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  1. Jackie says:

    I went out & bought a powerful steamer, stool my mattress up against the window and then sprayed alcohol, waited for it to dry with door closed & “NOTHING” in the room, went out and bought 4 cans of lysol disinfectant, haven’t had a problem since but did learn not to allow army Men spend the night!

  2. felice says:

    Well…..I currently have no bed cuz the little B…………s kept biting me and my daughter. To my surprise I found little areas of bedbugs hiding in the lining of the bed…I thought you couldn’t see them…wrong!!!!! I am so grossed out. I cant even spray to get rid of them, my bed is outside…and im on the floor…I guess my question is : How do you keep them out forever and who has got good deal on beds w/o bugs? lol!

  3. Lucy says:

    My husband travels a lot and I think that he brought them home in his luggage. I have found bedbugs in my room. I have a 4 year old and it often bites her. I bought a new mattress, box. I have sprayed lots of things but it works temporarily. I bought a steamer as well and thought it works, we still have bites. I cannot find them though. I cannot pay an exterminator . What do I do????

  4. Bed Bug Girl says:


    Take a look at bed bug checklist to find more places they are hiding.

  5. Ugh! Help! says:

    We moved in an old apt in the dead of summer, everything was fine. Winter came and my son was getting ate up. We moved, left everything but clothes, just saw a baby crawling across our brand new bed, I have no idea where these bed bugs hide! I washed everything again in hot water and cooking our clothes in the dryer for 115 minutes each load, Is there something else I can be doing because i can’t do the bug thing again, also we moved in to families basement…I need help.

  6. Caesar says:

    For everyone that is has these disgusting critters, my mom used to have them but she got rid of them by washing all clothes and leaving all furniture outside in the sun because these bed bugs don’t like the heat an second she clean every room with bleach. Just remember heat will kill these bugs blow dry your mattress throw your close in the dryer!!!!’nnnn

  7. Kim says:

    Transparent could simply mean it hasn’t feed yet and in it’s youth, do you have a picture?

  8. Just wondering-- says:

    I found a bug crawling across my forehead one day and I’m not sure if it’s a bed bug. I am getting bites, but only on my head and neck, and a small cluster on my wrist. The one I found on my head wasn’t a dark brown, it was more transparent. Any advice? Thanks❤

  9. sick of this says:

    To Kim:

    Yes. I would highly recommend cleaning every spot in your house that you can and treat it as you would the infected bed. The moment you treat your bed, the bugs will try to run away to the other rooms, in which case, the other beds would get the bugs. Plastic bed covers should be fine for the beds, as long as they seal up tight.

    I hope this helps you some. Ever since we got bed bugs in our own home, I’ve practically gone to war with them and have been doing as much research on them as I can.

  10. sick of this says:

    I would like to say they /are/ a health hazard. My little sister is covered head to toe with bites and rash because of them. She bleeds out and scratches at them all the time. They are not safe for young children especially, because they don’t have the control not to scratch at the bites most of the time, and it’s even hard for someone like me to restrain myself. Luckily, I am not allergic, and they have not caused any kind of rash with me, but it has to my little sister.

    Unrelated to health, they can cause a drop in confidence in anyone who has a bad reaction to them. Someone, who has a minor reaction like me, can pass it off as mosquito bites, but if the reaction is bad like in my little sister, it causes problems. She can’t go out to her after school group anymore because of the risk it could cause, bringing bed bugs to their home or other children. For young people, and for older, it’s hard to be confident with bites and rash all up your arms and legs, and for some people, their face. People think your diseased, and catchable, and quite honestly, in a sense, you kinda are. You can bring bed bugs with you to work, or school, and other people /can/ get them.

    So yes, I would say that Bed Bugs are indeed a health hazard and should be taken care of the moment they are spotted.

  11. Ailani says:

    Can bed bugs hide in clothing basket’s ? I found out i had bed bugs in February & i’ve been trying to get rid of them ever since then Also, after cleaning out my bedroom & spraying everything, I found one running across my matress cover & found some on the carpet and on the wall’s.
    How can i keep these nasty critters away & gone FOR GOOD ?

  12. Stressed mama says:

    Can bed bugs hid inside my carpet (i dont have shag carpet) cause we got rid of our couches and have diatomatious earth on every edge of the walls in my house and around and under beds ive had a “pro” spray my house but I dont think its working very well…… i dont know what else to do and im at my wits end

  13. Lisa says:

    From what I know, my exterminator tells me those store brought bombs will not kill an infestation off bed bugs in your home. Professional strength fumes will be key. (This can be pricy) Also getting rid of precious furniture and clothes is a waste of money since they could be hiding anywhere and you risk spreading the infestation when you start to move things. So anything suspect, like mattresses, box springs, shoes, purses, toys, clothes etc, should be sprayed with alcohol (which doesn’t kill them but only irritates the hell out of them and brings them out) then put your stuff into plastic bags and inspected one bag at a time before placing back into closet, drawer, etc. Meanwhile professionals should treat furniture, crevices, and rooms before bringing personal belongings back into room. One good trick (putting clothes in the dryer for about 30-40 min will produce heat that will kill off any live bugs or potential eggs. You can buy those plastic bed covers from walmart to cover mattress, but have mattress treated first! Hope this helps. The store brought bed bug spray is also just a temp fix. Take that with you when you travel.

  14. amanda says:

    here’s my problem… i have been bit by two bed bugs… i of course killed both of them before they had the chance to run off n breed. they weren’t the adult bed bugs cause the weren’t huge n fat like the ones i have seen on the internet… but i have been flipping out because i found these two.

    I checked for all the signs and have found no traces of these pests. not no where. i refuse to sleep in my finished basement room at my grandmoms because of the two i killed. i have a two year old who sleeps with me. we moved up to the second floor and have no bites. i’m just wondering if there’s more bugs laying low cause i set their comrades on fire. lol I’ve been in the basement since then but not to sleep.

    Also like to say i was bitten at 8 and 10 am you know in the morning well after their supposed feeding time. i just don’t know what to do. we can’t keep sleeping on the floor upstairs. my daughter misses her room and her toys. if anyone has solid advise please let me know. and my grandmom sleeps on the first floor and has no bites at all. i don’t know if this means there was only two bugs or if their just hiding some where off the normal checklist.

  15. kim says:

    if you found bed bugs in only one bed, should you be concerned with the other beds in your home as well. My bed has them only seen a few, but my daughters beds seem ok. I ordered some spray and going to treat all beds, but do I need to order the covers for the other beds as well, and will any mattress cover that is plastic work just as well as the ones on the websites, they are so expensive. I can’t believe I have bed bugs, I am a very clean person, and just moved into a new place a few months ago, should the person owning the home be responsible for getting rid of them or should I?

  16. Natalie HARth says:

    I rent a apartment in the country & my father and I have bombed, sprayed our whole apartment, but nothing seems to work. They are on our beds, bathroom, chairs, clothes… & I’m wondering if they are a serious health risk?

  17. kim jones says:

    I used to work in a feed store years ago and we had an all natural section which included Diatomaceous Earth. From what we were taught about this product was that it kills crawling insects by cutting they’re body like glass (as they crawled over it) .Yet it was safe enough to sprinkle in bird seed (feeders) and it would not harm the birds. According to other posts also it dehydrates the bug ,either way it works. Just be careful not to get in eyes or breath into lungs. Also rubbing alcohol put in a spray bottle will kill them on contact.

  18. Bed Bug Girl says:

    Hi Tosh,

    It can’t be just any power, it has to be diatomaceous earth if you want to kill the bed bugs.

  19. Tosh says:

    So do you have to use that special powder or will like baby powder work? Does this work for Spiders and things to or only bed bugs, because I am not sure if I have bed bugs or not but I just doused my house couches everything with baby powber and hopefull that will kill whatever it is.

  20. Tosh says:

    Ok I need help the past 3 nights I have woke up with bites all over my legs they are very small and very light but they itch so bad and they itch all day long. I am the onlyone who has bites though none of my 4 kids have any bites. Also I can not find what is bitting me and not me or my kids have went anywhere to attract them so I do not know how we would have got them. I am going crazy please help!!!!

  21. April says:

    omg, I never have dealt with bed bugs before in my life. I just moved here a month ago and after 2 days I start itching and developing what I thought was a rash. Well it got worse and worse now after a month i am covered in bites from head to toe, not to mention the places I def dont want no bug crawling around let alone be feeding at. I have had a stroke and heart attack in the past 2 years. Could these bugs affect my health in a bad way?

  22. Simpson says:

    if I move from my apt now and get new things will I have to replace all of my clothes in the closet?? will the bed bugs be hiding in my shoe boxes in my closet already??

  23. noora says:

    I will be travelling soon but im scared that I might sleep in a hotel where the bed might have nasty bedbugs in them… Is it possible for me to know if there are bedbugs in the mattress before sleeping??? like are there ways of knowing?? I really don’t want those bedbugs travelling in my suitcase and helping themselves when they arrive at my home :s

  24. Jack says:

    can bed bugs hide INSIDE of ur mattress?

  25. Bed Bug Girl says:

    Yes, one of their favorite places, that is why you need mattress covers to seal them in and starve them to death!

  26. Sharon says:

    Spent 7 nights at the Ridge Golf Resort in Sedona, Arizona. Came home with over 30 bed bug bites. My husband had about 10. I am allergic to the bites, my Husband not so much. I am living with the tortureous itchy that accompanies the bite & have tried hydrocortizone cream, Calamine, Caladryl and I have been taking antihistamines along with asthma control inhalations from Ventolin. I still itch, the heat and sun make it worse. But sat in the sun in case they are in my hair. I want them dead. I complained to the Manager on duty who said they had mosquitos..haha!! I’ve never had a mosquito bite my scalp or hairline, face or neck or butt or..the list goes on. It is sad we have no recourse. So my advice don’t stay at the above “resort” you’ll get eaten alive.

    In the meantime…all of my bags outside as I do the laundry. Everything that was in that room will be dealt with by 100* temps in a couple of days. Wish me luck, I hope it works.
    I just bought a 1000.00 bed and intend to keep it clean. I WILL NEVER succum to this torture again. MARK MY WORDS.

  27. Ricky Tick says:

    It is not a joking matter Rick, these infest your home, attack you at night and cause major reactions (at least for me). If they keep biting you, it’s only a matter of time before your reactions become more painful and then you’ll think twice about letting them live!

  28. Rick says:

    Come on Fellas, Dont be ludicrous…….. it’s just a teeny weenie bedbug, how much can those suckers drink your blood? u probably wont feel a thing even if 10 of them sucking u, besides isn’t is wrong to kill? They too have the right to live. If it gets really out of hand then one can learn to hypnotize the bugs and put them to sleep.
    Wat say fellas?

  29. MaryAnn Huack says:

    I live 1 mile outside Atlantic City & a friend whom worked as casino house keeper said ALL the beds had bedbugs, she quit after they did nothing about the problem, but unfortunately before she brought them home.

    I heard one of the major casinos had 2 throw out 500 beds due to the bugs. Beware since they where new bed a local store picked them up & re-sold them cheap.

    A friend just moved into a 3 bedroom apt.& his 10 Y.O.son’s room was. And is still infested. They had no idea that it was bedbugs. FYI; be careful of what you buy, stay at,+r move to. I know more people that got them from people visiting. I bought a bottle of Bedbug killer and spray it after they leave.(Only people that work in hotels r clean houses) I’m a thrift store bargain hunter,but I wash EVERYTHING before it come into my home good luck.

  30. billy Goat says:

    the answer is yes…yes…yes……. they can be anywhere and do anything…..but don’t fear them….look at it as a game to play….my solution is a hammock……one of those self supporting ones with the metal frames……..then rap the frame in double sided tape so the bugs cant crawl up it………and also use double sided tape around the base of the walls……all around the room…….it takes quite a bit of tape but its worth it….this way the bugs cant crawl up the wall and drop from the ceiling………also spray the room……there’s no need to get expensive or fancy……i have a secret recipe that i mix up……do a little research and experimenting……and make your self a spray……..and don’t forget to thank me for changing your life…….

  31. Jlynn says:

    I’m sorry but i feel that they are a health issue. the loss of sleep the freaking out and tearing apart furniture and tearing down walls laying in bed clutching a flashlight NOT SLEEPING being parodied. Its very much a health Issue.. I used to think it was just a saying never dremed of them being real, and now I’m afraid to relax for fear that something wants me for dinner!

    What I’ve went thru for the past 2 months is worst than any scary movie that I’ve seen.. and the cost to call a exterminator, omg I would cost me over $1,200 to have my house treated and to buy that many bags and totes.. I’m about to move away burn my house to the ground so no one else would have to deal with em here. and move to the Antarctic where I know they don’t like cold temps .. So Tell me they are not a HEALTH ISSUE….

  32. leah says:

    I dont how i got them..extimator came and three weeks laters I came back home…now i come back and found 2 more…what can i do …they freak me out…please help

  33. yaki says:

    i live in some old apartments after two years my 3 year old son was getting mosquito bites ,at least that’s what I thought, but one night I saw a black spot crawling on the side of the bed so I started looking for answers and it was bed bugs so i sprayed the whole room and they seemed to be gone.

    Two weeks later they reappeared so i got rid of the bed set and mattress and got new furniture and they were gone ,but now 3 months later I’m seeing them again but these are BIG they don’t look like ants they look more like roaches.

    Friends tell me it cause the old apartments but they only come out in one room and in one wall can they really live in the outlets…… ? HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM??

  34. Rajesh Mergu says:

    Hi author, i was looking for some solution for visitors, how can i ask every hotel to spray liquid become i go to live there, i am looking for some precautions to implement before going to live in hotel rooms.
    Thanks in advance.

  35. Slayer says:

    The reason why some get bit and some don’t is a myth,trust me,you both get bit,its just some don’t react at all to the bites. You can be eaten alive and not even show any bed bug bite marks, hows that for evil and stealth.

  36. Ron says:

    Even if you double side tape your bed legs and use vasoline ,the BB`s climb walls and drop onto your bed from the ceiling,they can detect your breathe as it rises up,So make sure you tape all around the top of the walls.

  37. Bed Bug Girl says:

    Hello Cordelia,

    Yes, they will hide in your cloths. This is the most popular form of travel among the bed bug community when trying to find a ride from the hotel to a nice home :)

  38. Cordelia says:

    Will bed bugs hide on our clothes? pls reply me asap! thks

  39. kristin says:

    I am waking up daily with more itchy red bittes.I was getting them everywhere and then i started wearing fluffy comfy pants to bed and now its only my stomache nd arms. I have not noticed a pattern of “3” bites they are in clusters. I also have a dog and he is going crazy itching. help

  40. Jeanette says:

    I wnet to Lumberton, NC to visit my Aunt and I stay at the Ramada Hotel off interstate 95 exit 20. Something told me not to say there, but I did. Well, when I got back home I had some bedbed in my bags.

  41. Denise says:

    My in-laws have had a bedbug problem for over a year. Recently my husband INSISTED that we share a hotel room with them (my stepson was graduating from the Air Force in San Antonio) I HATED the idea, opposed it to DEAF ears! Not wanting to appear to be the ungrateful stepmother, I went, and YES we shared a room with my in laws. After we got home I had bug bites that I was unfamiliar with.

    I showed the bites to my mother in law (a nurse) she said “oh, that’s bed bug bites”. Today a bug was on my husbands shirt, I asked him what it was he said it was a bed bug. (This is when he informed me that his parents has a bedbug problem for the last year) I NEVER would have shared a hotel room with them, but my husband convinced me we needed to save money, so we did.

    I am so FURIOUS! They unpacked their car literally filled the hotel room with 6 suitcases of clothes, FILLED the closet with hanging clothes (we were only there for 5 days). I feel we have an obligation to inform the hotel where we stayed about the problem. My in-laws also decided it was a good time to visit every single family member they know from Missouri, Texas, Chicago, and about 4 other places, taking all their clothes into their unsuspecting family members homes. What recourse if any do I have against my soon to be ex in laws? I feel this was EXTREMELY irresponsible, and selfish of them.

  42. Bed Bug Girl says:

    It could be a bed bug Ashly – send me a picture ( and I’ll let you know for sure.

  43. Ashly says:

    What If i think I found a bed bug on my mattress but have never had any weird bites or my boyfriend???? Is it still a bed bug or could it be something else???

  44. frog sparks says:

    some of us who are allergic to everything. can be spending hospital time. It’s a big like that they are not a health hazard.

  45. Bed Bug Girl says:

    Hi Kay,

    You couldn’t find because no one has asked yet. So here’s your answer: upon searching a number of online databases I could not find any reports of bed bugs at the Four Points Milwaukee North, 8900 North Kildeer Court, Brown Deer, WI 53209.

    Bed Bug Girl

  46. Kay says:

    Could you research the following and also tell me how I can research other hotels myself. I tried control f and couldn’t find any matches for names I entered. Is there another site for me to search? Thank you for your help.
    Four Points by Sheraton Milwaukee North

  47. Kashima says:

    Someone told me to spray the hotel bed with Lysol. Does it work in killing bed bugs???

  48. sandy says:

    Yes! Bed bugs will travel when you use a bomb. They will just go somewhere else, to another room, to another apartment. These things are aggressive. And they can live for almost two years! Now that is scary! Almost two years without a feeding!

    Another way they are spread, people buy things, take them to their house, and then decide that they don’t want it anymore and take it back to the store for a refund or an exchange. Well, guess what, now they are in the store and someone else is taking that problem home with them. Ugh!

    Oh, I wanted to add, if you have carpet, I’d rip it up!! The bugs can hide under the carpet and have babies, lots of them, and you will never know. Fact is, You will have to throw away everything you have, shoes, clothing, everything, wash your clothes, get naked, and put your clothes on from the dryer and get out of there! :-) seriously… you are going to have to take some serious precautions to stop these things from going to the job, the theater, the library, the beauty salon…

  49. Barbara says:

    My daughter returned from an overseas trip and shortly after her return she started get bite behind her legs. I didn’t think much about it because it could be misquotes. Each night the bites were worse and looked like hives and very itchy.

    She slept in my room on air mattress and her bites were worst on her legs & buttocks. I don’t understand why I’m not getting bite.

    We’re looking all over the bedrooms and can’t find one bed bug. Any suggestions?

  50. Nancy says:

    Do u have any bed bug complaints re Park Savoy Hotel in New York City
    158 West 58th St ??
    I’m staying there right now & just switched rooms because I have bed bug bites all over.
    Please help-Thank you!!

  51. Cade says:

    Is it possible to get them on a brand new bed?

  52. Froglady says:

    Can be bugs hide in packed boxes?

  53. Annie says:

    Looking for Bed Bug reports in Florida, staying at Marriott Legends Edge at Bay Point, In Panama City. Also need an up-dated list for Orlando Fla. Taking the family to Disney World. I am scared to death of bed bugs and would like to get a good nights rest after our Magic Kingdom experience. Would rather not be up checking the kids all night. Can you help? Thank you so much for providing this service…….

  54. Brian Baker says:

    Budget Inn N rth Federal Highway, Fort lauderdale… knew room 115 was infested with bed bugs when they rented me the room on a weekly basis, previous tenants who were still living in the motel told me after they saw all these red sores all over my arms and legs….a black man and a black woman both claim that the black management gave them free rent to hush them up…my particular problem is that now i have MRSA running rampant through my system…I believe RACISM at it’s best right here in the good ole USA

    if an attorney reads this and can help me please contact me at 954 549 3788 or the budget inn room 113

  55. Jim says:

    Hi Amy,

    I have never heard of them nesting in hair – it moves too much and is subjected to the elements plus they don’t care for light.

    Even if bed bugs nested in your hair, they are not going to enter your body or penetrate your brain – nothing to worry about there.

    I hope that helps!


  56. amy moody says:

    I have a question if your home is severely infested to the point you have a nest in your hair can they get inside you and literaly eat you to death?

  57. Kelly says:

    My question is, someone told me not to bomb my house with anything while I have bed bugs. Is this true? Will it make my situation worse? I am doing other stuff to get rid of them, but I think I might have fleas, so I want to bomb. Please let me know. Thank You

  58. Jim says:

    Hello Richard,

    Can you give us some details, explain what happened to you?

    I did a quick check and after reading more than 300 reviews, found only two bed bug complains back in Oct or 07. They were:

    Kate612 Harrisburg, PA Oct 9, 2007 said she read about the hotel having bedbugs before they went to the hotel. Management said they shut down that wing and they would not have to deal with the problem.

    And I think the review she was referring to was from Sep 28, 2007 by Autumn3nj in white plains, NY. Autumn says she fell asleep around nine pm and woke shortly after only to find bedbugs crawling over her. The claim is that management was willing to work with her, but she choose not to stay at the hotel.

    More information would be helpful Richard.


  59. Richard Purdy says:

    You should add The Great Wolf Lodge at 1 Great Wolf Dr, Scotrun PA to the list as well.

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