I can’t figure out what this may be and am really worried it’d be bedbugs. I first got a little bite on my forearm that I picked off (looked more like a pimple) and it became larger, and rash like. The doctor said it’s most likely just dermatitis (tested it for fungus and it came back negative). A few weeks after that I got a bite on my neck that has been there for about 2 weeks, and soon after that I got a couple bites on my stomach (now have about 5-10). Since then, I have about 15 additional bites on my back, chest, some under my arms but none really below my waist at all. I have a few on my neck as well. I was away for 4 days in another state this past weekend and continued to get bites there, even though I checked the inside of my shirt I’d be sleeping in before I put it on and found nothing.

Since I got home, I inspected my bedding and mattress and found no clues for it to be bedbugs. Would bedbugs travel on your clothes and continue to bite you? I haven’t heard of that happening, nobody else I was with was bitten either. I checked my suitcase last night with a flashlight and found no signs of bedbugs there either!



I would like to find out if bedbugs really afraid of lights? And i got this problem with a few bedbugs hanging around my pillow(with a towel on) , i’ve got no idea where do they come from and no idea when did they appear on my pillow. Or maybe it even appear during the daytime? As i woke up in the morning then i saw them hanging around on my pillow(with the towel on). I don’t feel any itch at all. Can anybody tells me why they hanging around on my pillow and there’s no bites on me?



I have been trying to figure out if you can have only a few bedbugs in your home without an infestation. I only work 3 days a week, at a place 2 hours from my home. While at work, I stay at my boss’s house. During the holiday season (our busiest time), I stayed at his house for the better part of the month. I started noticing small red spots on my body, and at one point had counted 17 all together. I have had a problem with fly bites in his house before, so I thought nothing of it. The season ended, I came home to my apartment, and the spots went away.

I went back this past weekend, and stayed for two nights. I came home last night, and woke up to something tickling my check. I naturally scratched it, only to find a bedbug on my face. This morning, I tore apart my bedroom, and I didn’t find anything. No blood, feces, eggs, skins, nothing. I went through every checklist I could find, and I couldn’t find anything.

I thought that it was just the one bug and realized that my boss’s house must have bedbugs, and that the one came back with me from the weekend. Tonight, however right as I was climbing into bed, I saw one more on my wall near my bed. I killed it, but now I’m worried that I might have more someplace that I can’t find. Or is it possible that a couple of them just attached on the me?

My apartment manager is having an exterminator come in on Friday to clean the place out. If I have only found those two, should I be ok for the next several days? I’m not a big fan of bugs of any sort, and I have a feeling that it is going to take me awhile before I feel comfortable sleeping with the lights off.

Thank you!


here is my hard luck story…

I pay child support and live paycheck to paycheck. I recently suspected that my apartment (or more specifically, my couch) might be infected with bedbugs. I discussed my problem with another employee at work with no discretion and he went straight to management about my person worry.

By the next day I was scheduled to work, I had arrived at the conclusion that I do indeed have bedbugs. After several hours at work I was pulled aside by a member of management and asked about bedbugs. I was then suspended from work and I am currently awaiting word on what I will need to provide them with before I can return to work.

I am assuming that I will need to call in an exterminator to provide documentation that will state that the infestation has been treated. I don’t have $700 to pay for an exterminator, that’s nearly 2 months salary. I had intended to purchase a $50 bedbug steamer and some DE and take care of the problem myself. I was in the process of cleaning my house from top to bottom so that I can take these steps.

So I have several questions, some of which you probably won’t be able to answer, but here goes…

1) Do bedbug steamers really work?

2) While steaming everything else in my apartment, can I also steam my clothing instead of taking all my clothes to the laundromat and spending more money that I don’t have?

3) I haven’t seen anything to support this online but a coworker told me that bedbugs don’t like kerosene. Not that I have to spray everything in my house with kerosene, I was told if I burn a kerosene heater the bedbugs will leave. Have you ever heard of this? It would be pretty crappy to do to my neighbors because I’m sure they would just go there.

4) Can I get unemployment for being suspended from work for this?

5) If I look for another job, is my current employer required to tell a potential employer that I was suspended because of bedbugs being a health issue.
… and the worst part of this whole thing is finding out that I may have actually brought these things home from work in the first place because they may have spread from one employee’s clothing to another in the break room (is that possible? I guess we can number that

6) thank you in advance for any advise
Phil from Ohio-the bedbug capital of the United States


Hi there:

I’m hoping someone can help me out. Is it possible to just have one or two bedbugs? Tonight I noticed my cat poking around my pillow, and she found one bug slowly walking across my pillow (gross!). It looked kind of like a bedbug, and now I’m totally freaked out. I killed it, and there was no blood. I stripped my whole bed and found what I *think* was either a single bedbug shell, or a dead bedbug, but nothing else. Couldn’t find any eggs or feces or anything. Admittedly, I just did a quick check, so I suppose they could be better at hiding. I haven’t received any bites, either. I’ve lived in my apartment for 2.5 years, and this is the first I’ve seen of them. Is it possible this was just a one-off?

Any advice would be very much appreciated!

bedbug Girl::

Hi Melissa,

Yes, you could have brought home only one bedbug and if so, you are most lucky to have found and killed it! If you find another, please take a picture upload them to me using the link at the top right of this page and I’ll take a look!

Best regards,

bedbug Girl


I had woke up last week with 3 welts in a triangle shape on my arm. Thinking it was just an allergic reaction I ignored it. It went away after 4 days and exactly one week to the day Three more showed up on my back. I immediately started searching. bedbugs? Huh those things actually exist?

Bugs by HoPSo i rampaged my room. Flipping over everything. There it was. Hiding on the black lining of my box spring. Full of my blood. I grabbed him and went to the kitchen and cut the head off. Black blood came oozing out. I immediately started searching for more. I couldn’t find any fecal matter or anymore signs of bedbugs. Then i saw this budge of down feathers and under it were all these white colored and furry larvae. I thought i was infested by nymphs. However after finding these things all over my house, they could be something else. Carpet beetles?

I know the first thing i found and the bites are a bedbug. I’m hoping I only had one as I was traveling 2 weeks ago.

In the meantime can anyone identify these as nymphs?
I have found about 30 of them buried in the carpet along the baseboards. No reasoning as to where. Just random spots.


Hi There!

I woke up and as I was writing in my journal this morning I think I found a bedbug!

bedbug Picture by NKI don’t have any bites, I haven’t found any other signs of them… I’m looking at the clothing I wore and put away last night and I don’t see any there. How will I know for sure if I don’t have any? Should I tell my landlord now? I don’t want it to spread… I want to take care of it as soon as possible. I’m vacuuming now.

Here’s a picture, what do you think?

Thank you so much for this forum and for your answers! The treatment page is so helpful!

bedbug Girl::

Hi NK,

Yes, that looks exactly like a bedbug to me! Did you find any more of them?


They don’t look like bedbugs HoP, except that middle skin has me concerned. You said you did find some at first, perhaps you have a mix. I’m not sure what they are…


I found a bug in july and thought it was a tick, but it was only one so I didn’t freak out and I just killed it. It was in the master bedroom bathroom on the counter. It is now february and I just saw one running on my couch. Me and my baby sleep on the couch and she has one bite, her father sleeps in the master bedroom and he had a possible bite also. I have not had any and neither has our roommate. Could we have bedbugs, three bug does look similar to the pictures. It has skinny legs and a flat brown body. There are 4 legs and 2 attenas. Could we have bb?


I am casting for a television documentary on bedbugs for a national network. I would love to talk to anyone who has stories of bedbugs and how they were life altering. Please email me at


My stepdaughters Mon just informed us that they have bedbugs. What precautions do I need to take to make sure they don’t cone home to us if they already haven’t. She is with us during the week and st her moms on the weekends.


Do bedbug bites ever just occur one at a time? From what I’ve read, it seems like they happen in groups, but I keep waking up to find one isolated red welt in various places — one on my arm, one on my leg, etc. Could it be bedbug bites?

Rick Blaine::

I need help diagnosing whether bites I got on vacation were from bedbugs. When I was there (for a week) I thought the bites were from other insects common in the tropics such as mosquitoes, sand fleas or no-see-ums. That’s a reasonable possibility since those kinds of pests are endemic in the area, and I was not using insect repellent. I did not think of bedbugs at the time and I did not inspect the room or bed where I stayed. I’m back home now so I have only clues to work with, no direct evidence. One clue is the distribution on my body. I have numerous bites, and some parts of my body were consistently bitten more heavily over the course of the week, while other areas have very few bites.

Here’s my question: If I always sleep on my stomach, would bedbug bites more likely be on the front of my body which is actually in contact with the bed, versus on the back of my body which is facing up (with a sheet over me)?

Has anyone noticed a correlation between sleeping position and distribution of bedbug bites? Thanks in advance for any help.


@Rick, I mostly sleep on my side/stomach and most of my bites were around my right elbow, which I sometimes sleep on. I also had a couple bites on my hands, and I sleep with my hands under the pillow sometimes. I think that the parts of your body that are up against the bed are what gets bit the most.
One telltale sign of knowing that it’s bedbug bites is if there are a few in a row, like in a direct line. This was how I was able to tell what kind of bites I had, because I had the 3 bite line, or “breakfast, lunch, and dinner” is what they call that.



I just moved into my dream apartment on Saturday. Everything was clean and remodeled. New windows, freshly painted. I moved most most of my stuff in that day. That night we slept there for the 1st time. We woke up in the morning and there was a spot of blood in the bed. 2 minutes later my 4 year old daughter said there was a bug in the bed. I looked and picked it up. It looked like a little beetle with a full reddish belly. I threw it on the floor. My husband got up and reached for his shirt and said there were little bugs on it. i looked and they did not look like the beetle bug I found in the bed. After a few minutes I put two and two together. I picked the beetle bug up and examined it closer. Then realizing that the blood spot on the bed and the full red belly of the bug….I realized that it must be a bedbug!

The night before my daughter had gotten up to go to the bathroom. She was fine and we were talking and the next thing I knew she was throwing up. Didn’t think much of it at the time. She was not sick it just seemed like a freak thing. We decided to pull our mattress into the living room and sleep there until we located our land lord. We looked all day and found no bugs. At around 10 pm they were crawling out of the radiator and up to the wall. We were horrified!

We went over to were my daughter was and found 2 in the bed. One with an engorged stomach with blood. My daughter had been bitten. We did not let her know what was going on. We decided to go to a hotel. As we started getting ready my daughter became sick and threw up again. After she was fine. I started to realize that this may been her bodies reaction to the bug bites. After days of trying to reach the landlord he said that he was sending an exterminator. So eventually he confessed that he had brought the house and found that it had “bugs” he made all the tenants leave and bombed the house and remodeled it.

He said that they had not seen any bugs in months. I was shocked. No one warned me about this. They are coming tomorrow to treat the house. I am very concerned for my daughters health and also concerned that now all of my belongings are infected. The landlord claims that it will be taken care of. My question is do you think the bugs will get exterminated? There are 3 floors and the 3rd floor tenants who just moved in also claims that they have not seen any. I was only finding them in my bedroom. The house is old. All hard wood floor and horse hair fiber installation. I have some bites on my back. Do you think that my daughter is getting sick at night due to bites. She also has some marks but they are not as red as mine. Should I move out. And what if I bring them to my new place. My stuff has only been there for 3 days.


I stayed in a villa about two weeks ago. About the middle of last week, I noticed a few red itchy bumps on my arms. I didn’t think anything of them, but then over the past few days, I noticed more. They seem to be following the same pattern as described & look similar to the pictures I saw. I did an extensive search in my bed, put double sided tape around it, but came up with nothing. Is it possible that I was just bitten up at the villa & just am now noticing the bites?


I have two red bumbs on my chest and can’t figure out what could it have came from… very scared


I found one and have searched for the answer to this quesiton…

Can you not feel them crawling on you….if you are awake?? Or asleep?

Seems impossible that you could not feel them on you while awake?

bedbug Girl::

Hi Alane,

Yes, you should be able to feel them crawling on you and this is exactly why they wait until you are in a deep sleep before feeding! Only when they have found there feeding spot on you and numbed it up would you not be able to feel them.


I was reading your website and after careful examination I have decided that I found A (just one) bedbug crawling on top of my covers this morning just after I turned on the light at daybreak. There is no evidence that I can see of any others, and my 13yr old daughter just came home from a weekend trip where she stayed at a hotel with our church.

She has 4-5 bites on her arm that appeared 2 weeks ago or so, but there is NOTHING that I can see in her room, bed etc… so I think the bites could be from her school auditorium because she rehearses there and most of the time it is closed up… very old school (spider bites maybe?)

In addition, no one else has any bites, or evidence other than just the one bug. I trapped it in a plastic sandwich baggie, but it squashed and was full of blood.. I stripped the bed, threw the sheets away, washed the blankets and mattress pad in hot water and I ran the sweeper in my room.

Do I need to do the whole house that way? her room, stuffed animals, couches, etc Do I need to purchase an insecticide?


I am overly cautious and somewhat paranoid, and have taken every precaution to the point that I do not to let anyone come over that I don’t know very well, or I visit likewise, I inspect everywhere we go, even the movies- so as you can imagine, this is my worst fear.

Can you please tell me that this is not an infestation and what I need to do???


Hi – we’ve just moved into a furnished apartment that we were going to stay in for 2 weeks. I felt a little itchy when sitting on the couch, so I moved. My husband then felt a bit itchy and had what looked like mosquito bites, so I started looking up information online and found your website.
We inspected the mattress on the bed and the couch but it all appeared fine.

Then when it was time to go to sleep, my husband found a bug crawling on the bed!
We captured it and lucky this place has an air mattress, so we’re sleeping on that with new sheets just out of the packet.

We bagged anything we were wearing, put our luggage in the kitchen and had showers! Lucky we hadn’t unpacked our bags, and we had only been here for maybe 4 hours tops.
Do you think our bags could be safe? They were just sitting on the floor in the middle of the room not really near any furniture.

From what i can gather this might just be a new infestation, its only a small bug. So I don’t think our things are infested.

Because its past midnight, I’ve sent a message to the owner and hopefully she’ll get it checked out or we can just move out.

I don’t think we have any bites yet, my husband may have some non-itchy ones.

Is there anything else we should do?

I would like to send a photo so you can let me know if it really is a bedbug, please let me know what email address to send it to.

Update: Ive now zoomed in on the photo and the bug isn’t flat at all and doesn’t have any ribs… so maybe not a bedbug!! (although now i feel itchy but that’s just psychological i know!)

OK Thanks!

Noreen Seurer::

I just received an order of scarves that were shipped from China. East individual scarf is in a sealed plastic/cellophane bag. Do I need to be concerned about bedbugs in with the scarves? I heard somewhere that we need to be careful of items shipped from China. We plan to give these scarves to people attending a fund raising event and certainly wouldn’t want to inflict bedbugs on anyone!
Please respond. Thanks!!

bedbug Girl::

Hi Michelle,

Upload your pictures and I’ll be happy to take a look!


Hi there,

If my nephew’s house has bedbugs should he not be having sleepovers at my house?

In a addition, my nephew is having an off site birthday party. Should you avoid people who have bedbugs? I’d rather not but I am really concerned about them getting on us.

Thank you,



So I pretty much live at college and come home every so often maybe once or twice a month. Tonight i came back and found like 5 bugs on the back corner of my mattress all were dead but one, then i found another when i was changing out my sheets jut on the comforter.

We flipped my bed and saw nothing now I’m on here googleing what to do. Obviously i need to get someone to come inspect and clean. I’m like 99.9% sure they are bedbugs because i looked up the pictures on here. Am i safe to sleep tonight after changing my sheets? I’m planning on cleaning my room pretty good tomorrow, but I’m still scared to sleep or go back to college and them get worse..what do i do?

bedbug Girl::

Hi Ashley,

Get a bedbug mattress encasement asap, some bedbug dust and read my treatment section – you may be able to treat them yourself!


I’m not sure if I have bedbugs, but I’ve noticed mosquito like bites on me. If I’ve only just started seeing bites, is it possible the bugs have been there for over a week? Do they (the bugs) go away on their own?

bedbug Girl::

Hi Carina,

Yes, it is possible they could have feed earlier and just now decided to feed again. To answer your second question, I have not yet seen one comment or story where the bedbugs leave on their own, sorry.


Hey guys. I went thru this bedbug disaster last year. I was looking into calling some professionals but found they were to expensive. I went to my local hardware store and bought a powder for bedbugs and diff types of insect killers. Similar to boric acid. Guys it work!! It took like 2-3 weeks for it to work but it did. It prob would’ve worked quicker but I let it get pretty bad b4 acting. Just apply it around the foot of the bed and crevices and cracks. Under the mattress and onto of the mattress edges. Anywhere they will crawl to u u must apply it. U should be ok with putting a sheet over the mattress. The powder didn’t do no harm to me. I recently found one dead bug today and will start applying the powder b4 it gets worse. Also got a few small bites. Goodlyck to everyone =)


I moved into a new apartment 3 months ago. The day after we arrived I found a bedbug on the wall and a couple shells and possible fecal matter spots along floor board. We told the manager and they handled it extremely well. They called an exterminator to come in immediately. They heated the whole apartment up.

We couldn’t find anything for several weeks, but then I got bit on the chest and face. The chest was one bite and the face had a string of four. We showed the manager and they once again heated the place up. I bought DE and sprinkled it everywhere; under the bed, under the couch, in floor boards, under the mattress, night stands. Then I wake up this morning and have another group of bites, 1 large and 3 smaller, in the same location but opposite side of my face, on the jaw line, towards the ear. I can’t find any bugs anywhere, but bedbugs leave bites in succession.

Could this still be bedbugs and I just can’t find them? You would think two heat treatments and DE would kill them or I would at least find something somewhere. What should I do?

Thank you so much for your time.


Doug Riley::

The stories are all to common. My family gave up after months of exterminators. We burned everything but photos (frames were kindling), the bedbugs were in the carpet, beds, near the computer desk, you name it.

I know the experts say the stay near beds but that wasn’t so for us. We were given a couch in 2008. I have never heard of a bedbug at the time. I saw a bug but assumed it was a tick from fishing. The landlord sent people to get rid of them but no one could. After the burn pile we showered in a garage (for mechanics) unpacked new clothes that were boiled and dried. My truck has plastic seats and no carpet so it didn’t get infested (I religiously checked and dusted).

Our final step was find new land, have the dirt turned, then build the home ourselves. We no longer allow visitors because they could carry bedbugs. Our children homeschool. We avoid public places. I do not work with other people. I will never go through such mental anxieties again. The experience has scarred us or life.

The US government needs to stop the spread of bedbugs…they are an epidemic. They made the BB killer illegal so the BB came back with vengeance. Now the gov’t leaves people helpless and ill. The worst part is even after the exterminator clears you one could linger for almost 2 years! For those of you that can’t walk away, you will probably be contracting an exterminator for 18 months as well.

I do like Bedbuggirl’s advice…do not just bag up clothes. Also BB won’t drown in water. Alcohol only repels adults. BB breed to rapidly to use alcohol alone as an effective treatment. BB will burrow in heavy sweater type clothing (even in the day time).

Also BB will bite you whenever given the opportunity….like when watching tv on the couch. You don’t have to be sleeping. We used the steamer also. I think that just makes them hide.

I’m not an expert just a survivor. I hope the rest of you find an answer.

bedbug Girl::


Thank you so much for taking the time to share! What you have had to go through is just horrible and I agree, there needs to be more awareness and government involvement to stop the spread of bedbugs!

bedbug Girl::

Hi Andy,

It could still be bedbugs! See my “bedbug Traps” link at the top right of this site and you can download instructions on how to build one yourself for less than ten dollars!


HoP wrote a comment on Feb 4, 2011 and had a picture of a couple of bugs. I found one of those bugs in my kitchen and then another one on my bed. Can you identify it? I would like to know if I have bedbugs or not.

Thank you!

bedbug Girl::

Hi Adam,

Those are not bedbugs :)


Hello, I recently stayed at a rental cabin in the snow for three days and about a day after returning home I noticed large red bites all over my mind section and the back of my legs. Over the next few days the bites got worst and I counted close to 100 different bites.

Worried that I brought the bugs back with me, I had my apartment inspected by a certified K9 service and they did not find anything. I continually check for bugs, blood marks or fecal matter and can’t find anything. Even though there doesn’t seem to be bugs in my place, new bites continue to show up on my body even after 2 weeks from my stay at the cabin.

Could I be having a delayed reaction or is it a good indication that I have bedbugs in my place?

Thank you for your help!

bedbug Girl::

Hi JN,

Three days is a bit long to be having an initial reaction to a bite but if you want to make sure you don’t have bedbugs, I’ve documented how to make a trap for less than $10, see my page in the menu bar at the top right of this page. Let us know what you find out, will you?



I have bedbugs, for a fact. I’m not sure where they came from and I spend a lot of time at other houses. How do I go about making sure they’re gone for good? Does everyone I know need to hire an exterminator?

Anxiety Ridden::

I have been in this apartment for about a year now and we just discovered that we have bedbugs…we have been sleeping on the couch now for a few days and my wife says that she hasn’t had any bites or anything and for some reason if I’m being bitten they don’t show up on me.

i haven’t slept with the feeling of always thinking they’re crawling on me, and I’ve even had some anxiety attacks as a result of the thoughts of them infesting my room. i read a site that was telling horror story after horror story where they’ve called exterminators and moved homes and so on and still found no relief…I’m going on so little sleep i think I’m going insane i can’t bring myself to go to sleep because i know they’re in the other room.

It’s a few days out till the exterminators come but will this give me peace of mind? I’ve read so many stories about how people have been battling them for years and nothing seems to work and so on…..i want them gone when the exterminator shows….gone gone GONE…we’re getting rid of the bed after they’ve treated it…as well as new furniture and couch…my question is will this work? Doesn’t it take only 1 or 2 left to just have me having a huge issue again inside of no time?

They said that they steam the bed, put some powder down, spray and treat for the bugs alive still, and a few other things….again will that do the trick? I’m going through one of the larger and more reputable exterminating companies and they’ll be here sometime this week i still have to set up the appointment…


Recently I bought a different type of laundry detergent and woke up with appeared to be hives. This was about a month ago. I still wake up with the odd hive and it goes away within a few days. Tonight, I was laying in bed and noticed this red (looked to be the first stage of a bedbug) crawling on my bra. I of course lost my mind and quickly examined it before I flushed it. I did an inspection of my mattress and pillows and didn’t find any others. Is it possible to just have one bedbug? Was it even a bedbug?

E Anne::

I have bedbugs in an apartment I’m renting. I came into the apartment about 10 days before I had any bites but once I had them, they were all over, hundreds it seems like. Anyway, the morning I saw all the bites I checked the bed and found a few bugs and checked the box spring and saw about 5-10 spots of their fecal matter in the corner. Is it possible that I brought the bugs in from somewhere? And how long before spots like that will show up in the corner? My landlords are taking care of the problem, but they think I’m the one that brought in the bugs. I’ve had 2 treatments done and this morning found another one in the bathroom!! I’ve never had them before and this is all I can think about, they are taking over my life and driving me nuts! I’m sorry for everyone who has gone through this.


Hi, I can’t tell if I have bedbugs or not. In the past month or so, I have gotten about six bug bites that were unlike any I have ever had. I had one on my arm and 2 on my leg That were so enormous I thought they could only be spider bites. Most recently I had one on my face and two on my back that are more like standard mosquito bites, but still super itchy. I searched my bed area thoroughly and found no bugs or evidence of bugs, but still vacuumed my bed and bought mattress and pillow pads and all new bedding.

All was well until the day before yesterday I found a bug crawling in my bed. It was small and red, but when I went to kill it it spread it’s wings at me. It also did not make a bloody mess when I killed it. So does this sound like bedbugs? I live in the NYC area with two friends and two cats in an apartment. Neither of them have been bitten at all.


Ever since the bedbug epidemic I took caution. I’ve always covered my mattress and box spring. I moved into my new apartment in September and got new mattress from Macy’s I was skeptical but they were fine. I kept the original plastic on my box spring, tapped down the sides making sure there was no air in there or any wholes, then I put a plastic/vinyl cover over it and then a fitted sheet so the two mattress wont slide together and rip, before laying down my top mattress and I have a plastic cover over my mattress as well.

I’m pretty determined not to have bedbugs. I change my sheets every two weeks and I spray down my mattress pad and even the plastic of my mattress with alcohol and lysol spray. I know that it doesn’t matter rather your clean or dirty anyone can get bedbugs. I never let people sit on my bed but when my friends come over they constantly sit, lay or put there things on my bed. I don’t even sit on my own bed with my clothes Ive been outside in. I do have a roommate but I mean she is rarely here and stays at her boyfriends a lot.

While cleaning up the remainder of my room I saw a bug crawling off of one of my pillow, at this time there isn’t any sheets or pillow cases nor comforter on my bed just my mattress pad and pillows with protectors. I instantly grabbed my alcohol spray bottled and killed it. From my observation it looks like a bedbug, I instantly freaked out! I haven’t had any bits & there is no sign of them anywhere in my room or my living furniture, but I don’t know about my roommates room.

So even if its possible I have them it isn’t anything serious at the moment but I want to take caution quickly. I haven’t had any sleep stressing out about this. I was going to call an exterminator in the morning so I left the creepy crawler on the bed and now its GONE! So Im almost certain it has to be one because it disappeared into the night.

I don’t know what to do….I’ve read a lot of websites these past 24 hours and since I have no proof I guess I can’t call an exterminator to come out and look?

Also, I never bought bedroom furniture. I bought some rails and made sure my bed never touched the wall or flooring. I have a huge walk in closet so majority of my clothes are on hangers and if not I have clear plastic Sterlite 3 drawer containers lined up in my closet for things that cannot get hung up. I also have majority of my shoes in sterlite plastic shoe containers. but I have a nice amount of shoes still in boxes. So can the bedbugs be hiding out in my closet? on my bookshelf in my textbooks? in my laundry basket?

There isn’t much they can get into in my room nor anywhere in the house unless there coming to my room from my roommates room or a nearby apartment? This is my first time ever seeing anything and like I said I haven’t been bitten. I just don’t know what to do.

What do you think I should do?


Can you get bedbugs from plastic packaging? I ordered a shirt that came in a plastic envelope. It came from New York. Bedbug potential?



I wanted to ask for your advice… About 3-4 months ago (in January) we had a cat for 2 weeks until I started getting little bites on my body that looked like flea bites. We got rid of the cat and still after 4 months I am getting bit by something – but think it’s unlikely it is fleas after so long. My husband is not getting bit and I notice that after I vacuum and clean the house, change the sheets – the bites stop for 1-2 weeks, then come back. When I don’t clean, the bites are probably 1-2 a week. Most of the time they are single bites…sometimes in clusters that sometimes itch. I have provided pictures that look like my bites, however a lot of these pictures are in clusters…like I said – most or single bites that look like these (I have had one cluster). Sometimes they are little pinprick bites…then other times they are small raised bumps. They are not welts that itch horribly, and it hasn’t gotten worse or better since the first bite (4 months ago).

My husband isn’t getting the bites, so he dosnt feel effected and I go crazy at moments and need help. I have talked to our landlord and they bombed our house for fleas and it was better for 2 weeks and then started getting bit again. We have a squirrel/bird living in our attic and I have asked our landlord to remove it because of the possibility of bird mites. We havn’t seen any bugs (except for the common spring bugs that come in.)

We haven’t traveled anywhere and haven’t had visitors that would bring bedbugs…plus I would think that after 4 months – an infestation would occur and get worse.

Please help…what do you think it is- what should I do?


I hot bitten by a bedbug about 3 months ago and had scratched it. A darkish patch developed in that area. After I used some calendula cream the colour lightened slightly. Recently, I’ve been feeling very itchy in that same spot, (and have been scratching it). That skin patch has turned dark again. Isn’t there some permanent remedy to get rid of the colouration as well as the itchiness? It’s been 3 months now, (and that part of my arm looks ugly). :o(


How do bedbugs get aroud? Do they jump, and if you kill one do they always have to be filled with blood? or not

Darla Arlington::

Hi, I need help. Can you drowned bedbugs? Believe it or not I got a bedbug in the mail! I found it in the box with an expensive wig that I had ordered off of Ebay. I don’t want to have more coming out of it if there is any so the wig is sealed up and it’s staying there!

Since this wig can’t be put into very hot water can I drowned any other bugs just by soaking the wig in soapy water? If so, how long should I soak it? Then should I soak it again a few weeks later just in case there was an egg or two? Thanks so much for the help!


i was recently bitten by a bug or something that looks like a bedbug bite but im not sure its small red and is very painful…..but the weird thing is there is only one

John W::

To Darla Arlington – I would think that you could kill any bedbugs living in your wig by nuking it in the microwave on high for a few minutes. It won’t hurt the wig, as long as it’s completely dry when you put it in there, since microwaves only heat up things that have moisture in them.


ARG! This is what has happened so far over the last few weeks.

We went to an outside party at friends. I sat on a plastic chair in the grass, as did my husband. I sprayed myself with OFF as they had HUGE mosquitos. When we got home, hubby had 3 bites that were raised, almost like a blister, from mosquitos. (He had recently travelled to DC, and I’m also a bit worried about hitchhikers from there as well!)

A few days later, we BOTH had bites, first on our arms, then the next night on my torso in a line, with bites a few inches apart. VERY intensely itchy, and looking JUST like most of the pix I looked at online. At first, I wondered if it came from a new pillow I bought. It’s a Cuddle Ewe pillow, with wool filling – expensive but comfy for fibromyalgia! But perhaps it had some kind of sheep bugs? Then I thought maybe one had come from DC, when hubby put the suitcase on the bed. Then I wondered if it was carpet beetles with a taste for human blood. Then maybe spiders…. Or Morgellons…..

So the next day I washed the mattress pad and sheets in HOT water, put the pillows out in the sun, followed by at least 30 minutes in the dryer, put the comforter in the dryer as well. I put DE with Pyrethrins on the mattress, and vaccuumed it after about 6 hours. I DE’d around the bed, and also sprayed with a Hot Shot spray. We have a TON of carpet beetles, so I have those things on hand since they WORK on the carpet beetles! They also say they will work on bedbugs, so I thought why not try it.

We sprayed ourselves with 100% DEET spray, and tried to sleep. No bites that night, but the next day, when I blew my nose, there was a BUG! It appeared the size and shape of maybe a 3rd instar? (I check after I blow to monitor my sinuses.) Anyways, I was icked out no end. Our mattress is fairly new, and I examined it closely. No sign of anything anywhere. Later that night, hubby brought me a tiny casing. I thought it looked more like a carpet beetle nymph shed, but they are so similar to bedbug nymph shed, it really could have been either…

A week ago we built a CO2 trap with dry ice, etc. We’ve “set” it EVERY night, but I still have yet to see one single bug besides the dead one from my nose! We sleep in the room with it going, hoping to distract the bugs from biting us. Hubby goes to bed about 11, but I have been up all night, unable to get comfortable in bed. I already feel every little pill of fabric or even hair like the Princess and the Pea, and my skin crawls sometimes from the Fibro, so I’m really unhappy right now! I could SWEAR I feel things crawling under the sheets!

Every time I put anything in the dryer, I would check the lint trap. No bugs there!

Last night I went to bed and was laying on top of the covers because it was a bit warm. I felt TWO bites nearly simultaneously about 4 inches apart, and my leg was BURNING where the bites were. There are NO bugs where I spend my day, and no sign of anything until 10 minutes after I lay down to sleep! I immediately got up and put Benadryl Itch Relief on the 2 bites, they were red and swollen and look just l ike the bedbug bite pix online. I actually went back to bed and slept all night, and have no other bites on me that I can feel. Today the bites look like red pinpricks, and don’t itch at all. I also try to squeeze the bites right away, get a little white blood cells out, and hopefully the itchy poison as well. It seems to help.

Today I again washed all the linens, mattress pad, dried the pillows and comforter, vaccuumed the mattress with the Rainbow vac, but only saw a little black carpet beetle, no bedbugs! I put down fresh DE, and sprayed again. I’ve already put the dry ice out, maybe mine feed earlier? If they came from DC, they might still be on EST! Which would explain why hubby is being bitten a little more than I. Still, only one or two bites on him, and the two last night were the first for me in a few days.

We’ll be away for a few days, and I’m setting the CO2 trap as soon as I get back, so maybe we’ll capture something then….

I’m really confused. What is biting us, and are there invisible bedbugs? Do all the bugs come out and bite, or is the line of bites from one bug? Can they bite through cloth? How long for an egg to hatch? WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS? LOL!

Thanks for your site, it really is a great place to find help and support!


Do bedbugs prefer certain types of blood? I’m curious because I stayed at my boyfriends place for 6 nights in a row. They have a couch that has bedbugs, but the only weird thing is, I’m the only one who gets bit! There are 7 others who live in the home and I’m the one who gets attacked.. I avoid sitting on the couch long during the day.. I’m not sure if the bed is infested because my boyfriend don’t get any bites, and neither does my son.. So how do bedbugs operate??


My last few days traveling in Australia I stayed at a hostel. I hate hostels but they were the cheapest places to stay in the whole of Australia. I got bit pretty bad each night I was there definitely by bedbugs.

I am suppose to visit my sister in Japan and I am worried that I could have spread them to her non-infested apartment. I left all my luggage outside (I never brought them in) and just brought in my electronics such as laptop n (cloth) case, camera, camcorder n (cloth) case, ipod n headphones, binoculars n (cloth) case, and plastic baggies with my cables n such and also my cloth wallet and passport.

I guess I’m worried that my hair and the clothes I wore the day I arrived could have infested the place. Is this true? I had no bites when I woke up. I also inspected my clothes in the bathroom when I arrived at the airport. I didn’t see anything but I’ve read they are great at hiding.

I hope I took all the necessary precautions. What do you guys think? Could I have infested her home and how could I stop it? And what should I do with my luggage (one small suitcase and a backpackers backpack) to avoid further infestation? Should I go buy new clothes to avoid infestation? I am going crazy with guilt that I infested her home.


Also I did notice a bite I got an hour before she arrived to let me in her apartment. But I was outside waiting and walking around a park and it could have been a mosquito bite. What you think?

Please help!

bedbug Girl::

Hi Money,

No, it’s not the type of blood, it’s how much carbon dioxide a person produces that attracts the bedbugs.


Just a quick mobile update – we flipped up the mattress and box springs to prep for the Hot Shot fogger, and we FINALLY saw a live bug! Full, as hubby pointed out, of OUR blood! Also ordered Bedlam and Sani-Fab sprays…


They are the little buggars from hell. I sit here in bed with no less than 125 welts in rows of three, from my pinky toe, to my big thumb, and even at the nape of my neck, the little buggars have inflicted their pleasure feeding.

Did I ask for this? An innocent traveler was I, and having fun in the paradise of vacation, but all is woe now. I am sick of itching, sick of not sleeping at night, and sick of this Bug Epidemic!!!!!!!!!! I was attacked by bugs last summer, but only received 68 bites on that occasion. I have already doubled the count this year, and more welts appear every hour. I imagine that by the time all of the bites appear by the end of the week I could be closer to 200 miserable and wretched bites.

Has anyone ever been driven to insanity by the bugs from hell? If so, I would not be surprised! I believe that a war should be fought to stop these slimy bugs. We should bring our boys back from Afghanistan and put them in all of the motels in the USA. We shall fight on the terraces; we shall fight on the Motel 6’s at the beaches; we shall fight in the Holiday Inns in the hills; we shall fight in the eyes of the Super 8’s; and behind every bed at the Budget Inns; we shall never surrender. Ask not what your bedbugs can do to you but rather ask what can I do to annihilate those little devils!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in the final push of those days it shall come to pass that they will say ” don’t look here or there for the bedbugs, for the bedbugs of the past will be far away and long gone. For we are now receiving what our forefathers prophesied about. A land flowing with milk and honey. A land where the people shall lie down with the bedbugs and they will not suck their blood. A time and era where the people and the bedbugs will play cards together and watch old John Wayne movies and crack a can of Bud light. But until those day come, be strong my bedbug Bitten friends! Be strong!”


I just recently moved into an apartment building and I have received a letter informing me of possible bedbugs in the building. I do my laundry in the same building. Is it possible for bedbugs to live in washing machines or dryers? Or is it possible for me to bring them into my apartment just by doing my laundry in the same building?

Terry Tharp::

Is there a sertain altitude the bedbugs do not exist? Do they need warm climats? Or do they live in any climate? What I want to know is I live at an altitude of 5000 ft. Can I get bedbugs?


I’m not sure what the exact answer to the question is but I did read an article about a family that picked up some bedbugs while staying in a motel in Rocky Mountain National Park, elevation is around 10 to 11 thousand feet. I always thought that bedbugs were a southern USA problem, but the last bedbug excursion that I was a part of happened in Columbus Ohio, and those are the nastiest bedbugs I have ever ran into. They left huge welts and scars.


Is it possible to have just one bedbug? I found what might have been one bedbug (matches your descriptions) the other night. I vacuumed the entire mattress and boxspring and did not find any other evidence. Could I have licked it? Or should I be worried about possible infestation?
Tonight, I found another -very different – looking bug, which bit me.
The first, from three nights ago, was reddish-brown and round (will email photo), and about a quarter of an inch long; this second is long and black, and about half an inch long, with long legs and long sucker at the front.



Can you please help me? I stupidly bought a bed frame at a rummage sale on Sunday and did not check it out but noticed that it had bedbugs on it today. We had it in our living room and now it is outside. Does that mean that I have bedbugs in my house or could they all have just been attached to the bed frame for that long? We do not see anymore. We rent also do I have to tell our landlord?

Thank you,


bedbug Girl::

Hi Lisa,

If the bedbug infested frame was in your home for any length of time, you should assume one or more may have drop out into your home. However, if you start now with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth you’ll have an excellent chance of getting them early. Check out my page on bedbug Dust.

chris guy::

I wanna know if the person that wrote this is in first grade or something?? Look at how many times they put bug bugs instead of bedbugs. I thought it was funny.

bedbug Girl::

Hey Chris Guy,

Wow! Over 30 occurrences that I was completely unaware of! Most people are afraid of offending by leaving a comment and I want you to know how much I appreciate the heads-up! They have been corrected!

Have an awesome day!


Since about a week I’ve been getting little red marks on my arms, legs, chest, back, even my bikini line, they itch and I can say for sure it all happens when I’m sleeping in our bed. Last night I freaked out and began steaming my mattress with the little handheld steamer. But I have yet to see any signs of a bedbug or it’s “leftovers”, there is NOTHING whatsoever.

Today we’re going to take the entire room apart and clean. But I’m not sure what the next step is. If there is no sign at all, what do you do? I looked online for mattress covers but none of them I need seems to be available in the store so I could go and get one right away. I don’t want to wait until it ships! If I went to a doctor, would they be able to say for sure if it’s a bedbug bite or would they just say it’s some kind of insect bite?

Please help, I’m out of my mind and certainly don’t want my kids’ rooms to get infested too. Thanks!


Recently I worked @ a private personal care home, & they are infested with bedbugs. I am one of those people who is allergic to many things, & I am also allergic to bedbugs. Unfrotunately, I brought them home with me, & I am still battling to this day. I started breaking out in a rash & itching badly all over. Also, I have been experiencing dizzy spells, & I am conviced it’s the bedbugs making me feel that way. I had my employer pay for my doctor visit as well as my meds. My employer did not want to address the issue in the right way, so I am no longer working there. I filed for unemployment, called the Health Dept. on my employer, & have been battling them ever since. My husband has been doing some research on these things. He came across a websight that said that you can get silica & smash it into powder form, sprinkle it around the baseboards, & wherever else you desire. It is supposed to stick to the bedbugs, & dry them out, resulting in death. You can find silica in sandblasting sand, & also cat litter. I prefer the cat litter because it seams to have bigger, more visible silica. I just recently got some, so I don’t know the results just yet, as I have closed up my trailer, & have been sleeping @ my mother’s house. I will keep you posted on this.

bedbug Girl::

Hi Tammy,

You are referring to bedbug dust (diatomaceous earth) – it works great and is an excellent weapon to add to your do-it-yourself arsenal in the war against bedbugs!


I read somewhere that as long as SOMEONE sleeps in my bed that the bedbugs won’t look for food elsewhere. I ask for verification because I started sleeping in a second bedroom, and my husband is staying in our bed and taking the bites…is this okay? I am going crazy and can’t sleep in our bed.

Bad luck::

I was at a friends house, and immediately after getting into bed I started itching so I began to search and there they were, lots of bedbug, saw 3 different sizes. I got bit pretty bad!

Does anyone know if they live in your hair?


As long as you wash your hair regularly, they won’t live there. However, if you don’t wash and have dreadlocks, then a bedbug may find this a wonderful home!


Nice of your husband to be the sacrificial lamb, but that’s not necessary. A bedbug is attracted to carbon dioxide, which we produce as we exhale. When we sleep, we fill one area up with carbon dioxide and it’s like a dinner bell for the bedbug. This is why two people can sleep in the same bed and only one gets eating alive – that one person produces more CO2 and the bugs know this.

Buy some food grade diatomaceous earth (bedbug dust) and create a barrier between the two rooms, then move to another room (or your husband if he’s now sleeping in the infested room) and as the bugs cross the line attracted to the CO2, they pick up the dust and die.

However, if you have them, and have had them for awhile now, chances are they are in more than one room. I’d get some bedbug dust, mattress covers, a spray applicator (where you can mix the dust and water) and got to town.


Hi there….I think I have bedbugs, help! I have what I originally thought were mosquito bites, appearing on my waist and thighs. When mentioning this to my friend that I had visited the day before noticing these itchy welts, she described having the exact same thing. I sat only on the couch while at her house, for an hour or so. I also just scratched the back of one thigh, finding that I have a new bite….I felt something kind of grainy-feeling, like a piece of salt. It’s a tiny bug and its description matches to bedbugs, though slightly smaller than above diagram shows. So….Is it possible that a bedbug latched on to me, just from sitting on her couch? Also, could it be just the one bug? Thanks for any feedback!

~Itchy Sam


About a year after moving in with my mother, I woke up with itching especially all over my body… It was awful.. I could not determine if it was my moms house or work or my vehicle but bugs were somewhere, EVERYWHERE I went… Bathed multiple times a day , and used lice shampoo but nothing worked.. Exterminator was called in and he could not find anything in my bedroom.. I cleaned, steamed, washed with clorox everything, multiple times, sprayed, dusted and nothing worked..My mom had no reaction what so ever..From showering so much my skin was drying out and I grabbed a lotion my mom had on hand.. SKIN SO SOFT…THis really worked for the itchy skin, but I needed to get rid of the bugs…I finally decided to get rid of the old furniture that mom had stored and that I was using, ALL the furniture , bed, mattress, pillows, dressers, nite standand and purchase new furniture, pieces at a time and that solved the bug infestation….PRaise God.


How old are you bedbug Girl? I am completely paranoid but I know I don’t have them, but I was surfing online and found this which answers lots of questions:
One in five people have, had, encountered, or know someone who has encountered bedbugs
bedbugs can lay 10,000 babies in three months
An adult bedbug can survive 550 days without blood


Do bedbugs turn into black spots when gone?

bedbug Girl::

Those black spots are the feces left behind from the bedbug.

bedbug Girl::

I stopped counting after 30 :)


my husband was at a friends house and fell a sleep on her couch and he got up and had a rash all over his back and arms and we know they r from bedbugs cuz the apts she lives at has them bad and the manager has people come and spray for them lots of times already and they keep coming back and she has a 2 year old and a 8 mouth old baby that lives there is there anyway u can have a lawsuit against the owner of the apts?



Is it possible that only one of two people sleeping in the same bed might receive bites? Do bedbugs discriminate?

Over the past month my girlfriend has been receiving bites of some sort, most likely in bed at night (we can’t think where else they would come from). However, I have received no bites whatsoever, despite our always sleeping in the same bed. We have found no evidence of bedbugs so far.

It’s all a mystery. However an answer to my first question would help a lot. Thanks!


Hello, We just recently moved into new apartments and I have never had a bedbug problem until this new place. I was wondering if somebody could check if there has been a problem in these apartments, Ive done research but I cant find anything. The apartment is called The Plaza at 4th Street. Reno, NV 89512

We have cleaned out that room with spray and vaccuuming mutiple times, a couple days after my fiance found new bites on him. How long does it take bite to appear?


We had to tell our landlord and use the man company they use they sprayied something called Demon cs and said that that should take care of it. We have not seen any bedbugs but with all the awful stories out there I am starting to think that they are just waiting to attack. No bites other than a few a couple days after. Could they really be gone? We found 3 before the treatment and the bedframe was in the house for 15 hours but we waited 13 days to do the treatment.


My husband and I got back from a week at Disney three weeks ago. We don’t travel often, and it didn’t even occur to me to check the room for bedbugs.

Anyhow, a couple of days ago, I noticed a large amount of what I thought were mosquito bites on my thighs. I had let my dog out in the middle of the night wearing shorts, and assumed I had gotten bites while I was waiting for him. However, they are itchier, flatter and wider than mosquito bites, and have little bite marks in the middle. The following day I had a couple more bites in the same location, and a couple on my stomach. My husband has the same bites on his stomach.

Seems I’m getting more every day, though they are popping up throughout the day not just in the mornings. We are shopping for a new bed anyways, so we tossed the old one and gave the room a through cleaning. We’ve brought in the bed from the spare room for now (No one has used that room in over two years, but we plan on tossing this bed also) and I still had new bites on me today. We’ve looked though the old bed throughly, and saw no signs of either bedbugs or their exo-skeletons or their droppings….

I’ll also mention that the perimeter of our room has been sprinkled with diatomaceous earth since before we left for Disney (cleaned up and reapplied several times) because of an ant infestation in the spring.

OK, so all that background, my question is could we have brought back bedbugs from Disney and only be seeing bites now three weeks later? We were at Disney for a week, is it possible that there was an infestation in our room but we didn’t get any bites the whole time we were there?

Thank you, this is all new to us :/ I’m still kind of optimistically hoping that a rogue blackfy has found his way into our room and that’s all this is.


Do all bedbug bites itch or do people respond differently?


A few days ago my 1 yr old son was playing in my room(which he doesn’t usually do)..he was on my bed and playing in the floor where my dogs’ bed is and shortly after that I noticed little red bumps all over his legs,feet and me they looked like ant bites but he had been in the house all day..could this have been bedbugs? And my other question is, are bedbugs attracted to down feather comforters?………Thanks!

Erica e::

I’m getting rid of my mattress and instead I’m buying an airbed. Do they also get bedbugs?


I have a couple of questions about “reporting” bedbug issues.

Currently, I am assuming that hundreds of people battle them alone without hiring a professional, so, that leads me to believe the actual number of infestations is MUCH greater than we know. How do analysts determine the locations affected and the intensity? Do companies like Terminix report it, or doctors, health departments, etc?

Is there any legislation in the works to help put an end to this growing “epidemic”? If not, how could it be instigated? Some places in Michigan spray towns for mosquitos. Couldn’t something like that help cut the bedbug problems? Would it do any good to propose a bill requiring landlords, hotels, homeless shelters, thrift shops, child care centers (etc) to have regular professional inspections for pests like these?

Do sufferers currently have any legal (or even moral) obligation to report an infestation to their local Health Department?


i have repeatedly woken up with tiny red itchy bumps on my skin. the first few times i only had one but now it seems i have been getting two in a line every few nights. i washed my sheets and i didnt get any bites for a week or so, but now i am again. does this sound like bedbugs? im really paranoid to fall asleep? should i move to another room? please help.


I moved into an apt complex and my building has 12 different apts in it. I have just got my apt exterminated for bedbugs, and I wanted to know if the bedbugs can travel between the walls of the building and get into our room? And If we moved in on April 4th, could the bedbugs have lived there with no one to feed off of and then appear just now? (around June 1st)? Please help I’m going to make a complaint to my landlord if it could be from past tenants. Thank you.


Hi Alicia,

Yes, absolutely, the bedbugs can travel in the walls (they love the electrical outlets) and get into the room next to it. They can also live for up to a year without feeding if they have to (6 to 7 months on average) but when they sense food is near, they will suck your blood with a vengeance!


A few months ago I was waking up in the middle of the night in pain and very itchy when I told my husband he said it was probably just from being in the pool. I tried to show him marks on me and blood stains on the sheet he still did not believe we had bedbugs.

I take an allergy medication and do not know if that is what made them not like me. My five year old daughter used to sleep with me but when this started I wasn’t sleeping and was miserable so I asked her to sleep in her own bed. Well that is when she would come in saying she was itchy so I would put ointment on her. Then she would insist I give her a new blanket finally I realized she was being bitten and a few nights she woke up screaming which of course I ran into her room because it was breaking my heart.

I received a letter stating possible bedbugs throughout our complex. The office called and said will anyone be home I said no but you can come in they are in my daughter’s room above her bed. Well I came home and called the office they said the guy had just left and no they didn’t come and I would have to catch one and show it to them. I still had not seen the bugs but believed my daughter when she told me but to tell me I have to catch one well after two weeks of hell my daughter waking up every night screaming and crying and neither of us sleeping due to it I finally caught one.

Now the office says a guy will come out on Thursday and this is Saturday and then we will see from there so in the mean time my husband and I have gotten hot shot but we are all sleeping the the living room my husband, myself, and my two children. We are scared, upset, going crazy from all of this. And from reading on line we are cleaning and bagging and disinfecting everything it is so much work and i have bad back so this is really bad.

Am I doing the right thing? Is there anything else I can do because the complex knew of an infestation and I told them my daughter saw bugs and her room is next to the neighbor that had the bugs so I think the complex should have done something already! someone please help i am lost and don’t know what to do. they are saying the guy will come out it doesn’t mean he will do anything.


These last few days I’ve been finding a few black spots on my mom’s covers and my 3 yr old cousin who previously had bedbugs is living with us (about 4 mnths ago.) I’ve squished them and two of them have had brownish stuff come out of them, I have a dog and two cats, my cats but isn’t the cleanest and I’m wondering if it could be bits of poo or feces, their brown and much smaller than the pictures, my parents are divorced and I haven’t found any at his house. Is it feces or dropplings maybe? I’ve checked his mattress and mine, my sisters and my mom’s and my dad’s and ours at his house, no signs of bedbugs plus the pictures on the wall. I’m at my summer apt. and I haven’t been here in 7 mnths. My aunt checked his and his sisters bag and they lived their for a few weeks.

Also you can’t just wipe the spots, you need to use your finger nail.


Here is one you can add to your bedbug faq: can they bite you on your head?

bedbug Girl::

Hi Nessa, yes, bedbugs can and do bite people all over the body, including the head. There are some very scary pictures of a visitor named Ross who was bitten repeatedly on the forehead which can be found on this site.


I think I may have a few bedbug bites, but they did not show up until I had left the hotel for another hotel. I did check the mattress etc, but must have missed the evidence. They don’t itch, but otherwise look like the pics I have seen. What do I do to ensure I don’t take them home with me? I understand they die if exposed to high temps. I am in a place where it is over 100 degrees in the daytime. My idea is to buy new clothes, come back to room, put EVERYTHING I have with me into car and let it bake in the full sun for 3 or 4 hours. In the meantime, I will have showered and put on new clothes, then will leave for home in my baked car. Will this work?


Hi, I saw your email address when I was searching for information. I recently moved into an apartment, I had heard shortly after being here that someone in the building was infested with bedbugs, I didn’t know much about the bugs, so I had no idea that they could move to my apartment.

About 3 weeks ago I started to find bites on me, I have searched everywhere! Last week I found what I believe to be an adult bug in my curtains, I threw them away in the dumpster. But to my question for you that I cant seem to find on my own.

Do I have to throw everything away? I am going to start packing my stuff and get out of here, I have two children and I cant have them here. I just need to know, do I have to get rid of our clothing and their stuffed animals? Thank you for your time.


Hello there, I found only 3 bedbugs in my room, and now I am seriously depressed, I feel like I am carrying a disease mainly due to the parents of my friends wont allow me in their house, my question is..

1) Can I still travel for sleepovers at my friends place?
2) If so what can I do?

Side Notes:
-No new bedbug activity for almost a week now
-I have treated my room with hot steam and cleaned all my clothing in a hot water cycle and a hot 1 hour drying period
-I have covered my pillow and mattress
-I have been spraying extra strength bug spray everywhere in my room every night and when I wake up



I just found your site. Every year we visit my parents in Australia-it is winter here now. My 10 year old daughter has been sleeping in the same room, in the same old bed that was mine as a child, for the last few visits. And each visit, she wakes up with anything from 10 to 20 fresh bites. They are in clusters, anywhere from her arms and legs to torso, back or buttocks. They itch, but go away after a few days.

I treat them with overcounter cortisone-based creams. Over the years, we’ve taken her to the doctor, who has said it could be insect bites, could be some reaction to ‘something’, but nothing concrete. They are definitely NOT mosquito or flea bites, both of which I am familiar with. Yet they they don’t look half as bad as some of the red welts in the pictures posted on this site by some poor people who got bitten.

I was thinking it must be bedbugs-what else can it be? The bed is old (I am 42 and slept in it till I left for college) and she wakes up with the bites. Yet my mother claims it can’t be bedbugs, as my aunt also visits every year (in Spring) and sleeps in the same bed but has never she got bitten.

Will they bite some people but not others??

Inspector Red Bite::

Hot summer nights usually mean a few mosquito bites, they love me.

We got something new going on over here; it’s called the mystery of the small red bites. It all started a few days ago. I woke up with a couple here and there, one on my face! My wife has been completely bitten up; she has these little bites everywhere. I will add that my wife is a pretty tasty gal but usually the bugs go straight for me hmmm. I eliminated spider, flea and mosquito as the culprit which leaves the infamous bedbug. I tore the room apart including the bed, guess what I found? NOTHING!

So here is what I did and let’s see if this works. I stripped the bed of all linens put them through the washer dryer, (We change linens weekly anyways). FYI… I inspected the lint trap for the dryer and NOTHING expect for lint and some of my wife’s beautiful hair. I checked our down pillows, NOTHING. I inspected everything and I did find a super tiny cricket baby, (about 1.5mm long). Putting my wife’s mind at ease was my goal so… I sprayed stuff… some good bug killer stuff, if it kills ants it’s gotta kill bedbugs right? I sprayed all under and around the bed. I sprayed the corners of the box springs and the top mattress. I hit the frame and headboard with a good dose.

Tomorrow I bomb the house, this is not effective for bedbugs but it’s going to just be a bonus, remember… I am trying to put my wife at ease. I bet we don’t see any more little red bug bites except for the normal stuff I mentioned in the beginning.

If I am wrong we will call in an exterminator right? I’ll report back later. Oh, I got everything back together around 11pm and moved my wife from the couch to the exorcised bed and said, “Sleep tight because dead bedbugs don’t bite”.

The case of the Mystery Small Red Bites is still open but will be solved at some point.


my brother works overnight at a homeless shelter in downtown los angeles and my dad has been traveling to san francisco on business. when my dad is at work, my brother sleeps in my dad’s bed. last night i stayed at my mom’s house and i slept in that same bed because both my brother and my dad were away. so now i’m in my apartment again and i just killed something that might be a bedbug. did i pick it up from my mom’s house? if i found one does that mean there will be more?


I’ve been getting bitten by bedbugs for about the past two months and I finally found evidence of them in my bed and around my room. Turns out that it takes about a month or so for bed big larvae to hatch and start feeding.

Yesterday I found a huge welt on the back side of my thigh and another one on my shoulder when I woke up this morning.

Do bedbugs start to feed more vigorously overtime and cause the bites to become more noticeable and enlarged?

Also, before my room showed evidence of the bugs and I feared i contracted them, I sprayed down my bed with bedbug and flea killer before they could have a change to hatch and spread.
Are bedbug larvae immune to the spray before hatching?




It’s not that bedbugs are feeding any more the usual over time but that your body may be becoming less resistant to the bites (you’re reaction is getting worse).

Depends on the spray, they can be very resistant in this early stage, but if you do multiple applications, you’ll get them if they hatch. Use Diatomaceous Earth also.


Hi…i was wondering why bedbugs bite some people and not others? My boyfriends house has bedbugs and NO ONE that lives there gets bit. there are about nine people living there and no one gets bit except for me and my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend. We joke that its because everyone that lives there is native and us girls only get bit because we’re white. in reality that can’t be the real reason.

i was thinking its because of the way our blood smells, is this true?? cuz me and my BF sleep in the same bed and i’ll get bit from head to toe and he never gets bit. the other night he found ONE bite on his leg but he says it doesn’t itch, but hurts when he touches it. this is the only time hes been bit. the bites i get are EXTREMELY itchy and painful, they swell very large and are usually grouped together. i’ve never actually seen a bedbug there, but i can feel them crawling on me at night. PLEASE HELP i need to know why i’m a target for these blood suckers. THANK YOU!! -Jessy


Regarding the way bites look:
There are 4 people in this house and each of us react differently to our bites. My daughter gets hard, flat red raised bumps (like a mosquito bite that is a few days old), where my son gets these huge red welts, still rather flat. My husband, his bites tend to look very similar to his eczema, lots of tiny red bumps. Now me.. my own bites either look like little blisters, or they get almost a tick bite like ring.

If you have doubts on whether you are being bit by bedbugs or not, take a look at the bites themselves. More often than not they will seem to line up in a series of three to 5 bites in a fairly straight line.

Regarding the traveling:
It is extremely easy to accidentally take bugs with you to another house. If you haven’t been keeping clean clothes bagged up (and unfortunately even if you do), they are sneaky. I have had occasions where I had been wearing clothes for a few hours, even though i haven’t been in the infested room, and still have had a bug run out from a seam, or a pocket. What I do to combat this is each morning, I wake up, pick out our clothes, toss them in the dryer straight from their bags with a wet towel until the towel is dry, usually about an hour. Once we are dressed, we do not go into the bedrooms at all. This does not eliminate the fact that we still have them, only helps with making sure we aren’t taking them traveling with us.

Regarding where to look:
They are sneaky, I’ve seen plenty of places listed. If you go to the J.T. Eaton website and look through their treatment plan, they have a very good list of where to put your treatments and how to eliminate them. In our case, we are having an extremely hard time getting rid of ours. We have drop ceilings, and they seems to be hiding up in there every time we do mass treatments. We have had a company in here three times, plus do regular spraying and treatments on our own (i was going through three cans of “contact” killer a week for awhile there, but part of the problem is how tiny the babies are. they will hide in ANYTHING. We have found them in the speaker covers for the alarm clock, our keyboard, in-between the buttons on the monitor. They can get into the tiniest of cracks, if you have nail holes on the wall.. or say, a thin line of molding around the top of your room. Our third round with them we discovered they were hiding behind the half inch strip of molding in our bedroom. They LOVE paper. You have to go through each book you own one page at a time, and make sure they aren’t hiding in there. They will hide in cardboard, dirty clothes, anything with a crease or crack. They can get into your baseboards, hide in cracks you don’t even know are there.

Regarding the smell:
Don’t rely on smell to tell you if you have them. We have them very very badly here, despite our constant spraying/cleaning/getting companies in here. The only time I have smelled them is when I have squished them. If you squish one between your fingers, yes they do have a very distinct smell. Its not raspberry though as so many sites say, more of a musty but still sweet smell.

If you are only seeing one or two bugs, you will have a much easier time getting rid of them than a case like us. We didn’t know we had them until we already had well over 1k bugs in just our room alone. For us, a combination of a good strong contact killer (we use J.T Eaton and/or the RAID sprays) vacuuming every other day (we bleach out the parts of the vacuum every time we do this) and manually catching bugs as we see them (i have an old vodka bottle with about two inches of baby oil in it) is keeping the numbers down, but NOT eliminating them. We are working on saving up enough money to do a pesticide + heat treatment combo. The company we used last time used an interesting combination of all green things (Cedar Oil fogger, some rather rank smelling spray like 5 types of spray total) and it did very nearly get rid of all of them. We didn’t see any for almost a year, but the evidence was there. We were getting bit, but only here and there. Now they are back with a vengeance, but this time, I’m ready for them.


This did wonders for me: Get the painters poly tarp (the thin clear stuff) from Home Depot.
and some packing tape and wrap your box spring, and your mattress up like a christmas present,
and seal it up good. Put the legs of the bed frame in pans of D.E.
As someone else said “Make your bed an Island” with no part of it touching the floor or walls.
And careful of the clothing you wear to bed. No Stowaways on your island!
Another thing, put white sheets, white pillows and a white blanket on your bed, and keep a flashlight nearby. It helps with the paranoia.
Good Luck.


Back in April I found a bug (looked like a bedbug) crawling on my couch. I killed it without thinking. I then sprayed my couch. A few months later (now august) I found another bug crawling on my couch. Looked exactly like the previous one. I have checked everywhere…my couch, my bed, and found nothing. I washed my slip covers on my couch and sprayed all over. Remembering back a few weeks ago, I woke up in the morning in bed with a patch of red itchy bites all over my shoulder. I noticed some blood on the sheets but figured it was just me scratching. So, my question is…is it possible to have just one or two bedbugs and no more? I have searched and haven’t found anything else….Help, bc I am freaking out!!!

Panic Attack::

So, my boyfriend was complaining of bug bites one day. He said he only got them on the couch because he spends a lot of time there… he loves taking naps when I’m at work on the nice couch. Knowing that bedbugs are a bad problem, and even worse this year, we searched the couch a few weeks later for bedbug and behold, our worse nightmare. I had went out of the country a month previously, so I am assuming that’s where they came from.. or perhaps one hitched a ride on my newly purchased cat from a friend of a friend.

We immediately sprayed down the couch and surrounding area and tossed it since its right next to the door anyhow and would not track the bugs through the house.

We have searched everywhere in out home and can’t find signs anywhere else. Is it possible they were only in the couch?


Unlikely Panic Attack, but anything is possible. Chances are they are in other areas of the home as well; wrap the couch up, get it out of the house and into the garage and treat it. Then spread diatomaceouse earth (food grade) around the home and follow the checklist on how to kill bedbugs.


Hi I was just reading everything you had posted on the website about bedbugs and ways to get rid of them without spending an arm and a leg for professionals to come and not even get rid of them. I had a question, since I already had to get rid of everything because of this I was wondering for the things I have left in my closets like boxes and stuff if I could sprinkle food grade diatomaceous earth in those boxes on the safe side to see if there was any bugs in them? I need to put my boxes into storage and I don’t really want to get rid of what is in those boxes because of the infestation that was in my apartment before I moved into.
Is there a way to save those objects? Also, what could I possibly put on my metal bed frames to keep the bugs from crawling up them? Anything would help me..


i work with a lady who has been battling the bedbug problem for over a year now ,my question is can she bring these bugs into work with her ,how can we prevent them from traveling to us plus we work in a food industry -is there any dangers there?

Panic Attack::

Well, we could only find a couple actual bedbugs, but we did find eggs in the couch. The living room is the only actual carpet in the house (keep in mind it’s old, beat down carpet and a cream color) and I hate clutter, so there aren’t many places to hide. I’ve sprayed and vacuumed every day before searching and still haven’t found anything. I’m hoping that I’m free from them..

Exposed to bedbugs!::

Hey! Thanks for reading my email!

I’m a nervous wreck because I dated a guy who has been over two nights this week and sat on my couch for a couple hours both nights. he said he has found 6 bugs on his bed and has 2 bites on one arm but to “not worry” because he kills them when he sees them and always shakes his clothes out before dressing (seriously? that doesn’t help!)

I am trying to be calm and I’m not coming in contact with him anymore… but he has been in my car once and on my couch twice. What are the chances they were carried in?

IF one or two have fallen into my carpet…what can I do to kill those and prevent them multiplying, and how long might it take to have enough of them that I might notice some signs? I’m itchy just thinking about it and becoming more and more paranoid!


bedbug Girl::

Chances are good that you DID NOT pick up any bedbugs from this guy. They usually come out in the early morning, feed on your blood, then head back in before you wake. Sounds like he has a serious infestation of bedbugs! You can sprinkle some bedbug dust (food grade diatomaceous earth) into the carpet and vacuum it a couple of days later – light dusting is all you’ll need. Better safe than sorry, right :)


Lauri, she can indeed bring them with her to work! Happens all the time! The only thing you can really do is create a barrier around her office using bedbug dust.


Hey Jim,

I have a strange black crust that keeps returning to my sofa. I have absolutely no idea what it is, and it is really starting to freak me out. I have attached a picture to this email, and was wondering if you think this could be bedbugs.

Lauras bedbug stains on couch or something elseI bought this couch used a few months ago, and the problem started just after I brought it into my apartment. There is no other black crust on any other furniture, and I really cannot find anything on the Internet of what it could be.

I would truly appreciate your help.

Thanks so much, and hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely Yours,




Can bedbugs die on their own? The other day when i was having a clear out i noticed about 3or4 shells looking very much like the bedbug shells, in the drawers under my bed. I searched the mattress including all seams and the frame of my bed but found no live bugs or eggs or feces or blood spots.
I did have 3 lumps on my shoulder blade a few weeks ago but neither i nor my partner have experienced anything else. The thought of it now is making me paranoid and itchy!

Please help!

How do determine whether this is the case? (I have been looking all over and have not seen anything else) Can i set a trap? Or use a preventative measure? Or may they have died on their own?


We stayed in a hotel in Turkey for two nights. Since it was a quick trip to a beachy resort, we only took backpacks with us. When we returned home Monday morning, I noticed I had about 8 bites on my legs. No pattern to them, but very red, itchy, with little clear/yellow pus in the middle.

I’m so worried that we are going to bring bedbugs into the house, that I’ve put everything that went to that hotel into garbage bags (as soon as we got home), tied them up tight, and am now trying to figure out what to do to keep them from infesting our house. Any tips?


Jim, I have a serious question. I am a home health aide and my company sent me to a clients home for homestyle services. After going there the first thing I noticed was a smell in the apartment. About one hour later the clients provider called and talked to me. I was told they are loaded down with bedbugs. I called my office and reported this. Was told did not matter about the bedbugs it was still my job to go there.

I was also told by the company just to spray alcohol on my legs and shoes this would keep me from carry the pest with me. Then they said for me to undress when I get home and throw my clothes in a dryer for about 60 minutes. I have now got several bug bites from going in the apartment. Is there anything I can do to stop the bugs or make a complaint on my company because they knew of the problem and neglected to inform me before I took the case.

The client has been moved 3 times in the last year due to the bedbug problems. I need advice here please. Thanks

bedbug Girl::

Hi Allie,

I would get those instructions in writing somehow, perhaps ask for clearity on the time to dry, etc – anything to get the documentation, then express once again your concern that you may bring bedbugs home with you and what to do if this happens. Your odds of bringing home a bedbug are much greater than others due to your work and would assume a time will come that you’ll have to deal with this yourself, and you’ll be asking the company for help in costs – hopefully the company will pay for everything, but should they let you go, you’ll have a big paper trail (proof) that they put you in this situation and you were unjustly let go.

The company could charge extra for any work done on known bedbug infested clients, pay you extra and have you sign a waiver that you are aware of the situation and willing to take the risk for extra pay – just an idea, but there has to be a win-win for everyone.

The company should provide a car, have some type of changing room at their headquarters, dryer, wash area, etc if this happens a lot – The second you get in your car, you run the risk of any attached bedbugs getting lose inside; drying cloths isn’t going to do you any good when the bugs are still in the car!

Sorry for your situation!


After researching what bedbugs look like I’m pretty sure I found one crawling in the sheets last night. I saved it in a glass and it’s dead now but it looks EXACTLY like the one near the paper clip on your site. Is it common to only find one? I couldn’t see any others. What are the next steps? Ew!


I found two bedbugs the last week on the floor and I put them in a napkin and burned it. This morning I found one in the bathroom on the floor while I was sitting on the toilet I came back to my room a found one on my bed, so I had a flip and pulled everything off my bed but I didn’t find one more so I continued looking in my room, and the two other bedrooms in the house I did not find any more bedbugs. Should I be alarmed and call an exterminator.




Our building has a bedbug problem, and they have made it up to our apartment. I am moving out, and a company has come to spray our house twice in the last month, and they will be spraying again in a few days. I have thrown away everything that I can part with, but I have around 10-12 containers of family photo albums and other precious things that I cannot part with. I have boxed them up, put the box in a contractor bag, twisted the bag, taped it, twisted again, taped again, then folded the upper twist to the bottom and taped again. I then put this in a contractor bag and repeated the taping process. I have moved everything onto the roof under tarps to get it out of the house. All of these things were stored under my bed, so there is a good chance they are in there somewhere.

I plan on moving these things into the garage of my new home, but am extremely paranoid about bringing them with me. The process that I am going through was recommended by the man spraying my home, but I was wondering if this process is thorough enough. Can they crawl out of the bags, and if so, can they make it from the garage into the house. I don’t know what else to do, any recommendations on how to manage things that need to move with you?

Any information would be great, I can’t handle this stress in the new house, it is really affecting me.

Thank You


My roommate and I have found a bedbug on our wall in the kitchen. We are fairly certain that the insect came home with us off the train because it was near our coats on the wall. This was about 4 days ago and we have not found any signs of bedbugs since.
Is it possible that we could just have that one? Every story I have heard the bugs come in and the tracks are seen. Since there are no tracks should I not worry?



There are some small spots on my sheets, but not an obscene amount like i have seen when looking for pictures of blood stains and fecal spots. also, I removed my sheets and inspected my mattress thoroughly and cant find any bugs or any other spots. I have some bug bites. Do these things mean that i have bedbugs? Please say no. Email me soon!

Nancy Q::

Hi, I recently went on a trip and stayed in a houseboat rental. We stayed there for 5 nights and the last morning I woke up itching my back but didn’t think much of it. We flew home, got home late and went right to sleep. 10 hours later I noticed bites on my back in a straight line which I’ve read is the tell-tale sign of bedbugs. I immediately unpacked everything, washed & dried all clothes, and the sheets/blankets on my bed. I ran to the store to get rubbing alcohol, sprayed it on my empty bags, stuffed them in giant ziploc bags, and stored them outside. I also washed the clothes that were sitting on the floor next to our bags. I then vacuumed the whole apartment and sprayed my mattress with alcohol.

I even opened the windows in my bedroom and turned off the heat in hopes to freeze and bugs overnight (it got down to 36F and I slept in the guest bedroom on the other side of the apartment). We inspected the zippers/folds in our bags and found nothing. I have not seen evidence of bedbugs, other than the bites that I got the last day of our trip. We stored our bags, inside the houseboat, about 25 feet from the bed on the hardwood floor so I’m hoping any bedbugs would not travel that far to be able to be hitchhikers! Have I done everything possible?! Is it possible that I am bedbug free? I’m worried that in the 10 hours of our bags sitting on the bedroom floor that the bugs could have escaped and spread around the apartment. Do PCPs do any preventative treatment for bedbugs? Thanks!!

Helen Coleman::

My friends and I stayed in a hotel in Key West for the weekend. We came back with bites all over our bodies. I called and complained to the hotel and I an now waiting for the report from Ecolab that came to inspect the room we stayed in. But in the meantime, I am so itchy that feel like ripping my skin off. I am so miserable, and I have been taking benadryl but I am sleepy all day because of it. I am also anemic, and I have suffered about 100 bites. Should I be calling a lawyer at this point? I don’t know what to do and I can’t stop scratching.

john c::

Can a bedbug be a larvae?

Only Victim::

Hey All,

Is it possible that bedbugs can bite only you and not your partner who is sharing everything with you like the bed,couch,furniture etc????….These scratchy bite marks appears on me quite a few times but nothing on my partner….Can it be something other than bad bugs???

Please reply asap….


A week ago we stayed at a hotel in New Jersey for 1 night. Before we got our stuff in I had my husband check the mattress and he saw nothing. Now I realize he should have checked more. He also put our suitcase on the ground, unzipped, ugh. I sat in a chair to nurse my daughter and got a bite pretty fast-would they be on a chair before it’s night time and bite me that fast? Well the next morning after I already woke up, I noticed a fairly large line of what looked like blood on the sheet. There were 2 really small reddish bugs on the lamp. It was daytime and the lamp was on-would bedbugs be running around the shade of a lit lamp? Then on the wall above the lamp there was a bug. It looked like it could have been a bedbug but I wasn’t as knowledgeable then as I am now. I left asap but our things had to sit in our car for like 7 hours on the way home.

When we got in our house we stripped down and put everything fabric that we had taken in the washer. I had no bites that day.

The next day I developed about 5 bites, at various times throughout the day. One even happened when we weren’t at home. It was like I could feel the bite happen, look down, no bug and a new bite where there wasn’t one a second ago. It’s been a week now and I’m up to 12 bites. Most of them are just one single bite, very small. Last night at the store I noticed 2 on my chest in a line. My heart sunk.

Is there anything it could be other than bedbugs? I am a worry wart and my husband isn’t being bit so he doesn’t believe me. It is really affecting me psychologically. I have no appetite, I can’t think of anything else, my stomach feels like I’m going to puke, it is literally always on my mind. I get sick at the thought of bugs crawling all over my sweet 7 month old, I can’t function like this and I’m feeling so hopeless reading all these people who have had them for years.

We haven’t seen any bugs in the house and I have been shining a flashlight all around when I feel the creepy crawlies at night. Could 1 night give you bites that show up repeatedly over a week or do I need to stop being in denial? We bought mattress covers and tonight we are putting double sided tape around the bed to try to catch them. Tomorrow I am calling housing to get an exterminator out to check, but he is just going to look the same places I have and couldn’t find anything. Tomorrow if we don’t catch any I am going to hopefully get your trap on here made. How do you get your car safe if it may have been exposed??

I don’t know what to do. I can’t live like this. Please, please help.


I work at school. A week ago, a child in the room I work in had some bites on his arms and neck. It had been warm, so we initially thought it was mosquito bites. Later in the day, he was really scratching his shoulder, so we checked his back. He was covered in bites! I took him to the school nurse. She checked him over and called his parents. His mother immediately confirmed they have an infestation of bedbugs. He was sent home from school. The parents took him to the doctor that afternoon, and brought him back the next day with a note saying he is not contagious.

My concern is:
Since he continues to have new bites daily, the home is obviously not treated (or not effectively). How concerned do I need to be that he will bring the bedbugs to school on his person or on his backpack? Also, am I at risk of bringing them home with me and infecting my home as well?

The child’s family is lower income, so I would guess professional treatment is beyond what they can afford. Are there programs to help in this situation?

Also, what is the responsibility of the school and school board in this situation? What if the classroom and other family’s homes become infested? The policy for lice seems to be a bit more defined (although not totally effective), but what should be done about this?


I found two bedbugs the last week on the floor and I put them in a napkin and burned it. This morning I found one in the bathroom on the floor while I was sitting on the toilet I came back to my room a found one on my bed, so I had a flip and pulled everything off my bed but I didn’t find one more so I continued looking in my room, and the two other bedrooms in the house I did not find any more bedbugs. Should I be alarmed and call an exterminator.



We are a middle class family. I wash our bedding every other week, vacuum weekly, wash my floors weekly, etc. I am a neat freak when it comes to my house and family. We got them last winter….not sure how, but guessing they either came from a textbook I had ordered, came from staying at a motel or from school on my son’s backpack or athletic bag. It was a horrible experience to say the least.

Now I am fully educated on them, along with my husband and 2 sons. I have a son in college and have explained many situations with him to try avoid bringing them home.
Kids at school should keep their backpacks and bags zipped up at all times. If I were you, I would regularly vacuum everything you can. You can even purchase some spray and DE to help prevent getting them. DE works great on other insects too….killed lots of flies all fall for us! My opinion is that schools are not educated on the problem. We live in a small community and know there are others that have them. Good luck!


I work in a dorm at a school, this dorm has been recently infested with bedbugs. How easy is it to bring them home? Do I have to be worried about it?


Just about a few weeks ago I was sitting on my couch and I reached for the handle and a second later felt like something bit me then Bout two hours later my foot was itchy. I need up receiving two bumps where the bites occurred then about a few days they went away. Now here is a week that went by and I have a bit on my chin neck, ankle, thighs and back, but the funny thing is my boyfriend doesn’t have any bites at all it’s just me. He checked for bedbugs didn’t see anything so where can these bites be coming from I’m so confused and hate the itchy feeling and redness.
So I would love to know are they bedbugs or not.



I found an apartment that I would really like to move into. The apartment complex discovered a bedbug infestation in March 2011. The landlord has implemented a treatment plan with a respectable PCO company since April 2011. The company had been spraying every two weeks and now is spraying and inspecting each apartment in the complex each month. The landlord reassured me that they are 100% bedbug free. Is this possible in 9 months? And would you take the risk?


Okay, so a week ago i got back home from a retreat that was at a camp near the water. There was a bedbug warning and they made everybody who was possibly exposed to the bedbugs bag all their stuff in these big black bags and they recommended that we take certain precautions, such as throwing everything in the dryer for about an hour.

I washed all my clothes, but I didn’t wash my back pack or my duffel bag or my sleeping bag. I was really skeptical that there would be bedbugs, but i noticed little bumps on my legs. I have eczema so I thought it was just a little rash coming up,but these bumps were more like those mini pimples or something. Later they began to itch, and about 2 days ago, the areas around the bumps got really red and big and slightly inflamed. I’m freaking out that I have bedbugs, I searched through my bed and found nothing.

My mom says I’m being overly anxious. If the little bumps just got red 2 days ago, could that possibly mean that I got bit at the camp and not at home?? I’m really really really really hoping that this is so. Would it be a good idea to vacuum my room?


I’m sorry to say that it is COMPLETELY untrue that bedbugs do not like hair. After a couple weeks of coming to visit my family, I was sleeping on a mattress that my brother had been given, and had 100’s of bites all over my back and shoulders. I thought it was an allergic reaction to new vitamins I was taking, until I found a bug crawling through my hair. I immediately researched about bedbugs online and everything matched up.

I shampooed my hair with lice shampoo to try to kill them, but they stayed alive. I combed out all the live ones with a nit comb, but a few days later, more had hatched. I spent 7 hours yesterday combing out eggs and tiny live bugs. If you have a bedbug infestation at your house, PLEASE beware! Check your hair immediately! These bugs are relentless! I had to buy an advanced kit (RID) usually used for lice that includes shampoo, comb out gel, and a really good nit comb that grabs the tiniest eggs.

If you have bedbugs in your hair, don’t follow the normal instructions of the lice treatment… bedbugs are DIFFERENT!


i slept ova @ a friends house and i got bedbugs in my dreadlocks. what can i do to get rid of them without cutting of my dreadlocks


Please help!!! We just moved into a rental house this month and a few days after being here we found some bedbugs on the carpets and baseboards maybe 10 in total and I called my land lord right away and he came the next day and treated with some kind of spray on all the baseboards and doorways.

We have new beds and they were checked very well several times and there is no sign of them on the beds my land lord treated for a week straight and I also bought mattress covers and a few cans of rid since it says it treats for bedbugs I sprayed down the beds curtains carpets washed everything I could and what I couldn’t I sprayed.

Now about 2 weeks later I woke up about 4 am by a phone call and my husband had a bedbug crawling on his face and it was a large sized one. Again I sprayed everything and searched everywhere but I can’t find any or any signs of them but I know they have to be here some where or do they? Can we just have a few? Or are we infested and I am not finding them.

None of us have bites but I heard not everyone may show signs of being bitten. I don’t know what to do I am about to go crazy over wondering and worrying and I am also about to take an extended trip to my mothers in another state for a few months and I am afraid that if I have them and can not find them that I will carry them to her house and I do not want to do that!

Please help I am going crazy!!!!

bedbug Girl::

Hi Casey,

I move your question here to the bedbug FAQ as it’s common and will help others. Yes, you can have just a few, but based upon your story, I’m guessing you have more and just have not found them. Stay on top of management and please, take some pics if you get a chance and send them to me. Set up a bedbug trap as I have listed here on the site, it will help confirm an infestation!

Mila Tyler::

Why is it when you are infected by bedbugs bite the people who’s home, hotel, or etc…… they are the ones who be in these infected places day in and day out 24/7 and they never seem to be showing any signs of bedbugs bite is it because their bodies are immune to it or when an clean person goes by an filthy place their bodies rejects its and bumps appear? why is this?? Well I hope I don’t have to throw away none of my stuff and I hope this doesn’t appear again.

Cynthia, Placitas, New Mexico::

I caught bed-bugs on the Amtrak train returning from Los Angeles to Albuquerque over Thanksgiving holiday. At first I didn’t know what they were, silly me. Anyway, after the first night when the b-bugs had their way and bit me with abandon, it seemed they all died, for thereafter I never got another bite. I’m at 5,980 altitude, so maybe it is true b-bugs die above 5,000′ sea level. Of course I laundered everything, but the bugs seemed to “go away” too easily. Regards.


Can bedbugs get in your hair, and make you lose your hair/?

bedbug Girl::

Hi Gina, it is highly unlikely as the hair and sensitivity of your ears would help prevent this from happening; there are plenty of smooth surfaces for the bug to latch onto and start feeding from other than a canal filled with obstacles.

bedbug Girl::

Bedbugs can, and do, get in your hair, but they will not cause thinning or loss.


I have read that BB can be killed with heat over 120*, my question is.. can they be killed with temps below 32*.. Is it possible, if the outside temp is below freezing, I can open all the windows for a whole day and freeze them dead.. I know that I will have to drain the plumbing, but it would be worth it, if it worked.


my friend has noticed a lot of bites lately that we think could be bedbug bites. She wants to know can the bugs leave larva on a person? And does rubbing alcohol kill any bugs that are left on your body? How can we tell for sure that the bites she has on her body are from bedbugs? Do the bedbug bites leave scares? And are they related to cock roaches?


So how long can an egg stay on a mattress and not hatch? I have these bedbugs and here’s what I learned about my apartment. In July of last year 3 apartments were treated for them, including mine which was moved into around August 10th. They said they steamed and sprayed all 3 one time.

During the month of December the guy next door moved out. Towards the beginning of this month (February) I started getting these welts, which I passed off as my awesome allergies to perfume/dyes. So I called the landlord and he is saying that I brought them in. I have not been to anyone’s home other than my mom’s and sister’s all of which are bedbug free.

The PCO who came today said that if they had come over from the now vacant apartment, then my second bedroom would have been infested first. It makes sense, except that room was empty of all furniture until 1 week ago when I got a roommate. So I think they came through that room and into mine because I was the closest food source.

The PCO told me that the markings on my mattress were old and that I have had them for longer than I have lived here. I think it’s his way of justifying his crappy job the first time here. Why would I have never, ever had these welts then? I feel as though I am being railroaded into taking responsibility. Oh, and the guy who moved out next door said the bugs were still active when he left in December and that’s why he left all the windows open when he left.


Hey Brandiab,

The bedbug eggs usually hatch between between 6 to 17 days (on average, 10 days) and once hatched, are ready to feast!

I agree with you in that it sounds like they are shirking their responsibility, and yes, they will head for the food source first! Why in the world would they want to set up camp in the next room when they can do it close to you? If the pest control company bombed or did the extermination wrong, they could have easily driven the bugs into your area! What’s the name of the companies (apartment complex and bedbug exterminator)?


I noticed a few bites behind my back of the waistline and on the surface of my foot. I have been searching around online to check whether what kind of bites is this. I’m kind of worried that it might be beg bug bites. I feel the itch bumps on 22 Feb around 7pm on both my back waistline and foot so i thought i might be allergic to clothes or mosquito bites. Few bumps is raised a little without red rash at the back of my waistline but there is pink welts on my foot without bump. I did scratch the bite cause it itch. The itch become more intense the more i scratch. After 3 hours, i notice the raised bumps behind the back of my waistline turn redder and the pink welts on my foot turns bigger and raised as well but no pain. The itching is more intense and i had a hot shower to cleanse the bites but to no avail.

I just leave the red bumps without applying any cream or lotion. The next morning, the bumps still haven’t subsided but it not that itchy so i try to apply body lotion on the bumps and it itch back. Whenever i try to slightly rub around the bumps due to itching (i didn’t really scratch hard to avoid scar), it itch.

The itchy red bumps still persist till today (after 3 days) but colors of the bumps seems to be fading a little. Not that red as on the first day. There were no spot of blood stains nor fecal stains on my bed sheets. Both my sisters who sleep nearby, didn’t get any bites. As i know, not everyone react to bedbugs bites so i can’t figure whether it’s bedbugs bites or any other bites. I showed my bites to my friend and she said is bedbugs symptom. I tried to search online for a better pictures but there are too many bites that are similar to bedbugs bite. I’m worry and i don’t wish that the bite is from bedbugs. These few days i can’t sleep well due to being afraid there are bugs that will bite me. Please help. Thanks


One big bedbug faq… I woke up 2 weeks ago with a bunch of bites on my feet they were huge red bumps I took Benadryl for 3 days and they wouldn’t go down finally after two weeks they’ve gone down a bit. I’ve looked all over my room changed my sheets put a mattress cover I haven’t seen anything! Please Help me I’m going insane trying to figure this out

bedbug Girl::

Hi Yesenia, have you read my checklist (see link at top of page) and once you know for sure you have them, then read my page on bedbug dust.


How do bedbugs protects itself from danger? Does it pretends to be dead?


My roommate brought a blanket from his sisters house and it had bedbugs on it. She has dogs. The irony is that I’m getting bit and not my roommate. Every night is the same thing. I try and go to sleep but by 3 am or so I’m up itching and looking for bugs. I have sprayed and washed repeatedly. My roommate keeps saying he’s going to get powder and bombs but never does because it doesn’t affect him a much. I’m angry because I can’t sleep through the night. I have to try and sleep in the daytime to get any rest. I bought cortizone 10 cream for the itching but I go through it pretty quickly. Rubbing alcohol helps calm the itching too. So I use that when I’m out of cream. I have scars on my right arm that are very ugly and because I have sensitive skin will probably take years to heal. THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!!!!

2nd rounder::

Dear bedbug girl

I use to live in nyc when I had my first encounter with bedbugs. My father used diesel and a heat gun and threw all our furniture out. I now live in salt lake city 5 years later and recently moved to a new apartment. The first week of sleeping Here I got bitten. But I also started working a different shift at my job. I’ve had exterminators but i still get bitten and I even tried a bomb but they returned 2 weeks after. My whole apartment building has an infestation. On top of that I work at an elementary school where I see kids extremely bitten and I’ve told the custodian and secretary. No one seems to do anything about it and the kids are still coming to school infecting others. I work in a classroom with infected kids so I told the teacher but nothings been done. What’s the point of battling them at home if ill get them at work. please help me I don’t want to get fired.


Hello there!

I have just had a look on your website and it is SO informative and really useful – thank you!

I keep finding these small, round, ball like ‘droppings’ in/on my bed. I am not getting bitten (but I know that not everyone does) but am really not sure what on earth these are.

I asked the pest man to come out and have a look, and he had a sniffer dog. They did not find bedbugs, but I am wondering if:
A) Do you know if BB faeces is small/round balls?

B) If not – do you know any other critter that has this kind of faeces?

We live in an area where there is A LOT of wildlife, but I simply cannot stand even the thought of BedBugs!

Many thanks,


Someone please help…I know I have bedbugs but can they get in your hair? These things are multiplying at an alarming rate in rooms I don’t even go in to…wth??? I see them on walls, floor, cupboards, drawers, toilet tank, kitchen sink, bathtub & bath tub jets…there’s no way lice could be producing so much with no blood but they’re are more & more each day in 2 of my unused rooms…what is the deal?

They can be a tiny black spec, a larger crunchy black bug, white things that are oblong and fuzzy looking…I’ve thrown out probably 10 grand in furniture, clothes, shoes…and more…I am already sick & just the cleaning exhausts me & it’s all for nothing because they come right on back…I refuse to use chemicals…ANY help would be much much appreciated. Thank you & good luck to you.

rooms…help, I’m already sick with 4 sever auto immune problems, have had to have iron infusions.


Hi Parker, I was under the impression that bedbugs can’t get in your hair but there have been many visitors that say this is not true and can in fact be there. I highly doubt they would remain there for long if one managed to become tangled in there. As for not using chemicals, good for you! Try the all natural bedbug dust mentioned at the top of this site.


Do you know how to tell the difference between female or male? or nymph or adult?


The females are larger than the male bedbugs with their rear end being well-proportioned, as a whole (symtmetrical) and her tip being more square and smaller. On her right side in ventral view you’ll be able to spot the mating area (notice the indentation in the outer edge and that’s it’s not smooth across the side). See


I have had bedbugs for 2 days now. I already have around 10 bites, and it spread to my sister’s bed(shares a room with me) last night. Can I still wear the clothing in my closet, drawers and how should I handle my laundry. Do the bugs stay on me throughout the day. Will they come out at night, even when the light in my room is on? Thank you and good luck with you bedbugs!

g ma::

Got rid of some bedbugs in one room but afew months later found some in another
When you bag everything, how long do you keep it away from everything else to be safe.
We also covered out mattresses with zippered vinyl bags and dusted the inside with the demacious earth.
We figured if any little ones were in mattress cracks, this would get them


if i am getting bit only once a day how many bedbugs do i have?


Hi there,
I’ve been sufferring from bedbugs for 2 weeks now. Why it takes this long for building management and PCO to coordinate and do something is beyond me??!! The marks that are left on my legs, arms and back…How long do they last?? Some are red spots and some look like brown “beauty mark” spots. In these last 2 weeks I’ve been finding/noticing a heck of a lot more “beauty marks” on my body than I thought I had. Can bedbugs be responsible for these at all??
Thank-You for your time and help!

Colorado girl::

I recently had company that spent a few nights with me and they had had two treatments for bedbugs at that time, as well as washing and drying all their clothing. Around two weeks after they had visited, I found what I am pretty sure was a bedbug. I was sitting on the couch and noticed it crawling down my arm. I base this on the several pictures I have looked at.

I have not seen anything since and have not seen other signs of bedbugs. I am still feeling creeped out and like I constantly have something crawling on me or like something is biting me. I am losing sleep over this because I am so paranoid that because there was possibly one bedbug that there are a bunch more that I am missing somehow. Now I bought an insecticide that is according the pest control man, similar to what they use but in a weaker formula. I am going to spray my couch, bed, and other furniture just in case.

I am really trying not to be a baby and throw my furniture out because of one bug but I am about at that point. Not to mention that my visitors have since found more bedbugs and in different rooms of their house. I have steam cleaned my couch and recliner and vacuumed like crazy. Any suggestions, advice, or ideas are welcomed.


I wanted to know how long it takes for bedbugs to rear their ugly heads. My mom slept over on my couch in Dec. and she recently discovered that she has bedbugs. Would we know by now if she did in fact have them back in December? I’m absolutely paranoid! I take caution when out in public and have scoured our home/bedroom and see no signs. Best of all, there have been no bites on either of us. I’m just worried that maybe she had them in December and we might still be in danger. Thank you!


My husband and I just moved into a new apartment and a week later I notice something on my back and found out it was a bedbug! Shortly after, my daughter started getting bit. I have used the bedbug powder and so far, no one has got bit in 2 days but I cant shake the thought that something is crawling on and biting me. What do I do? We found 7 and that was it and only in our daughters room. we killed everything we found. Feces means we are infested?


Hi, I was wondering can bedbugs travel from one house, my neighbors who we do not get along with, to my house. By crawling through the yard and windows. You see my wife thinks they have bedbugs and they recently placed some bags of cloths outside between our homes, she’s afraid the bugs will get into our house, mind you we have no contact with these people.
Thanks Herb

bedbug Girl::

Hi Herb,

No, they can’t if you’re not having contact with them. They will stay in the house (or their car, etc).


I found about 6 live bugs on my son’s boxspring, and the “mold” like areas on it as well. There are 3 beds in the room in which my 2 other children sleep as well. My son is the only one who has them on his bed, the other beds are clear of both bugs and the mold looking areas. Is this common?

Also because I did not find many, does that mean there are not many, or should I be really worried at this time? I cleaned the moldy looking areas with bleach, and killed all of the live bugs, but am really concerned they are in the carpet or other areas that I am not seeing. I have no idea how only his bed has them, and he is the only one with bites.

I feel horrible that my child has to deal with this, and cried when I found them. I want to throw out the bed totally, but will that even help? Where should I go from here? Please help!

bedbug Girl::

Buy yourself a bedbug mattress encasement right now and cover up the mattress and box spring completely if possible! You may be lucky and have found a small infestation. Get some diatomaceous earth and spread it around as shown on the bedbug dust page within this site. Also, look at the checklist here as well and see if the nightstand and other furniture are infested.

It is a horrible feeling, but it can happen to anyone, you just need to buckle down and follow the instructions on the page referred to on this site. DO NOT give up, just stick with it and you will win!


what are the signs of these bites healing?


Our god daughter came to our house today, I picked her up when she came in to our house she came straight in and took a shower her clothes only ever saw the bathroom. I purchased the RID spray that kills bedbugs sprayed my car and vacuumed after it dried then cloroxed my bathroom floor and sprayed the baseboards heavily and the hall way, we have wood floors. Her clothes stayed on the bathroom floor for a couple hours before I found out she had bedbugs at home, what do you think I should do or my chances of getting them are? I am going to spray for spiders tomorrow with professional exterminator spray as well!

Bedbug Away Team::

Hi Michelle,

Unless she has a serious infestation, chances are that you’ll be fine but I’d spread around some bedbug dust (food grade DE) just in case :)



My boyfriend and I recently have had bedbugs (or at least we think we have). We have found two bugs that look like bedbugs – but were dead. And I have been getting bites all over my abdomen and up to my shoulders in clusters of three or more. The tricky part is that my boyfriend hasn’t gotten any bites and we haven’t found any live bedbugs or signs of bedbugs (other than the two dead ones). I continue to get the bites but we can neither confirm nor deny that we have a problem. We have bought the diatomaceous earth and spread it all over the bed room and on the mattress, under the mattress…. EVERYWHERE… we have checked every crack and crevis in the room, even behind electrical outlets, and we have cleaned cleaned cleaned… although the only dirt we have is dust. Is there a way that we can draw them out to see where they are coming from? At least that way we would be able to successfully get rid of them. We don’t want to call an exterminator unless we absolutely have to. Please can you tell me what our next course of action is.

Thank you,


We live in an apartment and have come across bedbugs. Long story short we had three treatments. I guess there was an apartment above us that was infested with them and they migrated to our apartment. Now that we have the treatment, we still see them from time to time. Usually one at a time. They bit me and not my boyfriend for whatever reason. Do we need a fourth treatment? If I put down DE would that be just as effective?

Next question. I am washing all our clothes and putting them in bins. I am tired of our house looking a mess because we cannot use the dressers because we are too worried. I’m hoping that the bins will be effective and keep our minds at peace BUT with the jackets and such hanging in the closet. Do I need to rewash all of them? I get that BB are the worst thing to try to get to but why would they “hid” so far away from food?

Seeking some advise or a place that I can look at to get some. Mainly to put mine and my boyfriends mind at ease



My roommate very recently started having a bedbug problem. (I think she got them from a friend.) She has started treating it pretty quickly. How likely is it that they will spread to my room? Are there preventative measures that I can take?


I got about 4 bites on my upper back and didn’t know what they were. I looked online and they looked a bit like the pictures of bedbug bites. I’ve always been very paranoid about getting bedbugs so of course I freaked out. I immediately checked my bed, my couch, and my son’s crib for any signs of bedbugs. I didn’t find anything, but I still wanted a pest control person to come and inspect the apartment anyway. He came and checked over the entire apartment.

Unfortunately I was at work and didn’t see how thoroughly he looked for them. I was starting to feel a bit better about not being infested until tonight when I layed down in bed and noticed an odor. I remember reading something about bedbugs having an odor, but couldn’t remember what they were supposed to smell like. So I found this site and read that it could smell like moldy shoes. The smell by my bed could be that smell, but I’m not really sure.

I have a cat also and sometimes she drags cat litter around by accident and it also kind of smells like that. Anyway, do you think I should have another pest control company come and inspect my apartment. It’s pretty expensive and being a single parent I don’t have a lot of money through around for something that I’m just being paranoid about.



Friends of ours have stayed at our house a few times, been in our vehicles etc, they have just found out they have a massive infestation of bedbugs in there house. should i be worried? what should i do?


My sister in law lived here at my mothers house with us, they stayed in hotels alot and brought home bedbugs. their kids room was infected. When they moved out they mattress hit the sides of the wall dropping bedbugs all over. I had an exterminator come out, the sprayed every 2 weeks with tempo sc and used de, it worked until i brought home my bed from my daughters. Everything was ok til 2 months and now i have bedbugs again, moms house has holes in the wall and needs to be sold. With the house like it is, is this going to be an uphill battle, or should I just leave and not take anything. My bed frame is a sleigh bed.

Bedbug Killer::

Yes, you should be worried and start look for any sings of bedbugs. Right now, you best bet is to use DE (bedbug dust) around the areas they slept just to make sure you kill any stragglers!


Do bedbugs fly?
Also do they have a hard shell?


My bedbug bites were raised, I went to the doctors and he gave me creams and medicine, that seemed to help, I noticed that they were going down, but last night I also noticed two big bump and later on that night mostly all my bites were getting bigger, they’re not raised they just look like mosquito bites. I was wondering if that was like the “last stage” until they start going away?


We inherited our problem from my own sister. She failed to tell me that she was just getting over a bedbug problem (or thought she was) when my daughter went to stay with her for a week. Guess what she brought back. We discovered it early on bc my best friend is seriously allergic to their bites and came with me to pick up my daughter.

A few days later she was being bitten like crazy. Seems she picked them up in the backpack she brought with. Upon examination, the only bug we really saw was on my daughters boxspring. We’ve had one treatment so far, but seem to have a sudden population explosion. We caught the problem early on but now I have found a few live bugs just this week. Is this to be expected or are the treatments not working?


If I had a serious infestation of the bugs on a large carpet blanket cover, is it possible to then smell the dead bugs while they are being washed? I was washing it yesterday and noticed this strong unusual musty oder emitting from the wash machine. Is that a sign that they existed in the carpet blanket?

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