they go into clothing when there’s perfectly good exposed ankle and leg for the taking? I don’t wear long pants to bed so one might assume they could easily go for exposed skin instead. Legs, arms, neck, head etc… I’m beginning to feel like I have things crawling all over my feet all the time now. Is it bed bugs or am I just lucky enough to have a feet eating bug in my bed?


Yep, bedbugs. Somehow they got into my bedroom and ruin my sleep. Thank heaven for air coneditioners. mine makes my bedroom tolerable while i suit up (long pants, long sleeves, hands and feet covered) to try to go to sleep. Scram, an herbal product was discussed on a radio program a friend heard, so I ordered some, claims to be safe around pets and children and effective at killing the bugs. I then tried Bedbuglogic, which seems to kill faster on contact. Has anyone else out there tried these treatments? Bebbuglogic is based on thyme oil, which is also a minor component of Scram’s herbal mix. The stuff doesn’t smell bad, peppermint predominates in Scram. Please tell what treatments you have tried. I don’t want to go anywhere near the really poisonous stuff.


I woke up this am with 2 small red dots 1/2 an inch apart on my neck. They done itch at all one isslightly raised while the other is flat. I have never had any marks on me prior could this be bed bug bites?


These bed bugs bites are annoying! I noticed I had them a few years back. Last week re decorated, changed my mattress, put bleach everywhere, sprayed everywhere YET they still continue to bite my legs. I have about 130 bites on my body. Please help! It’s irritating! :(


HI there every one. we have had bed bugs in the past. i have noticed that they only bit in 3s. we have tried almost everything out there . to all of those that don’t know what to use i will say this that rubbing alcohol works the best. after we got rid of all the bugs and their eggs i spray my house down once every 2 weeks and haven’t had a problem. in my opinion the rubbing alcohol is the best if you see a bed bug spray it and see how fast it dies for you.

when we first had our problem with bed bugs i would spray my body down before i got in bed. come to my surprise they did not bit me and my husband thought i was crazy. so if you are tired of getting bit and want a good night sleep i suggest that you spray your self first. and for those of you that travel if i were you before i even get into the motel room i would find the nearest place that has rubbing alcohol and spray that room and beds down first. and before you leave to go back home spray everything that you brought with you.

have you have any other questions on how to get rid of those nasty little bugs leave a comment and I’ll answer you back.


We found bed bugs in my daughters room around the end of June. I had a professional come to treat for them immediately. They used a “cold treatment” on the items in her room, sprayed in the other two bedrooms (where we never found any bugs) and in the living room.

We never really found that many bugs, I would have to say probably between 12-16 over the course of first spotting then (and most of these were found dead after the treatment).

I still worry about them, and i have found bites on me recently however we do have two dogs, who we have a problem with fleas. It’s so hard to tell the difference between bites! Also I feel like my daughters room has a nasty smell, I have a very sensitive nose and it just smells weird in her room. If I leave the door closed, when I open it I can smell it. I don’t think it smells “sweet” which is what I’ve read but just “dirty”!

I look almost every night in our bed and her bed with my little mag light! I continue to check our mattresses, boxsprings, bed cracks and nightstands and have found nothing.

Here are my questions

1. Do bed bugs feed everynight?

2.You mentioned spraying with alcohol? What exactly are you spraying? Are you spraying the bed, nightstand, ? How are you using the alcohol I guess is what I’m asking.

3.What about the dirty smell?? I keep a clean house LOL



I’m so glad to find this site. I’m a little bit bug-phobic when it comes to things that crawl on me and bite – someone merely talking about head lice or fleas will have me scratching and feeling gross all day. About a week ago, I found a few bites on my body that appeared to be mosquito bites. Because it’s summer and we sleep with our windows open, I assumed that mosquitoes had gotten through the screen and bitten me in my sleep.

Then I started finding more bites – and then more – and in spots that a mosquito shouldn’t have been able to get to – like my buttocks, upper back, and legs. At this moment, I have about 10-12 bites in various points on my body. Only a couple of them are grouped together in what you would call a classic bedbug pattern – two bites in the same area – but they are all very itchy and annoying. I am going to clean my bedroom today and tonight I may just sleep on the sofa. Tomorrow, I’ll go get mattress, box-spring and pillow covers, and order some diatomaceous earth. I’ve used that in the past when my dog had fleas, and it works wonders. (I’ve checked my dog for fleas – he has none.) I hope I can get rid of these things.



Bedbug Bites on CateI am attaching a picture of some bites on my boyfriend’s arm. We were driving back from Charleston to Atlanta today when I noticed them.

We just stayed in a B&B for 3 nights. Could you tell me if you think the bites are from bedbugs? Or post it on the forum to see what others think if you’re not sure? It’s not the best quality, but you can see the bites.

Thank you so much!



We stayed at a friends vacation home 1 1/2 weeks ago. They are in the countryside of Japan. We did some gardening while there. We happened to be there 5 days total. The day after we returned home, my husband looked like he had bug bites. The next morning they looked like hives. By day three he looked like poison ivy rash.

I stayed my distance and he has progressively looked worse. One week later, today, I awoke with 6 little pimple looking bites. They are very very itchy. We went to a doctor, and he said it “could be” plant or insect related, hard to say. Gave us antihistamine and steroid creme. Is this bed bugs? If so, is there a recommended treatment?

Best R Gonzales


Hi everyone,

I live in the UK, and recently moved into a temporary apartment which a friend let me stay in for reduced rent. I’ve been here just over two months, and then I am going abroad for two weeks in 14 days time, then coming back and moving abroad for a year.

After about a week in the apartment, I noticed a few bites on my wrist, but thought maybe I was having a dust mite allergy, because when I moved into the apartment and cleaned, it appeared as though the place hadn’t been vacuumed in years. Over the following few nights I noticed more and more of these bites, and they were itching like crazy. I showed it to a doctor friend who said it was definitely bed bug bites. So began the battle.

I washed all the bedding, vacuumed the mattress, sprayed tea tree oil, and for a couple of nights didn’t get any bites. Then they started up again. One night I just couldn’t take it, so moved onto a bed in another room, and as I was lying there, I noticed a bed bug coming towards me. This freaked me out. I am terrified of all crawly things, I can’t even stand ants, so the thought of these creatures crawling all over my bed and body makes me squirm, and has given me a few sleepless nights, especially when I was alone. Thankfully my husband is now staying with me, so I’m not all alone, but it is still difficult.

I have bites all over now, including on my face. I tried sleeping in a sleeping bag with my body fully covered, and they just attacked my face and the exposed part of my neck. Last night I woke up at about 2am with mad itching, and discovered more bites. On my legs they have blown up so much and are now like a large hard purple lump about the size of a tablespoon. I also found a bed bug crawling on my pillow, which made it very difficult to go back to bed. I have MS which gives me such bad fatigue, and now with sleepless nights I am a complete wreck :(

I can’t wait to be out of here as we could not afford to have pest control sort it out, nor can we afford a steamer. Hell, we can’t even afford a vacuum at this point and have been borrowing my mum’s every few days. I’m just really afraid of the bugs traveling with us, and yet I see it as inevitable. Will they stay with me forever now?


This is the 2nd time ive gotten these weird bites all over my ankles and now all up my leg and some on my arms. I dont know if they are bed bugs or flea bites but they start off as small bites their red all around but with a whitish dot in the middle. whats weird about them is they leak some kind of clear liquid then the liquid crusts into this yellowish orangish crust. i usually just pick off the crust but it comes back within a couple hours. they itch extremely bad and i dont know what to do. after about a week they turn into a scab and go away. can anyone please help me so i dont have a round 3 with these extremely annoying bites. thank you!


I recently spent a night at a friend’s house, and these spots showed up a day or so later on my ankle.

Is this from bed bug bites.

Was I bitten by bedbugs?


I have never had any encounters with bed bugs until today, when I noticed lots of puffy red marks popping up along my arms and legs. I thought they were from aggressive mosquitoes but then when I showered I discovered a very orderly line of bites going along my hip, which lead to some research….and so now I guess I have bed bugs.

At first I was pretty confused because I keep my sheets very clean, and the house is new! And I don’t have a massive wooden headboard either! But then I remember a couple of days ago I discovered a bug crawling in my sheets and looking at bed bug pictures they look identical to the bug I found.

I’m sleeping on the couch tonight!

george t romano::

Yes, my wife has bites on her arm and leg. me myself no bites. we have a dog but i got the flee and tick killer as seem on the tv it cost 60.00 i had bed bug exterminator come over check the bed and living room but no sign of bedbugs.

Could flees have the same mark like begbugs? I have no carpet wooded floors i see white spot look like maybe be flees eggs not sure. how could one person get bite but not me? my wife is driving me nuts.

The exterminator thinks it could be flees. please can you help me out. what do you think.

John G.::

Around the beginning of the year I was eradicating bed bugs on my own and near the end of the fight I was spotting an adult somewhere on my bed every day. They came out from hiding because I puffed Diatemaceous Earth on the underside of the box spring. I took a photo of this one moments after I discovered it.

John G bedbug image 1 of 2John G Bed Bug Bite image 2 of 2

The picture is a little blurry but you can clearly see how this bug was hanging out on the underside of my king size mattress. Later I found another specimen that was much bigger then this one and I let my wife look at it, which was a mistake. She was shaking for a while after we went to bed on this same mattress. I felt so bad. The bites stopped not long after this and we haven’t been bitten for months. My Son would come over from his Mothers house with bites more recently. Of course this caused me much stress. I am happy to say he hasn’t been bitten for a while. I have posted one photo of his last set of bed bugs bites. These are definitely bed bug bites for those of you wondering.


I’m not sure on what is eating me but last week I went to the ER because I thought I got bitten by a brown recluse. Well I have more bites and not just one this time but a few and they hurt and itch. They look like blisters and they hurt because they are on my hips and thighs.

I had a fruit bat in the house I have been staying in for the past 2 months and it took me 3 days to get it out. I’m scared that I mat have a infestation of bed bugs and they are hurting me badly. Can any one give me more info on these bugs?? I don’t want to have to go back to the ER and get lanced open again. I think I’m highly allergic if this is the case…

Oh Dear…::

Hey there,

I live in a small studio in NYC. I’ve heard rumblings of bedbugs, but hoped that I’d never have to deal with the problem. Even after reading all of these, I still am hoping that I don’t have them. Perhaps, that is why I am writing this. Just to somehow see if maybe I happened to get bitten by a lot of mosquitoes or something in the span of a couple of nights.

I sleep with my windows open (and RIGHT beside them) almost every night. The weather here is up and down and although it was fairly cool for a couple of days, we experienced non-stop rain and humidity all weekend. I also spent most of the weekend in bed! Anyway, I have fair skin and mosquitoes have always loved me. I’m originally from Georgia, so have spent plenty of time outside being bitten by them haha.

I was hanging with the windows open because I thought fall weather was upon us and the bugs were gone, but then it got hot again…ugh, New York weather/Global Warming….very unpredictable.

Ok, so here are my questions::

1) A bunch of flies came into the house in the past few days, and I am trying to get rid of them, but they keep landing on me and I figure they don’t bit…but could they irritate my skin in some way or SOMETHING?

2) Could it be mosquitoes?

3) Is it bedbugs? I know I live in NYC, but I am clean. UGH.

Please tell me it’s not bedbugs.

I have random spots around my body, but they look like mosquito bites. There are, however, three on my arm that are close together. Those are the only ones that are like that though. None of them look like the photos that I see on here.

Oh Dear…::


the three on my arm do resemble the poster John G’s son’s bites. That doesn’t mean they have to be bedbugs though…right?:( Please nooo

John G.::

Oh Dear! If the bites itch, are red and in this pattern then you have bed bugs. Sorry about that. Start treating. Don’t let this become an infestation or it will be just about game over!


Please, take a look at this photo. I woke up yesterday with this itchy rash/bites. Photo is of my leg, also have bites near bra strap on both sides of torso, more where the waistband of my shorts go & just noticed 2 itchy spots on the back of my hand. Hubby is fine & I’ve searched the house hi & lo for a culprit…we have no pets. He thinks its from stress & jokes the cheese is sliding off my cracker LOL I could see how this drives people nuts!!

John G.::

Lori, those marks (pustules) look like they are from a virus multiplying in the skin layer, which I believe is common for the pox type of viruses that are internal but travel up to the skin to duplicate. If this person has had all vaccines then the reaction should be mild (shingles). They do not look like bed bug bites.


My friend and I have been getting some bug bites on us at night. It all started about 3 weeks ago when his daughter and her cousin came and stayed at his place one night. Since then we’ve been getting the red bites all over are body. We bombed the apartment thinking it might have been fleas or something because they have pets. But still having problems. Come to find out the parents of the children have been having problems with bites too. We’re not only getting them while in bed but on the couch as well. Now I’ve apparently have been transferring them to my house by staying there….UGH! On another note he moved into his apartment in June so not sure if something was left behind but the landlord had the place sprayed by a professional. He does that every time someone moves out of an apartment. My friend has lived in the same apartments for over 2 years now just moved into a bigger place. Please help! What to do?

OCD Mom freaked right out::

Hi glad I found your site, good info here. About a week ago my son slept in my room and woke covered in bites (about 50 in a line from his ankle up his leg, side and down his arm. All on the same side of his body). Later that day we found a bug in my room, thought it was a bed bug, and I went into action! Called an exterminator and asked what to do. On his advice we sealed my room off.. so to speak, and began cleaning and bagging everything in the house… After about a million loads of laundry and about 100 garbage bags, everything that was cloth had been washed in super hot water twice, and dried on high heat.

It took about a week to do this, and clean carpets, and wash all walls and floors with a mix of alcohol and soap (and all other surfaces as well), and then he came in and did an extensive extermination. ($450) The only room that seemed to be infected was my room, my children share a room and I slept in the living room for a week and no bites other than the one night. The bug we found, we killed and kept to show him, and he said for sure it was a bed bug. Perhaps we were lucky and it was the only one having hitched in somehow but I wasn’t taking any chances at all!! So last night I finally got to sleep in my room again, and had a great sleep thinking problem dealt with… now having read this site…. I wonder? What about the eggs? Does this mean I’m likely to have more problems down the line? What should i watch for? Or is this my OCD kicking in along with my absolute terror of bugs? Advice on how to protect myself would be appreciated.

Phil T.::

Are these bed bug bites?


Are these bed bug bites?


Squicked Out::


I’ve been dealing with bites for quite a few months now. The first initial thought was mosquito’s, then spiders, then…bedbugs? Where would I get those?

I did buy a BB Alert back in June or July, and it showed nothing. I hadn’t seen signs (blood smears, waste, or the bugs themselves), so I thought, “Nah, couldn’t be.”

On the 4th, I was removing my bedding to wash, and out of curiosity, I lifted up my box spring (I never realized I didn’t have a mattress, and that I’d been sleeping on a box spring) and looked – and on the side was this tiny insect, just walking by (and this was in full daylight). I caught it on a piece of masking tape and placed it in a zippered baggie. I believe I saw one other bug, but I couldn’t catch it. It was the same color.

What has thrown my dad and I off is that it looks like no bedbug we’ve seen a picture of. It does have 6 legs, and it has antennae…but I haven’t seen the probosci it would use to draw blood with.

The other photo is a size comparison.

I am so, so grossed out…and even though whatever it is isn’t my fault, I still feel ashamed that I should even think that something like this is wandering around in my family’s house. As I type, I am fearing sending this photo (though whatever the case, my box spring is now in a bed bug blocker encasement, and my new pillow was stuffed into an encasement before it entered my room). I know it’s silly to be scared, but I am, anyway…

Thanks so much for your time and help! Even an e-mail response would be appreciated (although I am sure that you are all busy, so I apologize for being demanding…fear will do that to you!)!

Calee B.::

This little bug was crawling up the wall above my bed this morning. He was about the size of a tip of a pencil. I looked up other photos and it looks like his antlers may be to long to be a bb.



Miranda G.::

These bites have popped up only on my legs in the last few weeks, and I’m not sure what they are, I used the check list on the website to see if there are any bed bugs on my things but so far nothing, I’m getting nervous because almost everyday there is a new bite and its only on my legs. Any advice would be great!!


I think I got bed bug bites. On Sept. 20, I noticed a bunch of little red bumps unlike anything I have seen before on my upper arm. It freaked me out, because the dots followed some kind of trail. They would form a semi-circle, then spiral down a little, and scatter. Later that day, I noticed some scattered dots near my neck area. These dots faded within the next 4 days. I spent hours freaking out and checking the seams of my mattress. I told my apartment manager that I might have bedbugs. An exterminator came, and couldn’t find anything. I encased my mattress in anti-bedbug and waterproof encasement just in case. I didn’t get anymore bites for a long time.

Yesterday, Oct. 12, I noticed these same little red bumps near my neck. This time, they’re in a linear line in two groups of three: “breakfast, lunch, dinner.” These dots are very close together and almost merge into each other, but not really. Since the dots were so linear, I knew they were bed bug bites again. It’s funny that I didn’t see any dots in the mirror one minute. And the next minute, they just all popped up out of nowhere. Today, they’re already starting to fade.

I’ve been doing a lot of online research regarding bedbugs, and everything I read points to the fact that there is at least one bedbug feeding on me. My guess is that these are baby bedbugs, since these bites are not too terrible, I got them 3-4 weeks after the first incident. Baby bedbugs feed around once a month, I hear, and their bites are not as bad. If there is a baby bedbug, then where is the mommy and daddy? That freaks me out a bit.

I don’t know what to do. Like I said, the exterminator could not find anything.

The thing is, I haven’t traveled anywhere, bought any new furniture, bought any new clothing, or slept over someone else’s house. I also don’t know anyone else who is getting these bites. Where did they come from? I bought my mattress and bed frame from someone on craigslist a year ago. Could the bed bugs have been laying dormant in there for the past year? Also, is it possible to have only ONE bed bug?

What do you think of the situation? I don’t want to get kicked out of my apartment :(. And I don’t want to have to buy new frame and mattress either, because I don’t have a car and I’m busy with school.

Michele C,::

Can anyone recognize this?

This is my calf, at about three to four weeks after the original bites. I didn’t know about the “breakfast, lunch, and dinner” pattern then, so I am not sure if it is bed bug bites or not. I can tell you that I was traveling in Morocco for 14 days, stayed at 2 homes and 3 hotels. I had many bites the first week – at least some were definitely mosquitoes – saw them happen. But this one area on my leg… it is still itchy! And it’s gone from large red/pink raised lumpy bumps to this strange discolored rash looking patch. Still itches… Hydrocortisone cream doesn’t help much. Neither has chapparal salve, alcohol, neem oil, or vinegar.

Of course, I’m really hoping I didn’t bring any bugs or eggs home… my travel bag is still sitting between my dresser and my closet and I REALLY don’t want to have to go through the whole cleaning process… Yikes. I just didn’t even think about the possibility of bed bugs until like today! Been home since 9/21!

Thanks for any help or opinion offered!


Hi there!

My boyfriend and I have been staying in a rented room in Barcelona, just over 2 weeks. In the first week I started getting bites all over, I thought it was mosquito bites (which seems to be quite a common miscalculation) and spent quite some time concentrating on that, hence not considering other possibilities, while getting bitten multiple times every night. The strangest thing is that, to that point, my boyfriend had not bites whatsoever, but since I’ve always seemed to attract insects and bugs of all sorts more than other people, I still thought it was mosquitoes.

This went on for a couple of nights. I had up to 40 bites all over my body, swollen and painful, and waking up in the middle of the night super itchy, and it was becoming clear it couldn’t be mosquitoes, it just wasn’t normal.

So one night after coming out of the shower, I went back to my room only to find one of those little suckers walking on my bed.. from that moment on I knew it was bed bugs. After a brief search on the internet I began to look for more signs of their presence and found their infamous fecal matters. After that I have looked for – found and killed – at least 5 of them, but haven’t found their nest or wherever they hide.

Bottom line is, we have been sleeping in the living room now – sad, I know – and although I have hardly any new bites, my boyfriend has quite a few, though they look quite different from mine (which thankfully are in the process of healing). We are leaving in two weeks time, and I can’t wait be out of here! My only concern is.. how can I avoid taking them and/or their eggs back home? Please help!


Hi cae

from my understanding that is not a bed bug. They’re really really flat looking and I don’t think they have antenas


I think we have bed bugs. ever night my son goes to bed by the next day he have bites all over him. we looked in his room on his bed and everything we can not find anything. and he keeps getting bit we have bums and everything but he keeps getting up with all this bites …. please help??? I cant keep seeing him getting bit ……

Brandy H.::

Please help! All of these bites popped up over night. And the next night about 15 more showed up on my legs. I assume its bed bugs, but I searched my bed and sheets, and didn’t find any bugs, or eggs. I’m not sure what else they could be?

Yvette L::

Hello my name is Yvette, I wanted to know if these are bedbug bites? If anyone can help me out that would be great! Thanks!!!!

Here’s a photo of the ONLY bites anyone in my family has and they are the only bites on my body. Are they Bed Bug Bites? This photo was taken on day 5 of having them. They aren’t as red and swollen as they were on the day I noticed them, but they have been EXTREMELY itchy. I’ve searched the house and can’t find any trace of bed bugs.



I woke up yesterday an I had 4 bug bites on my lower stomach. I was just wondering if you could tell me if this is bed bugs? They itch extremely bad, I try not to scratch them cause they burn when I do. I would appreciate it thank you!

My God am I my glad I found you! my name’s Matt I’m a 36 year old single dad. I’m gonna send you these pictures of recent bites and some scars, hope you don’t mind.

So 14 or 15 months ago I went to the emergency room, I had bites and scabs all over. my friend had contracted lyme disease from tics. so I got bit all over this day, worried and concerned than just started I guess going crazy or so I’m told.

I put whatever I thought was biting me into a zip lock and went to the hospital convinced I had tics. They looked at me like I was crazy I mean I got tattoos, super crazy blue eyes, me and my boys all got Mohawks lol, and scabs from bites all over my legs. I guess now I kinda think this is when life started going down hill. I mean they didn’t even look at the stuff I had in the zip lock, they just were rude and said it was lint and dirt. it made me feel like id em ne something wrong. whole day wasted.

Sense then on a couple occasions I’ve tried talking to my mother about it, friends, basically everyone is like those are flea bites. Well we have had fleas from neighbors cat but we have no pets, all wooden floors, I know what fleas are.

I have a 3 year old little guy and he gets little teenie bites, and he wakes up saying he’s got the “itchies”, but not my 10 year old son. hes never had a bite from anything that I can remember.

I was just getting worse and worse I get paranoid I just feel like they’re crawling all over me sometimes, I’m scared it’s really driving me crazy. I have found 1 beg bug. I look and look. so the last month I haven’t had one single bite. Then last week I take my sock off and they weren’t even bites, just like raw. I didn’t know what to think besides maybe my sock was tight and perhaps maybe wet and then after tho they realty hurt. Well then 3 days later, same thing happened, this time got both ankles and feet. I stay up reading about it on my phone, trying to research, then I itch all over, can’t sleep I am scared because I am not the man I was a year ago. I’m scared to meet people now, no one I trust has any advice but Matt are you crazy, or why do I got scars I must dig and dig or if I really had bugs getting me then the kids would to. I started seeing a psychologist but sad thing is I tell her about everything but this but I am not going to be afraid to tell get this week, because this its what starts me panicking and causes all the crap I talk to get about haha seriously tho, anyways……

Do you think these look like bed bug bites? I mean they feel deep after a few days and they scar so terrible but now that its progressed into this I do find myself picking at them but not bad. They take Weeks to heal. I have found what I thought were littler pieces of rice and I just read where you said that’s what the eggs look like. Are they hard like rice tho? Because I just figured they were rice, 2 kids that love to eat and things get spilled I figured. And I have found the shells god I was glad to read that because I tried showing a few people saying look you can see lines in it, its a shell, but its always Jesus Matt your freaking out about bugs again what’s wrong with u.

Sorry to ramble on but that’s about all I know. Id really appreciate if you get back to me Ok I’m sorry I guess I go on and on and I get all worked up. Thanks so much I hope you have a great day!

Bug bite created hole in leg

Bug bite created hole in leg

Bugs bites red center on leg

Bug bite wound on leg

John G::

Shannelle M.,

Those do look like bed bug bites. Did you bring any used furniture into your home recently that could transport them, such as a chair, bed or end table? Since they could be just in a couch or chair avoid taking naps or sleeping on the couch or chair and also sitting for too long on it until you figure out where they are living. Determine if the bites only appear after sleeping in your bed. Then start treating this if you haven’t already.


Hi I am the only one in the house that these creatures have chosen as their host and it seems no body believes me, not even the hospital… They actually tried to deem me nuts and called psych down to see me, took a specimen of the “bed bugs” and threw them away. I’m now on day 18 of this horrid ordeal and honestly am at my witz end. I went away a few weeks back and slept in an old rickety bed by myself. I have the distinct three bites all in a nice row and copious others all over my body. these things are in bedded in my scalp and these little pepper like black flecks keep dropping on my skin and then the blood and then I wipe and find the little red speck of paprika.

I’m pretty sure I’m being bitten by bed bugs, the exterminator is sure there are no bugs in the home. Yesterday I found little tiny red specks all over the air conditioning duct and on the walls. They look just like the ones I am pulling out of each horrible massive sore. I do have a big bump underneath the skin where each lesion/bite is. I was told it was scabies but the benzemul application (tried seven nights in a row) and a week later did not work. I really believe these are bed bugs.

I have tried all sorts of remedies including: salt and bicarb soda baths and making a paste to apply to body and head, mayonnaise keeps them at bay on scalp but doesn’t kill the blighters, metho on head…(once again near killing me), Listerine bathing and spraying on body, vodka spraying it on body, vinegar on scalp, knit creams on head and body, bathing in bleach (near killed me)… so so far I’ve just about killed myself but these ravaging maniacs are still going strong. I have a ten month old son and a four year old daughter and I’m terrified I’ll infect them. I cant believe there is no one even the hospitals and three doctors I have seen that seem to either believe me or know how to kill these things. If anyone can help please please please help.


I can tell you from personal experience these nasty bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of. We first found out our sons bedroom was infested with them in Oct 2010. We spent over $1500.00 to hire a professional exterminating company get rid of them for us. Here it is the end of Nov 2011, and after replacing our sons entire bedroom suite, as well as our daughters bed, along with my wife’s and my bed, my wife’s chair and our couch we are still finding bugs. We have even had to rid up our carpeting. So, it is an expensive and lengthy process. So, if someone says it’s easy to get rid of them, they obviously don’t have a clue.


Hello I am having itchy bumps it started as two or three on each wrist. Now there are 20 or so on each wrist. I have other areas with still only 1-2 bumps but only my wrists are as concentrated as seen n the pictures. This progression has been over about 3 weeks. In three weeks I have not seen any bugs or evidence on my sheets.

Eatean alive::


Paranoia gives me power to face me fear. Worrying gives me wisdom on my experience and what to expect next, Depression gives me clarity on dreaming of a life a BEDBUG FREE

Being Eaten ALIVE!

My daily routine::

1.Starts with me waking up battling bedbugs.

2. I check my body all day very thoroughly to see if I’ve been bitten by bedbugs

3. I look for something to wear not infested with bedbugs & I examine my clothes thoroughly

4. Take my jacket out the freezer, and spray it with 70% winter green alcohol, alocohol kills bed bugs

5. All my clothes & shoes are in my kitchen & trunk of car, no clothes or footwear come pass my kitchen! Except the clothes on my back

6.My shoes are in plastic grocery store bags tied up, I’m make sure no shoes touch the floor past the kitchen , the bags are in a clear bin under the kitchen table.

7. The clean clothes are sitting on my kitchen heater; dirty clothes are in grocery bags on kitchen floor

8. I associate EVERYTHING with bedbugs; strangers trashed furniture, box springs, mattress, extermination billboards on trucks, buses anywhere, cleaning supplies.anything, lint balls on my clothes everything, EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. I can’t walk down a aisle in a store with bug spray, without fear, if I’m with my child she turns all the cans around because I get numb and just can’t move forward, I cant even step foot in a mattress store, I cry and break down the trauma I experienced associated with a bed is So REAL AND PAINFUL

10. I have obtained professional help for this paranoia, it’s scar because they want to prescribe me medicine that will cause dementia when I’m elderly

11 they are telling me that my fear is just a delusion; I’m not really getting bit

12. But I have bite marks that are consistent with bedbug bites

13i don’t know if my mind is playing tricks on me but the marks are real, and Delusional Parasitosis Is real, I can’t stop thinking about BEDBUGS & THE ABUSE OF POWER @the M.C.H.A

14. My life is spent in my home, grocery store and laundry mat, washing clothes is the hardest part, from drying, folding and just worrying if I cleaned them good enough and if I dried them long enough, my dry cycle is about 2-to 3hrs

15. Which leaves me with burnt clothes, holes, hand just my clothes being ruined by this extreme dry cycle?

16 I clean the whole apt all day everyday & mop my floors every night with alcohol, I mop every night, every single night on my hands and knees, I scrub my wall base board till the my arms hurt,

16. I have to make sure that none are crawling or any eggs are lying around

17 I have a lovely kitten named walnut, even she is affected by this, and I keep her locked up at night because I don’t want her to make track marks on my floor

18. My baby and I sleep on the floor, a hard wood floor, with 4 blankets, and two body pillows.

19. I am afraid to by any type of furniture or bedding, I am COMPLETELY terrified of bedding or furniture, as long as I have this trust issue with M.C.H.A and fear I will remain on the floor and living gout my kitchen MY HOME IS VACANT!

20 .I have resorted to the bathroom for a place to sleep, my baby lay in the tub, and I lay on a lawn chair

21 I have had battle with suicide over this trauma, it was real scary, and it was HORRIBLE, I live EVERYDAY IN FEAR BEING EATEN ALIVE literally inside and out!!

22 All I want is security that the m.c.h.a won’t have another clerical error & erase inspection history and add them, and wont erase comments and add them from a legal document, which secures my voucher and prevents me from being homeless, & that if I have a bedbug problem again that my compliance with the rules and regulation to move will be acknowledge and that my legal proof and not ignored showing the landlord is in non compliance with the lease with benefit me the way the law says it should.


I noticed strange bite on my 2 year old daughter and myself about 10 days ago. We went to the doctor and he confirmed my suspicions that they were bed bug bites (we have the “breakfast, lunch, dinner effect” of the telltale 3 bites in a row) My first instinct was to bomb my house which I did- twice. Then read that is the worst thing you can do because it spreads them. I bombed the whole house. So, question number one; how come I can’t go in the house for 2 hours but these little bastards can live through it?

Then I went to a DIY store and bought some $15 spray, sent my daughter away for the night and spent 5 hours vacuuming, spraying and drying everything not nailed down for 40 minutes each. After this vigilant attack on a beast that has yet to show its face because I have not found one single nasty critter I thought- oh noooo, what if they are in my car!!!?? Because all bites we have are on our back, butt and back of legs -precisely where our skin would touch if sitting in a car.

So at 11:30 pm I ripped the car seat covers off and threw them in the garbage at the carwash and vacuumed the sh*t out my car then put down boric acid on any cloth surface. Question number 2; can they live in the car? I live in Florida and figured the sun beating on the car nearly everyday would make it impossible for them to live in there. And, question #3; when will I know if they are truly gone? How long do these wretched bites last? I am on predisone for the itch – my daughter on A&D ointment, oatmeal lotions and Claritin. Any help would be MUCH APPRECIATED. I really am starting to lose it :)


hi i have been waking up with bites for close to over a week now and they are appearing only on the front and side of my lower leg. I am thinking bed bugs but why are the attaching one spot especially since i sleep on back from time to time, also my partner has not had any bites from sleeping in my bed or my 16month old daughter has had none either. The bites are very itchy and turn to scabs and can be painful. So anyone have any ideas? I dont want to completely spray my house and pay all that money if it isnt even bed bugs just dont know is it normal for only one person to be targeted? HELP

Bed Bug Girl::

Hi SJ,

Have you tried the bed bugs trap and captured one? Also, can you send pictures of your bites to and I’ll get them posted to help figure out what is really biting you. Before you do anything, check out my Bed Bug Checklist to see if you can find the bug(s).

Bed Bug Girl::

Hi Michele,

You posted your picture of bed bug bites on photobucket which is asking for a password. You can send your picture to and we’ll get it up on the site.

Jessica W.::

Recently I started noticing small red elevated bumps on my daughter, at first I thought it was something else. But then I noticed that every morning she would have new ones sometimes in new areas of her body and sometimes in the same area as the previous bumps. I decided to read up about scabies and beg bugs, I discovered that her bites or bumps were identical to bed bug bites. As you can imagine I was horrified. My baby is being eaten alive while she sleeps. The bites are itchy and red in color. How do I find and kill these bugs? I have lived in my apartment for about a year and six months, can’t imagine how I could get bed bugs. What should I do to properly treat the bites?


Hi, thank you for the response, I will look over my bed and take photos in the morning to get the best light. Have u heard of bed bugs working like this only targeting one person when two use the bed and only targeting bottom half of legs, and have u heard of the bugs I mentioned I thought when I had my place sprayed it would of got rid of them but no and I know they aren’t bed bugs because they are mostly spotted on the walls or wooden furniture and don’t mind being out during the day to be seen, same size as bed bugs from what I’ve read but I don’t know if that is the culprit HELP :)

the bugs in my house are small very small a clearish colour hard to describe all around my house, not like it is infested but I do notice one or two every now n then through out my day on a wall or my tv cabinet any ideas what they might be??

Bed Bug Girl::

Hi SJ,

Yes, bed bugs can target just one person in the bed, and yes, just a part of the body. Once I see the pics, I can tell you for sure.


Bed Bug Girl::

They don’t look like this, do they Jessica?

Can you take a photo and send it to me at This will help. Also, go through my bedbug checklist at the top of this page. Also, there are a ton of tips on this site for spotting them, including a bed bug trap you can make yourself!

Insane Bug Brain::

I know you probably get a tonne of these emails, but I am nearing complete mental break down – my wife has even suggested I go to the doc to get head meds… So here’s a long story, please be patient with me.

Somewhere in the area of 4 months ago various members of my house (wife, 2 boys 3 and 7 and I) would, at different times, get what appears to be a bite – or two at the most. In the entire time, we’ve never had more than two bites on us at once. In all but maybe 2 or 3 of the bites there has been no apparent “hole” that we could see which would be from a puncture wound. A the couple that did could have just been from scratching (the most obvious was on my wife). My 7yr old only has had 1 or 2 over the whole time. My 3yr old has had maybe 5 or 6. My wife and I both have had a total of 10 max over the 4 month period.

These “bites” start out sort of white and swollen in an irregular shape, not really round. Within the day it appears the swelling typically goes away, but then turns red like a bruise and is completely gone in 3-4 days. My 3yr and my “bites” barely itch – much much less than a mosquito bite does (and my 3yr old is allergic to mosquito or horsefly bites as we’ve had to give him Benedryl because he severely swells up). My wife says her’s does itch incredibly but it can’t be that bad because she barely complained and I didn’t see her scratching incessantly. My wife thinks that they could be pimples – but they don’t have a “pimple head”.

So, location. My 3yr old has only had them on his tummy or back. He wears shirt and bottoms to bed. My wife has had them on her hip (closer to her buttock) and at her pantyline on her front. She usually sleeps with pants and sometimes with a shirt, always with a bra. She thinks she may have had one or two on her arm – she doesn’t remember. My 7yr only had them on his side and probably slept shirtless. Me, I’ve had a dual bite on the back of my thigh where it meets the buttocks, I’ve had one on each side at the same time, and on my shoulder blades. Since these started, I’ve been wearing pants and shirt to bed, shirt tucked into pants and pants tucked into socks. (I told you I’m going nuts.) The reason I am bringing this up is because in my reading, I saw that they usually snack on exposed skin – and I’ve never had a bite on my face or arms which are always exposed. And we’ve never had the breakfast, lunch, supper type of proof either.

So… detection. Nothing. I have literally torn apart both bedrooms (the boys sleep together in the same room in separate beds). I have a high powered LED flashlight that can literally shine through the edges of the mattress and boxspring. I’ve been searching and searching. We had (thrown out, cleaned, moved, inspected) many places where bed bugs would probably have flourished. We had two old dresser drawers slid under the best for storage (one empty and one full of papers and books). Nice and dark and wood. Nothing there. Bottom of bedside tables and drawers full of books and junk almost never opened/moved. Nothing. Under the bedside tables, nothing. Wall sockets/jacks, nothing. Nothing on the bed frame, box spring, floor, mattress, etc and have found no solid evidence of blood, feces, shed skin, eggs or live bed bugs. I’ve over turned the bedside tables, the one dresser my wife uses, our luggage, up ended the beds, etc. I’ve been doing checks several times a day and night and through the night. Nothing. Checked along the walls, floor closet, etc.

Brians Bug 1 of 2Brians Bug 2 of 2

Now, today after moving some clutter my wife found small, white bugs in dust along the baseboard where I had not checked very closely before. The bugs, when exposed to direct light, didn’t really react – until she disturbed the dust and them and they started to move – not very fast – up the wall. She says that she pretty much killed them trying to catch them. So when I got home, we got out some black electrical tape and tried to “catch” stuff. Attached is two pictures of them. The first has the small white bug, squished unfortunately. Now from what I’ve read if bed bugs are this small, they should be colorless? It, to me, looks like a mite (we do have two indoor cats). The second has two ball-like… things but don’t appear to have legs or anything.

Bug by BrianIt’s really the white, squished bug that is concerning me… is it a mite? Or is it a nymph? Can you even tell from my pic? Now, the caveat to all of this. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. We had a really warm Fall, so at first we thought “We DO have bugs…” Common household spiders. We have ants (our whole subdivision is one large ant hill – but at this time of the year we do not see live ones). I’ve seen some catepillar like dead things – no idea what they are. I’ve even seen what looked like a grasshopper in the unfinished part of our basement. Fruit flies. We even had a moth flying around outside on Dec 6th. But those are all pretty big, and rarely seen alive except for the odd spider in it’s web. So I have lots of ways to explain away these “bites” yet I keep coming back to the fact that we’re getting bit through/under clothes and not on exposed skin, but they itch (to varying degrees depending on who has em) they don’t typically have a puncture but it may be so small we can’t see it. None have become infected or required medical attention. There’s been no noticeable blood left on the bed. Also the time of the year, it’s cold now so we know we’re not getting them from outside so it has to be inside and it’s driving me nuts.

And the biggest thing – after this length of time you’d think that we’d be able to find some type of evidence given the insanity of my checking that we’ve got an infestation. I have literally checked everything short of hauling the baseboard off the wall.

We don’t have much in the way of spare money, and to get anyone in to “inspect” is going to cost me good – and I’m not sure they’d look any closer at things than I have in my insanity.

Thank you for reading.

:,( Insane Bug Brain



I came across your site trying to look for some answers. Every week I wake up to these bites that don’t turn red and itchy until i start scratching, they vary in location but I am sure they happen overnight, especially when i use blanket, I’ve had up to 6 bites on my legs after one day. They are pale and round and swell up at first and itch for at least 3-4 days and start to turn black as they dry and I can feel where it punctured me as the it dries up because that part is still elevated.

Dees bug biteMy mom believes these are flying bugs that bite, but i dont believe it because it happens overnight! the bite i have attached is a little bit more swollen because I did scratch it but have applied ointment.

I am trying to find bed bugs but it is difficult. We have a new bed and have changed from carpet to wood floor in the past 2 years in hopes they would go away. This is the worse it has been, we’ve changed blankets, linens, vacuumed and still nothing, at first we thought it was fleas because we have pets but they have been medicated and i don’t see any fleas or bugs for that matter at all!

It’s driving me crazy!

Please help! thanks



So I heard that my mom had bed bugs in her apartment so I informed my building and arranged for an inspection. Sure enough my mattress and box spring tested positive (so says the sniffing dog). Before the inspection I had been bitten a month or so earlier, assumed it was a rash and now thinking back realize it was definitely bed bug bites.

I had two rounds of treatment and I prepared my apartment so much I didn’t have a single item out of a bag. I had hot sticks (these bug killing sticks you use for sheds) in each bag of personal items like books, shoes, jewelry. In each bag of clothes I washed, and then sealed in a bag with another hot stick thing. I never really had bites other than the one time before I even knew I had the bugs.

After a month of this madness and 2 treatments (during Christmas, new years, and of course, my birthday) I finally moved past it. The treatment company informed me I probably didn’t have an infestation, it was probably one bug that never laid eggs. They told me they didn’t find any bugs anywhere else in the apartment and that the treatment they believed was successful.

In all this time I inspected my bed and mattress everyday and throughout the entire experience only saw one bug and it was long dead, and it was when I first took my bed apart. I now have a top of the line mattress protector, box spring protector, threw away all my comforters, washed my sheets and am using temporary bedding and pillows that I throw in the drier every so often.

It has been 2 weeks since my 2nd treatment and I’m starting to notice bites! I never had bites other than that one time. I’ve considered maybe it was a reaction to the hot shot sticks, or perhaps that it was some other sort of bug? I’m a really clean, slightly OCD person who thought I put all of this behind me. I had just about unpacked all my belongings, extremely carefully shook out every book, and rewashed every item of clothing. I don’t know what to do.

Is it possible I’m making these bed bugs bites up in my head? I am at a loss for how there could still be bugs especially since I never had a heavy infestation to begin with. I’ve poured boiling water on my floor, washed and dried all my bedding, alcoholed my bed frame and still! Someone please tell me I’m imaging these bites and that that’s possible.


Hi. The reason I’m writing you is for the last 3 months my husband has been waking up with bites on his body. Some mornings he can have up to 20 fresh bites on him. Mostly his arms and legs. We automatically thought they would be bed bugs and searched our house and bed and never found any. Until this morning!!

He woke up to find an adult bedbug crawling on his arm! We trapped it in a glass jar and it appears to be a bed bug like what I seen in photos. Again we tore the house apart looking and couldn’t find any others. What I was wondering was why is he the only one to be bitten? Me and my 2 children never had any bites meanwhile his arms and legs are covered in scars now because of all the scratching. Can bedbugs just go after one person even though we share a bed?

Bed Bug Girl::

Hi Carina,

Yes, the bed bugs can attack just one person even though there is more than one in the bed. Can you send me a picture ( and I’ll take a look? I’d search the area around his side of the bed as best you can – take a look at my checklist to see where to look.


Bedbug bites on GaryHi Thank you for your amazing website could you please tell me if these bites on my legs are bed bugs. The problem only started a week ago but it’s driving me mad. Me and my partner have both been bitten so I assume that it must be bed bugs but I’m not sure.

Thank you so much



Hi, I rearranged my room yesterday and when I woke up today I had these bites on my butt, but only there on three different spots. they do itch.

Katharina asks if bed bug bites or something else

I am afraid this is from bed bugs. Maybe you can tell me your opinion?



Hi Katharina,

These do not look like bed bug bites, more of a rash of some type. Bed bugs don’t bite this way…


This photo was taken this morning. I was bitten 2 days ago; only 3 bites. I have an allergic reaction to the saliva of the bedbug, resulting in a swelling and incredibly hot inflammation.

bites under arm by bed bugs?I have other photos when I was bitten almost 2 years ago along both arms and legs. I had the same allergic reaction to the saliva. The heat to all limbs at the same time was unbearable. I tried to rid my skin of the saliva by breaking the watery blisters that appeared. This did help a lot.

I was having to take cool baths every 15 to 20 minutes, even throughout the night which would cool the affected areas momentarily. The inflammation eased after a few days, but the bites remained visible for months as scabs leaving faint scars.

In the attached photo (taken this morning) you can still see some of the spots on my lower arm from that earlier assault (almost 2 years ago).



I hope you can help. For the past 3 weeks I have noticed what I think are bug bites on my face. The first week there was a small bump on the skin under my eyebrow. Although I couldn’t see it because of the hair, I could feel it. It still itches now and again but not much; never did.

About a week later a bump appeared on the temple of the right side of my face. It felt like a tiny knot and it too itched now and then but disappeared totally after a week. Another week later and a bump the same as before has appeared on the same temple as the previous bump but a little higher. It itches even less than the other two did.

My question is, is it possible to get one bed bug bite a week? Wouldn’t I have experienced more biting over a 3 week period as the bugs would have multiplied? I sleep with a heating that why they may only be biting my face and not the rest of my body?

I have yet to see the pattern of 3 bites. I have tried to take a picture of the bump but it’s not substantial enough to be seen.

it’s important for me to mention years ago in another residence I had a bed bug problem and my bites itched like the devil and lasted for 3 or more weeks!! It was such a terrible situation and my worst fear is that it’s happening again. I don’t want to waste money on an exterminator nor do I want to waste precious time not treating the situation if in fact it is bed bugs. HELP!!!

Bed Bug Girl::

Hi Karen,

That just doesn’t sound like the behaviour of bed bugs biting. Have you looked at my bed bug checklist to see if you can spot any signs of them?



My daughter spent a weekend at her aunt’s house in Jan. and came back with a few red, raised blotches, one or two with blister-like welts near the center. They cleared up after a few days.

She went back several weeks later, and came back with more, mostly on her arms and chest. Once again they cleared up.

At this point in time we were thinking ‘allergic reaction’, but nothing seemed to match…

Two more visits, more blotches, increasingly worse each time, a doctor visit, an allergist, and now we have begun to suspect bedbugs.

So… Does this sound familiar/possible? If it is bedbugs, is it possible for my daughter to bring them back from her aunts house on her person or in her clothing? And is there any way to prevent the bites?

I have pictures of the welts on my daughter that I took for the doctor, and any info would be welcome…

Bed Bug Girl::

Hi Jennamarie,

Yes, it’s very possible that your daughter could bring them back with her after visiting an infested home!

Set up a bed bug trap, look for signs of bed bugs (see my bedbug checklist at the top of this page) and verify that she has bed bugs, then check out my section on bed bug dust (diatomaceous earth) and help her get rid of them once and for all.

You know, those traps catch more than just bed bugs, they also trap spiders and other insects that could be biting her.


@katharina: that’s what my bed bug bites look like. I encourage you to flip your box spring and check where the fabric is attached to the wood. Look for black or white specks, or the bugs themselves.



How do I email you a picture?

I keep getting tiny little bumps around my hip and bum cheeks. I tried looking for bugs but all I could find was some little tiny black bits (not sure if its bug poo) in my mattress cracks on the surface.

And behind my bed found a tiny little oval shaped black thing with 2 antennae.

Bed Bug Girl::

Hello AJT, Send the pictures to and I’ll get them up on the site.


Saturday night I had a few drinks when I came back to my hotel I passed out on top of the sheets and bedspread. I woke up about 3 AM and noticed I had left the patio door open so I closed it and went back to bed, this time under the sheets. When I woke up the next morning I went into the bathroom to take shower and noticed mosquitoes everywhere, these were big and juicy mosquitoes like they had been feasting on something all night. Then I noticed some red dots on the back of my legs and then looking in the mirror noticed them on my back (covered), shoulders and back of my arms.

bug bites on Josh image 1 of 2bug bites on Josh image 2 of 2

Originally I thought they were mosquito bites but after talking and showing them to some people they mention they look like bedbugs and I’m just not sure. I’m not itchy at all anywhere except my head has been a little bit itchy in the last 24 hours but I can’t see anything as I have a full head of hair. I noticed the spots on Sunday morning as the day progressed the spots got darker and today is Monday morning, I still have them and they look the same. In your opinion do these look like bedbugs bites? Pictures were sent to your email thank you!

Bed Bug Girl::

That looks just like a bed bug attack, not mosquitoes, and it must have been one bad infestation to be eating alive like that! I’d start making sure you didn’t bring any home with you – keep an eye out for new bites and if you find them, use the food grade diatomaceous earth (DE).


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