Debbie was bitten by bed bugs leaving red welts.Hello! So glad to find your site (kind of, wish I didn’t need to look, at all).

I stayed at a hotel 11 days ago, and still have bites/welts from the bites I received. I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that if these are bed bug bites, that it was a lone, renegade bug and I didn’t bring any home. Oh please, oh please.

I’ve attached a photo of the bites above. It looks like they had breakfast, lunch, dinner with a buddy. Will you let me know if you think these are bed bugs? These bites are on my lower back, above my left hip and the longest line of bites is about 2 inches long.




A good friend and I took a trip to Florida recently to see some of the parks and of course go to the beach. We got a one room suite with two full beds and a sitting area. Our first night had no issue, and the next day we went to Universal. That night however I started to itch, three spots on my right leg, that itched more then anything has ever itched in my life. I convinced myself they were mosquito, and went to bed. The next day they started to pop up every where, on my arms, my legs, my back and even on my face(this was when I panicked). I have family in Florida so I called them, thinking they may know of a bug there that I do not. This is when I found out the Florida hotels are having an issue with bed bugs, and my bites have the pattern.

I have been out of the hotel for a week and now all my stuff has been treated multiple times, I haven’t had any new bites for week, and never did actually see a bed bug, but cant seem to stop my self from itching in my sleep, witch has caused even bigger issues, my bits are large, inflamed, and large bruises have formed around many of them. I have found no cream or home remedies that will help me, I just have to use my own will power.

Recommended for others— Stop your self from itching any way you can, my bites that I itch are taking three times as long to heal, and look 10 times more grouse.

Alot of stuff I read said there is a delay from when you get bit, to when you start to itch, and that also you may not notice a bit until you rub something against it and it becomes inflamed, so don’t panic! I did, and it wasn’t good, still I feel like there are things crawling on me, and have come close to a panic attack a few times. This CAN be taken care of, and you will be ok.

Also Lysol worked well for me, I Lysol everything, often! My suitcase was what I was most afraid of, I left in my car on a hot sunny day, then Lysol-ed it some more. The bugs and there eggs cant survive temps over 130F.

I wish anyone dealing with this the best of luck recovering quickly. And remember that anyone can get them, your not dirty, it just happened.


Well after 4 months of dealing with these bites and the bugs (which no one believed me on what they were) I finally was able to find a few and threw them in some ice water bottle. I know how I got them; through work. Turns out above where I work in one of the apartments the people they had them and they ended up hitting all 4 apartments and coming into all the shops down stairs. The people in the apartment were actually evicted because of it but after 3 bombings, 6 visits from a pest control place; they are still present. Sense I live in California they seems to constantly be out due to the prefect heat temperatures. I’ve been at work and I’ve seen them skittering around in broad daylight. (still trying to figure out if I can sue my job for being the cause of the infestation and they full willingly known what’s been going on and even still they’re not fixing any of the problems).

I’m writing today as for I’ve suffered so many bites along with my bf that he’s actually had to go to the hospital because someone told us it might have been shingles (I fully knew what they were but no one believed me till I presented them with the actual bugs today). My bites thankfully aren’t as bad as my bf’s but I still get glares at work because people think I’m on some form of drug (pisses me off more than anything). Strangely I didn’t find most of them on the bed; only the ones feeding. I found (what I hope to be) all their nests actually along the wall at the head of our bed! They were between the cracks on the boards and everything. I don’t know how the hell I had gone so long without ever noticing them before now. Sadly I didn’t take any photos but they were prefect examples of their eggs, what their first up to full grown stages looked like and everything. If I happen to find anymore nests I will be sure to post some photos.

We’ve tried everything from bombing out the room to sprays. Nothing worked. The spray only delayed them for a bit but they ended up coming back with full force. My bf is going out right now to go pick up some Diatomaceous earth stuff. It’s the only thing we’re been able to find online that seemed like it can kill them off for good. I know we don’t have to throw away everything (though my mother in law is swearing we have to burn everything (the bed maybe but not other important things) and as long as we can expose it to the high enough temperatures to kill the bugs off than we can keep our blankets. Though I think I might throw out all the ones that were right along the mattress sense they have the blood spots on them.

Either way that’s my story and I hope to be able to upload photos if I find anymore of the lil buggers. I just hope it never happens this bad to other people. Our tattoos are so ruined and our arms are already so scared up that I’m looking into creams or anything that might help. I won’t leave the house without a sweater on and it’s been over 90* lately around here….

Stefan Schultheis::

I stayed at Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas and got lots of bites all over. As a result I had to get medical treatment over months as these bites did cause many different allergic reactions. I can only sleep with the lights on in the bedroom and sometimes I still have nightmares.


I recently have been bitten by bed bugs. Over the past couple weeks I was bitten on and off during the night, until one night I had a shower. Upon coming out of the shower i went into my room to grab my shirt off my bed. After this I went into the living room and sat down in a chair. Not even 5 mins later i catch something moving out of the corner of my eye, so I look down to find a bed bug crawling up me!! OMG i panicked!! I slapped myself as hard as I could in the chest and thought i killed it so I woke my bf up and tried to show him, but the thing started moving again. Anyways we eventually killed that sucker dead…. and I went to bed. Woke up the next morning with no new bites but when I checked my daughters crib again after my bed…. I found another one!

This is a disaster!! Now I cant stop looking things up online… I feel bugs crawling on my skin…. I feel them bite me… and oh how I itch like crazy!!!!! But since a week ago I have yet to find another bug or any signs of them…. yet today is my worst day. Without any new bites or any evidence to show me I should.. today I have been on the computer constantly looking up nymph bites, what larvae looks like and since bites are different from person to person you can only imagine how many sites I have been on in order to have a full overview of what I should be looking for. See it isn’t me I am truly worried about rather my daughter.. and today she has a couple wee little bumps that have appeared on her fingers and one on her chin?? they are microscopic almost and look quite like a heat rash… and it is rather hot so it may be just that but i am scared. The ones I killed they looked like the pictures of the females.. is it possible they didn’t lay any eggs?? i am so scared that they did and all the pictures are so enlarged of all the eggs i have no idea what i am looking at.

please someone help me I am going crazy


Ok, i’ve been having some issues lately with bites on my legs, they arn’t in clusters or a trail, Ive torn apart my bed many times, and have found nothing…. I’ve been getting 2-3 bites each night on my legs ( below my knees ) and on my thumbs, only in these two spots… they are red, seem pus filled and look alot like pimples, and itch, omg do they itch and the itch gets worse at night time, or when exposed to water ( hot or cold )… I have pets but they dont have fleas, they are bathed once a month , giving treatments and wear flea collars and only the dog goes outside, I’ve thought about chiggers but seems unlikely ( the hubby has gotten them from work so i know what they look like, that and I hate bugs, so i do has much research as i can lol and try to prevent ..any bug in my home LOL ) .. I’ve thought about going to a doctor but don’t want to be laughed at for nothing ya know ?, I’ve asked some family and friends, some think its stress, some think no – seem ems, and so on, chiggers, fleas, ect ect. .. but I have none of those.. any suggestions ? please? before i itch holes into my legs lol.. ( and anti- itch creams, lotions do NOT work… )


Okay so for the past two days ive gotten bitten 8 times! I went out two days in a row. I opened my door at night to get the breeze in cause its hot. Here is where the bites are located on my body: I got two bites at the bottom of my left leg. They are red and the bites are besides each other. I have three on my left leg they are further apart. Then i have three on my right leg on my inner upper thighs. they are close to each other they are reddish-pink and super itchy.
i know that bed bugs like to bite in threes im just really scared that these are bed bugs . Please help i tried looking through my bed and mattress and i dont see anything or i dont see any blood stains on my bed..Please help!!!


Ok I have three options:

shutterbug883 asks bedbugs or fleas1. I have fleas, but my cat’s don’t,

2. I have bed bugs but I can’t find any sign of them, or

3. I’m obsessing over nothing.

I have a few spots that could be insect bites, but I don’t know what caused them. I do live near a pond, the mosquito is the state bird of Wisconsin (where I live), and I have been traveling. I have also searched the cats for fleas, and my entire apartment for everything else. Any ideas?


I am getting small red bumps on my arms. Every morning I find one or two more. And they do not seem to heal so I have accumulated a lot of them. I have also found larger bites that look like mosquito bites around my hips. Those same bites are in clumps on my legs. I checked my mattress and sheets with no signs of bed bugs. Also I always feel really itchy at night, like bugs are crawling on me. Even when I wash my sheets and stuff it doesn’t make a difference! Can anyone tell me what is going on?

Chris L::


Yesterday I had gone over to a friends to stay over for the night. After that, I discovered three to five bites in a cluster on my foot. Now it hurts to walk on those bites but it isn’t that itchy. I just wanted to know if this is a bed bug and what should I do to get rid of these bites.



My symptoms are exactly like Kori’s. Very strange, seems to happen at night while I’m sleeping. One day I awoke with a lot of bites, but usually just one or two new ones each morning. Often on the arms, but also common on my belly and thighs, and that one bad episode I even had multiple bites on my private parts! But not consistent with bed bug symptoms, I may get two bites next to each other, but not a trail. I just thoroughly checked my mattress and surrounding area and it’s clean. I know I do get small ants in the bedroom and have, in fact, seen them on my bed. Is it possible they’re the culprit?


I don’t know what is biting me. My bites seem to be mostly at night, or at least I wake up to find them swollen and mosquito bite-like. I have a few new bites at a time that tend to be on my thighs and hips, though I have had a few on the back of my left knee and one or two on my back. They itch like crazy when they itch but they don’t itch all the time. The bites started in our bed where I slept for three nights then moved downstairs to another bed. I sleep with my toddler daughter and husband, both whom don’t have bites. My son sleeps in his own room down a short hall and doesn’t have bites either. The first night or so downstairs I didn’t have any bites but then it started again. My husband continued to sleep in our bed upstairs without any bites. Last night I decided to sleep on an inflatable bed downstairs but not in the same room as the bed I was sleeping on and got the most number of bites yet, mostly on my hip and upper buttock. I wear long pants and long sleeves to bed and sleep with a sheet and blanket usually up to my armpits or chin. I used sheets that were on our bed upstairs on the inflatable mattress that were washed and dried hot hot several times and I used a pillow from the upstairs bed that I put in the dryer on hot for 70 minutes. My mom slept in the downstairs bed last night (with all freshly washed and dried sheets) that I had previously been sleeping in and didn’t get any bites. Any suggestions about what is following me around and biting only me?

Of note: My husband travels alot, staying in hotels. His suitcase lives near the foot of our bed when he is home.
I have checked our mattress (we don’t have a boxspring) and sheets don’t see any signs of bed bugs. Same with the bed downstairs–there is nothing! I have been spending a lot of time outside gardening lately but shower when I come in. I have not had any bites on my feet, ankles, calves, arms or face.
We have a cat who would sometimes sleep in our bed but I gave her a flea bath and put her outside. I didn’t see any fleas in her bathwater.
We have hardwood floors throughout our house.


i got bit buy a bug it itched and burned and turned purple color no one else seems to be getting bit but me help !


I’ve had a recent incounter with possible bed bugs. Found one on the sheets of the bed while at the Hyatt hotel in Washington, D.C. . At first we tried asking if they had had any bed bugs before, and it took them until I was near irate for them to admit they did. My roommate even had some of them on her. Word got out to the rest of the group I was traveling with, and the hotel gave us a new room. I’m not sure if it was paranoia or not, but I’m sure a lot of the others had already been bitten from the small welts they had. Of course, I am the only one to understand what the bugs could really do; the others thought all we needed were thin bags and a shower. My roommate was sent into a massive panic attack from the ordeal, and now we both are having a hard time.

I was called by the hotel manager this morning, and told they were nothing but a weird type of gnat… Either way, I made sure my room mate took nothing into her home, and kept every single thing she took and was wearing, outside in black garbage bags in the sun. Same for myself. But now I’m worried as hell.
Before leavingthough, I kept one bug and put it inside a bag, then inside a plastic bottle and brought it back home to be tested. Now in less than 3 days I’ll know for sure myself.

I took a shower (even used an old medicated shampoo I have that burns me) and went to bed, hoping I had nothing on me. Then this morning I found a small red bump on my ankle. It looks like a mosquito bite and it doesn’t itch unless touched. My friend hasn’t said anything about itching at all yet, but it still worries me. I have so many irreplaceable items in my home (many that would be ruined if treated with steam or heat.)

Now everytime I think on it I itch like mad…


Hi there-

Did Court ever let you know what his doctor thought his bites were? I was in China recently and ended up with very, very similar looking bites on both of my lower legs but nowhere else on my body.

I wondered at the time if they were flea bites as our host does have a house cat but the doctor I went to see there (I couldn’t stand the itch and my legs had begun to swell up) suggested they could have been a herpes related breakout due to stress (never had anything like this before, not even a cold sore). Travelling that far away is somewhat stressful, but wasn’t feeling anything overly worrisome so wondered about that suggestion.

He treated with me an allergy shot, a few days of steroids and an antibiotic as some of them were looking like they may be on their way to being infected. The itching calmed right down about 12 hours after treatment and things were settling down until I received 6 or 7 new bites on my feet only about a week after the first blotches (which turned purple first and then started to fade and look like faint bruises now) showed up.


I have had a terrible bed bug problem for over 9 months now. At first I didn’t know what they were but after time and research, we lifted my bed up from the frame and saw the most disgusting sight ever – two bugs were crawling up my bed and beneath the bed were casings. I set out on a mission to kill them with hot pressurized steam, bed encasings, plastic dishes under the legs of my bed and I even caulked up all the outlets and ripped a section of carpeting along side the wall and poured diamceous earth all over the place. I had to get a steroid shot to stop the itching and heal the bites. I thought I did everything I could possibly do but I still have bites all over my legs. I haven’t seen any more bugs and I don’t know where they are coming from! Could they be coming from my neighbor as we share a common bedroom wall or can they be hanging out in the walls only coming out at night to bite me? I am at my whits end.


Hello Laura,

From the pictures, it doesn’t look like bed bugs but it’s very hard to tell. However, the grouping looks similar to bed bug bites.Try the bed bug trap listed on this site and see what you catch. Wish I could be more help!


Hi there,

Here are the photos of what might be bed bug bites/bed bugs.

bed bug and bite picture 3 of 5 by laurabed bug and bite picture 4 of 5 by laura

Laura's bug bite on knee

Laura’s bug bite on knee

Part of a bedbug next to a Euro Cent

The bottom half of a bedbug is compared to a Euro Cent

bed bug and bite picture 5 of 5 by laura

They started two weeks ago when my sister and I first came back from college; she lived in a dorm, I lived in a house. Anyways, I woke up one morning with a series of white, smooth bumps on the inside/underside of my arms. They itched and my mom and I suspected it was bed bug bites. We investigated my bed and found one small rust-color stain on my pillow, perhaps feces or blood, and between the mattress and box spring a tiny dead black bug. It was hard to tell, because it was crushed and very small, but we think it was a bed bug. We vacuumed, washed my clothes, sheets, pillows, etc. and put bed bug covers over the mattress and box spring. After that, things were fine.

Well recently the bites came back. This time they are a little pinker and more raised – but there are fewer of them and sometimes they itch, but usually they don’t. There are some on my legs, which I don’t feel at all, and a few grouped on my arms, which occasionally itch. I have repeatedly checked my bed, my head board, and other corners and crevices and haven’t found any living bugs. However, I have found what might be shells or dead bugs. Those photos are attached as well. They are very, very small and it’s hard to determine if these are bed bugs or not. They look similar to the first bug we found, but this is the only other time I’ve seen them and again, they weren’t living.

I am the only person in my family who has been experiencing these bites, which is why I want to determine if they are from bed bugs or not, before we call up an exterminator and spend hundreds of bucks for nothing. If you guys could let me know what you think of the bites and the “bug” pictures, that’d be great.




Hi there, i appreciate all help i can get…
Im travelling in the USA From Australia and do not have health insurance.. i leave in 5 weeks
Because i dont have health insurance i am not able to afford going to a doctor over here… Ughhh
Two days ago i started breaking out in bites, It started with 3 pin head type dots on my hand…. a day later, i have bites everywhere, 31 on one arm alone!, on my chest, feet, and legs…. however none on my tummy or back.
They look ALOT like flea bites ot mosquitos… and now like bed bug bites… My friend has no pets, and i havent been outside alot, tho sleeping without a blanket at night….
i have stripped his couch 3 times and have found no bed bugs or eggs

However, i did have a 13hr trip on greyhound to get here to Louisville 3 days ago…….. Is it possible they were in the seat? eww…. Do they take awhile to show up (Bites)?

here is a picture… one of them is the size of two finger tips! =(

please please please help, and do i need to go to the doctor to get rid of the bites or will they clear up


SO, I have the same thing again after having it approx 10 months ago. Itchy scalp after visiting my boyfriend’s house. His daughter had lice and I treated it promtply, but it took forever to be rid of. The same thing happened after spending a wk there; itch, painful scalp (almost like bruising, lymph nodes swollen in back of neck with a rash on back of neck and ears. I have don the listerine, white vinegar and rid, but I itched earlier and thought it was a scap, but it was a black bug, the size of a piece of rice. I totally freaked, went to the store and spent 25 dollars on the best lice treatment. I’m still itchy. I’ve heard lice is whitish; since I have long blond hair, I haven’t found anything. HELP!


how can bed bugs get in your home if you dont bring them home like if they are in your vent


Hi everyone,
I was in the US for 10 days and slept in motels and in friends’ homes, et now I have little bites on my arms and in some areas I have spots with double bites.
I’m afraid its bed bugs, but I’m still travelling in Canada and sleeping in a different bed every night. Is it possible that a bed bug is in my clothes or lives in my luggage ?

Thanks for your help, I’m beginning to freak out. And I don’t want to bring any home…


Still nothing except itchy red bites…. We set the CO2 trap every day, and the ONLY thing I saw was a casing that my exterminator says is from a carpet beetles. (I have pix, will send in soon.)

I did make a few modifications to our trap. I added one of those hand warmer pouch things under the glass bowl, to make a little heat to attract a friend, and instead of powder, have lightly sprayed PAM on the bowl and plastic bin, since I don’t think the powder was stopping anything from climbing out… I also started leaving the lid off the dry ice container, as nearly nothing was coming out the spout. I add a bit of water and let it smoke and crackle. Fun! I need to set it during times we aren’t in there as well. I’m beginning to think the $50 CO2 trap is a good deal, as dry ice is rather pricey now. Last purchase was nearly $20, and we’ve caught NOTHING in two weeks. And we’re still being bitten.

My exterminator said they would pretty much start out doing what I’m already doing, so to contact them if it gets worse and they will look into the heat or cold methods. Sigh, we DO get days over 110 in normal years, but this one has been cool and wet.

We got a Hot Shot fogger, and will set that tomorrow. I am NOT looking forward to cleaning THAT up. I wonder if I should, or just leave the pyrethrin powder all over everything for a day or two? At least I know it will kill the carpet beetles….

The Benadryl Itch Relief Stick is still working for me – the redness and swelling disappears quickly and the itch is stopped immediately. Yay. Hubby is using cortisone cream, and his stay red and swollen.

My acupuncturist wants us to see a dermatologist, but unless it’s scabies (no dark trail, and bites are NOT every night) they will only say we have bug bites.

Crossing fingers for the fogger….


Whew! I know how you all feel. Our apartment had bedbugs a few months ago. The were driving us crazy, and yes, it is very invasive (and disgusting) to know bugs are in your bed and leaving feces. We were using hotshot bedbug spray and it worked very well. It does take several treatments since the spray does not kill the eggs. The best way is a heat treatment. Cold can kill them, but it takes days of freezing temperatures. Find someone to do a heat treatment and they will heat your living areas to 120F. This also kills the eggs (yay!). It is also recomended that you leave everything in your house to make sure they all are taken care of. We lucked out since the apartment managers determined they should pay since we didn’t have $1000 at the time, and if it didn’t get treated it could spread. However, the hotshot spray does work well, but it is very tedious.



Bedbug Bites on SpencerThe photograph to the left is of my arm.

these “bites” appeared one morning several days ago and over the last couple of days have been multiplying and seemingly getting worse.

they are very itchy and are only located on my left forearm, nowhere else on my body. do they look like bed bug bites to you?

thank you very much,


My boyfriend and I just got back from a 7 day cruise to Bermuda.

Bites on ErinOn the third night of the cruise (before we even arrived in Bermuda), I noticed three bumps on my ankle… didn’t think too much of them though, figured they were probably misquito bites or something. The next day, they were bigger and redder and my boyfriend had a few. Each day of the cruise, we both had several more… it never even crossed our mind that it could be bed bugs since we are from a state where they are virtually non-existant. Our cruise left from NY however, where apparently they are pretty common. Once we found out what they were, we were horrified.

My problem: the last three bites i got are now HUGE. They have easily doubled in size since this morning, and every other bite I have are also getting worse (bigger and redder). The first ones appeared five nights ago, but yet they are showing no sign of getting better. The one on my ankle is easily an inch and a half in diameter and swollen.

Should I go to the doctor? Please help! I am going to call the cruise line tomorrow and see if I can get any sort of compensation..

d. lynn::

hello, me and my 6 yr old daughter have been suffering from large( bout the size of a quarter) pinkish, reddish VERY ichy mosquito like bites in the morning there never close together but theres usually like 2 or 3 only on our legs and they die down after bout 24 hrs. havent seen any sign of bed bugs but i dont have a exterminators eye either. What do you think? please help?!


I am in great need of help! I think I might have bedbugs but the pest control technician couldn’t find anything. My husband and I sleep in the same bed every night and he doesn’t have a single bite on him, just me. Has anyone tried the bed bug trap listed on this site? I’m wondering if it works. I’ll try anything to get rid of these things if that is in fact what I have!


Hello Help,

As I understand it, Scabies (body lice) dig down into your skin and urinate there while moving around. This fecal matter shows up as a trail or black line. Bed bug bites do not look like this so I’ll take a guess and suggest Scabies.

Here are pictures of scabies and information on how to treat it

Do us a favor will you? Please let us know what this turns out to be!



PLEASE HELP. IM 13 YEARS OLD BOY. We have bed bugs in our apartment that came form the vent. I recently got a bite and it has a black dot and i used peroxide and hot water it stinged of course. Now theres a black line(small) underneath my skin. Im very scared because we always clean our house first time I encountered something like this :S please help fast!


Hi Bed Bug Girl:

I have been getting really itchy bites on me all week, in about 3 sets, once along the waist, then along my torso then along my inner thigh!

Picture of Vivians bug bites 2 of 2Picture of Vivians bug bites 1 of 2

I also have random single bites on my leg. They are itchy and I haven’t found any evidence of bed bugs or any bugs in my room. But I have been traveling a lot recently and but I was staying with friends in Toronto and New York, but I stayed in a dive of a place in Las Vegas for 3 nights. I came back home April 3rd. I’m like 90% sure something is biting me, my doctor said so too but he couldn’t tell what it was.

What do you think?

Many thanks.


Alyssa Solt::

I started finding these small red bumps around my body about a week ago. At first I found 3 on my forearm near my elbow. They didn’t itch at first but gradually started to over time. Then I found some more on my legs. They were in pairs of 2 usually but oddly I was only getting bit on my left side of my body.

I don’t know if it was the way I was sleeping or what… Then I noticed that BOTH of my elbows, like straight elbow skin, was bit as well. These were more recent and still small and not itchy. I’ve realized I have also been getting bit on my scalp! All of these bites are fairly small except the 4 that I have found on my thigh that are bigger and look more like mosquito bites. But I know its coming from the same bug. I cant find any signs of bed bugs, fleas or scabies. I’ve looked through my mattress and around my room. I don’t know what else to do…

I have vacuumed my bed, washed my clothes on high heat settings including my bedsheets, and I’m STILL getting bit. I don’t know what it could be. I’ve looked around my room and I found 2 bugs that were exactly the same but different sizes. The one must have been an adult while the other one wasn’t. It had a very slender body, 3 apparent body segments, and a single set of WINGS.

I cant find any bug description that matches this but then again I don’t know if this is the bug that is biting me. I’M TIRED OF GETTING BIT! PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT IS BITING ME!


help me i woke up to a very large and red lump on my ankle and it itches and so i sprayed my bed and slept on the couch. My husband said i was probably having a rash but I’m not sure if it’s bed bugs, what should i do??!!


My sister and I moved into a new apartment about 2 months ago, almost 2 weeks ago now she woke up with 4 bites on her ankle which all seem to match the pictures above. At first, I though she must just be paranoid because she is an extremely clean person who hates bugs, so I just figured it was a spider bite.

She still complained of being itchy over the next week… So we checked our beds every night before we went to bed, as long as her sons crib, but did not find anything until yesterday. I was laying in bed, it was around 11 o’clock, when I seen something moving around my pillow, sure enough it was a bug, I could see the back of it and it was crimson, my quickest instinct was to kill it and see if it had blood in its back, and it did.

We kept the bug and put it into a sealed container, earlier that day I had also found another bug, only it was flat, all black and bigger than the one we had found earlier. If you have any ideas or suggestions on what to do it would be a big help, we are both freaking out!


My daughter just forwarded this picture to me.

Bed bug bites by Lizzie

Does anyone have bedbug bites that look like these?

If so, can you please let me know.

Thank you


Vassa Motes::

My husband travels a lot throughout the country with the same suitcase. I have told him to be careful with bedbugs but he doesn’t think he has contracted any on his belongings. About 2 weeks ago, he showed me about 4 bites around his ankle and I told him they were probably bedbug bites (my husband never works outside in the garden/lawn).

I got 2 bites about 5 days ago in the inside crease of my elbow. I am very sensitive to bites and mosquito’s love to bite me. At first they were small bites, which I thought they were mosquito bites, but then they started to get bigger and flatter. They itch, but not as intense as a mosquito bite. I am concerned about the bite because it has not started to get any better. Usually by now a mosquito bite is scabbing over from my itching so intensely, but this is different. I believe these are bedbug bites (although I have not seen any) and my body is having a severe reaction to them. Today I felt very tired and sluggish, don’t know if this is related to the bites.

Mine look a lot like what “Rob in Austin, November 12, 2010 at 7:55 pm” posted.


for months now i have been waking up with bites/blisters on my hands and arms. Also these appear during the day and there is nothing there i wear long sleeves all the time and yet they appear, today alone in the time I’ve been awake 6 have appeared they itch like hell but disappear in a half hour to an hour most the time. we had an infestation in our old apartment but we steam cleaned everything before moving and I’ve looked around to see if i can find anything and haven’t do you have any ideas to help? we even got the sonic emitters that are supposed to help and it did but now I’m getting bit and my wife doesn’t.


I keep getting bit and even during the day it seems like. The bites some I’ve noticed have heads on them which if i prick it with a needle a little bit of clean liquid comes out. I’ve had some so sore that when I touch it hurts like heck.

I cant find any bedbugs in my room but my daughter sprayed one in the crack of the bathroom door with roach spray and it’s now just sitting in the crack dead. Even caught a few crawling on her wall and sprayed with roach spray..

I thought conventional bug sprays and such didn’t kill them. Wanna know if my bites I described are from bed bugs, she caught a couple the size of say an ant, i guess dark brown, black i dunno. If roach spray kills them then shouldn’t regular foggers for roaches.

John G.::

Ronnie, that specimen doesn’t match with the bed bugs I was catching. The ones we caught are the same that are depicted on this website. They don’t have that divided section which is clearly seen on your specimen. Bed bugs have a very similar head but the body is like a watermelon seed. My first hunch when I looked at the photo was that it may be some sort of beetle. As far as a single bit? I don’t think so. They are usually grouped together. They bite multiple times. That bug may have bitten you but I don’t think it is a bed bug unless it is a different sub specie then the ones most of us are dealing with. Have you done an internet search of all sub species of bed bugs? There may be different ones out there.


The photo is pretty grainy and the bug is only actually the size of an apple seed. It’s dark/reddish brown in color. The reason why I thought it might be a bedbug is because it has the same type of stripe pattern on its’ back as in photos I’ve examined. And the fact, that I was bitten and had a painful red welt during the night. I have found another bug today, and it looks like the same bug, only smaller.

Can bed bugs bites be singular in nature and painful to the touch…the area was swollen and felt like it was on fire. It subsided within a few hours and went away after a day.

Also, how long did it take for you to actually catch your bugs and did you use the ClimbUp Interceptor traps? If so, how long before you noticed them being in your traps? My husband has returned to our bed and has not been bitten during the past 3 nights. Is it possible that he is being bitten, and not showing any outward signs of it? Sorry for all the questions, but my next door neighbors recently moved out and they were throwing out bed linens and the like…within a week of there being moved, I was bitten. Might be purely coincidental, but worth noting.

Thanks in advance for your help,



Hi Ronnie,

That is not a bed bug, so don’t worry – and from the looks of it, it’s not harmful.

The welt could be from a bed bug and all depends on how you react to the bug. It is hard to tell from just one bite and usually just one is not a good indications it’s a bed bug.




About a month ago I started getting bugs bites on my face, arms & stomach when staying at my boyfriend’s house. He did not get any bites at all. I went away for a month and just returned.

I have stayed with my boyfriend the past few nights & woke up yesterday to 2 bites on my forearm. I then woke up this morning with 2 more bites on my upper arm, near my arm pit. The are very itchy & become extremely swollen when I itch them, they form into small welts.

I checked his bed and haven’t found any bugs but am really concerned. Also, why am only I getting bitten? Here are some pictures, not the best quality. Any info would be helpful & much appreciated!!

Thank you!


Please Help!

ronnies bed bug or something elsePlease Help!

I am hoping that someone can help me determine whether the bug I have captured is in fact, a bed bug. Last week, while I slept, I was awoken by my dog jumping on me. Thinking it was the storm that scared her, I closed the window. However, when I turned on the light and looked down, I had a pretty big, bright red, welt on my chest. It was painful to the touch and I felt sick to my stomach. It subsided within a few hours and no longer looked bright red, but a light pink. My stomach ache persisted until the next day. The reason I’m
anxious is that when I googled “red, irregular welt”, a photo of another person’s welt matched mine to a tee. Apparently, its from from a bed bug.

Since that night, I have not had another bite since I have refused to return to my bedroom. My husband has slept in there the past two nights and he had not had a bite. He wasn’t bitten the night I was bitten either. Not sure whether the bite is related to being bitten by a bed bug or a different bug.

Tonight, I found this bug crawling around my baseboard in our apartment (only lived here 2 months). Can someone please tell me whether it is in fact a bed bug? The property manager at our complex won’t treat until we find a bug and since I haven’t slept in our bed, the chances seem slim of finding one. A few days ago, we placed the Interceptor cups underneath our bed legs, but so far we haven’t caught anything.

Can someone please tell me whether it’s a bed bug (not sure how to attach photo) and whether a welt that is painful, not itchy, that goes away within a day, can be from a bed bug bite?

Forgot to mention that we tried the CO2 trap as suggested on the website for 3 consecutive days, and we didn’t catch anything. Realize that we should try it for 2 weeks, but it’s a 45min drive to buy dry ice.

Thank you.

Tanya G::

This website seems like its what i need to figure out what is biting me so I hope someone can help.

It started on Monday when my back was itchy, I didn’t think much of it because i just happened to get a tattoo on the side of my back that Saturday and he had told me that the tattoo when its healing would be itchy, So that night i went to pull my shirt up to check out my tattoo and noticed 3 small bites on my lower back where my pant line usually is.

The bites were not in a straight line but almost like a triangle with 3 different size sides. So i thought nothing to much of it except maybe a spider got me when i was sleeping the night before. So Tuesday morning i woke up and went to work and next thing i know it when i get to work these bites had become completely inflamed and were incredibly itchy so i bought some anti-itch cream and put it on, it seemed to help but these bites were also very painful at the time still.

I decided to go to the clinic and the doctor told me that it was either bed bugs or shingles. I got home from work and searched my bed like a mad person and didn’t see anything at all, so just in case i cleaned everything my bed sheets the blankets pillow cases and put my pillows in the dryer and even vacuumed the matress my entire floor and everywhere around my bed just in case.

After a few days the bites are still there and not itchy nor painful and once the swelling went down i noticed that these were actually 4 bites just 2 very close together and now that the swelling is even more gone down i noticed that there are red dots in the middle of the bites which were not noticeable when they were swollen and inflamed. So a few days pass and i pretty much came to my own conclusion that i rolled on a spider when i was sleeping and that was all. UNTIL Saturday morning, I wake up and look at my leg to notice i have 3 more bug bites in a triangle on the side of my calf, so once again i go to the clinic to see my family doctor and she tells me that i do NOT have bed bugs…

The doctor explained that it would be very obvious if i had bed bugs because i have been searching my bed every day since the first bites and have found no bugs, no feces, no skin left from bugs and no eggs… so she prescribed me a anti-biotic and told me that she does not no what it is.

Saturday night the bites swell up and start to become itchy, all day Sunday the bites are very inflamed and itchy, but no pain like the other bites had, just itchy. It is now Monday and the bites on my leg are a little itchy, not to bad and the swelling has gone down.

So now, should i post pictures will this help?

I really hope someone can help me.. cause I’m going crazy and losing sleep over this. :(




Hello John G,

I will try that. I seen a dermatologist and she said it was for sure some kind of bite, so I do not think it is a virus. I have decided to resort to having a dog come in and sniff out my apartment so I can put this thought of bed bugs to a rest for good. What I do not understand is how I have not find a SINGLE bug in 8 months since I first started noticing my bites. :(

Also, I do not think it is a virus because my boyfriend gets the occasional bite, but nowhere near as many as I do. I mostly get them on my arms, scalp, back, and face. They always feel like a mosquito bite and they usually break open into a sore and scab. The sores also take a super long time to heal.


Bed bug bites on Tracy or something else?Hello,

I woke up this morning and have these 6 little bites at the top of my legs. I cannot see anything on my mattress.

My apartment is super clean though i do have wooden floors which attract dust. I am mortified by the thought that these could be bedbugs. I have not been away recently, last time was end of February.

Would appreciate any comments / advice / help.


John G.::

Wondering, try applying bug repellent to your body before going to bed, focusing on areas where bites occur and see if it stops. If it doesn’t then you probably have a virus.


So I made the bed bug trap after LOTS of struggling to acquire dry ice and find a suitable thermos. After cutting my finger open building the trap yesterday I finally put it to work last night. I used a pound of dry ice and put the trap together at about 11:30 PM. I woke up this morning to find NOTHING! I am so frustrated! I’ve been getting bites since September and I STILL Do not know what is causing them. I built the trap EXACTLY how it was shown in the diagram. but I have had no luck. How accurate is this trap supposed to be?

The dermatologist told me it was not scabies and I have found no bed bugs in my apartment, after using the trap or after having a PCO come in and inspect my apartment. I slept on freshly cleaned sheets last night, my bed has a mattress cover on it and I still got a new bite last night!!!! I live in Alberta so what are the chances it is fleas?

Also, I don’t know if fleas tend to bite below the waist? All of my bites are on my stomach, arms, scalp, face, and between my shoulder blades and lower back. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am running out of ideas and these bites are driving me crazy! Once again my bites look like hives or raised bumps initially and turn into open sores that heal extremely slow. Please Help!

Kathie H::

Amelia, You noted that the ‘bites’ were painful? Have you checked with your Doctor? I thought that I had bites, turned out to be shingles. If no one else is affected, you might want to see your Doctor.

John G.::

Amelia, they certainly do resemble bed bug bites but the fact your husband and anyone else isn’t getting bit makes me uncertain. Another thing, if there are that many bugs biting you, you would have seen or found them. We had three bites at a time and I found a number of them in the box spring tufts and later on adults were appearing in the seems of the mattress after spraying bug killer all over the bed and box spring. I think your issue could be viral and the virus is multiplying in the skin. Painful when touching suggests viral to me. Could be shingles. Bed bug bites just itch and can be bright red too. See your medical dermatologist. Hopefully it passes if that is the case!

Bed Bug Girl::

Hi Amelia,

I’ve documented how to make your own bed bug trap, see my link at the top right of this page. It costs less than $10 to make and works great! This should help determine if you have bed bugs and yes, those look exactly like the bed bug bites that another visitor (Ross) had on his body. Can’t say for sure, but if you look at the photo of his arm at the top (fist page of bed bug bites) you’ll see they match. Try the bed bug trap and see what you catch!


I started having small itchy bumps on my shoulder 3 days ago and since then it has spread to my back, chest, neck and worst of all, face. The bumps look more like pimples than anything else, and some of the ones on my face are painful to touch.

Bug bites on Amelia 1of 3Bug bites on Amelia 2 of 3Bug bites on Amelia 3 of 3

The bumps are super itchy during the day and seem to spread most during the day. My husband and I share a bed and he has no bumps, and our daughter doesn’t seem affected either. When I looked online, the only thing that resembles what I have are bed bug bites.

I’ve torn apart our bed and didn’t find any signs of bed bugs, but it was 7pm. Could they possibly be hiding until night time/early morning? I am planning to investigate the bed again when I get up to nurse our daughter around 4:30-5am.

Thanks for the advice!


hey everyone,

just wanted to know what people think.

i am in the military and live in the barracks. my mattress is one that is covered in plastic already since they aren’t ours and they stay here when we transfer out. i was getting small, bright red, itchy bumps on my legs, ankles and feet before i left to go overseas. while i was gone i didn’t have a problem with any bumps. we were still in the same kind of climate as when in the states, so same type of bugs and what not.

but, as everyone knows, the military likes things clean, so we field dayed every day and did laundry when we could. we got back a week ago to the states and almost immediately the bumps were back, in the same area. my roommate gets them as well. we are one of the few left to have carpet in our room, but vacuum at least once a week.

i could go to have them look at the bites down at medical, but then that would be an investigation in the barracks and if we had to move out we would have no place to go, so i don’t want to go if there is something we can do ourselves.

please help us out!


Bed Bug Girl::

Hi Cody,

Sounds like even after 20 visits by Terminix you still have bed bugs? I am sorry you have to deal with all this, especially after all that! What did those visit cost you each time?

You can send the pictures of your bites to – I’ll post them so others can see the damage.

Thanks for sharing!


i cant believe this……. i am in awww in what i had to endure this week!!!! Darn bed bugs……. now mind you, i am a very clean person, i have hand sanitizer all over my house you could say that i have a little o.c.d, i am even addicted to the show monsters in me, and i have bed bugs.

I hate bugs any kind of bugs. i battle with the phobia of spiders, and now this. i have been crying every night because they have violated my home. they have deformed my body, its just to much. i thought that roaches wwere the worst…… followed by ants….. now its bed bugs….. what the heck.

I want to put a picture of how they have destroyed my body. how they have ruined my children’s spring break. i am to out done. ohhhhh and don’t tell anyone that you have them, because in order to get your house sprayed you have to play like you are moving….. why do I have to move? lol…. pack up all my things put them in bags… yaddie yaddie ya…. then leave my home, give the people twelve hundred dollars….. what the heck…… thats rent.

Help me because these bugs….. these bed bugs……. help me!!!!!!! i am going through midlife, i just became a granny, i have no time for a bugs! help!!!!!!!!! they have taken over my dream home. what did i do wrong???????

I must say that Mr Ross from Terminix is a good exterminator…. He was soooo comforting. i think i would have lost my mind. he was the best, because i was a nervous reck, swear. i am not being dramatic. because this is serious. and if it wasn’t for Ross….. i would be selling my house. i think i called him over twenty times and he never was mean to me. not to mention my hyper boyfriend that left me to do the hard work. soooo Mr. Ross (that’s his first name) thank you so much, really……… if there were more exterminators like Mr. Ross, the bed bug world would be a ok.

sick of this!::

I am an in home social worker and I was seeing a family who had a history of bed bugs in their apartment. I took some precautions but generally had a pretty cavalier attitude about it and went to their house anyway. BIG mistake.

At first I thought they were hives but then realized they were bed bug bites. Mine are little red dots, usually on my wrists, hands, inner forearms, and ankles. I think they prefer exposed, hairless areas, also places where there is little fat. I have taken to tucking in my socks into my pj pants, and wearing long sleeves, it is helpful. At first I was in denial, then I was depressed. Now I am motivated to kill these guys. I have been at it for a few weeks with mixed success. I haven’t seen any, just one dead one, and also some black smudges, mainly on the staples on the underside of my box spring. Getting rid of them is about doing your research (this website is helpful) and diligence. Good luck everyone.



I live in low income housing and i have bed bugs. i have bed bugs from day one here and they did lie and say it was not bed bugs but i went to the bigger people so they know it is bed bugs now. so if u live in low income make sure they are not lying to you about the bed bugs and that they are using some type of pest control, such as spraying.

I can’t sleep at all and fell them all over me every night and i want it to stop! can you tell me what to do so i can get them out of my apartment and keep them away for good?



Thanks for your advice. The older bites are still there and seem to have started the healing process, but the newer ones are red, puffy and itchy. It’s almost like I’m having an allergic reaction – they look like hives to me. If they are not bed bugs, I think they are sand fleas. Just hoping those haven’t followed me. As a precaution, I washed everything I had with me in my suitcase last night in hot water and dried it on high. I also bought a new suitcase and discarded the old one. I bought a new pair of shoes and placed the old ones, along with anything else that could be infected, in plastic ziploc bags. I don’t want to risk taking these things home with me when I head home tomorrow.

I will let you know if I figure out what type of bite it is – planning to head to a doctor Friday morning.


Bed Bug Girl::

Hi Court,

Those do not look like bed bug bites, more like spider bites, but, it would be very rare to get more bites after moving to another location. Do you usually have bad reactions to bites? To eliminate the possibility of bed bugs, visit my section on bed bug traps located at the top right of this page and there you will find a do it yourself guide. The materials needed for this can be found anywhere and costs less than $10!

I know it’s been a while since the time you wrote and the time I posted the pictures. Are you still being bitten? Are these bites in the picture healing now?

Thanks for sharing!

John G.::

Hello, Everybody! Just wanted to let you know my place is still free of bed bugs and it has been months. My wife can’t even stand the thought of them anymore. I remind her that it is vigilance that will keep them away. I was able to keep all my furniture during the battle. I hope some of you took my advice. A lot of you still seem very confused and alarmed. Steam treatment and double stick tape on furniture legs and support blocks is very effective!

Bed Bug Girl::

Hi Court,

Send the photos to and I’ll get them posted and comment.




Please help… I am going crazy thinking I’ve had a run in with bed bugs!

I travel for work and was staying in a Hilton Garden Inn in Dallas last week. On Thursday I left for Miami, where I also checked into another hotel for the weekend. On Friday in Miami, I noticed a bunch of bites on my lower legs, below the knees, near ankles and on the calves. They looked like mosquito bites and were very red and itchy. They have since turned purple, but I did scratch them because I didn’t know I’d been bit. Nobody else was bit, including my boyfriend who slept in the same bed with me in Miami.

Odd thing is, I got back to Dallas yesterday and in the morning I noticed new fresh bites near my ankles. This morning after waking up in Dallas I noticed a few more new ones. They look slightly smaller from the others, and have not started to turn purple, but I have not been itching.

Do you think they are bed bugs?? Another suggestion I got was chiggers or sand fleas, and they could be traveling with me in my suitcase now, which would explain the bites that popped up yesterday and today.

Bug bites on Court picture 1 of 3Bug bites on Court picture 2 of 3Bug bites on Court picture 3 of 3

Thank you SO MUCh for your help!


Bed Bug Girl::

Wondering, stop wondering (sorry, I couldn’t resist : ) – See the bed bug trap link in the top right menu of this site; it’s a do it yourself device you can make yourself for under $10 using material from any dollar store and it is a GREAT WAY to find out if these are bed bug bites or something else!



I posted on the site back in December because I thought I had a bed bug infestation. I had an exterminator come in and he found no signs of bed bugs. The bites have not stopped though and i had an appointment with a dermatologist today and she said they are for sure bug bites, but she isn’t sure if its bed bugs or fleas.

What are the main differences between flea bites and bed bug bites? My bites are very sparse and spread out across my back, stomach, and arms. They start out like a red swollen hive and soon turn into a open sore and scab afterward. The dermatologist also ruled out scabies, as the bites are very random and spread out.

I have a had a mattress cover on my bed since December, but i am still getting bites. Is it possible the bites are occurring at my boyfriends house? Is it possible that fleas are living in his mattress even though we live in a province with a rather cool climate?

Please Help!

Why Me?::

Hi, I travel a lot for work and recently stayed at a hotel outside the US. My first night there I woke up with a couple of reddish welts, but just assumed that they were mosquito bites and went on my way. Flash forward a week and a half and there are red bites all over my back, the back of my neck and my stomach.

Bedbug Bites by whyme 1 of 6Bedbug Bites by whyme 2 of 6Bedbug Bites by whyme 3 of 6

Bedbug Bites by whyme 4 of 6Bedbug Bites by whyme 5 of 6Bedbug Bites by whyme 6 of 6

My first though was that perhaps our dogs got fleas. We washed all the sheets in hot water and gave the dogs their flea bath even though I’m the only one with bites. (The dogs aren’t itching/scratching, my boyfriend doesn’t have a speck on him even though we sleep in the same bed, etc.) There are absolutely no bites at all on my legs or arms, just all over my stomach and back as well as near my hair line in the back of my head.

I’ve included pictures above and hope someone can tell me if these look like bed bugs or something else? The unfortunate thing is that I have to travel again on Monday/can’t get to the doctor for another week. I’m guessing that hydrocortisone is probably my only option for now. I just can’t figure out why I’m the only one itching.

Is it possible that they just attacked me at the hotel, but didn’t make it home to infect the house? I don’t think I have any new bites, it’s just the ones that I have are itching like crazy. How long does it take for bed bug bites to go away?

Thanks a million for helping poor itchy souls like me out!

Bed Bug Girl::

Hi AC,

So what I read from this is that management believes that there are no bed bugs and that you’re being bit by something else or imagining it, right?

Well, this is what you do. I put together all the directions on how to make your own bed bug trap (see my link at the top right corner of this site). Build the trap (it costs less then $10) and arm it for a few nights and see what you catch, that should give you the evidence you need! By the way – it’s possible for your wife to go without bites, or be bite and not have a reaction, so don’t let that bug you too much (no pun intended).


I will make a long story brief and I need help: I moved into a new apt 3 months ago. Found a bed bug on the wall. Management handled right away and heated the entire place up. 2 days later I find another bed bug. Management heats the place again and chemically treats. Then I start waking up with huge welts on my face and back. The bites I get on my back are the size of half dollars.

Management has a dog come in to sniff my apt and all surrounding apts and finds nothing. No one else has any problems. I buy DE and sprinkle everywhere. No problems for over a month. I wake up yesterday and the whole side of my face is swollen and bites on my back and I find a bed bug attached to my suitcase that we were taking on a trip this weekend.

I have no idea what else we can do. If we move all it takes is one to come along with us and start all over. I have no evidence of any bugs; no blood, no fecal stains, no eggs. Just this one bug I found. What do I do to get rid of them? Heat is not working, they must be coming from the walls.

My wife isn’t getting bit, it is just me. This is a horrible stigma to have as we pride ourselves on cleanliness. The bites are embarrassing to have as they swell up my whole cheek. Please advise!

Bed Bug Girl::

Hi S2,

You can confirm if you have bed bugs by visiting my page on bed bug traps (top right of this page in the menu bar) – it’s a do it yourself kit that costs less than $10 to make and works great!

I link you posted didn’t show anything, but you can send pictures of your bed bug bites to my email located at the bottom of this page.


Hello again! I have recently discovered what I think is a carpet beetle.. I’ve looked up what they look like online, but the colour seems to be different. The one I found look very similar to these, except the middle was white and, top and bottom was black. Other than that, they looked the same, from segmented body to ‘hairy’ legs. Does the colour difference mean it’s not carpet beetles? Sorry, my camera isn’t able to focus on such a small insect. I squished it, and white pus-like liquid came out.. so pretty sure I have not mistaken it for a bed bug.

Sorry for posting this question here, but I have no idea where to post and I think I’m losing my mind over the possibility of bed bugs. The bites I have described before could have been an allergic reaction to mosquito bites.. or that’s what I’m hoping.


Bedbug Bites on AckkedWe found a bed bug and I think that’s where these bites came from ….

There are about 23 or so…

We just got a few different things donated to us …

Could bed bugs have been carried in or should we still worry about treatment?


I have about 10-12 bites from over the past 2 nights and they are very itchy. I have looked at many pictures on the website of bites and mine seem like they are very similar to bed bug bites. I’m not too sure what to do. Tonight I will be doing a clean sweep of every crevice in my bedroom, but what if they are bed bugs?

Do I need to get an exterminator? Can you see them in plain sight? Some answers would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Bed Bug Girl::


It is possible that you’ve been being bitten but your body has finally started reacting to the bed bugs. Use the bed bug trap (see link top right of this site) and see how many you catch. It’s highly unlikely that you brought one bed bug in and it bite you that many times so I’m guessing you may have them worse than you expect – IF – they are bed bug bites. Can you send us some pictures (send them to



Hello, I’ve never had bed bugs before, but woke up to about 30+ bites similar to mosquito bites on my thigh, calf, ankles, feet and below my elbow. A lot of people here state they have 2-3 spots at a time. The bites if I scratch immensely, become raised and swollen on and around the bite for a day, and then become 1cm red circles the next day. Others are 1cm and red for a day and seem to be healing after one day. So is it possible for me to get bitten by bed bugs 30 plus times for the first time ever?

I did however, get bitten by many mosquito’s one week ago, but only showed a red dot in a white circle the next day without any itching and swelling, so I dismissed them. All bites I have now are on exposed skin only. I have bites in groups of 3 as mentioned above, so that also adds to my concerns, but the majority of them seem random and in bigger groups. So is it bed bugs or delayed reactions on my mosquito bites?

Please help, I’ve lost so much sleep itching crazily, and then worrying about bed bugs. :(


I had bites all over my body and they were HUGE. I ended up having to be on steriods for over a month because I couldn’t breath.
This is what they looked like. I had never seen anything like this before.
[Note: Whitney, the link was removed as it was password protected and forced people to join. Send the pictures to and I’ll get them posted for you]
I was wanting to know if there was anything I could do to prevent them, seeing that I am moving into an apartment soon.

Rob Gonz::

Bug bites on RobHello,

Do you guys think these are Bed Bug bites or Shingles?

The four pics are of the same exact location which is on my upper back near the bottom of my shoulder blade. They don’t itch, but they have a dull sting. And also I have a tenderness in my upper left side of my chest near my nipple and ribcage, which isn’t painful necessarily.



Dr M M::

Luc: Could be fleas instead.

Ali: Could be shingles (if you’ve ever had the chicken pox, it’s possible to contract shingles even in your 30s or 40s, although much more common to get it much later in life).

EVERYONE needs to see a healthcare provider to confirm what you have! Good luck!

John G.::

CS, If you have bite marks that show up in the morning that is enough for me to believe you are being bitten the night before, especially if you have sensitive skin. I remember feeling bites then seeing the marks in the morning.

John G.::

Ali, I am not a Doctor but I think you should get checked by a dermatologist. That looks viral to me. There is a slight chance in my opinion, that it could be bed bug bites but I don’t see a three bite pattern anywhere. I had some definite bed bug bite photos posted further down below. One of the photos shows a reaction on my wife’s neck that was more rash looking then the ones on my feet, ankles and arms.


I have been dealing with mysterious bites since last May when i went abroad. i was camping in a public camp space in a tent that other people had used, and woke up with around 50 bites, all over, red and dry looking. Didn’t itch. The other girl in the tent (my roommate) had no bites and for the rest of the time we lived together abroad (2 more months) she never got any. mine didn’t heal, and i didn’t get many more, until i finally went back to the states and put steroid cream on them. Then they healed, after a few weeks. My father and I were afraid of bed bugs so right when i got home we had all my luggage dry cleaned and then i didn’t get any bites for a while, so i thought i was fine.

Image of bites on Ali 3 of 3Image of bites on Ali 2 of 3

I would wake up with some bites every once in a while, but no one who stayed over ever got bitten, and neither has my roommate. Then, a few weeks ago, I woke up with a few more “bite” things and got worried that somehow i have bed bugs.. I searched all around my mattress- absolutely no evidence of them. Then i went on a trip to visit family, and WHILE on the trip, woke up with a bunch more bites, all over again! I have no idea what this is..but they LOOK like bed bug bites.

I finally went out yesterday to buy some DE and I will be putting that around my room and bed tomorrow..but I am moving in May and I wanted to know how to be POSITIVE that i will not take any bed bugs (if that’s what this is) with me to my new home. This is what i plan on doing so far- do you have any other suggestions?

-Buy two mattress covers for allergens and put then on my mattress and box spring after treating with DE
-go through all belongings before the move and get rid of anything unnecessary and then wash and dry all clothes/bedding with hot water/air, and then store in sealed plastic bags.
-treat entire room with DE, vacuum regularly

Would it be wise to dispose of my mattress when i move if evidence of bed bugs is found, or will the covers prevent a re-infestation?

any advice for getting rid of the bite mark? The only thing that has worked so far is a steroid cream, and i’d really like to stop using that.

Thank you SO much for your help! this has been such a nightmare..
Pictures of my latest bites are included, maybe you can tell if they are from bed bugs? i have a sinking feeling that they are..


Update 3/26/2011

I ended up going to the hospital for something else and they checked out my ‘bites’. After a biopsy it turns out it’s guttate psoriasis. Which makes sense since i have found no sign of bed bugs nor has anyone gotten ‘bit’ but me.. It kind of sucks to have psoriasis, but i guess it’s better than bed bugs..!

Thanks for all your help in the meantime!


I have been bitten by bed bugs too. But my experience wasn’t like anyone else’s. I only got 2 or 3 bites but never in a straight line. The bites hurt so bad I would cry. The bites didn’t go away for a month. I used rubbing alcohol to help with the itching. It was the only thing that worked. I bought so many bottles and sprayed everything with alcohol. I don’t know if it killed them stupid bugs but i stopped getting those painful bites.


Long story short- (when I have the time I will contribute more b/c I have learned a LOT from this experience)

About a month ago I discovered ONE bed bug… Didn’t waste time, got an exterminator in to treat the apt. He discovered that the tenants upstairs have been dealing with them so he gave them a quick treatment (not as extensive as ours…) Since then, my husband has caulked the entire apt, bought mattress protectors, treat everything with alcohol every weekend, etc… My son has a friend that lives across the street whose building has NUMEROUS reports on another site about bed bugs in the building. Whenever my son goes over to his apt (which is rare these days) we take precautions… strip him down, bag his clothes and leave them on the balcony or outside the apt until washed and make him take a shower.

The other night we allowed him to sleep over his friend’s apt and took the normal precautions when he got home (around 1pm Sunday)

Sunday night around 8pm my son noticed he had three bites on his arm (the ones I have come to know VERY WELL through our horrible ordeal.) Of course I freak out… my husband and I truly believe he may have gotten bit while at the friend’s apt and hopefully didn’t bring any home. We stripped his bed, sprayed it with alcohol and we all went to bed. Tomorrow I will clean out his room and treat it with Diatomaceous Earth… We are throwing out his futon… (Not taking any chances.)

This morning he had a few more welts on his body… (when my son & I get bit, they become these big welts.. I’m assuming we are somewhat allergic.. we both have fair/sensitive skin..)

We found no evidence of bed bugs in his room and the exterminator only found evidence in OUR room when we had the apt treated. (And we only found the ONE bug… no others… no eggs, etc.)

I currently have no bites whats so ever.

My question is, how do I know if the bites my son discovered this morning are FRESH bites and not just ones that could have happened the night he spent over at the “bed bug building?”

Could it be that he just got bit over at his friends? Like I said– when he got home we stripped him down and washed his clothes right away.

John, I’m looking at you buddy…. talk me off the ledge.


MJ…..are you out there. Please help!!!

We had bugs and spent thousands of dollars moving/cleaning/heating everything to a new home. I used to get MASSIVE welts, but now, in the new home, I am experiencing the EXACT same thing that you describe.

What was the end result of your marks?

Please reply.


Two yrs ago, I was getting welts on my body (legs, face, arms, butt) and had terrible itching at night that kept me up. This went on for months, the dr said I had eczema. I couldn’t stand it at night. I went away for a week (I was OK) and when I got back, my sister who lived w/ me said she had thrown out her mattress because she saw a lot of bedbugs (as far as I know, she never itched).

I had seen some bugs before on the top of my bed but thought nothing of them (I had flushed them of course). She used a fogger (which I later learned is not good). We had to buy new mattresses, boxsprings & expensive covers and pay $700 for the exterminator. I threw out the couch (which had them), a chair, washed all the clothes, took up all the carpeting around the walls for the spraying. What a hassle! I have since moved and am paranoid every time I itch or see anything (it could be a piece of lint, I don’t know).

I’m so afraid of infecting someone else’s house even though I don’t know if I still have them. Anyway, this bedbug problem is HORRIBLE! I wish we could use that DDT that they used yrs ago to get rid of them. They were GONE but now are back. We have to do something.


Cindy you should see a doctor if you have a staph infection. I’ve never read about so many infections before.

We are looking for airline safety solutions to add to my site.


I was convinced I had bed bugs, but now I’m not so sure. I’m only getting bites on my ankles and calves, and many of the bites are right next to hairs and hair follicles. Everything I’ve read says that bed bugs don’t like hairy skin, but I’ve had no bites anywhere else on my body except my legs.

Does anyone know what I might have? I also have mild-to-moderate eczema, so after I scratch, the skin breaks and doesn’t heal completely for weeks or even months (this has nothing to do with whatever’s biting me–it happens every winter). All my bites are also red in the center. I’ve also read that bed-bug bites aren’t red in the center.

Can anyone help me?

michele d::

a follow up to my post. it seems that bed bugs I do not have, but I’m experiencing vasculitis of the skin which leaves marks all over my lower body that do look like bites without the itching.


@John G yeah I guess I won’t be using DE after all, at least not yet. The exterminator is coming to spray tomorrow, and when I mentioned that I wanted to sprinkle DE he said no, no.. he said it would mess up his whole thing (whatever that means) so I guess I am just going to try to trust him. (I’m a bit of a control freak lol) He said he’s going to spray 3 different times, which left me feeling a little better about it. He’s also doing the entire building. (I live in a quadplex) If after the series of sprays, if there still are some, then I will use the DE to finish the job.

I stayed at my boyfriends last night, so I don’t have any new bites and the original ones are started to fade away, though they still itch. I have to stay home tonight because I have class very early in the morning, and I’m afraid that since I vacuumed and picked my bedroom apart last night looking for them, I’m afraid I may have stirred them up. I moved my bed away from the wall and got rid of my bedskirt. I’ll get some two-way tape today to tape the legs since I have one more night with them. :( I’m really concerned about my dog. When I came home this morning, he was rolling around on the carpet like he was scratching his back. Now I’m concerned that they were attacking him all night since I was gone. :( I can’t wait for this to be over!

John G.::

Kay, be careful with the DE. It is not good to inhale it. Some suggest putting it around the baseboards of your walls. I also puffed some on the underside of my box spring and some on the top of the box spring. I don’t think anybody would suggest puffing any on your mattress. Just so you know I think the DE I used killed the last few that I believe bit me after I thought I eradicated them all. The bug must have been covered in this DE and later died because we are bug free and it’s been a while now. Can you get a garment steamer and start steaming areas of your bedding and frame? How about the mounting tape around the legs and support blocks? This is so effective you need to do this right away.


I am not really sure what to think anymore. It has been 8 months since we discovered bed bugs in the wood bed frame we bought locally on Craigslist. It all started with a reaction my son had to some bites. The doctor didn’t think it was bed bugs but when it reappeared a couple weeks later I started to poke around in his bed.

It was pretty bad. We found his bed was pretty infested and only found 2 on our box spring. We threw out his bed and our box spring. I treated and cleaned as best we could. Since then we have moved and bought all new beds and metal bed frames. None of us have had anymore bites and my mind was finally starting to ease. But then I walked into my bedroom about a week ago and found a bug crawling on my ceiling. I got tissue and grab it. I am pretty sure it was a bed bug.

According to your life cycle pic it was an unfed adult. He moved very slowly and was pretty dried out. I can’t help but to start freaking out a bit. I cannot find any evidence of others. Any chance it was a straggler?? Can that be possible??


I am so stressed out. I’m not allowed to go back to work until I am treated (I work at a nursing home, for liability reasons they asked me to take a leave of absence until it’s resolved) I really don’t think I have them that bad YET, I looked under the mattress, I looked behind pictures on the wall and along the ceiling. I also kept waking up in the middle of the night and switching the light on because I couldn’t sleep, I kept feeling like something was crawling on me but I still haven’t seen any.

The “exterminator” guy who came before to bomb my neighbors apartment said he could come on Friday. But he made me so mad, asking all these questions first like if I was sure they weren’t mosquito bites. Asking if there’s a chance I got them from work. He’s the same guy who treated her apartment! He should know better, but he said they didn’t necessarily come from hers. I have a doctors appt on Tuesday, and they’re supposed to give me some topical ointment to put on the bites.

I’m going to buy some of that DE today and I’m also going to throw a lot of stuff away. Where do I put the DE? I want to move so badly but I’m so afraid of taking them with me. :( I did not sleep at all last night. The anxiety and paranoia is insane.

John G.::

Kay, when I started reading your comment I suspected it was from a neighbor before you said it. Just start treating. I would move any way if you can!

John G.::

Michelle, it is very likely you are being bitten by bed bugs. The bites on my hands were a burning pain to me and not much swelling. I did have a rash there also. The eraser sized red marks you are experiencing are convincing enough to me. Don’t wait on your Doctor. Read in the ‘bed bug treatment’ link of this website to get tips from many people on how to kill them in place . There are some simple things you can do such as double stick tape for the bed legs and blocks, Food Grade Diatemaceous Earth and hand held steaming, such as a garment steamer. The intense heat is most effective. Also, when the bugs are little they like to hide in the plastic corners of your box spring. You should find them there. Kill them all when you see them. When they are adult they get more brave and hang out inside your mattress seams and frame areas.

michele d::

I started out with pin sized dots all over my feet where my ankle socks covered. (the morning after we got home from Costa Rica) then a week later I got what appeared to be skin colored welts on my elbows 12 hours after getting out of bed. since then the bites have increased and I woke up this morning with swelling along the bottom of my feet and my hands are showing swelling as well.

Big swelling that makes it painful to walk and close my hands. I also have what looks like blood vessels broken under my skin and red marks from pin prick to end of pencil eraser size. I go to the doc Thursday. will get my husband to take pictures tonight. is that how bed bug bites progress? I know it affects everyone different and I haven’t seen any description like mine.


I’m freaking out, I’m almost positive that I have bed bugs.. I’ve been on this computer for hours researching it by google. I have 2 different sets of the 3 bite lines, which was what basically confirmed for me that it was bed bug bites. My right elbow is the area that has been most bit, my right leg has a few bites too but not many. I called my landlord today but he hasn’t called me back yet. Pictures below:

Kays bug bites picture 1 of 2

I have not stayed at any hotels, I have not bought any furniture lately. I moved in here July of last year, and I read on here that they can go months & months without feeding. I wonder if they were always here and they’re just now biting? Initially I thought I was having an allergic reaction because I switched lotions. Even the nurses at my job were telling me not to worry, but that 3 bite line is what basically confirmed it for me and now I’m freaking out. I doubt I’ll be able to sleep tonight. I live alone, with just my dog and I don’t have much furniture so hopefully that will make it easier to get rid of them.

But what I am mostly worried about is if it’s possible to carry them over to my boyfriends house too? I don’t pack suitcases or anything when I go to stay overnight, but I keep my clothes by my bed. He has a young son, so I am SO afraid that the bugs will have hitched a ride with me. I just noticed the bites within the past few days, and I’ve only been to his house once. What are the chances of them being at his place now too?

I’m mad as hell.. after posting my original post above, I called my landlord to find out if any other tenants have been complaining of itching. Last month, a girl moved out after only being here for a few months. (she broke a one year lease) and I never asked why, but she also left a mattress laying up against the side of the building. My landlord kept calling me to ask if the mattress was gone, but I didn’t ask why. I just assumed the girl no longer wanted it. I didn’t think anything of it. This was back in January that she moved out. I found out that she first complained about bugs in November. He insists that she brought them. I don’t know whether she willingly moved out or if he evicted her.

I’m mad as hell that he didn’t tell me or the other tenants. He had that apartment bombed after she left, but not the entire building. There are two other tenants besides myself (it’s a quadplex) they probably don’t know either! Unless they’re itching now too. He said that he would pay for my mattress covers and he will have the building bombed. I’m freaking out thinking about how fast these things multiply. I’m probably not going to get any sleep tonight. :/

John G.::

knitarama, I would think you would be getting bites on your feet, ankles and arms also. Bed bugs are not focused on one or two areas of your body. They like the veins and arteries that are near the surface of the skin (like the feet) if they can find it. It is probably a heat sensory that they possess. You should be seeing the 3 bite pattern as well and also you should be seeing some bugs eventually. I don’t think you are experiencing bed bugs based on what you wrote. I hope that is the case.


I don’t know if I have bed bugs or some other bugs but for some reason everytime my friends come over they get bumps all over and I also get them but not as frequently vie been told that they don’t bite me because my skin is dark is this true and I’d so how in the world to I get rid of them I tried washing all my sheets and everything but they are still here and also I have never seen them personally is there a small or microscopic breed of bed bugs please help me


I am experiencing something very similar to MJ — I get small red bumps/bites that fade away quickly and generally aren’t very itchy. I get maybe one or two a day, usually on my face or chest/back. the ones on the face I usually discover in the morning.

the problem started while we were abroad last year — small, not very itchy bites, sometimes two near each other. when we came back, one exterminator’s dog picked up the bed bug scent, but another exterminator said our problem wasn’t bed bugs (but wasn’t sure what it was). we’ve never seen insects around our bed, have our mattress and pillowcases encased, our clothes in zip lock bags. we’ve had our place exterminated for bed bugs three times, vacuumed, dried our clothes endlessly, dry cleaned all our wool items…

I’m seeing a dermatologist to rule out scabies/lice/etc but I’m not very hopeful she’ll have a diagnosis.

it’s a low-grade problem, but it just won’t go away! anyone have any bright ideas?

John G.::

MJ, if you scroll down to the comment posted Dec 15th at 10:17pm you will see bed bug bites . Yours looks like a spider or mosquito bite.


Please help me with my anxiety with bed bug bites!

I live in a dorm and I was moved to a “clean” room (cleared to be free of bed bugs a month ago by the specially trained dog, haven’t been occupied by anyone since then) from my old room that was infested with bed bugs. I laundered all that was launder-able in hot water and heat dry or heat dry only for clothes that were clean to begin with, and put them in clean garbage bags or zip-lock bags. I brought some non-fabric items to my new room along with the laundered clothes in bags. I have opened them a few times to find clothes to wear but for the most part they’ve been sealed in my new room.

The first few days I was so paranoid that I brought the bugs with me somehow (through non-launderable items like laptop or a tissue box) and I did have some bumps on my skin that look like mosquito bites in random parts of my body throughout the day, not necessarily after waking up from sleep in the morning. Most of them (slightly raised, small reddish spots a lot like very small mosquito bites, usually in one or two at the most on my chest, my shoulder, my forearm) weren’t itchy or bothersome at all, and would actually disappear within 30 min-2 hours. They would appear like an hour or two after I wake up, during the day at work, or in the early evening as I’m up about and moving around or sitting at the desk doing homework.

I constantly fidget, check my body in the mirror every few hours, and check my mattress and bed sheets and pillow/pillow cover every day, and haven’t found a single bug or anything resembling its feces. When I would go into my old room (right before and in between the 1st and 2nd treatment by the pest control company), I would either wear a blue paper suit and trash it after leaving the room, and wipe down my shoes with alcohol wipes before entering my new room or change clothes before coming back to my new room.

Bite on face of MJToday I have noticed a similar bite-looking spot on my cheek just now (6pm). Again, it’s not itchy and the only reason I noticed it is because as I was fidgeting I happen to stroke my cheek. Could this be a bed bug bite that I had last night that my body is reacting to like 12 hours later or is it something else? The bump is already going away right now as I’m typing this question.

I’m so afraid that I have bed bugs in the clean room and I will re-infect my old room that I’m about to move back into this week. When I had bed bugs bite before I did not have extensive reaction to the bites but they were quite itchy. The bites (if they are bites) I’m getting now do not itch and do not appear in clusters. Please help!

*I’m sending you the picture to this address:

Chuck Taylor::

So here is my story: HELP

I moved in to employee housing at a ski resort that is notorious for having a bad bed bug problem (they make everyone sign an addendum acknowledging they have a problem and they won’t help you) You know what, screw it VAIL RESORTS.

I moved in for 6 days total when I realized I had some sort of a bite (7 total). One on my calf, two on my thigh, and 4 on my butt. They were like pimples that itches like hell. The ones on my butt were close to the crack, and one in the fold of my butt cheek. It has been almost 2 months since i have moved out and I’m still losing my mind. Once I thought they were bed bug bites, i moved out immediately taking every precaution cleaning everything (dryer over 120 degrees for 60 mins plus) or throwing bedding, bags out.

I have been to the dermatologist twice and they were, well, useless. They gave me a steroidal cream the fist time, and maybe made things worse, but definitely didn’t fix the problem. The second time they decided to take a “sample” and cut off on of the bites on my rear end to see if it was scabies or some sort of something else? **** side note, they bites would dissipate sometimes and then reappear in the same exact area. Within a few centimeters of the original bite. The bite on my thigh which is easiet for me to see, you can see the scar marks of the bite moving from where it first bit to the second itchy location, to the next etc..

The second round at the dermatologist they treated me for scabies and I used Acticin Cream from my shoulders to the bottom of my feet over night. The itching seemed to be gone for about 6-7 along with the second cream the Dr. gave me Triamcinoline Acetonide Cream. I thought i was in the clear and scott free. No itching, and the bumps (still only in the 7 places were on the way out) until today when they started itching like crazy again.

Not sure how to upload pics, but would be happy to share the one on my thigh. Are these bed bugs with a flare up? I have heard of people that can sense bugs still around with flare ups?

Why are the bites only itchy in these 7 places?!?! Losing my mind and would love any insight!


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