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Comments concerning bedbugs in Hotels


Great website. Can you do a hotel check? Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver, 845 Burrard Street. Thanks so much.


Hello Prash,
I’ve searched a large number of sources and came up empty – that’s a good thing :)
From what I see, they have very good reviews as well.
Enjoy your stay!

Barbara Baccollo:

Great information on a ‘pesty subject’, thank you!
Could you please do a search for hotels that we are considering for our stay in London next month? The Park Plaza Victoria and the Hilton London Tower are under consideration. I am highly allergic to insect bites and would need to stay on antihistamines for weeks if I get bitten.
Thank you!

Hello Barbara,
I could not find any reference to bed bugs in the last year at Park Plaza Victoria London?239 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 1EQ, United Kingdom020 7769 9999?.
I also checked the Hilton London Tower Bridge Hotel?Tooley Street, 5 More London Place, London SE1 2BY, United Kingdom020 3002 4300? and didn’t find anything there as well.
Have Fun!

Deborah J. Shock:

Would you please inquire about Super 8 Motel in Mount Jackson, Virginia off of I-81? Any complaints of bedbugs?, Sincerely, Deborah J. Shock

If you are referring to Super 8 Mount Jackson?250 Conicville Road, Mount Jackson, VA 22842(540) 477-2911? then I couldn’t find any reports of bed bugs.


What should be the time of my life has now became a nightmare,,, i seen the news to night and wow! bed bugs made the 6 o’clock news, my daughter myself and my mother have a wonderful trip to HAWAII in may and now I’m worried on the possibility of bed bugs,
We are due to stay at the ASTON WAIKIKI BEACH HOTEL{ FORMALLY THE RESORT QUEST} 2570 kalakaue ave. honolulu hi. 96815
(808) 923-3656
Can you please look in to this if u have a chance, i called and they said they don’t have any and never have, but who knows,
This is very important my mom just had lung cancer (which is in remission) however do to her chemo treatments her white cells will take some time to build back up and we don’t want any thing to make her sick!
Thank you for your time.

Hi Misty,
I went back a year and could not find any reports of bed bugs and in that area, bedbugs are a huge problem from what I hear. In doing the research, I did find that a lot of people complaining about the small rooms and a nightmare a breakfast and that you need to get there early or it’s gone. True or not, it’s something to keep in mind and ask about before your stay!
Let us know how it turned out, will you?


Hi Barbara,
Wow, there are a ton of fantastic reviews and I couldn’t find one mention of bed bugs there. I think you’re going to have a great time there!
Rubens at the Palace, opposite Buckingham Palace and a short walk from Westminster Abbey
39 Buckingham Palace Road
London, SW1W 0PS, United Kingdom
+44 20 7834 6600
Let us know how your stay went :)

Barbara Baccollo:

You are right. Since writing to you I have now decided to stay at the ‘Rubens at the Palace’ unless your research suggests differently.
I do appreciate your efforts.


I am running a trip to Great Wolf PA this May 2009 – I have 30 rooms reserved – I heard about the possibility of them having bedbugs – I called the person I booked with and explained my concerns – she had a supervisor call me back and assure me there are not bed bugs – I have found a blog on-line of a complaint of bed bugs in November, 2008 – how can I find out if they are still having this problem – would it be wise for us all to back out?
Please comment as soon as you can – the date is drawing near.

Hello Theresa,
Great Wolf Lodge in Poconos PA at 1 Great Wolf Drive Scotrun, Pennsylvania 18355 (570) 688-9899
Biondie192001 from ney york on May 12th, 2010 reports Beware of Bed Bugs!!!!!!! States that they had a great time, but a feww weeks after his home was infested with bed bugs and has never had a problem with bed bugs before. Reported that son and daughter had bites from head to toe and scars from itching! Found on tripadvisor
Found a Feb 17th review on tripadvisor by jmmccool titled Beware of Bed Bug Infestation who reports that two times now he has encountered bed bugs. States that his son was bitten up very bad and management was unappoligetic.
At this point I stopped.
Good Luck!

Barbara Baccollo:

Thanks, Jim, I will let you know how it goes.


great website. How about the Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos. I’ve heard they had a problem, but I also heard they have resolved it? What do I do?

Hi Joe,
See the comment below for the recent bed bug infestations. What can you do if you are going anyway? Document and talk to management ahead of time, someone in a management position and get them to confirm that they are clean and some type of garantee and contact should you find bed bugs.
Chances are, they will MAKE SURE to stick you in a room they feel comfortable with. If you do find them, you have documentation (take pictures) and go from there.
Good luck!


Hello Barbara,
It would be better if you pick out one or two hotels you are considering staying at and then I’ll research those hotels for bedbug infestations.
Best regards,


Hello Deborah,
I checked for any reference to bed bugs at the Super 8 Motel Conicville Blvd and didn’t find anything. Hope that helps!
Super 8 Mount Jackson
250 Conicville Blvd
I-81 Exit 273
Mount Jackson, VA 22842 US
Enjoy your stay!


Can you tell me anything about the LaConner Country Inn in LaConner, Washington. I stayed there 2 weeks ago and have what look like bedbug bites that showed up approx. 4 – 5 days after I spent one night there.


Hello Nicole,
I looked over 200 reviews of the Sleep Inn Miami Airport Miami Springs and didn’t find anything. Address is:
105 Fairway Dr.
Miami Springs, FL 33166
(305) 871-7553
Best regards,


Hello Brenda,
I found two hotels with that name and I’m guessing the first is the hotel you’re interested in.
Here are the hotels:
La Conner Country Inn
108 S 2nd St
La Conner, WA 98257
(360) 466-3101
La Conner Channel Lodge & Country Inn
205 N 1st St
La Conner, WA 98257
(360) 466-1500
I could not find any reference to bedbugs for either hotel – that’s good :)

nicole sanders:

can you check the sleep inn hotel miami international airport?


Any reports of Bedbugs at
Conner Hill Motor Lodge
3921 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863


Hi Lisa,
All the research I have done not only indicated the hotel was bug free, but just about all the reviews that I came across were very positive.
I think you’ll have a good night without a single bed bug bite :)


Hi Jim,
Is there any reported bed bug problem at Hampden House? The full address is Flat 9 Hampden House, 2 Weymouth Street, London. This is not a hotel but a 3-bedroom apartment for short term stay.
Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi, Jim. I am considering taking my family to Great Wolf Lodge in VA but I did read some reviews regarding bed bugs. The reviews that I found were dated back in 2007. Is it possible for you to do a search to see if there have been any recent complaints of this nature. Thanks much.


Hello Lorraine,
You can search google, yahoo and msn for any references of bed bugs related to the hotel. When I did my check, I couldn’t find any reference to bed bugs at the Gibson Inn in Apalachicola, FL.
That does not mean they have a clean bill of health or that some visitor didn’t infect that room, just that I couldn’t find any reference to bugs.
Hope that helps and sorry to hear about the bites!
Best regards,

lorraine mcclung:

My friend and i stayed at the Gibson Inn at 51 Ave. C in Apalachicola , Fl, room 213. We slept in twin beds. My friend woke with red bites that we suspect were caused by bed bugs. How can we check this out and know for sure?


Went to Nashville for a CPC test and stayed in Antioch, Tn. at Country Inn & Suites, 1001 Bell Road 37013. My friends and I had adjoining room and at about 2:oo a.m. they woke me up saying I have bugs in my bed. They were big ones and small ones. There wasn’t any in my room, the manager did make restitution for the two rooms. Though it didn’t make up for just getting an hour and a half sleep and the have to take a 5 1/2 hr. test. Hope I never have to go through that again. Please check for reports on this address.


I am traveling to the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and Spa
2005 Kalia Rd.
Honolulu HI 96815
Later this month and would like to know if there are any reports there. Also, should I be worried about the plane ride, can they hide in the seats of the airplane?


I will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Auckland Hotel in New Zealand also the The Moorings Resort, George Dass Drive in Tomakin, NSW, Australia and want to know have any cases of BED-BUGS been reported? If yes, please respond.


Hi Jim,
Can you check on Waikiki Resort on Oahu, Hi? I think they might have bed bugs but I heard they have remodeled the hotel and that is why I had purchased the ticket as I would assume they might not carry those bugs anymore. Please help.

Hi Vickie,
Do you have an address, I found a number of hotels with that name.
Best regards,

Linda Novak:

Any concerns about the Lowell Center in Madison, Wisconsin? It’s right on campus.We are staying there for three nights in August. Heard the Concourse (very expensive) had them – they are right across the street.
Thank you,
Linda Novak

CJ RIce:

Would you please check the Holiday Inn Bangor Maine on Odlin road, my family stayed there about 2 weeks ago, we had 2 different rooms and since coming home have woken up with bites, our 18 months old granddaughter has them the worst.
thank you for any help


Hi Terry,
I looked for bed bugs and any reference to Mondrian Hotel at 1100 West Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 672-2662? and didn’t find anything.
Good luck!


Hello OJ,
Looking at Clarion Inn & Suites on 2227 Old Fort Parkway Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 896-2420 I did find reference on trip advisor to bugs.
On Mar 20, 07, Sahga claims son saw a bug crawling across the bed. No mention if it was a bed bug, but they did complain to management and management was happy to work with them without problems.
Consider the review is two years old and management was understanding. It was the only complaint I could find.
Good luck!

Nadine Briggs Morris:

Can you please check for bed bugs at the Quality Inn at Tiffany Square
1200 Benvenue Road.
Rocky Mount,NC 27804

o.j. Lee:

Any bedbug problems reported at the Clairion in Murfreesboro, Tn?


Hello CJ,
I did research on the Holiday Inn Bangor Hotel located at 404 Odlin Rd & 395 At Hermon Bangor, ME 04401, phone (877) 863-4780.
I could not find any complaints about bed bugs.
Have a great time!

terry black:

Have you had any reports on the Modrian hotel West Ave. Miami. My daughter has been bitten from head to toe. The bites are like small blisters and the walk in clinic doc. said they are probably bed bug bites. thanks for any info.


Hello Mary,
You are asking about:
Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino
3535 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109 correct?
Trip Advisor had these:
traqt83 on Aug 22, 09 states TERRIBLE-YUCK-TERRIBLE and complains of being bitten by bed bugs and rude staff.
Dory88 on Dec 30, 08 states Nightmare Room… and claims to have woke up in the middle of the night with bed bug bites and that the bed bugs infested her apartment after getting inside her suitcase.
Yahoo Travel had these:
Sharee on 07/08/09 states she was bitten many times by bed bugs.
Yahoo Answers had a question from HHH asking if anyone else had been bitten by bed bugs or roaches due to the number of bumps on the legs.
Yikes! Bed bugs! was posted on Sep 27, 2006 at travelpost.com
There were more reviews but figured that was enough for you :)


Hello Douglas,
The Hyatt Regency Auckland at Cnr Princes St & Waterloo Quadrant, PO Box 3938, Auckland, New Zealand Tel: +64 9 355 1234 is a 5 star hotel, unfortunatly, I found this:
GALsTucson on July 2, 09 complains of bed bugs, supplied a picture of the bites and woke to numerous lesions.
Management claims they could not find any bed bugs. Customer was not happy with the result.
This was the only complaint I found.
As for your second request, that being Moorings Resort 2152 George Bass Drv
Tomakin NSW 2537, Australia +61 2 4471 7500, I didn’t find any reference to bugs of any kind.
Have a great trip!


Planning a trip to Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas NV in October. Been reading reviews about people who have stayed at Imperial Palace having bed bugs. Please check it out for me.
Thanks for your assistance.


Hello Janice,
If you are asking about bed bugs at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare at 9300 West Bryn Mawr Avenue, Rosemont, IL 60018, then you should be all set from what I can tell.
I’ve done research on this hotel and coundn’t find any reference to this problem.
Best regards,


Hello Frederic,
I did a very quick check on complaints about the easyHotel for previous issues with bed bugs and found that on June 6th, just_here from Munich, Germany stated on TripAdvisor, that he can not recommend this place. In his complaint, he mentioned that he found bed bugs on his first night and when he complained to management, they were unresponsive and that he had to insist upon a new room.
Please let us know what happens here! Bed bugs don’t mean the hotel is bad, but failure to act upon a bedbug complaint and compensate the visitor for their troubles does. I’ll send you some contact information for the person who made the previous complaint and perhaps you can compare notes…
From the pictures, it looks like the bed bugs had a full meal of you! They look painful and I hope they heal soon!
Best regards,


I spent 10 days at Marydale Retreat Center in Erlanger, KY. I got three bites in a row, just under my bra line that itched like crazy for days and didn’t heal for weeks.
I’ve been home about a month, and though I washed all my clothes and dried on hot and didn’t put suitcases on the bed, etc., I woke up this morning with two bites on my leg.
I was just wondering if you’ve gotten any reports about Marydale.


I stayed at the Candlewood Suites in Fitchburg/Madison WI! I was attacked and devoured by a bed bug infestation. It is the most excrutiating itching and at times painful experience. I have so many bites my hands are swollen. I hadn’t heard of a problem there before. Is there any info out there on them? I’d like to notify people about it!

janice connors:

any reports of bedbugs at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Chicago? sincere thanks.

steve oshaughnessy:

Sheraton suites Columbus
201 Hutchison Ave
Columbus, OH 43235
any bedbugs?

SM Shock:

I recently encountered bedbugs during a 1 night stay at the Disney Swan in Orlando Florida. I’ve included a photo below.
Bedbugs at Disney Swan Resort
I even trapped one under a glass on the bed. The hotel staff did everything wrong, from accusing me of bringing them in to leaving us in the room and only removing the linens. Clearly they were attempting to cover it up. We even caught a security guard outside our door listening to our conversations instead of addressing the problem.
The manager on duty would not discuss and kept forwarding our calls to security at the hotel. Finally after we left, we were just about to pull into the driveway, we had a call from the hotel security…… indeed their pest control confirmed bedbugs. Which wasn’t difficult, since I had photos and left a trapped bug on the bed.


Hello SM,
Sounds like a nightmare rather than a storybook vacation!
A quick (I’m rushed today) review of bed bugs at the Swan Resort shows a complaint about bugs on Tripadvisor: see the complaint from ccfamily about bugs under their bed and another by princessjsoiebird who’s daughter was bitten up by bed bugs. and goes on to say “The staff treated my husband and I like we were doing something wrong when we needed a new room key.”
DISboards has a complaint about staying at Disney Swan Resort and the family being bitten up by bed bugs, see:
WFTV has a video about Disney paying a family to not talk about their ordeal with bed bugs, which can be found here:
Like I said, this was a very quick review and based upon my experience, that is usually an indication there is a lot more documented complaints out there!
Let us know what happens here. By the way, did you get the name of the manager you were dealing with?


What a wonderul way to help others in the pursuit of bug and critter incident reports!
Would you be so kind as to say, whether there have been any reported incidents of bed bugs at Thistle Kensington Gardens, 104 Bayswater Road, London W2 3HL.
I just found your site today, but am leaving for London in ten days. Needless to say, I would not be thrilled with this vacation if I were to be bitten by bugs, or if I were to bring back any creepy hitchers? Thanks so much for your time and effort.

Cathy Bartley:

Have there been any problems at the Romeoville Illinois Best Western, on Normantown Rd.We stayed there for the weekend and we had two rooms. All three of us have bites on our legs, arms and chest.They look like the pictures on the website. My mother in law saw a Dr. and he said that’s what they looked like. Is there a good way to tell if any came with us?

Marilee Grenning:

I stayed at the hyatt regency chicago in august 2009 and immediately had bedbug bites after 1st noc stay. I reported this to management at time of my stay.

Mike McTiernan:

Good Day!
Planning a trip to N Y and Boston.
Coould you ck. these hotels please:
Best Western Winwood, Portsmouth area
Howard Johnson Express Rocky Hill Conn.near Hartford
Fairfioeld by MarriotEast Rutherford ,NJ-Pallin(?)Plank Road
Holiday Inn, North Attleboro near Providence,NJ
We’ll sleep a lot easier with your research.
Thanks for your efforts!

george william:

We are planning to stay at the Hyatt Regency, 400 SE 2nd Ave., Miami, and would like to know if there has been any reports of bed bugs at this location. thanks

winnie t.:

Dear Jim,
I certainly appreciate your kindness and helping me find more information about Bedbugs at Easyhotel Paddington London. I hope my trip on this December 2009 won’t be an disappointed one! I will be very careful and aware with all of the updated information on this hotel.
Thank you again for your help :)


Can you please check for bed bugs at the Budget Motel,
310016th ave sw
Cedar Rapids Iowa
If you find anything can you PLEASE tell me how i can obtain specific info on any other complaints. I awoke after a couple nights with bites on my feet and ankles then next morning bites were everywhere,, my neck and face were covered with bites rashes and inflammation.Sought medical treatment immediately but lost time. What actions can i take against the motel ? Thank you

Jane Fine:

We are planning to stay at the Hilton Times Square-234 W. 42nd Street and would like to know if there have been any reports on bed bugs at this location.


Hi Mike,
I researched all your hotels for complaints of bed bugs and could not find one about bugs of any type with any of the hotels you mentioned.
Best Western Wynwood Hotel & Suites
580 US Highway 1 Bypass, Interstate Traffic Circle, Portsmouth, NH 03801
Howard Johnson Express – Rocky Hill/Glastonbury
1760 Silas Deane Hwy, Rocky Hill, CT 06067, (860) 529-3341
Fairfield Inn by Marriott East Rutherford Meadowlands Hotel
850 Paterson Plank Road, East Rutherford, NJ 07073, (201) 507-5222
In the future, I’ll do only two hotels as this took a bit too much of my time and I’m doing this for free.
I don’t think you’ll have a problem with any of the hotels.
Best regards,

winnie t.:

i am going to Easyhotel Paddington; 10 norfolk place,paddington, london on this December 2009. if anyone have an updated or a recently trip to this hotel before my traveling date, please giving me some further information or reports of “BEDBUG”. i certainly will be appreciated from your kindness all. Thank you so much!

Hi Winnie,
You are referring to the following, right?
easyHotel London Paddington
10 Norfolk Pl, London, W2 1QL, United Kingdom
020 7706 9911
A quick review found the following from Tripadvisor:
On Aug 24, 2009, cmellersh was on a business trip and spent one night there by in room 110 and claims to have left with more than 100 bed bug bites! He says that management was informed and never followed up.
On Jun 6, 2009 just_there report spotting bed bugs, reported it to staff and was left with the feeling that they just didn’t care. To make matters worse, just_there had to insist on another room, it was not offered freely.
That was an extremely quick search and it turned up two complaints about bed bugs from easyHotel London Paddington.
Hope that helps :)

Mike McTiernan:

Awaiting your reply. Leaving tommorrow!

Elizabeth Duff:

Staying in SF at the Powell Hotel
(28 Cyril Magnin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102)
I found two reports on TripAdvisor–one from 08′ and one from last month. Do you think I’m safe? Having nightmares about the possibility already–literally terrified of these things. Will wrapping my suitcase in a clean trash bag each night help prevent taking anything home with me? please advise, I’m leaving Monday.


Wyndham Resort N. Ocean Blvd Myrtle Beach SC 01/02/2010
Came home with Bed Bugs!

daisy exposito:

I am planning to stay in a hotel in South Beach, MIami Florida and wanted to know if you can check to see if the Royal Palms Hotel on 14th and Collins Ave, the Lowes Hotel on 15th and Collins, the Ritz Carlton South Beach, Eden Roc, Fountainblu have any incidents of bed bugs.
I am terrified of this as a relative of mine brought them to his house from a trip to a hotel and it was an absolute problem for the family.
Please I need info right away as I need to finalize the reservation.
Thank you.
Daisy Exposito


Are there any reports of bedbugs at the Plaza Pelicanos Grand Beach Resort in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico? The address is Diego Rivera No. 120 Hotel Zone Las Glorias, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.


Hi Joel,
Send your pictures and any info about the pictures to badbedbugs@gmail.com and I’ll make sure to get them posted!

mr strecker:

Holiday Inn Sunspree Marina Cove St Petersburg Florida
We got bed bugs when we stayed for one week in August.2009 My wife still has the bites
and has had to get medical treatment. We were too embarrassed to say anything before
about this, but it should be reported.


Most hotels are starting to “install” mattress protection on their mattresses for bed bugs. I bought the same products at Walmart.com. Just a suggestion!


I am staying at a very high class hotel for 2 months on business(6 weeks left). This week I woke up with several bumps, but thought it was nothing to worry about. The next day I woke up to an incredible itch and found over 100 bites on me.
At first, the hotel insisted they do not have bed bugs, and searched the room and couldn’t find any. I wouldn’t accept that, so I looked a little more and found MANY bed bugs between the box springs and living underneath the box springs. SO even though I told the hotel, and they looked, it would have passed their search. Anyway, I have been moved to another room, but I have had a hyper-allergic reaction to the bites and they have swelled up a lot.
I don’t know how I am gonna stay here for another 6 weeks and I don’t know what else to do. I feel like I am living in hell! Can anyone give me advice? I took pictures and documented the bites.

Jane Fine:

We are planning to stay at the Hilton Times Square / 234 W 42nd Street in New York and would like any info. you have on their bed bug situation, if any.


Does any one know if there are bed bugs at the W hotle in South beach Florida?! if you know it would be a big help to do a hotel check.


Bedbug bites on ear after staying at hotel
While staying at the Springhill Suites Marriot this weekend. I had the luxury of waking up with open bug bites on my ears (ouch), see picture below.
Immediately I made my way to a General Manager with ears as red as Tomatoes and swollen and also leaking.Mr. James Kinane, Cha was very non sympathetic saying that he has never had this type of complaint in 20yrs. I have pictures, What can I do?


Hello Tchakka,
Send the pictures to me at badbedbugs@gmail.com and I’ll post them on the site. I’ll also include information on an excellent free legal resource that can arm you with the right tools :)
Best regards,


I stayed at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort in Florida and have bites and I think they came back home in our luggage!!!!

Dawn Sindt:

I stayed at a Comfort Inn and Suites in Mitchell ND-
I woke up and had an itch on my leg- I showered and was itching everywhere-
I looked in the mirror and my left leg and right arm and right back of my shoulder was attacked by bed bugs- I had a total of 68 bites-
They itch so bad I am in fear of any hotel rooms and I have to travel for my job- I don’t know what to do-


Can you do a check on complaints at Hedonism 2 in Negril Jamaica


I have a question, my daughter and I are staying at a Hotel right now. We have been itching based on some bites that I assumed were mosquitos. Last night, however, I saw some very small bugs crawling in an arm chair, so i began investigating. I found more very small bugs crawling on a night table. I killed several and kept them as samples, but I cant really tell if they look like the comparison bugs in your photos (because they are so small) If they are NOT bed bugs, what else could they be?


We’re going to a family reunion in August 2010. We will be staying at the Best Western/Adams Inn
Qunicy, Ma
I would like to know if there been any report of bed bugs

karen mcdermott:

I recently stayed at a hotel in Miami where I was woken up in the middle of the night my itchy ankles and what I thought to be mosquito bites. Since I have returned they have spread to other areas of my body. I found complaints online about the hotel and they have denied them saying they were the same person posting lies. What can I do?


Disgusting! I had a sever case of bedbug bites as shown in the picture below.
Bedbug bites on Bell after staying at hotel
I stayed in red roof inn in Saugus Massachusetts. I woke up and found a dab of blood and thought it was from Halloween makeup.
When I got home I started itching and had red bumps. Then the next day I was full blown huge welt like dots in threes all over my arms and legs and itched like crazy.
Went to doctor and called hotel. Manager said he would refund me one night but so far didn’t get it! Also, he checked the bed but I bet not the seams! They had a problem once before that I found out about too. Uck!


Hi Becky,
That looks awful and the fact that you have documentation and confirmed bed bugs problems in the past, I’m most confident you’ll get your $1,000 and more if you hire an attorney.
The attorney will simply add their fee to what you want and sue for the entire amount.
Good luck and please, let us know how everything turns out!


Was wondering if Imperial Palace Las Vegas has bedbugs.


I would like to know if the Mayflower Hotel and Spa in Miami Fla has had any issues with bed bugs.
Mayfair Hotel and Spa
Coconut Grove, FL 33133


i stayed @ the super 8 motel on newbern ave in raleigh n.c. and was nearly eaten alive i recorded the security guy saying he saw the bugs i also recorded the clerk denying me a refund long story short i had to go to the er and be treated what can i do?


Don’t go to the Days Inn in Delta, Utah! I got BED BUGS!


My husband woke up with bed bug bites after staying at the Sahara in Las Vegas.
We did not know what they were until a week later when they were confirmed by a doctor. What can we do at this point. Is it to late to report. It is causing me a lot of stress. I am worried we brought them home. I have not seen any signs of them yet. How long does it usually take to know if you brought them home with you.

Becky Andrews:

On 11/1/09 I was bitten by bed bugs dozens of times at the Super 8 – Bonner Springs, Kansas, owned by Hinz Hotels LLC. When I reported the incident to the manager and gave him a live bug in a plastic cup, he filled out a report, but did not apologize. I’ve included pictures of the bed bug bites below.
Hotel bedbug bites on becky's arm
I was given no information about how to avoid infesting my home or other hotel rooms. I contacted the state inspector and he confirmed bedbugs in room 406 and 404. He said that he cited the hotel for not reporting the infestation.I waited to hear from the owner and finally emailed them.
I received a call and an apology 18 days after I checked out. I was offered $350 in compensation and I told them I thought $1000 was more realistic compensation for my week of misery. I was told they’d check with their insurance company and call me back. That was over two weeks ago.


can you please let us know if bed bugs have been reported at budget inn, cedar rapids, iowa? We got scabies after staying there two nights…. trying to find a site that we can look at to see if there are any previous health violations or reports made on them, but cant seem to find one other then yours. We travel a lot so really need a resource, thanks.


Hi there:
I read on line about bedbugs at the Hilton Carillon park in St. Petersburg Florida after I booked a room for a week. After learning this, I called the hotel and they told me it was an upset guest. Do you find anything on this hotel?


Hello, I plan to stay at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa in Oahu.
I am totally paranoid about bedbugs. Have you heard anything about bedbug infestations there??


Hello all be aware of the Super 8 in Las Vegas, NV at 4250 Koval Lane. I stayed there 2 full weeks and had 2 cases of bites there. The first case was the first week i had been bitten on the legs and figured it might have been work related due to the nice warm weather that week and actually seeing insects out at our jobsite. Second case was when we were checking out of the hotel and noticed bites on my arms and eyelid, hadn’t worked the day before so it happened while i was sleeping. I called management but got voice mail, so for people going to Las Vegas, NV beware of bedbugs there at the Super 8. Oh yeah the room number was 1101 fyi


Has anyone had a problem with The Great Wolf Lodge in Scotrun, PA with bed bugs recently?

Glenda Ney:

Considering staying at the Powell in San Francisco but see they have had problem with bed bugs. What is the status,was it an isolated issue or an ongoing problem?


I do this research on my spare time at my own cost – Until Feb 2010, I will be unable to process any requests.
Feel free to submit your request, but please understand that it will not be processed until then.
Thank you,
Jim – BadBedBugs.com


Not about bedbugs, but just as ANNOYING…My 13 year old, home educated, son, ( I say this because I know EXACTLY where the head lice came from), has had head lice since we stayed at a Marriott Hotel in Savannah, GA. Hotels need to STOP putting decorative pillows on beds, START washing the bedspreads after every change of use, vacuuming the cloth couches and chairs, (or wiping down the ones that aren’t), after EVERY change of use, and they should also spray down the entire room with LYSOL after every change of use. Hotels make a lot of money.
It is high time they start using some of it to protect it’s patrons from bed bugs, head lice, etc. That hotel was sort of seedy for a vacation hot spot near the water and it did not come cheap, but it was inexpensive compared to what I have had to spend trying to get rid of the head lice. It has cost me a small fortune in shampoos, doctor visits, water, detergent, hot water for washing, carpet cleaning and the electricity cost to do all of that, not to mention the time and energy it takes to get rid of the pests.
ALSO, it has been very embarrassing to have to explain to family members WHY you can’t come to visit or to have to tell anyone that you DID visit without the knowledge of contamination that they too may have head lice infestation in their house. ONE NIGHT in a hotel room has cost me plenty and it was not even worth it, believe me.


Does Anyone know if this hotel has a history of bedbugs?
467 West Port ave.
Norwalk, CT


Hi. were there any bedbug complaiints in 2009 for the Great Wolf Lodge. I came up with only 2008

Harriet BATES:

Inquiring on any bed bug claims filed for Hyatt Regency In Chicago on Wacker Ave?

Mary H:

Stayed in 2 hotels Crowne Plaza, Williamsburg, VA and VA Beach Reseort in Virginia Beach, VA a months ago and had preliminary “itching” for almost three months before a full breakout, and now have doctor diagnosed bedbites and had to have everything exterminated. Even though the exterminator said we caught them early, could it have come from either of those hotels as far back as mid-end of June?
Thank you!

Rose Bottari:

Days Inn in Hardeeville SC – gave me a bad souvenir to take home to NC – I have 8 bites in a row on my neck and clumps on my right arm. Not much itching, but huge blistery sores that weep if I bump them. 3 days into recovery – this stuff is pretty bad…


We are traveling to Costa Rica and staying at the following hotels – could you check it out for beg bug problems?
Hotel El Silencio de camp in the Arenal area of La Fortuna
Rustic Lodge in Monteverde area of Santa Elena
Holiday Inn in San Jose
And the Doria Hotel in Tamarindo


I so appreciate the time and effort you have put into helping people with this problem. I travel to Pittsburgh several times a year and have stayed at the Holiday Inn at Lytton Avenue, and at the Shadyside Suites.on Fifth Avenue. The suites are comfortable but musty and not particularly clean. Just wondering if you have any reports of bedbug problems at either one of those locations. thank you


My husband and I are traveling to Richmond, VA the third week of February. We are planning on staying at the new Westin Hotel in Richmond. The hotel is about one year old. I have read that the age of a hotel means nothing to a bed bug. Have you heard of any bed bug sightings there? Thank you for your research.


We are looking at either the Big Apple Hostel or Skyline Hotel in New York City. Have you heard of any bedbug complaints at either of these places? Thank you so much for this service.


Traveling to Harbour Lights in Myrtle Beach in March and just read a recent review from someone that said they had bed bug bites. Have you heard of anymore stories from this hotel?


Hello Jim,
thanks again, I will definitely write back!!!!! I am a travel agent in Vancouver, Brtish Columbia and managed to earn 3 free nights and pay for 4 nights. the hotel does know that i am a ta and will be recommending there property if i receive a good experience. Hope for the best. thanx again.


I am planning on staying at the Grand Hyatt New York (next to Grand Central) this week. I have heard that there have been bed bug reports there in the past. Can you check on this hotel for me, and let me know what you find? Thanks so much for all of the work that you do on this site!


I have great news to share. After my suspected run in with bed bugs at the Christie Lodge in Avon, CO, I got a call from their management. While they never found any bed bugs, they took my claim very seriously and quarantined the room I stayed in immediately after my complaint.
They are also having it professionally treated to ensure there are no future problems. Finally, they offered us 2 free nights to make up for my experience. They were very friendly and courteous. I am very satisfied with the way they handled this matter and would not hesitate to stay stay there again.
Thanks for all of your hard work and for maintaining this site. It was a huge help for me.


Hello there,
just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work that you put in toilet people know! kudos to you!!!!!!!!!
I did leave a post last week regarding the Hilton Hawaiian village resort and spa in Waikiki. I know you have many many requests but would it be possible to look into the bug situation for us or when you might have time to check it out.
Thanks Vic


Hi Vic,
On April 2, 2010 Pantses from Canada left a review on tripadvisor titled ‘Twwo words – Bed Bugs’. They reported they love the resort and have stayed there three times, but this last stay and bed bugs was too much and doubt they would stay there again. Guess it was dirty and they were charged an extra nights stay!
On Dec 23, 2009 Tracy101 mentioned that after day 2, large bites appeared and ended discovering they are bed bugs once home. Tracy101 stated that even with the bed bug bites and poor concierge desk, they would not hesitate to stay there again (I guess the grounds are fantastic and is family oriented).
Also found on Aug 20, 2009 was a review titled ‘Nice property, with a bug problem, and shady charges’ – it wasn’t a bed bug problem, but rather an ant problem and a parking charge was added to the bill at the end (but removed once they complained (no car)).
Christine on mytravelguide.com reported a good hotel for families but her daughter was attacked by bed bugs and ended up with 20 massive bites all over her body. They had a room in the Tapa Tower, which had an awesome view.
From what I gathered from reading all these reviews, is that it’s a great place for the family, but make sure you know any and all fees, ask to check your room out first (clean bathrooms, good view, no sign of bed bugs, etc) and let them know that you have done your research, are aware of previous bed bugs complaints and want to make sure you get a room that is bug free. Perhaps talk to the manager and make sure you emphasize that you’ll be doing a review… The manager should know what the problem areas of the hotel are, were, etc.
Good luck, and please write back and let us know how it worked out for you, will you?. We have been thinking of visiting Hawaii for awhile now and would love to find a place priced right, fun for the family and bed bug free.


Hi Mark,
I did some research on bed bugs at the Riviera hotel and casino at 2901 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109-1931 and found a complaint by Postie307 that states he woke up with a rash, complained to the manager and it was suggested that perhaps it was the bed bug spray – that they have not had bed bugs problems, but spray anyway. This was on May 1, 2009 on Tripadvisor
Also listed there was a complaint from Jan 4, 2009 titled Bed Bug Nightmare by jpe237 staying in room 1715 in the Monte Carlo tower. This person woke up with about 25 bites all over the body!
On Dec 09, TravelPost.com has a complaint titled ‘Worst Hotel Ever” that says she felt like bed bugs bit her and the itching was horrible.
HotelGuide.network has a couple of complaints as well.
Do me a favor will you Mark? Post back your experience and let us know how it all turned out. Make sure you visit our bed bug checklist (see top of page menu bar) and make sure you don’t see signs. Also, if you do get bitten, please take some pictures and I’ll get them posted on the site!
Good luck!


Please let me know if you hear about any bedbug report at GWL in the Poconos, PA.
Thanks, Michele


Hello Jessica,
I probably spent more time on this than I should have, but I could not find one mention of bugs of any type, let alone bed bugs at the Christie Lodge, Avon, CO.
That doesn’t mean that you were not bitten by a bed bug, just that no one has reported it; there is always a first time. What is important is how they treat you when you bring the bites to their attention – obviously, you were bitten and be it bed bugs, a spider or some other type of pest, they should take the complaint seriously and have the room checked out by a professional.
How did they treat you? What did they offer you? A move to another room, refund, etc?
Let us know!

Mark White:

planing a trip to LV next week. The company booked us here. Please check out this hotel.
Riviera hotel and casino
2901 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109-1931
(702) 734-5110


Hi. I stayed at Lure Lodge at Lake Cumberland State Resort Park in Jamestown, KY for a conference last week, March 30 – April 1. Woke up March 31 and found bed bugs in my bed.
After letting management know, they came in and inspected the beds. Both box springs had bed bugs in them. They offered to pay for our room that night, but then would have to get our things laundered ourselves! Since our work paid for the room, we had them wash our clothes we slept in and our pillow cases (from home) as well as put our pillows in a dryer.
They told us this was the first incident, yet they knew EXACTLY where to look in the box spring. My coworker was told by the manager that it wouldn’t do any good to tell people about this. They were moving the people from the rooms on either side of ours and under ours, but said they were going to be told there was plumbing problems!!!!
We cannot say for sure if in fact they were moved. We were offered a free weekend (don’t think we’ll go back!) and they paid for two of our meals at the resort. We both took complete precautions upon returning home (emptying things in garage, bagging and washing immediately, etc.) and four days later my coworker found TWO in her bedroom…..needless to say she is at home waiting for an exterminator. Does the lodge have any legality for paying for treatments, furniture, etc.?


bedbug bites on jessica I believe I was recently attacked by bed bugs at the Christie Lodge in Avon, CO. They claimed that they’ve never had a complaint before and that they searched my room after my complaint and found no evidence of bed bugs.
It’s the only place I stayed recently and I am very certain that the marks on my body are bed bug bites.
Can you please tell me if they have had complaints in the past?
I have included four pictures that will give you an idea of what I am going through!
Thanks for your help!
The Christie Lodge
47 East Beaver Creek Boulevard
Avon, CO 81620
(970) 949-7700


We are planning on staying at the hilton hawaiian village at the beggining of june this year and was concerned about bed bugs, saw i review on tripadvisor and a few months back and one recently post on ta. Called the hotel a few times and was told that they did have bed bugs but can’t say if they are still a problem. I spoke to a supervisor today and he said that they dp\o have problems but none today (what does that mean) I was also told that probabablly any hotel i go to in honolulu will have bed bugs. SO why question is what do we do? not go,cancel the trip.
Can you please look into this for me and advise!!!!!!! thanks so much in advance


Hi there – has Eden Roc Miami Beach ever had bed bugs? Thank you in advance!

Anne Treadwell:

Do you know if bed bugs have reported at the Mutiny Hotel in Coconut Grove, FL? Is there any agency that I can report this to, such as the Coconut Grove Health Dept?


Can you do a check on the Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport 33 CARLSON COURT


Bed bug bites on Davids armDavid attacked by bedbugs
The Candlewood Suites Pittsburgh Airport location at:
Hotel Front Desk: 412-787-7770
My room (111) in this hotel had a bad infestation of bedbugs. I was bitten enough that this must have been untreated for some time. Watch out if you stay in this hotel.


I am terrified of bed bugs, insects in general. Thank you for your help, you are helping to relieve my fears about vacationing. The hotels are below. Thank you once again, I’m so glad I found this website. Friend and I are going to Waikiki, Honolulu
1.) Ocean Resort Hotel Waikiki
175 Paoakalani Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96815
Phone: (808) 922-3861
Fax: (808) 922-3773
2.) Aqua Wave Waikiki
2299 Kuhio Avenue, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96815 (Formerly Aqua Coral Reef Hotel)
808-922-1262 | aquawaikikiwave.com
3.) Sheraton Waikiki
2255 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96815-2579
4.) Hyatt Waikiki
2424 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96815


I had a friend who said she got bed bug bites (over 500) following a three night stay at the Hilton, University Place (J M Keynes Blvd) three years ago. Can you determine if there have been any other reports or issues?

Janice McCoury:

Going to Hershey PA staying at Hampton Inn, any reports of bedbugs
Going to WIlliamsburg VA staying at the new Holiday Inn Express, any reports there? Leaving end of June, any help appreciated!


I stayed at the Great wolf lodge in the poconos in the middle of March this year. Since then my home is infested with bed bugs. I have called management and they swear they do not have a bed bug problem and were very rude. I told them I had seen numerous complaints online and all they could say was that I shouldn’t believe everything i read online.
In addition to this, I explained how badly my daughter was bitten and when I brought her to the doctor because I did not know from what and he is the one who told me they looked like bed bug bites she replied no doctor could tell you exactly what bit her!!!!! However when you read online it shows and says exactly how they bite (they call it the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of the bed bite) usually in threes and in like a half circle!
Awful experience with the management of Great wolf lodge in the Poconos, who want to take no responsibility and meanwhile I can barely sleep at night, even after getting new mattresses and an exterminator twice. I am disgusted!


What were your findings on the reports of bed bugs at GWL in Poconos PA?


Hi Jim,
I was very much looking forward to my visit to Great Wold Lodge at 1 Great Wolf Drive Scotrun, PA 18355, next month until I heard they had bed bugs. Can you check the hotel for me?Also, it it worth expressing your concern about bedbugs at check in?
Thanks so much!


Days Inn Nashville – Stadium —- Just got tons of bites and managment slow to respond!

Goddess Ann:

Bed Bug Bites from HotelI am a flight attendant who recently stayed at the Drury Suites in Padacah, Ky. When I got up for work last Friday, I was covered in bedbugs.
I have over one hundred bites all over my body! I was in room 345. Please check to see if there are any other complaints.

If you click on the pictures to the left, you’ll see an enlarged version showing bites from all parts of my body.
Thank you!


Hi Jim!
I’m planning a trip to The Breezy Palms Resort in Islamorada, FL 33036, have you heard of any bedbug problems there?
Appreciate any info you can find.


Great wolf Lodge Williamsburg? I know they had some reports in 008 just need to know nothing since then!


Bed Bugs at hotel bite girlHi, my daughter has just returned from a short stay at the Hotel Pennsylvania New York. 401 7th Ave at 33rd St. New York City, NY 10001-2062 and has what appear to be bed bug bites to both shoulders — Click on the image to see an enlarged version of image.

Hi Teresa,
Thanks for the pictures. I found that on Jan 28, 2010, flyboi31 complained that he was bit up by bed bugs and that he had been warned about staying there.
On Jan 8th, usblueflyer comments on bed bugs and recommends avoiding the place.
Dec 18th yasminpessoa talks about bed bugs and lice!
These were from tripadvisor.com, and from my experience researching bed bugs, when you find this many in just a few minutes, there is bound to be a ton more. I’d do more research, then contact the hotel and ask them for a refund at the least!
Let us know what happens, will you?


Would you tell me what you found out concerning bedbugs at Great Wolf Lodge in Poconos? Thanks.

Result: I’m assuming it the Great Wold Lodge at 1 Great Wolf Drive Scotrun, PA 18355, correct?
There was a report on Feb 17, 2010 from jjmccool who warns that he has stayed two times at the Great Wolf Lodge and management was unapologetic to his son’s numerous bed bug bites.
On Nov 6th, BeentheredonethatNj reports bus and ants.
These were from TripAdvisor and Yahoo Travel.


I am going to asheville sc for 2 nights and I want to know if there are any hotels I should avoid because of recent bed bug infestation. On the nature tv show a woman said she got bed bugs in her suit case and they spread in her home when she returned from her trip to asheville. She did not name the hotel.
Hope you can help.


Hi Barb,
I don’t maintain a database of bed bug free hotels, but I can run a check on an individual hotel.
What you should do is pick out the hotel you think best meets your needs, then let me know what the name of that hotel is and I’ll do research for reports of bed bugs.
Have a great day!


Best Western Walla Walla Suites Inn
7 East Oak Street
Walla Walla, WA 99362-1959
(509) 525-4700
Definite issues with bed bugs!!! several bites!

Hi Russ,
I did some searching and did find one reference to bed bugs, but it was back on 10/01/06 – it appears that Best Western Walla Walla Suites Inn fixed the problem back then – good when you have only one complaint in 3 years (better when you have none : )
Did you let them know you were bitten up and that they have issues? I am curious as to what they said.
Sorry to hear you had problems – being fed on in the middle of the night is my worst fear!


Picture of bedbug bites on Debbies handMy husband and myself just returned home from a two night stay at Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa in BC.
After the first night I awoke in the morning with bites, not really knowing much about bed bugs. After the second night I awoke to many more bites. Some of my bites have given me a very bad allergic reaction others on less sensitive areas are just bites. I have contacted the hotel and they are investigating, waiting to hear from them.
Have you heard or found any other info on this hotel?


Just got back from Wolf lodge in PA. Got infected with scabies!!!
Only me neither my wife or kids contracted it. Doctor assumes i got it from sitting on an infected chair in the park.I am not happy but don’t look nearly as bad as that guy in the above photos.

Masha Robb:

We will be staying with my parents at the Crowne Plaza London Kensington Hotel in April. Have there been any complaints of bed bugs there?
Thank you so much for your good work!


Hi-I am suppose to be staying at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino in Reno
could u please tell me if you know of any bed bugs there. It has very out dated rooms and I am concerned.
Thank you!

Arlene Macellaro:

Stayed at a LaQuinta Inn in Brunswick GA 10 days ago. 36 hours later I awoke with bites all over my feet, legs, thighs and under my bra strap. The next day more appeared on the backs of my legs, two on face and more on my hands.
I am so afraid that I have brought them home. Steamed mattress, washed all clothing and called exterminator to spray the carpets, etc. When will I know if they have followed me home?
The doctor put me on steroids and it has helped, but many of the large marks are still there although the itching has subsided. However, I have been having a crawling sensation on my face and scalp for the past week. Just hoping that it is all im my head from being weirded out about this whole experience.


Hello Jim
We’re planning on bookijng a stay at the Towers on the Grove in Myrtle Beach. Do you have any knowledge of bugs at their facility?
All I’ve been able to read in the reviews is that it is a great place without on negative comment.
Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for all your work.

Andrea Schlender:

FYI: I was recently in Las Vegas and returned home Feb 6, 2010 after staying 3 nights a Planet Hollywood. 6 days later I was covered in bites as was my fiance. We contacted Planet Hollywood and asked them to check the room. They said they found several bed bugs in the room. I am really worried I brought these pests home with me. What precautions would you take now>


Hi, I am planning on staying at the Grand Hyatt New York (next to Grand Central). I heard that they have had problems in the past. Can you check on this hotel for me? Thanks so much!


Just returned from week stay at Marriott Airport Orlando. On second night home I found a tic?? full of blood on my stomach. Thought a wood tic but real small. Any complaints at that hotel?
Thanks and appreciate any feedback. Also if it is a bedbug how shall I check my home if I brought some home!!!
Mary Jane

Lee Ann:

Hi planning a trip to honolulu and deciding were to stay…i am a nurse and last thing i want is to bring them home. We are deciding between hilton hawaiian village or aston waikiki beach resort….please help. thanks

Amy Imerese:

My mom and I have just returned from Vegas we stayed at the Plaza downtown on Freemont street in room 1546. We were there for a week and noticed nothing until we returned home and my mom was covered in bites I only had 15-20. We notified the Plaza management and they closed the room and said they were going to empty out the room. Could you please tell me if they had any other complaints?
Thank you


Any info about bedbugs at the Inn on the Lake in Canandaigua N.Y. We’ll be staying there this weekend.
Thank you for your efforts.


I have a tripped planned next week to Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos, Pennsylvania, I am concerned because I read a post on tripadvisor, that they have bed bugs, Please advise.
Thanks for all your help.


We picked up bed bugs from a hotel and brought them home. My daughter had an allergic reaction. she had about 150 bites just on arms! other parts were bitten too but she had to be seen by docs and get prescriptions. Are there any lawyers that deal with bed bugs in Va? we have to exterminate the home and get rid of our beds and some furniture. this is very costly and the extermination is very extensive. I have gone crazy with this. any suggestions would help. Thanks!


Some hotels get routinely checked by bed bug sniffing DOGS. Ask your hotels if they do this, and if they do, your chances of getting an infested room are lower because they are proactive about the potential problem and treating before someone complains about bites.


Best western conference center Baltimore MD has bed bugs. I’ve heard from other sites that the inner harbor has 2-3 hotels listed with them. Is there a clean hotel in Baltimore, MD near Johns Hopkins area? I know just because no one has reported it that they can be there. and I know they can be gotten rid of by hotel managers. but what can you do but ask? Thanks


I stayed at the Hyatt Bonaventure in Weston Florida on Sunday April 11th, and on Wednesday April 14th after arriving home, I found a bed bug laying on my bed sheet at 1am. I’m a total wreck. I’ve never had problems with bed bugs. Can you tell me if this hotel has had previous problems? I don’t have the money for a professional. What is the best way to attack this issue immediately? I’m thinking about covering my mattresses, and using DE all over the house. *sobs*..This is my worst nightmare.


Have not found any reports of bed bugs at the Boston Howard Johnson 1271 Boylston Street – can you confirm? Would so much appreciate it. Thanks.


I stayed at the Super 8 in LaPorte< IN-horrible infestation. I had to see the doctor twice and was given a shot and other medication. We were told by a motel employee that the manager had known about infestation for months and just recently started to spray. We were not informed of infestation when we checked in. The manager was helpful at first, but now refuses to reimburse me for any of the costs I have gotten because of this


Does the Beau Rivage Resort (Biloxi, Mississippi ) have bed bugs?


I´m going to stay at the Candy hostel in New York in a month. Is there any reported bedbugs problems there?

D. Chacon:

On May 1st thru May 8th. in rooms 167 and 110. My family paid for a week stay at this “Valuestay Inn and Suites” at 2001 N. Hudson, Pueblo, Co. 81001. Our 6 month old baby got tore up by bed bugs and when we peeled back the sheets and blankets to check the bed there were absolutely no signs so we thought it might be a rash but, as soon as we went to the office to pay for more days the clerk saw the bites and immediately went to our room to check for the culprits.
She too, saw nothing when she peeled back the covers, but, when she removed the headboard from where it was bolted into the wall, behold, the place was infested. We should have gotten the hint when we saw all the mattresses sitting outside rooms, that there was some sort of problem. But, our ignorance, or actually, our attention to lifes problems stopped us from noticing all the signs .
They did move us to another room , and we were happy for a few hours, but, when night fell, the cockroaches were outside the patio doors dying to get in . We immediately grabbed the babies and went to the front desk. They offered NO help what-so-ever and really acted non-chalant about everything. They had the nerve to argue with us, and make it seem as if it were our fault we had been attacked. At that point we were soo shooken up, we felt violated and dirty. It is now going on 3 weeks since we left, and the manager Perry, has yet to make good on his promise to refund the money we paid, he just keeps giving us excuses after excuses. BEWARE when staying at this hotel. it was a NIGTMARE!!!! And it doesn’t help that most the staff of clerks are related to Perry they are his daughters, or his rude and hateful wife. So they really stick together, and make it seem as if we were nuts for not liking the bed bugs. Yuck !!!


Taking our first vacation next week since this whole bed bug scare and looking to see if the hotel we have booked has any reported confirmed cases that are legit and should we look for other accommodations. The Hotel in questions is Crystal Inn Hotel & Suites Midvalley, 818 E Winchester St., Murray, UT 84107


images of bedbug bites on arm 1 of 3images of bedbug bites on arm 2 of 3images of bedbug bites on arm 3 of 3
My girlfriend stayed at the Suburban Extended Stay Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico for over a week and thought she was getting spider bites. She found this site and discovered that they were in fact, bed bugs! creepy!

mike dakis:

we are planning to visit chicago for a family function .has they been any complaints at the hyatt regency, or fairmont millenium chicago. please let us know

diane sainato:

we will be staying at the Towers on the Grove in Mrytle Beach during the week of May 17th. Has there been any reports of bedbugs there? I am terrified of finding any. I think I would go straight home and forget the vacation.


Hi there, interesting site, looking to find out whether or not Hotel Pennsylvania in New york have had any other reports of bed bugs reported lately, since they had one a few years ago…please respond going in a few weeks and would really like to know, very interested…thank you..


Any sitings at Super 8 motel in Henderson, KY?? or at The Wheeling Inn, Wheeling WV.??
Going there in a month…thanks


We’re going to a convention at theSkagit Valley Casino Resort in Bow, Washington in a week or so. Could you check out if they have had any bed bug complaints?


i was wondering about ALL motel 6’s, i travel alot for my job,and i 99.9% of the time stay at motel 6,it seems like every 90 days i keep waking up with these bites, they hurt and itch really bad,and they swell really huge, sorry i dont have any pics,but ive gone to the hospital,the pain was bad, my face right by my eye,and on my forhead were so swollen i looked deformed,had many tests done,ive had a few different diagnosis,but i looked at your web site, and these sores,bites look exactly like some of the bedbug bites.
i reported it one time at a motel 6,they acted like i made it all up,i was treated pretty poorly,i went to the hospital and they tried telling me it was shingles, luckily my wife works in the medical field, and NEVER seen shingles look like that,shes actually the one that found this site.
thanks for your time


DO NOT stay at the COMFORT INN on East Cheyenne in Las Vegas. Also DO NOT stay at the RODEWAY INN at 200 Convention Center Drive in Las Vegas. Both are members of Choice Hotels International. I was bitten at both hotels and at the Rodeway, I was given two different rooms and both were infested with Bed Bugs. Did you know that when these bugs are small, they can penetrate the sheets. First you see them, then you don’t. That’s one way of knowing. If you are in the bed and feel something crawling and then throw the covers and sheets back quickly, you can see them going from the top of the sheet to the other side of the sheet where they can’t be seen. Smart bugs!

mike dakis:

we are visiting chicago and staying at the hyatt regency is there any history of bedbug complaints? thanks .we will be there the weekend of the may 22


hilton metropole and the marriott marble arch

Virginia Howard:

I am traveling to London on May 28th to stay at the Marriott Marble Arch. Do they have a reported history of bed bug complaints?
Thanks so much !!

April Hopperton:

We are going to Gatlinburg TN this week. Any hotels with Bed Bugs that I should stay away from. I believe the name of the hotel we are staying at is the Sydney james.


I wish you can help me out with your advice. I am going to visit San Francisco in August with friends and my friends have booked 3 rooms at Fitzgerald Hotel Union Square (address: 620 Post Street, Union Square, San Francisco (California), CA 94109). However the booking was not flexible and if we cancel it we have to pay the whole rate for four nights and 3 rooms.
Somedays later, I found out that there have been many complaints in the past that the hotel has bed bugs. From that moment I dont know what to do, cause I am allergic to bites. Do you think there is something I can do? I was thinking that maybe there is some customer protection agency either to check if there are bed bugs at the hotel, or help me out how to cancell without paying the whole amount, since it is still quite early and the hotel can find other customers.
Thanking you in advance.

Deborah Ratajczak:

1. Is there any bedbug history at the Holiday Inn and Suites on 1701 Atlantic Avenue, Ocean City, MD
2. Are bedbugs an epidemic now? I know five people who have them in their homes.
3. What chemical kills bedbugs?
4. Are the Walmart encasements good enough or should you buy professional ones on-line?

Thank you for your research, answers, and your website. I believe part of the bedbug problem is
public awareness and I am telling everyone about bedbugs!


Great Wolf Lodge, Scotrun PA
I wish I would have known about this site before I stayed!!


Just found your website. It’s amazing what you do. I’m planning on staying at New York, New York in Las Vegas. 3790 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV.

peter beaumier:

I have had a bed bug infestation that I somehow took home with me. Has there been complaints about Travelodge in Windsor?

kathleen ross:

I am currently at the Value Place in Macon, Ga…. 4949 Harrison Rd – and I am having a heck of a time with something biting the hell out of me! The first night, I was fine. The 2nd night I woke up with patches of bites on my leg, my hands and my elbows. I contacted the front desk, and several members of the staff came up to investigate – they couldn’t find any signs, but sprayed the bed area with something ‘just in case.’
That night I was fine – but again, the next night it happened again! Have there been any other reports on this property, and why does it seem to skip a night? Oddly enough, my travel partner’s bed seems to be fine! Help! Thank you!

Alicia Peet:

Hi I have read reports last year for the hotel River Bend Inn located in Pigeon Forge, TN in room 510 and 109 with complaints of terrible bed bugs crawling around. I would like the hotel checked to see if they have followed through with treatment of the infestation. Thank you!

Theresa Jusino:

I am staying at the Sheraton Vistana Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL. Any word of bedbugs there? My husband is being neurotic about this, please send info ASAP, we are leaving in 3 days.


Hey Jim:
Stayed @ The Betsy, 1440 Ocean Drive, Miami, FL back in April and recently found bed bugs in my home. Have lived in this apartment for over 15 yrs and never a problem. Can you check for any complaints from other guests to the hotel or health authorities in FL? Thank you.

Bed Bug Haven:

Do not stay at The Boulevard Hotel in South Beach, Florida. I spent one night there on 6/1/10 and woke up to approximately 75 bed bug bites all over my shoulders, arms, and legs. I’m still scratching and the management was horrible when i went to complain.
740 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Kathy Crane:

Renaissance Hollywood Hotel and Spa
1755 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028-4403
have reservation in June – know of 1 incident in Feb. – could you check it out?


This message is for carrie regarding great wolfe lodge in the poconos. Please contact me we were supposed to go there next week. My email is jadedgirl37@yahoo.com. My friend has had them for a year from a neighbor and can not get rid of them. had terminx there 9 times and still has them.


Staying in the Paris hotel in Las Vegas . Any reports of bed bugs? Would very much appreciate a response.

Frances Scerri:

Can you tell me if there are any bed bugs noted at the Coconut Beach Resort @ 1600 Alberta Street in Key west Florida.


Will be staying at Paris Hotel Las Vegas and would like to know if there are any bed bug reports on this hotel?


I just spend a night with my family and my cousin’s family at La Quinta Resort & Club at La Quinta, CA near Palm Springs. All of us have a bug bites which I think is from bed bugs and mosquito as I heard somethin buzzing at night. My 3 year old has the worst with swelling, so we had to go to the doctor today. Have you had any complaints at this hotel?


Driving from PA to FL on 7/2 taking I95. Need to stop somewhere near NC/SC border for the night. Anywhere I should stay away from? The thought of bedbugs freaks me out, thanks!


Dear Jim,
I came across your website this evening. I returned yesterday from a week at a hotel in Orlando. We arrived on a Saturday and late on Sunday afternoon (3:00pm), I noticed a couple of bites on my arm. I was traveling with two friends and one friend (Anna) discovered one bite on her chest. My other friend (Katherine) had none. Anna and I spent several hours together away from Katherine at a theme park, which initially led us to believe that we got them somewhere in the park. Over the course of the next few days, we didn’t notice any new bites. I searched both beds and the dressers and found no evidence of bed bugs.
The bites are similar in appearance to mosquito bites- round, red, with a red dot/scab in the middle. They are all isolated, not in groups, except for one on my arm, where there are 5-6 scabs in a row (this could be due to the fact that I was itching like crazy and infected it, because the scabs don’t actually look like bites). Upon arriving home, I brought my suitcase right to the basement and washed and dried all my clothes in hot water. I sprayed my suitcase down with alcohol and bleach. Does this sound like an incident of bed bugs? If so, when should I expect to see them in my home? Is there anything I can do now? Is it common for one person to get bitten, and not another, even though they’re in the same bed? Any information would be appreciated- I’ve very upset that I may have brought an infestation home with me!


We are planning to stay in Comfort Inn Central Park West New York City in July 2010. I have read a review posted May 2010 saying they have bedbugs. Can anyone please confirm if this infestation is still there?
31 West 71st Street, New York City, NY 10023-4103

Arlene Murphy:

Embassy Suites LAREDO BED BUG BITES all over my legs. Manager Brian Clark denied and accused me. Was rude, dismissive and showed no compassion. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE> Stay away from EMBASSY SUITES in LAREDO TEXAS…BED BUGS ..I am home a few days & still have the bites & itch. Hope they don’t become infected.


I stayed at the Ritz Carlton in South Beach had a wonderful stay, until I returned home from my trip and woke up with bites all over my body. The second night they even got worse. To find that i had bed bugs!.. Never in my life have I ever had any problem like this before. Tottaly disgusted!!!!!

chris bluestein:

Do you have any reviews of Quality Inn in Oakland, Pittsburgh PA? I am going there soon.
Thanks; I’ll be watching your website.


found bedbugs in my bed at the Sunbeam Hotel in San luis Obispo. Had to change hotels at midnight….YUCK!!!


Any knowledge of bed bugs at:
Country Inn and Suites
4950 Mercedes Blvd.
Camp Springs, MD 20796


I was recently at the Venetian in Las Vegas–fabulous hotel–and came home with red bites on lower part of my legs, particularly one ankle had a cluster of bites about size of silver dollar. The bites were very itchy, which i only noticed on my return trip home while in plane. The bites were unbearably itchy, which caused me to stratch of course. I contacted the hotel, and am awaiting a call from Risk Management.
It never occurred to me that it could be bed bugs until I researched a little, and saw others’ pictures. Now I am trying to recall what items I had near the bed, etc. so that I hope I can make sure I brought none home. No signs yet, but I laid my clothes out on my bed daily. Bad. Most have been washed, but then there are shoes, bags, other items you don’t wash!!!Bites are now scabs and I guess will heal, but still don’t look too nice on my lower legs!!!!!!!

Dave Dean:

Courtyard by Marriott, Downtown Norfolk, 520 Plume Street, Norfolk, VA 23510.
I stayed here for a week back in March – have since discovered a bedbug infestation at my home back in the UK – obviously a lot of cost and disruption as a result.
The Marriott is the only hotel that I have stayed in in the right timescales – my exterminator estimated about 6-8 weeks which tied in with my stay there.
Unfortunately I do not react to bites, so only became aware when other members of my family were bitten. My colleague, who was staying in an adjacent room did complain about being bitten at the time – but was not sure what it was.
I have contacted Marriott, who assured my that they have never had a problem – I would be interested to know if anyone else has…


Any bed bug complaints at Four Sails Resort in Virginia Beach, Va?
Thank you!!

Virginia Howard:

Bianca & Tracey,
I am currently living through the nightmare of having brought home bb’s after staying in an infested room at a Holiday Inn Express for 1 night. Do not underestimate these nasty critters !! You did the right thing by washing clothes in hot water and drying in hot.Make sure you dry for at least 30 mins. But PLEASE take my advise and throw away the suitcase and laptop case. Leaving in plastic for one week will not do anything. BB’s can live 1 year to 18 mths without feeding. It only takes 1 pregnant female to infest your home and put much more expensive things like your furniture, computer, etc in danger.
If I had known then what I know now I would have thrown away everything I brought with me, bought some cheap clothes, taken a hot shower and come home. The eggs are so miniscule that you cannot always see them even upon close inspection.
If you are already home and begin noticing bites within 1-2 weeks after returning, especially if they appear in a breakfast/lunch/dinner pattern of 2-3 bites at a time, you have brought them with you and should waste no time in calling a professional pest control service. Spraying alcohol on your headboard or other items will only make them go into hibernation and show up again 3 mths to a year from now. Do not procrastinate. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get rid of them.


Any reports of bed bugs at Hampton Inn Dubois, PA and Holiday Inn at Lake George, NY?


Could you please check to see if the Las Vegas Hilton has had any bedbugs in the past?


TownePlace Suites Columbus Airport Gahanna
695 Taylor RoadColumbus, OH 43230 USA

Ann W:

I stayed at the Marriott Springhill suites in Modesto on 1902 Orangeburg Avenue. Have you had any complaints there?


We will be staying at Stone Castel Hotel in Branson MO – 3050 Green Mountain DR. Branson Mo 65616
I was wondering if they have bed bugs ? Does any one know ? Hate to go and bring them home !
Please let me know ASAP. Thanks


I stayed at the Red Roof Inn Columbus Convention Center (111 Nationwide Ave., Columbus Ohio) for 3 nights beginning June 11, 2010. I had no idea that the bed bug problem was getting so out of control, so when I found a couple small brown bugs (1 dead, 1 live) in my bed, it didn’t dawn on me that they were bed bugs.
I am, however, bug-phobic, so had a minor panic attack and asked the front desk to please make sure to change the sheets. The next morning, there were a couple blood spots up near the head of the bed – 1 on the fitted sheet, 1 on the pillow. It wasn’t until the last morning, after I had showered and was getting ready to check out, that it dawned on me that they might be bed bugs. I pulled the sheet and mattress cover off and slid the mattress out from the wall a bit and found them – dozens of them!! I immediately told the manager, who comped 1 of my 3 days and said they would check it out immediately.
I am now starting to see the bites appearing. I drove home, stopped and bought bug spray on my way. I unloaded my luggage and put all the clothes directly into the laundry (hot water), then sprayed inside and out of every piece of luggage that I had in the room – including my laptop case. Everything that I couldn’t wash I have sealed up in plastic zipper bags, and will leave them there for at least a week. I also showered again before I got into my bed last night.
Have I done enough to prevent them from taking up residence in my house?


Stayed last week at the Days Inn in Hampton, Va and was attacked by bed bugs. Saw 4 crawling on my sheets the 1st night and asked to move to another room. Went to 2nd room
and thought I was safe but it was about 3 days before bites appeared on surface of skin. It was a horrible experience and management, Joyce, was not helpful. I filed report with health inspector. Don’t stAy here.
Have there been any reports of bed bug infestation at the Embassy Suites in Richmond, Va or the Sleep Inn which is located on Parham Rd?
Thanks for the work you do!

Arian Coffman:

El Monte Sagrado Resort, 317 Kit Carson Rd, Taos, NM
Date of Stay: June 8-9, 2010
When we went to bed at night, small brown bugs crawled out from near the headboard. We killed the bugs, hoping it was an anomaly. However, that night we felt as if bugs were crawling on us. A search in the morning showed no bugs. The next night we checked the bed thoroughly before getting in, but we did not find bugs. But when we got in, a couple of bugs again crawled out from the headboard.
Again, we killed the bugs, but since it was only a couple, and the hour was late, we did not request a room change. We were awoken in the night by the sensation of bugs crawling on us. When we got up, we had several welts on us from bug bites. Yep, you guessed it, bed bugs. We went down to complain to the manager who was not in.
We spoke to the front desk supervisor, who was quite nice and told us one night of our stay would be refunded. He said that the manager would call us and possibly refund both nights. The manager phoned us later that morning and reneged on the free night, only offering to refund 50% off the second night. After much discussion, he raised the offer to 75%, but after MORE discussion finally agreed to refund all of the second night.
The manager promised to email us a receipt of the refund but never did. The full amount was just charged to our credit card. We also had to destroy our luggage when we arrived home and are hoping we did not bring an infestation home with us. We are stuck with bed bug bites, crappy memories, and exorbitant charge to boot.
I just filed a complaint with the BBB. Take my advice and DO NOT STAY HERE!!!


Hyatt Place
575 Park Plaza Drive
Secaucus, NJ
The first morning, we thought there might have been a mosquito feasting on us the night before. But by a little later in the day the bites were feeling worse and my boyfriend’s arm was quite swollen. That night I told the hotel about it and they said they had inspected our bed while we were out to diner and changed the sheets.
This morning we woke up with 2x as many bites and I have 3 on my face. Its driving us nuts!!! I went to the manager AGAIN and she said she’d move our room. I asked her to come insect the bed WITH me and didn’t find any live bugs, but found the little black dots and one carcass which i snapped a picture of before she leaned in and said “oh that’s just lint” and obliterated it.
they moved our room, but I’m terrified that we brought them with us. I’m not the emotional type, and i burst into tears when the manager said to me, “well, we can comp you a night for the inconvenience.” INCONVENIENCE?!?!? I’m scared to go to sleep because things are BITING ME!
We are here for work, so we can’t switch hotels because all the rooms are booked here, but no one else is having a problem. Meanwhile, we’re losing our minds.
How can I avoid bringing them home???


Hi Jim,
Just stayed at the Best Western in the Bronx 6/16 overnight. Today my son woke up with several red welt-like bites. Any reports on this hotel?
Best Western Bronx Inn
1440 Sheridan Expressway
Bronx, NY
Thank you!


I stayed at the Embassy Suites in Orlando on the weekend of Jun 11-15, 2010 and I have since become covered with bites from head to toe. I started itching on the 14th and 15th but thought it was because of mosquitoes. I am now covered with large, itchy, whelps on my back, buttocks, legs (upper and lower), arms, hands, and neck.
I am miserable from the itching and ugly signs of being eaten alive. I have over 100 bites and nothing is helping the itching. I have been to the doctor and they were amazed by the allergic response to the bites. They gave me anti-itch medicine because Benadryl wasn’t helping and a steriod ointment for topical relief.
What can I do? Is there any health agency that inspects hotel rooms and follows up on hotels?


I recently stayed at the Hyatt in Princeton New Jersey and was bit about 50 times on my arms and legs. At first I though I had spider or mosquito bites but after researching I now know they are bed bug bites. I am totally disgusted. I never thought that this would happen at a nice hotel like the Hilton Hyatt! I threw out my luggage and washed all my clothes as soon as I got home. Do I need to worry about my kids (little kids) and husband catching this?


All four of us got bed bug bites at Hotel Batignolles Villiers (11 rue de Batignolles, Paris, France) about one week ago. I’m sending pictures showing hundreds of bites to badbedbugs.gmail. A few questions:
* can you find any previous complaints against this hotel?
* since we live in the US, how can we take legal action against this hotel in France? What is the procedure: do we hire a lawyer in the US first, or do we contact the hotel first and see how they respond?
* is there an agency (like Better Business Bureau) that we can contact to register our complaint?
We have already spent hundreds of dollars to deal with the infestation that we inadvertently brought to our home from the contamination in that hotel.

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear Angela Woods,

No reports of bedbugs at the Country Inn & Suites Bloomington West, 5120 American Blvd W, Bloomington, MN 55437.

Thanks, BBG


Do you have any reports of bed bug infestations at the Motel 6 in St. George, Utah? We stayed one night and the place was “OK”, but since leaving, have had red bites on arms and legs, my husband has some on his head and I’m terrified we’ve brought them home. Thanks

sam steel:

Any reports of bedbugs at
Millenium Gloucester hotel-London England
Dacia Luxembourg hotel -Paris France

Julie Fox:

Hi There Jim,
We’ll be in Costa Rica (La Fortuna area) at the folowing hotels… can you give me some good news – that they don’h have bed bugs….?
Grano del Oro
Mountain Paradise
Vista del Valle

Scott Stevens:

We may stay at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center hotel in Kansas City, MO over the 4th of July weekend. Has this hotel had any problems with bed bugs? Thanks, Scott
Hotel information: 2345 McGee Street, Kansas City, Missouri, USA 64108 Tel: +1 816 421 1234


I’m currently here in Donau Hotel in Ingolstadt Germany. 4 of my friends live in the 4 other separate rooms. But when I woke up, I had these red bumps on my skin. I though I got it from the food I ate… When I found out about bed bugs, I quickly checked my bed and I saw a big one crawling on my bed… I caught it and put it in a container… I will be putting pictures of it here…


Yes, send me the pictures and I’ll get them up on the site for everyone to see. If you can take some picture of where you found them, that would be a big help to people looking for bed bugs when they stay at a hotel!

melissa allen:

hey i found bed bugs in my bed from back in the middle of may when i went to keokuk motor lodge IA. the address is 3764 main street keokuk Iowa. i think i brought them in luggage. could you check there hotel. i was staying in room 143. i got bites and my wife does not. bed bugs in bottom bunk my wife doesn’t have any and she has the top. i keep dirty laundry under bed til laundry day!

shirley howerton:

Please advise if Hotel Wellington, 871 7th Avenue, NYC, has had any reports of bedbugs.
Thank you for your help.

Julie S.:

Going to stay at Comfort Inn Gold Coast–11201 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, Maryland. Any problems there? Thanks so much.

lisa lewis:

We just returned from Branson, MO, stayed at the Castle Rock Resort and Waterpark. I came back with bites that i am sure were from bedbugs, my boyfriend and 3 daughters were bitten as well.


I am going to go to a hotel in Florida in 7 days and was wondering if u could reply ASAP? the hotel is called Orlando Vista Hotel.


Hi and thank you for this site. I am totally worried about bed bugs. Can you please research the following hotels/cabins we intend to stay in soon:
Ridgetop Rendezvous
Pigeon Forge TN
Port Orleans Resort
Orlando FL
Hampton Inn
8936 Calumet Ave, Munster, IN, 46321
Thank you so very much!

Ken Bell:

We’ll be staying at the Skaket Beach Motel in Orleans, MA…any reported problems with bedbugs at this establishment?


Can you tell me if there is any bed bug reports at the Best Western The Hotel California in San Francisco. We are planning a trip and I have read that there are a number of hotels in San Francisco that have bed bugs.


I will be staying at the Hotel Grand Union in New York City next week from July 8th-11th. Have you heard of any reports there of Bed Bugs recently? Please let me know as soon as you can, so I can stop worrying!!! =)

Heather L.:

Just discovered that we have bed bugs after staying the Days Inn in Hernando, Mississippi at the end of July. I started getting bites three days ago (one week after we returned home), and my husband awoke with the “breakfast, lunch and dinner” bites this morning.
Any other documented cases from this particular Days Inn?


We just got back from a visit to Pigeon Forge, TN. We stayed at the Inn at Christmas Place, one of the most upscale hotels in the city. My husband has at least 33 bed bug bites from that one-night stay. I have reported to the manager that we were bitten, and was told they would check the room we stayed in. We were not offered a refund or compensation of any kind. The manager was polite, but suggested maybe the bites were from a reaction to the water in the pool (we didn’t even use the pool) or maybe some other types of bug bites. I told him I was sure they were bed bug bites, confirmed by tons of pictures and descriptions online. He said the main manager would give us a return call, but we haven’t heard anything so far.


Any Bed Bugs at Days Inn Graceland at Memphis? or any other problems?


We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Ocean City, MD and came home with bed bugs. 6600 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD.


Im going to Orlando, Florida in August and I am extremly scared of fleas, bb’s, ticks, etc. Im staying at the DoubleTree Entrance of Universal Studios. Could you research this for me? Thanks


I will be staying at the Hotel Monaco in Chicago. Can you check that hotel? I ran some initial searches and didn’t find anything but would feel better if I had confirmation from you.
Great website! Thanks so much!


Holiday Inn in Bath Maine?


I believe room 324 at Fairfield Inn in Cleveland, TN has/had bed bugs August 2010


I am travelling in the next few weeks and was wondering if any bed bug reports were noted for:
1. Inn on the Market – Seattle
2. Hyatt Regency Cleveland at the Arcade.
Thanks so much for your help!

Lee Kowalski:

HELP! Need to know if there has been any reports on bedbugs at a hotel call the “ALANTE” located at 7th and the beach in Wildwood, NJ. (not sure how the address is listed for NJ???, sometimes it is not listed by the street #). Hoping someone can help!!!!
We are petrified after bringing home bedbugs last June from Disney/Port Orleans Riverside, and are STILL having problems 1 year later :(
Thanks, LEE

Jerry Bazar:

Can you check on bed bugs at over the last 2 years and currently at::
Wyndham Oceanfront Hotel
5700 atlantic Ave.
Virginia beach, VA 23451
and also:
Lansdowne Resort
44050 Woodridge Parkway
Leesburg,VA 20176


How about bedbugs at any of the LaQuinta Hotels in Pittsburgh? That’s the only place I have stayed and now have bedbugs in my home. thanks.


Any recent reports on bed bugs at
Rodeway Inn
631 South Eisenhower Blvd.
Harrisburg, PA 17111
My family and I are planning a vacation to Hershey Park and have made reservations at this hotel the end of July.


Hi, wondering if there have been any reports of bed bugs at the Grand Beach Hotel in Miami?4835 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140 (305) 538-8666…Also, how do you obtain information on any reports of bed bugs in hotels? Thanks so much….


We stayed at the comfort inn and suites 6302 seawall blvd galveston, tx 77551 room 117 and we woke up surrounded!!!! We took them one of the bugs and they said oh well reimburse your stay. They didnt even look and said we doubt thats what it is because we have an exterminator here once a week. Is that common practice or do they know they have a problem and put us in the room anyway? If we come home with them can we get them to pay our extermination fees?


Staying at the Drury Inn at Donnelson in Nashville next week. Any reports of bedbugs?


Stayed in room 123 at the Super 8 in Hudsonville, Michigan. We kept seeing tiny black bugs in the bottom of our white shopping bags and we thought nothing of it until the next day when we found a bigger dead bug in the bed. I looked up bed bugs and the description matched the bug perfectly. We told the front desk and they didn’t seem concered they just said they would look into it. We now have them at home and my daughter is covered in bites.


will be staying out either Hilton Inn Williamsburg VA, 1624 Richmond RD. Williamsburg va, or Country Inn & suites Williamsburg, 400 Bypass Rd. Williamsburg VA. or Holiday INN Hotel Suites Williamsburg 515 Bypass Rd. Williamsburg VA…either one of the 3

Sherri Czub:

I will be staying at the SpringHill Suites Chicago O’Hare 8101 West Higgins Road,
Chicago, Illinois 60631. Do you have any reports of bed bugs found here?


Can you please check the Country Inns and Suites in Clinton TN?

john martinez:

Hi, we will be staying at the Luxor in Las Vegas. Have there been any reports of bed bugs here?


I just returned from Sicily, where I stayed at La Casetta B and B at 12 Via Giulia in Ragusa-Ibla. While I didn’t know what to check for when I was there, I did notice blood stains on the sheets, and I awoke almost every night, feeling like I was being bitten. I didn’t have any symptoms until after I returned home, 8 days after my first night there. This is my second full day of feeling itchy, and I estimate that I have about 250 bites on my entire body.


Take pictures Ann while you can – and send them to the address at the bottom of this page. I’ll edit them and get them posted.

M. Bowman:

Thank you for this service. Has anyone heard any bed bug related news associated with the Hotel Monaco Baltimore? Much appreciation.


Hi I have recently returned from the JW Marriott at Desert Ridge in Phoenix. Room 5303 had to be closed due to bed bugs. We were there for 12 days and got moved on day 10….therefore I was a buffet for Bed Bugs for 9 days. I have at least 600 bites, my husband 400 and my daughter who was in a rollaway 0 bites.
My husband put a pair of shorts on direclty out of our case and now has another 100 bites.! We both have a sensitivity. Did they have bed bug reports before the 18th August, I would love to know if they knew there was an issue. Thanks

Kim Redman:

I was just bit by bed bugs at Extended Stay America in Secaucus, NJ. Do you have any other complaints about that hotel?
I woke up day one to find a few bits, thought it was a spider or something. Day two, I woke up with about 20 bites and soon found one crawling on my pj’s. Then found another in the bed. Called front desk and they send the janitor up to take a look. He removed the headboard off the wall and the back of it was polluted with bed bugs. EWWWWW!!!
Bedbug Bites on Kim Redman KneeBedbug Bites on Kim Redman HandBedbug Bites on Kim Redman Leg
It is now day 3 after the bites and I still have new ones coming out each day. They itch, I scratch and they get sore and painful. This is outrageous!!! Went to dr. today and got steroids and antihistamines. I feel like I want to crawl out of my own skin or scratch it right off my body. Do I have any legal options here?
Hotel is giving me full refund, paying for my laundry to be professionally cleaned and any drs. bills that I have. (which don’t add up to much because I have good insurance) UGH!!!
I have never been so darn miserable!


Staying at Fairfield Inn in both St Clairesville, Ohio and Bedford, Pa. Do you have any info about bed bugs in either hotel? I appreciate your help. Reservation is soon if you are able to get back to me quickly.
Thank you…..


Hi Rebecca,

Send me pictures of your bites and I’ll post them on the site for others to see (I’ll edit them so the pictures don’t identify you, etc.) Also – if you like, send me the name and details of this place and I’ll do some research and see if they have had other complaints and post the results so that there will be a record in case another person runs into the same problem with bed bugs there.


We are planning a trip to lancaster, pa staying at the red roof inn. please advise if it has had any bedbug issues we would be most grateful..

Pam Cook:

Hi Jim,

I will be staying at the Homewood Suites in Orlando,FL. Do you know if they have any bed bug issues? Didn’t realize that bed bugs were such an epidemic. I’m nervous.

Kelly Johnson:

I need to find a hotel for my sister coming in to visit around JFK airport. I am really anxious about her ending up in an infested room and bringing it to my own home. Are there any hotels to avoid around JFK? Are there any that have good records that you would recommend?
Thanks for the help,


Are there any reports of bed bugs at:
Grand Country Inn
Branson, MO

Beth Michlovitz:

We are staying this coming weekend at the Ritz Carleton, Philadelphia (10 Avenue of the Arts, Phila. 19102) Are there bed bugs in this hotel? Thank you.


Hi… we are going to the Sandcastle Suites at Cedar Point in late September. Have you heard of any bb problems there??


I have over 50 bed bug bites from staying at the Holiday Inn at 3405 Algonquin Rd in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. The management claimed that they never had that problem before however most of the people in our tour group complained of dead bugs on the walls of their rooms along with mold and mildew. We were moved to another part of the hotel.
Bed bug bites on Debra's armBed bug and damage to Debra
When we got home luckily I had a some pics of the bugs and showed them to my exterminator who happens to be a family friend and he confirmed that they were bed bugs and gave me spray, bags and other cleaning supplies to wash our clothes and spray our luggage.
I had to go to a doctor for the bites because they were very itchy and I could not take it any longer. The hotel management seemed very unconcerned about the incident and offered to reimburse us $200 for the night for our inconvenience.
I am wondering if we have any legal rights to get reimbursed not only for our inconvenience but the doctors bill, medication, $40 to wash up all our clothes and the supplies for cleaning. I still have marks on my arms.


So happy you exist. Please let me know whether the James Hotel located at 55 East Ontario, Chicago, IL has ever had a bedbugs infestation. Thank you.

Rebecca Harris:

i went to my doctor on Tuesday after noticing the bites all over my back. i woke up during my Friday one night stay to see a bed bug crawling on the sheet. then there was another one. i couldn’t believe it! its four in the morning and my body starts itching!
Rebeccas bed bug bite after one weekHere is a picture of my bites one week after it all happened.
I notified the manager immediately. he can only tell me no refund and no other room to move to but gives me a new sheet and tells me to just use it because its late. i return back to the room and took pictures of the two bedbugs still moving around on the sheet before leaving.
Now i have so many bites on my back, hips, thigh, and both arms and legs. ive been doing the creams and they help for a little while. i will try the witch hazel. my life has changed. i cant sleep. i keep thinking i see new bites (maybe i am). i have been sleeping in chairs instead of lying down because i feel infested.
The pain and itchiness combined with a sense of embarrassment is an awful situation. oh to add insult the manager said that he will give me a discount on my next stay to compensate me.

Liza C:

Wondering about the MGM Grand and Tropicana in Vegas. Any recent info?


We will be staying at the Courtyard by Marriott on S. Fountain Avenue in Dayton, Ohio later this week has there been any reports of bed bugs? Also in three weeks we will be staying at the Marriott Marquis on Times Square in New York any reports of bed bugs??


Any reported bed bugs at the hotels located within the town of Hershey Pa. The hotels on the premises of Hershey are all booked up. Now I need to find a hotel within the town.

Gary S:

Will be staying at the Paradise Plaza Inn in Ocean City MD, starting July 22, 2010. Any reports of bed bug infestations there? Thanks so much

Renee K:

Hi Were staying at Phillips Beach Plaza Hotel on 1301 Boarrdwalk, Ocean City, MD..Any reports of bed bugs there?


Please check the Belden-Stratford in Chicago, 2300 N.Lincoln Park W


I’m going to Costa Rica. Can you check my hotels for any reports of bed bugs?
Arenal Observatory Lodge (near La Fortuna, Costa Rica)
Hotel El Establo (in Monteverde)
and Hotel Sugar Beach


Hello.. i stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge in Pa. twice within the last 3 months. I came home itchy both times and i had some bites but not sure they were bed bugs. I went through my suitcase today after it sitting in my room for almost a month and low and behold found a dead bedbug. Oh My God! is all i can say. I am thouroughly going through EVERYTHING now. I don’t see any in my home mattresses or haven’t seen one out of the suitcase but it is scary enough. It was dead but didn’t look that old, it can be about a month old and was a big one! I am going to call Great wolf and ask them to inspect the two rooms i was last in.


I am aware of the major bed bug problem in East Coast cities; however, I am travelling to Las Vegas soon. Can you tell me if the Venetian Hotel has had any problems? Thanks!
The Venetian Resort – Hotel – Casino
3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South


jacques bedbug bites on backBest Western
Santee Lodge
my back is completely bit from some kind of Bugs,and now under Antibiotics,bugs where around the bottom of the sink cabinet and the Tub,Rash started on the first night by day 9 ,I was itchy like crazy ,,,
call Visa to get my money back and have got a Visa refund,
Note: I’m currently under Antibiotics,
Doctor visit $179.00
of course there denying it, but Visa has taken my side so far!


Fairfield Inn Marriott
2500 Paramount Place
Fairborn, OH 45324


We will be staying at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas soon, I was wondering if there have been any reports of bed bugs there?


Any bed bug reports at Hampton Inn North, 3107 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA?


Hi Jim!
I’m looking at staying at the Hilton Baltimore 7 E Redwood St Baltimore, MD 21202-1103. I have found one recent report on bed bugs found, but the hotel is denying it and saying it wasn’t a positive test. Now I scared to stay there. Could you please check this hotel for me?
Thank you so much :)


Have you heard of any reports of bed bugs at Ocean Place resort and spa, Long Branch, NJ..? Staying there this weekend. 7/23-7/25

Allison Patrick:

Are there any reports of bed bugs at The Marshall Hotel in Savannah Georgia?


My son and I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Fremont Nebraska (2415 North Lincoln Avenue, Fremont NE 68025), the weekend of April 3rd. About 2 weeks later we started to notice bug bites. Initially we thought perhaps we had fleas (as we own two dogs that had recently gone to a groomer). After inspection by a vet and flea control for them, the bites continued to get worse. After months – we have finally determined that it is/was bed bugs. They were living in our couch, which we have now thrown out. Can you please check this hotel to see if they’ve had any complaints? When I called them in May to tell them they seemed to not care.


I am taking my kids to the El Coronado in Wildwood Crest NJ. Can you please tell me if you have any information of whether or not that hotel has had bed bugs?
Thank you


Hi Jakie,

I’ve stayed there twice now and never had a problem. You are wise to rent the room rather than get into a time share, save a TON of money!

Nice place – just make sure to skip the tour of the rooms they offer – it’s a high pressure pitch to sell you a time share which you can rent for cheap. Once you say no, they should not bug you anymore.

When I get time, I’ll update this comment with my findings. I’m way behind right now with requests, and each request take a long time!


My family is staying at the fairfield in at marriot in Clermont Florida (Orlando area)Any reports lately. I saw one from 2006. Please get back asap
Thanks jia


We are going to stay a couple of days in “Howard Johnson Newark” hotel in New Jersey next week (made reservation after checking last 50 reviews) but later on after my husband had mentioned the bed bugs, I have found one traveler who had a complaint about it back in 2009, could you tell me if it’s safe to go now and could it be only one particular room affected?
Thank you very much,

Barbara Turney:

We are going to be in the Winfield/Arkansas City, KS are this week end. Are there any reports about bedbugs in these are hotels?


I stayed in
Knights Inn Downtown San Francisco
240 7th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103-4004 US
Phone: 415-861-6469
from 7/16/2010 – 7/19/2010. I saw couple of bugs in the hotel room but did not complaint about it because I had read many reviews about bed bugs in the hotel. Now after I checked out from the hotel I have been charged $250 because they accused me of bringing the bed bugs in the room. Its ridiculous that I have to pay such a huge amount for something I did not even do. Is there anything I can do so I can avoid the fine?


Thanks for the site!
We found a pretty serious bed bug infestation at the Rodeway Inn in Medford Oregon (901 S Riverside).

Carol Driscoll:

I am so glad to find this website. I live in NYC, the bed bug capitol of the USA–nice distinction that I could do without. We are bed bug free and want to keep it that way. I am inquiring about two hotels where we have bookings: The Holiday Inn, Portland West (Portland, ME) and the Sax in Chicago. Any information about the bed bug status would be much, much appreciated. In addition, if this two places get a bad mark, can you recommend alternatives. Once again, thank you and I look forward to your response. Carol


Are there any complaints of bed bugs at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando Florida on International Drive? Leaving next week. Need answer ASAP please!! :)


Could you please check Beverly Heritage Hotel, 1820 Barber Lane, Milpitas, CA 95035. Will be staying there very soon, next week. hope you have enough time. Thanks, this is a great service you provide for our peace of mind.


Can you check out the country Inns & Suites by Carlson, Hampton, VA
1551 Hardy Cash drive
Hampton, VA 23666


I am staying in Columbus, OH on business. Since Columbus has been having some problems, I wanted to check on the Hilton Columbus at Easton… Any reports from this hotel? Thanks for the input.


WOW, getting nervous about bed bugs. I will be staying in two hotels this year and would appreciate any info about them having bed bug problems. 1. The Palazzo Las Vegas
2. Sheraton Waikiki, Honolulu
I want to go prepared with all the info I can gather. Thanks so much.


We stayed at Sheraton Suites Elk Grove, 121 Northwest Point Boulevard, Elk Grove Village, IL, 60007 Room 310 on 07/26/2010 and i was bit by bedbugs. I couldn’t sleep well on that night. The bite is severally swollen.

lois regrut:

We are planning a trip to NJ and staying at the Royal Canadian. Are there any bedbug complaints againt them?

Joni Hardy:

My boss has a trip planned in October to New York and will be staying at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, 333 Adams Street, Brooklyn, NY. Do you have any reports on that hotel regarding bed bugs?


Does GWL have any reports of bedbugs?
Great Wolf Lodge
549 East Rochambeau Drive
Williamsburg, VA 23188-2148


Please advise if the Four Seasons at Troon North located at 10600 East Crescent Moon Drive in Scottsdale, AZ 85262 has had any bed bug reports.
thank you.


We have a friend coming from Maryland and are planning to go to The Venetian in Las Vegas, NV. Is there any information regarding bed bugs at that facility? Thank you so much for your kind help.


Any reports of bed bugs at On the Avenue Hotel, New York?


Has anyone experienced bedbugs in Branson,Mo. or Eureka Springs,Ar.?


could you please tell me places to stay in savannah Georgia with no bed bugs


Hotel Del Coronado
1500 Orange Avenue
Coronado, CA 92118
Rm 3262
Bedbug Bites from hotel - Anne 1 of 5Bedbug Bites from hotel - Anne 2 of 5Bedbug Bites from hotel - Anne 3 of 5Bedbug Bites from hotel - Anne 4 of 5Bedbug Bites from hotel - Anne 5 of 5
This is a very small sampling of photos taken of bites that occurred during our stay at the Hotel Del Coronado 7/24-26, 2010. We notified the front desk in person, hotel security (while showing them the bites on all five of us), and we reported the problem to guest relations in an online “guest satisfaction survey.” We explained these are much longer lasting, widespread and severe than spider or mosquito bites.
The front desk then security both accused us of picking up the bites at the beach; we explained to each that we never visited the beach because it was too cold. We then reported both conversations in the online “guest satisfaction” survey. We have heard absolutely nothing in response. Our three children are all suffering bad allergic reactions from the bites that occurred in this hotel.


can you send me an email if the garden spot in lancaster has no bedbugs and is clean


I am really curious about hotels in New Jersey. Can you tell me if the Wyndham Garden Hotel at the Newark Airport has had any cases of bed bugs?


I will be staying at The Ravel in Long Island City, New York during the second and third week of August 2010. I was wondering if there have been any complaints made about the existence of bed bugs at this hotel.


I got a bundled package through the airline including Hotel Pennsylvania (NYC)…later read about the hotel being sued over bed bugs. Is this still a problem at the hotel?


any hotels in bettendorf/davenport Iowa report bedbugs?

Lynn Jones:

Will be staying in Chattanooga TN Jul 31 by the aquarium…are there any places to avoid?


have been invited to stay at ceasars casino & hotel in Atlantic City, NJ for 9/6-9/7, what is the bedbug status at this hotel?


Hi, Could you please let me know if Beverly Heritage Hotel, 1820 Barber Ln. Milpitas, CA 95035 had any reported incidents with bedbugs? Will be going there very soon, thanks

Sue Weidenthal:

Please check …
Courtyard Atlanta Six Flags.
950 Bob Arnold Blvd.
Lithia Springs, Georgia 30122

marie p witter:

will be staying at o’sullivans cottages in lake george village sept. 10-13. would like to if any word on bedbugs on this premises. thank you, marie p. witter


please help me
i want to stay at the garden spot in lancaster Pa
i want to make sure it is clean and have no bugs or bed bugs
is there a cleaner motel in lancaster?
this is the first time im sending you email


any reports about the W hotel union square?


Wingate by Wyndhan
3600 Piedmont Rd. NE
Alanta, GA 30305
please? my husband has never had bites like this before
What about the airplane? (delta)

Gina A.:

Any report on:

Holiday Inn
Thank you!

Rebecca Harris:

I will send you the pictures. The business name is Broadway Motel on Brook Road in Richmond, VA (Henrico County). The owner / hotel manager is Bob Patel. Thanks again, Jim.

Pam Gilbert:

We’re staying at the Pear Tree Inn in Overland Park, KS in 2 weeks. Have stayed there on several visits. Have you had any complaints about bedbugs?


Hi – Any reports at the Quality Inn in Danbury, PA? Thanks.

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear skip harrison,

I checked various online databases for reports of bed bugs at the Orleans Hotel and Casino, 4500 W. Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas Nevada, and I found one out of over 190 various comments. It was from toddmprice, on 5-18-10, “only good thing I can say about this hotel is the view of the sunrise from my room was spectacular. Of course, I was awake that early because I was all itchy from the bed bug bites.”

Bed Bug Girl

Elwood Myers:

I am planning a trip to Columbus this month and was concerned about the bed bug problem. I am staying at the Residence Inn in Worthington. Do you know if this hotel has had a problem?
Thank you

Greg Johns:

Have there been any reports of Bed bugs at Wyndham Hotel in Cleveland,Ohio at 1260 Euclid Ave,44115.
PLease advise we are planing an overnight with 3 other Couples.
Thanks Greg

Fall Ball:

My family and I will be staying at the Best Western Columbus North (888 E. Dublin-Granville Road) in a couple weeks. Does this hotel have any reports of bed bugs, etc. Thanks for your help.

Caroline Musselwhite:

I LOVE the Grand Union Hotel in New York – hoping that they are not on the bedbug list. Could you please check? thanks!


We are planning a trip through the north western US and would like for you to check out these hotels/B&B’s as we will be staying there. I have already reserved the rooms, but can still change them if there have been reported cases of bedbugs there.
Yellowstone Suites B&B, Gardiner MT
Bluebell Country Inn, Eden ID
Best Western Sutter House, Sacramento CA
Sandpiper Inn, Carmel CA
Monterey Downtown Travelodge, Monterey CA
Moffat House B&B, San Francisco, CA
Holiday Inn Express Fortuna, Fortuna, CA
Silver Cloud Inn, Mukilteo, WA
Thanks so much,


Hi Sarah,

We provide this service free of charge and checking out such a list would be consume far too much time. Requests for more than one hotel will not be processed.

To those I have not sent an email to with results, we’re taking a break from this free service and will not be checking hotels for the next two weeks. If you have a vacation or stay planned at a hotel that goes beyond two weeks, feel free to leave a request and we’ll do our best to research complaints of bed bugs based on the order of requests when we return.


Have there been any reports of bed bugs at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center? The hotel address is 127 Public Square in Cleveland, Ohio.
Thank you so much for this website!


I will be staying at the Drury Inn and Suites, at6170 Parkcenter Circle, Dublin, Ohio . Have there been any reports of bed bug cases there?


Just got back from The Mirage Las Vegas and wish I had seen this before I went. I woke up every day with new bites. I thought perhaps they were flea bites, but after seeing all the reports of bed bug infestations on the rise, I now suspect the latter. Thought I should share with other users.
Off to disinfect my luggage now…


can you check :Harris House 1201 Ocean Avenue Ocean City, NJ 08226.. Staying Sept 4 thru Sept 6.
thanks very much


Will be staying at The Beacon in Washingtron, DC over Labor Day weekend and The Venetian in Las Vegas later in the month. Any reports of bedbugs in these hotels?

Douglas Crowel:

During my recent stay at the Candlewood Suites 5014 Crosstown Expressway in Corpus Christi Texas 78415 Telephone number 361.853.3413 I found some uninvited guest. I noticed something on the sheet that looked like a flea.
Further investigation revealed that they were bedbugs around the mattress seam as well. I had seen a report on TV that showed bedbugs and how to find them. The ones I found fit the description of the ones I seen on TV. I contacted the desk clerk and they knew what to do. I had packed my luggage and left for work that day and I told them to give me another room. I returned that evening and it seemed to be a surprise that they were in the room.
They said the maids took care of the problem. I told them it wasn’t that easy. The night clerk went into the room I had stayed in and I showed him the bedbugs. I have moved to another room and they don’t seem to be in the new room. I hope I don’t take them home with me and my AGGIE daughter said I had to remove all clothing and exterminate my vehicle and luggage before returning home.
If they are on my body how do I get rid of them before I get Home?? Concerned d.crowel@sbcglobal.net


We will be staying at PH Tower in Las Vegas. Any reported infestation?
Thank you,


Could you tell me if there have been any bed bug reports for this hotel?:
The Crowne Plaza Hotel
1480 Crystal Drive
Arlington, VA US 22202


The Value Inn on Old Montreal Road in Ottawa, Canada has bed bugs.
Unfortuneately they are now in my home and it is costing me thousands of dollars and time off work to fix this problem.

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear Bonnie,

I searched a number of online databases for reports of bed bugs at the Sheraton NY Towers, 811 7th Avenue on 53rd Street, New York City, NY 10019. I found reports of bed bugs from buckyroberts on Sep 3, 2010 “I was literally attacked by bed bugs and still have visible signs on my tricep and feet from them”.; Pissed off in North Carolina on 8-18-2010 Threw out luggage and hoping they didn’t bring any home; and james on 8-4-2010, found bed bugs in his suitcase.

Bed Bug Girl

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear Liz28,

I searched a number of online databases for the period since January 2009 and found two reports of bed bugs at Embassy Suites 102 North End Ave NY, NY. They were from drjoe66 on 9-9-09 “My daughter woke up after the first night on the sleeper sofa with many bites on her arm and the doctor thinks it was bedbugs.”; and DCexec on 8-19-09 “was bitten by bed bugs all over my feet and legs. I had contacted the front desk and the clerk tried to convince me it was mosquitos.”

Bed Bug Girl


Please let us know about Quality Inn, Vernon Ct. Going 9/15. This information is very much appreciated!!
A great service!!

Maria Huber:

Can you check the following hotels? Westminster Hotel in Livingston, NJ and Club Quarters, New York Midtown 40 West 45th Street New York, NY Thanks !

suzie ray:

Going to Courtyard Marriott at 7087 Miller Lane in Dayton, OH. Have they had a problem with bed bugs? A coworker of mine stayed there and said they were bit by something during their stay.
Please advise. Thank you.


will be staying in the HILTON HOTEL IN ATLANTIC CITY NEW JERSEY and reports of bed bugs there? thanks


Hi Jim,
I was wondering if you can investigate the Quality Suites Lake Buena Vista in Orlando for me. I am very stressed about staying in a hotel with all the recent stories on bed bugs. I’m to the point of obessing over it and I want to be able to enjoy our upcoming holiday. I would forever be grateful if you could find some information for me.

Micah Johnson:

Check Bed Bug complaints for Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City KS.


Atlantic Terrace in Montauk, stayed there now my home is infested

Joan MacDonald:

We’re planning to stay at the Wolcott Hotel , 4 West 31st St. New York.
Any reports of bed bugs there?


Can you check out the ‘Days Inn’ motel for Bed-Bugs, in: Tukwilla, Wa., for me and get back to me, on the matter! Thank you, DFC


have there been any bed bug reports for the atlas hotel in cape may, nj. just stayed there for 3 nights.

Jana Telford:

My husband & I will be staying in 2 different Hampton Inns and are wondering if you have a bedbug report on one or both of them. We are especially concerned about the hotel in NYC. We will be there from Aug. 10-18, 2010. Here are the name of the hotels:
NYC: Hampton Inn Madison Square Garden Area Hotel
Washington D.C.: Hampton Inn Stes Reagan National Airport (Arlington, VA)Thank you.

Reva G.Moten:

A convention is planned by the Churches of Christ at the Hotel Pennsyvania in New York CIty, NY located at 401 7th Avenue. from March 29, 2011 – April 4th,2011
Can you please let me know of any reports of bedbugs there as we must able to make an informed decision whether to change hotels?. Are there any hotels in Manhattan that do not have any reports or may advisertise/boast that they do not have or had bedbugs.?

Candace Carnes:

Could you please check to see if there is any concerns at the Mission Bay Motel, located 4220 Mission Blvd. Pacific Beach 92109


The Villa Motel in Keeseville, New York (Route 9) has bed bugs. When we discovered the problem a couple of hours after checking in, we promptly notified the owner, who played dumb. We got our money back and left before the night was done. If you’re visiting the nearby Ausable Chasm, best to get a hotel in Plattsburg (where we ended up that night).

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear Nicolle,

I searched a number of online databases for information since January 2009 and over 240 various comments. I found one complaint of bed bugs at the Holiday Inn Express Midtown 440 West 57th Street, New York City, NY 10019. It was from jenniferbrinley, on May 26, 2010, ” I returned home covered with bed bug bites”. There were several comments from people who inspected the room and were very satisfied. It is important, no matter where you stay, to inspect your room and take proper precautions to protect yourself against bed bugs.

Bed Bug Girl


Can you do a hotel check on the Marriott Marquis in NYC – going this weekend. Looks like they had a problem last year – hopefully no recent reports?????

Robert Clarke:

Do you have any reports of bedbugs at the Holiday inn Express in Kansas City – 801 westport rd??

Roschelle Heuberger:

Could you tell me if the following hotels have bedbugs? I am staying at both in the month of Septemeber and am scared out of my mind.
The Devere University Arms Hotel in Cambridge, UK
The Holiday Inn Downtown Mercy Campus, Des Moines, IA USA
Thank you.

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear John,

I searched a number of online databases and could not find any reports of bed bugs at the Concourse Hotel & Conference Center in Columbus, OH.

Bed Bug Girl

Bed Bug Girl:


I searched a number of online databases and could not find any reports of bed bugs at the Marriott Courtyard in Waco, TX.



Planning a business trip to Phoenix AZ. Any info on the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown?

Bed Bug Girl:

Hi Karen,

I searched a number of online databases and could not find any reports of bed bugs at the Sheraton Downtown, Phoenix, AZ.

Bed Bug Girl


Hi Bed Bug Girl,
Any reports of bed bugs at Hotel St. James in New York City??
Thank you so much!


Hi, Jim, great service.
Anything I should know about:
Doubletree Hotel Washington DC
1515 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
I will be in a handicapped accessible room, Jan 2011
Also worried about riding Amtrak from NY to DC. Should precautions be taken on the train?

Charlotte Wilson:

New York Marriott Marquis
1535 Broadway
New York, New York 10036
Have an upcoming stay there, need to know about reported bed bugs.


Going to Waco,Tx next week any report of bedbugs at the mariott courtyard?

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear Marilyn,

I searched various online databases and could not find any reports of bed bugs at the Club Quarters in Midtown Manhattan.

Thank you,
Bed Bug Girl

Bed Bug Girl:

Hi PJ,
I searched a number of online databases and could find only one possible complaint from:
charlie2040 on August 1, 2010 at Trip Advisor said “Other than Bed Bugs …” Hotel is in a great location. Near the shows, restaurants. Staff friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, while we were there our son developed an itch which we thought was a rash or allergic reaction. I had a similar slight itch. When we came home, I noticed a few bites in my legs. And now, one week later, the bite marks keeping getting worse. I believe we brought back some bed bugs with us. Now I am trying to get rid of them from our bedroom and house. And the itch is unbearable …
Can’t say if you will see them or not.
Bed Bug Girl

Rebekka Hosken:

Any reports on the Orleans hotel in Las Vegas? Going there soon, thanks.


We have a conference later this month at the Regal Sun Resort in Orlando, FL. Have you heard of any infestations there?

Randy maines:

Have any bed bugs been reported at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, NYC?

lupe hernandez:

Hi jim,
I have heard the saying “don’t let the bed bugs bite” but never fully understood what they were til now. My bf, two young children and I have been staying at the good nite inn in chula vista ca while waiting for an apt after my bf relocated. My 3 yr old daughter got the bites first, all over her arms and legs, a few days later I too got them all over my arms legs shoulders and even a few on my forehead! They itch like crazy and are all over the place! Not sure what to do about it and whether or not the hotel will comp us for the nights. And now I’m worried that they are gonna travel w us in our belongings even if I wash the clothes I’m scared even just one will tag along. I looked around the beds for them and found one small light in color one took a pic and put it in a plastic cup, it was dead but I didn’t find any more. The beds do have a built in wooden headboard attached to the wall and I’m thinking they’re hiding there but can’t pull it off to check. This sucks esp for my daughter! Luckily I hav not seen any bites on my 6 mos old son. If u find anything on this place or have any advice on what I should do pls let me know. Thanks.

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear Susan,

I searched a number of online databases and could not find any occurrences of bed bugs at the LaQuinta at 3720 W. College Ave. in Appleton, WI.

Bed Bug Girl


Has there been any reports for bed bugs in the Crowne Plaza in Pittsfield Mass?
Also are there any reports for bed bugs for All Star Movie resort in Disney world going there in less than a week thanks so much an ASAP answer would be fantastic


We are staying at the Hilton Grand Vacations Suites on the Las Vegas Strip Hotel in September. Can you tell me if this hotel has ever reported bed bugs?

karen ramski:

Hello I am coming to Chicago middle of October. My sister wanted to cancel. Can you please give us the piece of mind and look into the Residence Inn by Marriott on Dearborn Street


We are planning a stay at the Holiday Inn Express, 855 West Main R0ad, Middletown, RI 02842.
Please advise if there have been any bed bug complaints.
Many thanks. The stories about bed bugs have been freaking us out!


Great website. Can you check on the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki? Thanks so much.

myra shear:

New York Hilton -Mid town manhattan-
Any reports of bed bugs at this property?
thank you myra shear


I am looking to spend time at the Marriott Courtyard or Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Philadelphia over Thanksgiving. Have you heard of bedbugs at either hotel? Thank YOu


i will be going to the spring hill suites in chicago (8101 higgins road) this weekend and was wondering if there were any reports of bed bugs. thanks!


Any complaints of bed bugs at the Miaim Airport Hilton or the Miami Airport Intercontinental?


Please let me know whether the James Hotel located at 55 East Ontario, Chicago, IL has ever had a bedbugs infestation. Thank you.


I’ve looked for bedbugs for this hotel, but I haven’t found any information. Can anyone tell me if they know anything related to bed bugs for this hotel
Thanks in advance.
Four Points by Sheraton Pleasanton
5115 Hopyard Road
United States

j alvord:

Could you check the Novetel Hotel in NYC, NY 225 W 52nd St for bed bug, please! We are traveling there on Sept. 30, 2010.
Thank you!


I am going to be staying at the Marriott Marquis in NYC are there any reports on bed bugs there?

cynthia sifri:

any info on bedbugs at the Hilton garden Inn in Sioux city, Iowa?
1132 Larsen Park road
Sioux city, Iowa 51103


We will be staying at the New York, New York in Las Vegas from Sept 1st through Sept 4th. Any reports of bed bugs at this hotel?


Any complaints of bed bugs at the Holiday Inn in Topeka, KS, 605 SW Fairlawn Road?


My daughter and I just returned from a stay at the Marriott Resort on Hilton Head Island. We discovered the bedbugs on our third night although neither of us could find any obvious bites on ourselves. The hotel sent all our clothing out to a dry cleaners, but I’m still really worried that we brought them back. What precautions can we take in our homes after the fact? Were there any previous reports on this hotel?


I love the Country Inn and Suites in Lake George, New York. Have you heard about any problems with bed bugs at that hotel?


Appreciate your input!
We will be staying at the Hampton Inn Manhattan-Times Square North, 851 Eighth Ave. at the end of Sept.


are there any reports for bed bugs in the Hampton Inn in Manhatten Times Square?
located at 851 8th Ave New York, NY… thanks!

Virginia Newton:

We will be staying at a motel called All American Motel in Ozark, Alabama next month and would like to know if there are any reports of bedbugs there.

Joan Green:

Will be staying at the Mariott Willow Ridge Lodge in Branson, MO the end of the month. Any bedbug reports?


Staying at the courtyard dayton north next week ,any bedbug issues?


Hello, we will be staying this weekend in Topeka and need to check if Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Topeka at 901 SW Robinson Ave, Topeka, KS has any bed bugs. This is a great site. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks


Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
901 SW Robinson Ave, Topeka – (785) 228-9500
Staying there this weekend….any bed bugs there? Great site.. hope to hear from you soon.

Cynthia B:

We are planning on staying at the Best Western -Twin Islands in Gatlinburg, TN the 1st of October. Has there been reports of bed bugs there? thanks

Jenny Bayer:

Have you heard of any bed bugs at…Holiday Inn Express 5418 South Bay Road Syracuse, New York 13212 or at Candlewood Suites 5414 South Bay Road Syracuse New York 13212.

Bed Bug Girl:

Hello Barbara,

I searched the Sheraton in Times Square and chijames and found that TA warns “BED BUGS!” in July 2010. He states that the first night he was there he woke up with a few small bites and thought it may have just been from being outside that evening. But when he woke up the next morning with even more small clusters and searched photos of bed bugs bites and his matched.
He said that he talked to the front desk and they had never had an issue with bed bugs before and they would have the manager call him as soon as he arrived and he had yet to call over 24 hours later.
I hope this helps,


There has been an increase in bedbug infestations. Pest control companies, who previously received 1 or 2 bedbug calls a year, are now receiving 1 to 2 calls a week.
Bed Bugs leave itchy, bloody, welts on human skin. Adults bed bugs can live for a year without eating, making them especially hard to control. Once inside a hotel or home, bed bugs spread rapidly from room to room through pipes, in vacuum cleaners, on clothing, and in luggage. In a hotel, bed bugs can even spread to neighboring rooms, through connecting doors, or a guest moving to another room.
Established in 2005, with over 50 years of experience in the hotel industry. We recognized the need to produce a high quality durable mattress encasement cover that will not only resist bedbug infections, prevent bedbug infections, be hypoallergenic and also to protect hotels expensive mattresses, and equipment.
We also recognized the fact that the available mattress encasement covers that are currently on the market are priced with such high level pricing out of the range of many potential customers. We manufacture our own products at quality packaged in a thrifty manor therefore, giving you, the Customer the best possible product, at the best possible price.
We are located in the beautiful state of Maine and exemplify a Good ‘OL’ New England tradition of quality, service, and price.

Cindy Kafer:

Any Bed Bugs at the Cow Hollow on Lombard Street in San Francisco.
Worried Motel Guest

Carol Chandler:

Hotel Wellington, 871 7th Avenue, NYC, Have there been any reports re bed bugs here?

A Stevenson:

Staying at the Iroquios Hotel in NYC – Setp 2-5th – any report of bed bugs there? Thank you

barbara sweet:

Has Bally’s in Atlantic City (Bally’s tower) had any reports of bedbugs.. will be there Oct 22 to 24 2010


We are staying at the Airport Marriott in Columbus,Ohio in a few weeks. I know Columbus has had a lot of issues; any reports of a problem at that hotel?

patricia smith:

will be staying at Murry Hill Inn in Manhatten Sept 14-18.the hotel is at 149 E 39th st and would like to inquire about any bedbug problems ..can you email the info or should i just keep checking the website?thanks in advance


Could you please check Holiday Inn 195 Davidson Ave Somerset, NJ 08873?

Bed Bug Girl:

Hi Chris,
Oldbroad18 left a review on tripadvisor regarding the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas labeled “Noticed allergic bed bug bites on my neck after returning home” He says that the room was kept spotless for five nights but once he returned home he found bites on his neck and after much research concluded it was bed bugs.
This review was the only site and only negative review regarding bed bugs I saw and actually there were very few negative reviews about the Bellagio.
Hope this helps!


Please let us know about the following hotel: Fairfield Inn, Dayton South. W e will be there fro 9/1-9/3

Joan Higham:

Please do a hotel check on Hampton Inn, NYC Laguardia Airport. THanks so much.

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear Darcy,

I searched for reports of bedbugs on many online databases for the Las Vegas Hilton, 3000 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 , and found one report since 12-09 out of over 260 comments. It was from Raquelita27, on 4-8-10 “Dont recommend to stay here at all.They charge for water, no coffee or tea. Bed Bugs, leaky faucet in bathroom, Sink plugger would not hold up with the lever so we took it out to lay on the counter. Was not worth staying if you want to enjoy your Las Vegas trip. Complained about our room and supervisor didnt want to help with any of the issues. Wasnt close to the strip, and there was nothing I liked at all about this hotel.”

Sometimes, you just don’t know how credible these reports are. I’m not saying they’re not being truthful but you never know good or bad. I would always suggest inspecting your room and seeing the bedbug checklist page on this site.

Bed Bug Girl

John Hindman:

Could you please chek this motel. I am planing on staying there 10-5-2010
Holiday Inn Express
E St. Louis ST
Springfield MO


This seems to be a valuable site! I will be staying at Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe, NJ in the Fall. Have you heard of bedbugs there?
Thank you.

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear Amanda,

I searched a number of online databases and could not find any reports of bed bugs at the Holiday Inn Matteson Hotel & Conf Center, 500 Holiday Plaza Dr, Matteson, IL,

Bed Bug Girl


How about the W in Union Square NYC? Is that the “luxury hotel” in the news report? 9/01/10


Any reports of bed bugs at Polaris Cambria Hotel in ColumbusOhio ?


Has anyone seen bedbugs at Boxcar Willie Hotel in Branson, Missouri?

Kim Crivello:

Hi there,
We will be staying at the best westin monterey beach resort in monterey, CA. Do they have bed bugs there? Thanks.

Bed Bug Girl:

Hello Evelyn,
I searched a number of reviews for the Country Inn and Suites in Chanhassen, Minnesota and found nothing on bed bugs. The majority of the reviews came back very positive!
Enjoy your stay,


Can you find any reports of Bed Bugs at the River Park Hotel and Suites, 100 SE 4th St. Miami, FL 33131?


I’m trying to find very cheap place to stay in South Beach (Miami). I’ve stayed before at the Boulevard Hotel and at the Tropics Hotel. I had no problems, but it was a couple of years ago. Have any reports surfaced since then?

Kathy hartling:

We will be staying at the Monte Carlo in Vegas in Sept. Any bedbugs ?


My daughter and I are going to spend three days in New York at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square. Do I need to worry about bed bugs?


My husband & I are staying at the Flamingo in Las Vegas Oct 27, 2010. Was wondering if you have heard anything about bed bugs there. The thought of them just freaks me out! Thanks so much!!


Next Momday I will be staying at the Courtyard, 1801 Milwaukee Avenue, Glenview, IL.
Any reports of bedbugs?


The Swan at Orlando,FL. Any reports of bedbugs in it ?


I recently stayed at HOTEL BRISTOL
3 Stelle
Tel +39 02 40 70 80 20 in Avingon France where I was bitten by bed bugs. I had a bad reaction to the bite. I was incredibly itchy for the 4 days after and covered in unsightly red spots.


We are going to Hotel 91 Labor Day weekend.
91 East Broadway
New York, NY 10002
Would you mind doing a hotel check or have you heard anything?

regina bertothy:

considering staying at Best Western in Hershey PA Route 422 & Sipe Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania 17033. do you know if there have been any reported bed bug problems and if so any hotels in area that are safe?

Sheri Bradford:

I am planning two trips in the next month – one to the Sea Spray Motel at 2600 S. Bay Ave. Beach Haven, NJ and one to the Hyatt Regency (2 exchange place) in Jersey City. Are there any reports for these hotels?
Thanks so much,

Gina Dagney:

Staying at the Crowne Plaza-Philadelphia/Bucks County
4700 Street Road
Trevose, PA
Any bed bugs???????

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear Erin,

I searched a number of databases for info from January 2010 and out of 100 comments found 1 reports of bed bugs at the Embassy Suites Chicago – Downtown 600 North State Street, Chicago, Illinois, United States 60654. It was from familygirl83 on 8-18-10, “One our third morning there we discovered three bedbugs; my children each had one or two bites; “pest control” agency inspected the room and found nothing”. Please see the bedbug checklist for information on proper precautions to take when staying in any hotel/motel.

Bed Bug Girl


staying at the LaQiunta inn at bettendorf iowa august 28,2010; Any bedbug reports from that area? Thanks.

Judi M.:

We wil be spending 3 days in Midtown – Manhattan, New York from 9/16 – 9/19/10 will be staying at the
Eastgate Tower Suites Hotel from there we will be staying at the MGM Grand in CT, then the Kelley House
on Martha’s Vineyard, then the Holiday Inn in Brookline (Boston), then to the Holiday Inn in Hyannis – Cape
Cod and finally the Embassy Suites – Niagra Fall – Canada. Please let me know via e-mail if we have a
problem with Bed Bugs…….Thank you for your help…….Judi

Jackie Nichols:

Hampton Inn at O’Hare airport Chicago Illinois. Any bed bug reports? Thanks so much

Stacy Beseke:

We will be staying at the Grandview Resort in Ocean City Maryland and I would like to know if you have heard of them ever dealing with bed bugs. Its something that really creaps me out and I would like to be prepared if I need to look for another resort. Thanks


Any reports of bed bugs at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza, 35 West Fifth Street, Cincinnati, OH?


I’m going to NYC 9/25 and 9/26 and staying at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. Super paranoid! I found two reports that they had bed bugs there in Septemer 2009. Anything more recent? Hoping they’ve addressed the problem since then!


Great website. Thanks for the opportunity to ask my question.
We’ll be staying soon at the Country Inn and Suites, Long Island City, NY (40-34 Crescent Street). Have you had any reports of bedbugs at that location?
Thanks much.


I stayed at the Elysia Jae at 123 W Henry Road in Sugar Land, TX 77487-0110 (281) 275-2700 and ended up with bed bug bites all over my legs. I’m sending pictures. I think I have brought them home with me also!


we are going to las vegas and staying at the luxor. has there been any bed bug events there, and if so which hotel is safe in las vegas?

Evelyn Herman:

We will be staying at the Country Inn and Suites in Chanhassen, Minnesota for a few days starting 9-23/10.
Has there been any reports of bed bugs at this hotel?
Your response will be most appreciated.

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear Keith Conrey,

I researched various online databases for reports of bed bugs at the Pear Tree Inn, Union Station, 2211 Market Street, St. Louis, MO 63103, and did not find any.

Bed Bug Girl

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear Steve,

I searched a number of online databases for the period since 1-1-10 with over 150 comments and found 4 reports of bed bugs at the Tropicana Casino and Resort Atlantic City,Brighton and the boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401. They were from anonymous, on 8-4-10, “tried to ignore it because we had gotten such a good deal only at 3 in the morning, my mom was woken up by bites on her hands, fingers and back.”; Arielle21 on 6-28-10 “woke up with bites all over my legs and arms..My husband too; medical office the nurse told me this happens all the time”; abluvsmonkeys on 4-7-10 “One of our adult travelers had bites all over her legs, ones that looked like bed bugs”; and manhattensjade3-8-10 “a spot n when i touched it it was a bug a alive bed bug then in the bathroom too n on the bed”.

Bed Bug Girl


Any reports of bed bugs at:
Courtyard by Marriott, Hutchinson Island Oceanside, 10978 S. Ocean Drive, Jensen Beach, FL?
Clarion Hotel, 260 E. Merritt Island, Causeway SR520, Merritt Island, FL?

annette johnson:

if anyone plans on staying at Inlet Inn in Alaska please dont because the hotel is infested with bed bugs trust me i got bit from bed bugs everynight and could not sleep. my husband and i found them in our bed sheets pillowcases on the floor and matress and boxspring and in the bathroom sink and the bathtub. sincerly annette johnson Anchorage Alaska.


We are staying at Kalahari Resort, 7000 Kalahari Drive, Sandusky, OH 44839. Are there any reports of bed bugs there?


We are planning trip to the Marriott Marquis in Time Square. Have you heard of any bed bug reports there?


Annie, re the Spring Hill Suites, I was there a few months back and there were no problems. Will be staying there again soon, and would be interested to see if they have had any problems since then.


There is definately bedbugs in Rm 249 @ Motel 6 in Lima, OH. I ended up with a few bites on my side that produced raised red spots with white spots in the middle and itch terribly. This is my fifth day after being biten and they still itch, but the redness is starting to lighten. DO NOT STAY AT THIS MOTEL.


Have there been any reports of bed bugs in the Willow Valley Resort in Lancaster, PA? I’m supposed to go there in September and am totally freaked out by how bed bug infestations are basically taking over Philadelphia and and New York. Thanks so much!


Our entire family will be staying at the Economy Lodge on Colorado St in Glendale, CA in a month, could you please tell me if they are or have been on our list. Together we will have 7 children staying there and would like to protect them if possible. Thanks so much!!

Pamela Jenkins:

Hello, this is a wonderful site! I am leaving for Las Vegas on SUnday and am staying at Tropicana and the Palace Station. Have either of these had or have bed bugs? I’m really concerned now that I’ve read the articles! Thanks so much!


planning on staying at the Marriott Courtyard NY/ Midtown East/ 866 Third ave, NY,NY 10022
any problems????

lynne giuliano:

any bed bugs at LaQuinta Inn & Suites JFK airport? thanks.

Phil Davis:

We are going to Las Vegas for a week on September 6th 2010. We are going to stay at The South Point. Have there been any reports of bed bugs there?


We are planning a trip to New Jersey – staying at the Holiday Inn Express in North Bergen – has there been any reports there? Other than the Empire State Building are there other tourist attractions that have been reported to have bed bugs.


Note: I’m doing my best at send each of you an email with results. When I have time, I’ll post those emailed results on the website as well.


Hey Jim, how about a bed bug registry where we can look up the hotel ourselves to see if there are reports? You could start by putting in the results you have now into the database. If the hotel is not in the database, then it would let give us a message and you could research it later? Regardless, thanks for the service.


Good, but disturbing, information! Can you check the Spring Hill Suites by Marriott in Romulus (Detroit airport).
Thanks a million

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear C. Mekar,

There are multiple Sheratons in Ottawa. Please be more specific.

Bed Bug Girl

Ira Lunsk:

Are there any reports of bed bugs at The Inn at Ellis Square, 201 W Bay St., Savannah, GA? Thank you.


Going to Ocean City MD. Can you tell me if there are any reports of Bed Bugs at Ocean Walk East 119th street. Thank You.

Nancy J Trauer:

We plan to stay at the Hotel at Times Square, 59 West 46th St., in Midtown, New York New York September 9 through September 12, 2010. Have you had any report of bed bugs at this hotel? Thanks

Ana Johnson:

Hi Jim,
I’ll be staying at the Philadelphia Marriott, 1202 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107.
Any recent report of bedbugs there?

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear Triggercat,

I searched a number of online databases and could not find any reports of bed bugs at the JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes, 4040 Central Florida Parkway, Orlando, FL 32837.

Bed Bug Girl

Jim Lavis:

I plan on staying at the Hilton Hotel on 6th Avenue in New York City this week-end. Should I worry about the bed bug epidemic?


Would you check Comfort Inn in Canton, Ohio (5345 Broadmoor Circle NW). How about the Knights Inn in Canton, Ohio (3950 Convenience Circle NW)?
This service is wonderful! Thank you!

chris rodriguez:

Bedbug Bites on ChrisHi,
My name is Chris. My family and I stayed at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott , Arrivals Road, Philadelphia, PA 19153… for one night Saturday the 14th of August, returned home Sunday.
On Monday three out of the four of us had red raised welt like bumps that itched like crazy and seemed to be spreading before our eyes. By Tuesday (today) we are covered head to toe. We are going through clothes and luggage and washing everything. We also stayed at the very old and quaint Sandcastle Cottages at 211 9th Avenue, Belmar, NJ 07719 from 7 -14 August.
Do either of these places check out on your registry???? We have taken photos with our cell cameras that we will email. Trying to nail source of infection to let managers know and raise a fit. Can you help???


I have a reservation at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ
Because of the close proximity to NY and all the reports on the news…
Do you have any recent reports of bedbugs at the Borgata in AC?

Linda Rezzelle:

Stayed last night at Holiday Inn San Francisco Airport. BED BUGS! Said they had a report about a week before. What is the best way to make sure that I don’t bring them into my house? Suitcases are still in trunk. Is laundering clothing enough? Ready to throw luggage out. Can it be saved? Don’t do bugs well and have never had this before. What is the best way to make certain that I don’t get them in my house?


Any reports of bed bugs at the Fairfield West in Middleton Wisconsin? Thank You

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear Zoe,
I researched various online databases for reports of bed bugs at the Narrow Gauge Inn, 48571 California 41, Fish Camp, CA 93623, and the Evergreen Lodge
33160 Evergreen Road, Groveland, CA 95321, and did not find any.
Bed Bug Girl

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear Stacy,

After completing research for reports of bedbugs at the Bali by the Sea – Hilton Hawaiian Village, 2005 kalia rd, Honolulu, HI 96815, I could not find any.

Thanks, Bed Bug Girl


Please,can you tell me if there are any bed bugs noted at the :Extended Stay Deluxe Orlando Lake Buena Vista ?
8100 Palm Parkway, FL 32835 Orlando (Florida)
Thank you


Today is Wednesday and I just found your site. We are leaving to go to the Atlantic Breeze Resort (1321 S. Ocean Blvd.) in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 3 days (Saturday, September 4, 2010). Can you tell me if they have had any reports of bed bugs? We will be traveling with young children and elderly parents and definitely do not want any additional issues. Thanks for any information!

Cindi Luther:

What reports can you find on bed bugs at the Hilton Airport in Indianapolis

donna buss:

I will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express Midtown, 1305 Walnut ST. Philadelphia, PA, in November, and wondered if they had any bed bug reports? thanks!

Bed Bug Girl:

Hi Ced,

I searched a nummber of online databases and could not find any complaints of bed bugs at the Four Points by Sheraton Pleasanton, 5115 Hopyard Road, Pleasanton, CA.

Thank you,
Bed Bug Girl

Bed Bug Girl:

Hello Cynthia,

I searched a number of online databases and could not find any complaints of bed bugs at the Best Western -Twin Islands in Gatlinburg, TN.

Thank you,
Bed Bug Girl

Bed Bug Girl:

Dear Donna Buss,

I have searched a number of online databases and could not find any occurrences of bed bugs at the Holiday Inn Express Midtown, 1305 Walnut ST. Philadelphia, PA.

Bed Bug Girl

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