Chris’s bed bug infestation

We had bed bugs, but we took matters into our own hands. Our first experience with them was when my husband all of a sudden had this line of bites on his shoulder and down the underside of his arm. Also, he was bitten under his arm pit in a line going towards his back. We had no idea what it was or where he could’ve gotten bit. It was at the end of January and very cold. After that, I noticed bites by my ankles above our sock line a few days later, as well as my son’s ankles. We were also getting bit around our the back of our waist – where our shirt moves away from our pants.

My husband went to the doctor – he was no help. They had no idea what it was, and just shrugged it off and said, “You’re fine.. the bites will go away.” I did some googling, and started thinking it was all different kind of things.. until I saw bed bugs. The bites seemed to be the same, but we never saw any bed bugs before and we weren’t traveling around then or long before then either.

The first time I noticed a bed bug, I didn’t know what it was. I was changing our son’s crib sheets, and I lifted the crib mattress to tuck the sheets around the corners. We had a dust ruffle on the bottom part of the crib, and on the white part of the dust ruffle that actually lies under the mattress, I saw something move. It was very small, and clear. I got tweezers and picked it up to put it in a ziplock bag. I looked at it closely – it was a baby bed bug.

As I did more and more research, I changed some things about our lifestyle in the “cleaning” aspect of things…

  • We vacuumed every day…. EVERYWHERE! We even vacuumed the couch inside out.. EVERYDAY.
  • Didn’t matter what we were washing, we used hot water. EVERYTHING was washed in hot water!
  • Our pillows got allergy covers, and so did our mattresses. I read that you have to starve bed bugs for 1 year for them to die because there’s nothing that can kill them (except one poison that no one uses anymore, and I certainly wouldn’t want it around my child). We even taped the zippers off the mattress covers, and we kept them on for 13 months without ever washing them. It was the price we had to pay because we couldn’t afford new beds (after seeing people re-sell old infested beds as brand new beds, we didn’t want to try it anyway).
  • We cleared out everything from our closets and drawers and made sure to wash everything. Remember, hot water is key! It makes you NOT itch from whatever the bed bugs leave behind.
  • We turned the lights on VERY LOW so we could still see, but it would appear as thought it were nighttime – which is when bed bugs like to come out. We did this many times to try to catch them.

We must’ve continued all of this for about 3-4 months – I remember that we were starting to get worried about all of our bites because we would be wearing summer clothes soon, so it was probably around April by this time in my story.

Then, on the woodwork in the bathroom, I saw another baby bed bug. I put that in a ziplock bag too with tweezers, and labeled it with the where I found it and the date.

The kicker was when my husband was laying on our sectional couch watching tv one night with the lights low because it was very late, and all of a sudden from in between the cushions of the couch, a bed beg takes off! This thing was pretty fast, but it was also a lot bigger than the other ones we caught. My husband freaked out, and grabbed the mattress so he could watch where the bed bug was at all times while he was running into the kitchen with it for me to grab and put into a ziplock bag. We acted quickly, and we got it! That was the last bed bug we caught. It was adult-size, and you could see that it had blood from biting us inside him. This was 2 years ago, and we haven’t had any bites since. We still have the ziplock bags with the bed bugs. They are dead.. I double bagged them to be sure.

It’s tiring to keep up with it, but you can get rid of them. You just have to find them. Night time to early morning before the sun comes up is when they come out. Investigate all your things. Wash everything that you can wash. Clean everything you can clean..

And one final thought, remember to stock up on vacuum bags because you can only use the vacuum bag ONCE and then you have to throw it away – that way they don’t crawl back out and around your house again. We bought clean vac bags and stocked up on them.

Keep positive, I hope my bed bug success story helps shed a positive light on your war with bedbugs!

Shannea daku::I am not ashamed of having bed bugs and I want the world to know how I was forced to live in hell by a corrupt Montgomery County pa housing official, a greedy landlord, and a sneaky exterminator. I have a story that is detailed and outline with a years worth of information. I want the truth about bed bugs to be exposed about bed bugs from a real live witness, me and my nine yr old baby. We have a voice and want to be heard… Over 200 pictures 100 bite marks, life thrown away in trash bags twice, physical scars, therapy at a mental health facility, I could go on for hours……



My name is Karina and I work at Pangolin Pictures in NYC as an associate producer. We are working on a a bedbug documentary. The show will be one episode, airing at the very tail end of this summer and will focus on those pesky critters. In the documentary we will interview and profile, researchers, scientist, and entomologist as well as exterminators and de-bed buggers.

We are looking to interview people in the show who have had bed bugs. If you might be interested in participating please give me a call 212-245-4242. Essentially we would be looking to tell your story and interview you at your home. Our crew is very small, just a cameraman/producer and a production assistant.

Here is a little information about the company I work for. Pangolin Pictures is deeply rooted in creating a variety of programming for National Geographic TV, Discovery Channel, TLC, Spike and SpeedTV. You can check out some of our previous work: a show for PBS entitled “Kilauea: Mountain of Fire”



Gary Hart::

Good day,
Do you guys cover Canada, south eastern? If so, I have a good story to tell you, have to go to bed soon, but really don’t want too, took all precations.

Gary Hart

No relation.

Bed Bug Girl::

Hi Gary,

Yes, they cover the world Gary. Can you explain your story here for them to see – if they are interested, they’ll contact you…

Thanks for sharing!


Bed bugs have infested my home and attacked my entire body. I wake up each day with new bites which took me a while to figure out what it!

I’ve been to different doctors some saying they don’t know and another saying it’s a mosquito bite. I always thought bed bugs weren’t real, just made up but as soon as I changed my sheets and saw a bug I searched the entire mattress and was astonished to find an infestation.

It’s definitely hell what I’m going through with my 9 month old daughter and my fiance. People need to know they are real and they need to be more precautions so they don’t get them. I’m not a dirty person my house is clean I just was unlucky.

Connie Hill::

I’ve been invited on a trip in September to NYC, and we’ll be staying at the Roosevelt Hotel at 45 E 45th Street. I’ve read enough about their past bedbug problems to consider cancelling….any recent info to indicate their pest status now??



The first time I encounter bed bugs, I did not know what I was dealing with, actually I thought it was a baby roach. My God was I wrong, after further investigation in my daughter room who was 12 yrs old at the time. Her entire box spring, mattress, wooden bed infested. I only knew that Heat was my only weapon.

I proceeded to boiled a large pot of water, while the water was heating up I threw out the Mattress and Box spring. The wooded bed frame I took in the back yard, about this time the water is boiling hot. I have a 2 gal chemical sprayer, I fill it almost to the top leaving room for my mixture of 2 cups of bleach and 1 cup ammonia and 1 bottle green alcohol. I had to wear a mask,although my eyes was burning, I sprayed down the wood bed frame with my hot water mixtures and all I could see was bed bugs falling from the cracks dying on contact. After leaving the bed frame outside for 48hours to air out from the chemicals.

I used the same treatment on her entire room; baseboards, window seals, door frame removed curtains and rods from window, leave window open for ventilation as you know bleach and ammonia is a fatal mixture. As of today which has been over 1 year I have not seen a bed bug in her room. No more bite marks on her arm.

These bed bugs will drive you crazy, you will lose many hours of sleep, waking up in the middle of the night checking on your children, make sure everything is okay. Reading other people comments today, my heart feels your pain. Don’t give up stay focus at times you feel like just walking away with all the stress from Bed-bugs

My Rules for getting Rid of Bed Bugs:

Do your research about bed bugs at once, know what you are dealing with and how to fight back.
I prefer to throw out mattresses and box springs if bed bugs are found, or you may want to use a mattress cover after removing all visible bugs.
Make it a point to know who comes into your home, and whom your children friends are, if possible.
Keep your home clean and neat . Use Pinesol, bleach and ammonia on floors and baseboards regularly. Stay away from highly populated public places if all possible.
Save your money on these Bed Bugs sprays, my friend home was treated 4 times by pest control, I have purchase every type of chemical from ACE hardware, it does not works on Bed bugs.
DO NOT bring any used furniture into your living quarters, if you do make sure you inspect it first, and do a thorough chemical cleaning. Be careful when buy new furniture from wholesale factory outlets. Do not assumed because it new you’re free from Bed-bugs.
Once they are Gone…. Keep your guard up, always look for them, and hope you don’t ever find them anymore.

…… Good Luck

Reggie Smith::

I recently stayed in MOTEL 6 Rooms 235 and 236, located at 281 US 41 Bypass North, I-75 at Jacaranda Blvd, Exit #193, Venice, FL, 34292. I’ve been a guest at numerous hotels and motels all over the United States and NEVER suffered such a traumatizing experience as I did June 24-25 2011.

My husband and I checked in on 06/24 for a restful night sleep. I woke up at 2:30am with a strong swollen and itching sensation, which drove me to the bathroom where I discovered rashes all over my body. They were all over my body, from the bottom of my chin to my ankles. At first, I thought that it was food poison reaction. I came back to bed and upon my discomfort and complaints, my husband turned on the light and for our disgusted surprise the bed was inundate with BEDBUGS. I really panicked. I felt worst than dog among those blood stains, bedbugs running on top of the sheets and itching all over my body. I got bitten in places that I could not easily reach to scratch.

Immediately, I went downstairs and spoke to Craig at the front desk. I showed him the bedbug bites and redness under my chin and asked for another room, which he gave room 236. While he was preparing the room key, upon my distress and I told Craig that were visibly too many begbugs on that bed and I could not believe that nobody ever placed a complaint. At MY SURPRISE, he confirmed that there HAD BEEN COMPLAINTS from the same room. Upon sunrise, I brought the manager to the room and showed the stains of blood on the bed, previous marks of blood on the bed cover, which make me believe that it was not an unknown situation. The manager apologized and refunded us a room payment.

I had to throw my clothing away along with my luggage and I itch sensation last for over a week.
AND I became a BedBug Freak.

Julie M::

My nightmare started on August 19, 2011 when Dewey Pest control came to inspect my apartment along with 3 other apartments. I did not think much about it until they said yes you have them. My 2 girls and I did not have any bites nor did my neighbor next door so I thought no. But when I seen my 2 neighbors down stairs filled with bites on their arms and legs I said oh no, we must have bed bugs.

I did all that I can do to prepare my apartment for treatment that coming Monday. My sister s and I worked extremely hard to prepare. I wash a total of 25 plastics bags that contained cloths, stuffed animals and bed linens. I also soaked all of my 3 yrs old toys in the tub in hot water. When Dewey came to spray we were told we were not 100% prepared for treatment. Well if Dewey would have given us more information maybe we would have been.

It’s been five days since Dewy has sprayed and I am still trying to “properly” prepare for second treatment. Dewey says, “Don’t worry mattress, coaches, etc was sprayed your ok, you don’t need to throw anything out”. Well as I was working even harder to prepare this Saturday afternoon, out comes a baby bedbug from my dining table. All I want to do is cry. I am an extremely clean, organized, on top of things type of person. My apartment is in shambles. I cannot live this way. What can I do??????????

M James Goodie::

I strongly suspect that my bed bug incident originated on major international airline. I fly business class. Most of the major international airlines offer business class seating that configures into a bed so that you can get sleep on the longer haul flights. My flight, with one stop for refueling, was +16 hrs. I arrived at my hotel and the next day I noticed bite marks on both arms, and legs and a case of the runs. At first I thought it was mosquitoes bites but there were so many bites that I knew it had to be something different. After several days I finally saw a doctor; she thought is was bed bugs. It could have been the hotel but for a couple of reason I believe it was the plane. I’ve have been traveling internationally for over 25 years. This is my first case of Bedbugs. Not much fun. :((


We first found the infestation in our livingroom furniture in April so we had to throw out the sofa, recliner, 2 mattresses and 2 box springs. We bagged clothing, bedding, etc…threw alot of things away also. Exterminators came out and we thought we could relax…..WRONG!!!!! We fond them again in our brand new sofa in September during my 9 year old’s birthday party. This time we took all clothing out of all the dressers and closets and bagged them up. They came back out again and my 2 oldest kids rooms were infested! They were in every room inthe house. We no longer have a home, it is a prison and we are financially and emotionally worn out. We do not know what to do. They are still here. I am so overwhelmed. HELP!!!!!!!!!

Cindy A.::

I am a kind and loving mother, who allowed her daughter and 2 grandchildren to move into my dream home, in the country. About 4 months after the move my daughter went to visit a friend in another state and soon after we were getting eaten up by bed bugs. I accused her of bringing them back with her only to be told that her broken recliner was infested when she moved it in.

She has since moved out, thrown out the chair and anything else that was infested, leaving me with the job of getting them out of my house! (she no longer has the problem) I am now stuck living with my sofa, bed and other furniture covered with plastic, and having to explain to visitors why. Luckily no one has transferred any of the bugs to their homes!

I, also, steam my floors, baseboards and paneled walls on a regular bases. I still have periods of getting bit, but find a cortisone cream will stop the itch and dry the bites up quickly; I then steam again! Unfortunately, she, also, brought her roaches with her and they set up residency in my walls and have spread through the house. It will take sometime to get rid of them, but, luckily, I know how! Good luck to all my fellow sufferers and God bless us all!

louise coles::

Hi, I am going to stay at the Hilton Resort and Spa hotel, Denarau (Fiji) in March, I have read on past travellors comments that there have been cases of bed bugs (in the last year). Have you any recent information regarding this hotel please? Thank you for your very informative site. Louise

rhonda bell::

We found out in Jan that we had bedbugs. My husband and kids didn’t seem to mind, but I couldn’t sleep, itching all day and night. None of us have any reactions thank GOD. We started researching the web as everyone does. I called my landlord. It took about a week, but he paid for the exterminator and bought us the mattress covers.

The exterminator brought me a checklist of what to do to prepare, I had to reschedule twice because there is alot to do to prepare. After bagging our clothes (7 people), emptying every drawer in the house (34), closets (4), removing all the books from the bookshelves, removing everything off of my walls, two more weeks passed by since I was attending school at the time too. Finally my house was sprayed and I was told that if I noticed any bugs to keep track of when, how many, and where I had seen them.

About 2 weeks after him spraying, I had called the exterminator to ask some follow up questions, and I had mentioned that I painted and he informed me that I should not have done that. I told the man when he was here that I was going to paint since the walls were empty, not one time did he say don’t do that. Anyway he came the following week and sprayed the room I had painted again.

I had spoke to him again the following week and said I had seen a few bugs, he told me to wait 15-20 more days, that it takes time. I am impatient, and with no sleep for about 2 mos I wanted more done. QUICKLY. (by the way when he came and sprayed the room the second time, he checked my sectional again and found 2 bugs….. so that afternoon the sectional along with the recliner went to the trash). We see a bedbug about 1 a week which is not too bad, but if I am seeing 1 that’s too many for me.

About 3 weeks ago I went into the bathroom and found one crawling in the bathtub in broad daylight. Found one just crawling on the hallway wall like it was supposed to be there. I find them at different times day or night. But if I am finding these at least once a week, how many are still in my house????? I have repeatedly tried to call the exterminator back and he doesn’t return my calls. I had my landlord call him since he uses him anytime he has needed one, and he doesn’t return his call either.

So I am going to attempt the DE, hopefully it will have some effect since we did get the spray done. I am on here now telling you my story because I was just about to lay down on my mattress (w/cover) that is now the furniture in my living room and what did I see??? You guessed it!!!!!! a bedbug…..It has been a week and a half since I seen any bugs. Now I am itching just thinking about them. I still don’t turn out the light when I do sleep (almost 3 months now).

Another reason I started this was in response to the issue at the top of the page, the exterminator has told me that the bedbugs do feed on the animals, I have a dog and a cat. Anyway I wish all you the best of luck in “our” fight against these nasty creatures. GOD bless!


We recently moved in to a 2 house as I am expecting but before we moved in the landlord neglected to tell us that there where 16 people living here and that they where evicted for this very reason! 2 days in it turned out that the whole house was infested – yes kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and worst of all the living room where most of them had been sleeping. Landlord won’t help and didn’t even believe us until we showed him our photos and ones from the internet but they have infected all our belongings, feeding off our 2 dogs, my husband who is allergic to insect bites (been to hospital 2 times and is on 11 tablets a day) and me being 5 months pregnant.

This site has been a great help, I heat treated the whole house, boil washed all our clothing, threw out everything that could be (ie the furniture that was here when we moved in) and am now about to treat the whole house with the water/alcohol/soap spray and DE. Thankfully we are not getting bitten anymore but with a baby on the way I am not willing to take any chances.


Bed bugs made me have suicidal thoughts, but God saved me the agony of being eating alive!! ur clothes being horribly damaged by obsessive excessive wash & 4hr heat. Drying, cleaning ur house with rubbing alcohol, putting alcohol on ur body before u leave home to avoid cross contamination. I clean and cry daily while the kids are at school, cleaning & scrubbing walls & floors 24/7 maybe 3/4 hrs of sleep, there’s no time for sleep, u gotta be prepared & alert for the devil / bed bug.. sleeping in my tub or hardwood floor. All clothes clean and dirty stay in
kitchen, NO.CLOTHING OUTERWEAR.COME.PAST MY KITCHEN! I lived with my cat, kid, three white body pillows, 2 white sheets.. I have developed a phobia of beds & furniture entering my home, and a psychosomatic disorder where my mind manifests 3 bite marks in a triangle shape. I always feel like I’m being bit, physical bed bug free mentally scared!!!


Bed bugs are a real nuisance! I discovered about a year ago, I would wake up and find mosquito like bites on me and did they itch! I didn’t know what was happening. I would look up different web sites that had pictures of bites from a number of different sources of bugs. I just thought maybe I was allergic to something like maybe dust mites. Then one late evening I saw a bug that was a reddish brown color crawling on my desk. I picked it up with tweezers and put it in a zip-lock bag. I noticed on the tweezer that a little blood was on it. I looked up bugs and I found out it was a bed bug.

We went out to buy some Hot Shot spray made especially for bed bugs. We sprayed the back of the house and forgot to spray all the house including the garage. I noticed I quit getting bitten for a while. But then last week I found that my son’s mattress was infested with brown spots and little bed bugs, uugghh!

These nasty little creatures can wreak such havoc. I am tired of being their next meal. But bed bug spray did work and let me get a little sleep. Now I’m launching an assault on these nasty parasites. Come to find out my sister-in-law admitted that when she stayed at her mother’s and visited her sister that they had the nasty little critters and she brought them to our house. Now I am afraid to stay at hotels or even visit anyone or have anyone visit us because they may bring more.

This is what these pesky things do to a person. They can make you paranoid and make you lose sleep just thinking about them. I plan on spraying once a month and laying down the powder on these critters. I read somewhere where the sprays use to contain DDT in them and that it really worked and sent bed bugs away. But they said in the article that the government banned DDT in 1972 because of concerns with health risks. I understand the worries about the health risks but if I could I would risk that chance to have it in the spray and rid them out of the house. Because having them gives you the nerves and I would risk it to be able to sleep without the pesky bites and the itching every night. What a life we live!