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Manager makes it right after photos posted!

Melissa K. sent us pictures of her bites which turned out to be from bed bugs. It all started when the bed bug infested apartment next to her was treated, and as is most often the case after a failed treatment, the bugs made their way through the electrical outlets and into her apartment.

Only two weeks after the failed treatment next door, Melissa and her elderly mother started getting bit. Melissa discovered 13 huge, itchy, painful bites that oozed with pus.

Melissa tried to explain all this to the apartment manager, but he just wouldn’t listen and told her it was her own fault. It was so bad that her bedtime friend was a flashlight and rest came only after her fearful eyes couldn’t stay open.

She sent us pictures of her bites which we posted along with her story. She read our bed bug checklist, found the bugs and showed them to the manager, along with a link to our page covering her story.

We are happy to report that the manager “made it right” by treating the apartment at their cost. Melissa and her mother are not longer being bitten, although she still sleeps with a flashlight close at hand.