The following discussions are a continuation of how to deal with Mite Bites from visitors like yourself, solutions that work, and how stop the insanity of itching!


Interesting website. I have been trying to figure out what has been biting me (mostly only from the knees down) causing severely dry, itchy skin and redness. I am now fairly certain that it is some form of bird mite.

From my research, I have found that one particular insecticide (Bifenthrin) is supposed to be particularly effective. Most out there don’t work on mites, or only last a short time. Bifenthrin is sold for home use under the brand Ortho Home Defense Max and is available in ready-to use spray or in a concentrated form that can also be used for termites.

They also have other products under that brand (like their bedbug treatment that does not contain Bifenthrin,) so make sure Bifenthrin is the active ingredient in the one you buy.

It is also advisable to use it outdoors as well, creating a perimeter around your home. There is a powder version for this purpose. You can also spread the powder in attics, etc. This should kill them all and keep them gone in treated areas for at least a year.

When spraying, wear socks and shoes and leave the room after you spray until it is completely dry. Once it is dry, it is safe to be around it. Use extreme care if you have fish. Bifenthrin is extremely toxic to fish.

At the same time, you need to treat your pets with something that kills mites. For Dogs and cats, I recommend Revolution, which is a prescription product (see your vet) that you apply just like Advantage. Advantage does not work on mites, though.

Give them a good flea bath first and then apply Revolution once they are dry and brushed out. Revolution should eradicate all fleas, ticks and mites on your pet and keep them gone for months. Hopefully they will never come back.


Oh. My. God.

I have just spent a day at my desk (where the mite bite problem was the most severe. Not a single bite. Not one.

This insecticide Bifenthrin may be the magic formula for me. I bought some this afternoon (Ortho Home Defense MAX) and I sprayed it just in the area of my desk and my desk chair, where I spend a lot of time and where I feel a lot of bites. This seems to be the center of the problem in my home. I normally feel free from bites in all other parts of my house but this place is just intense.

You know what? NO BITES at all since I’ve been sitting here. Not a single one.

Seriously people, go out and get some of this stuff. Today I bought a bottle in the Garden department at Wal Mart and also bought a spray-can in the Household department at Wal Mart. I came home and sprayed the spray-can stuff all over the area where I sit at the computer and usually feel like I’m being eaten to death by invisible bugs. Tonight I feel nothing. NOTHING! It is truly amazing after a few years of feeling this torture as normal.

Also note that this particular flea/cockroach/insect product has absolutely no scent at all. It is amazing. It smells like nothing so they don’t need to make it smell like Pine or anything. It just smells like nothing at all. I will never buy RAID Brand of anything ever again. This stuff is just amazing.

Seriously. Everyone go and get some of this and let’s all reply about whether it worked for them.

Right now, I think I may have found my solution to my problem.

Of course, while I have not talked about it here or in my previous post, you still do need to keep a clean house. And you, of course, need to keep things clean through all of these steps that I talk about. But even if it’s dirty and your pets are covered in mites, this may still work for you.

Just amazing.

Also, you need to be treating your wounds from these awful pests. I have been using Sarna lotion (kind of expensive but very good) but you could also be using Caladryl Clear (or generic) to clear up your nasty bite areas and hope that it all returns to normal. Well it SHOULD return to normal if you can remove the pests from your environment. But still take your pets to the vet and get them on Revolution for one dose to clean the environment. Hopefully it will stay that way.

Whatever method you use, your body will clear it up by itself so long as you DO NOT scratch the itchy places. That really is the pint of these treatment recommendations. Just try and numb them and get through it until your body heals them naturally.

ORTHO HOME DEFENSE MAX aeresolized spray is what I’ve used now and it’s just amazing. Just amazing. Just don’t be stupid. DO NOT spray it on your skin. It will cause neurological damage. Keep it off of your skin and don’t be around it until it is completely dry. But it’s safe once it has dried. And it should last a LONG time.

The can of the stuff I used today and I’m already feeling relief from cost me about $5.00.

Try it.


We are getting eaten up by something in our apartment! The thing is, they don’t itch. Everything I’ve read on here says mites/ bed bugs itch horribly, and both me and my boyfriend have these odd, red bumps on our hands, ankles, backs of our arms, and he’s got them bad on his neck. They look more like raised hair follicles than pimples, theres no head or blister on them, and they are single, in clusters, and in rows.

They hurt if we try to squeeze them, thinking they were acne. Ive tried borax, rubbing alcohol, bedbug/mite spray, washed and scrubbed and vacuumed everything, nothing works. It looks like bed bugs, but no itch and I’ve found absolutely nothing (we even went around the room with a magnifying glass). ARGH!


A follow up to my previous comments-

I now mostly have the mites under control. I am going to keep clearing out parts of rooms and treating with the Bifenthrin product described in my previous posts.

But one thing that is new is that I am now treating the severe bite areas (legs from the knees down) with Hydrocortisone 1% cream (available over the counter) every day and it’s very impressive. I think alot of my other problems that I had been experiencing could have been allergic reactions to these bites. I was concerned about my legs and feet swelling, thinking I had a sever circulatory problem because they would often get very swollen and painful in addition to being red and bumpy. But the Hydrocortisone seems to have fixed that. They have lost their swollen-ness and the wounds are really beginning to heal up. It also is an itch-reducer, like the other creams and lotions.

Something to keep in mind. Hydrocortisone Cream.


Greetings to all: After reading everyone’s post, it took a load off my mind about my condition, because now I know that I’m not alone!! For the past 2-3 years, I too have been getting bit..I haven’t seen any bedbugs nor any other kind of bug, and I’m mostly bitten when I go to bed.

Mine started out looking like a “pimple with white pus”in it and the perimeter around it is normally red and feels inflamed, and yes I also am a “picker”! So after I pop the bump, the spot turns into a dark scar covered with dead hardened skin that provokes me to pick it because they fill up with watery pus and appear raised..I have A LOT of them on both my arms, all over my behind (and I do mean ALL OVER!!!), on my left shoulder blade half way across my upper back, on my thighs, some on my upper chest and now I have some on both sides of my face..

This past summer took it’s toll on me, because I wore long-sleeved shirts/blouses/sweaters ALL summer long because my arms look soo horrible, between the healed yet raised scars and the dark spots from picking..My arms look as though I have the chicken pox! I’ve been to the hospital where I was prescribed an acetonide cream in a tube called-Triamcinolone, and it worked well & dried them up, but I’ve since run out & can’t find anything over the counter equivalent to it.

I can feel my skin being pricked & it feels like little needles, and now my daughters are experiencing the same thing but on a more smaller scale. My husband has not been affected, nor does he understand when I try to explain what’s happening to me..He tells me it’s the stress and strain that I’m under with my job, and I believe it may have something to do with it, but not entirely. So, I will try several of the above listed suggestions and see if any of them will help me & my daughters. Thanks to you all so much for your transparency & for sharing your information with me!

I pray & long for the day when we are all bug-free, pimple free and most of all, scar-free!!

God Bless You All,


I am the only one in a family of 3 that have been suffering with this dilemma. My “attack” started about 3 weeks ago with only about 2 bites at a time, but then progressed. I have 2 dogs, but no fleas?! Then, I thought BEDBUG (GROSS) So I sanitized my room (since I would find new bites upon wakening) to no avail. I went to my doctor who prescribed Prednisone and an antihistamine. OK that helped with inflammation from the bites and itching, but yet more bites! I discovered through GOOGLING, “rat mites”. Well, I must admit that that makes sense. I live in a woodsy area, and live in a condo. Meaning if my neighbors have rats, I have rats. So, we set traps and have already caught 3. I will now try the above mentioned remedies, mainly the “Ortho” home defense. I also read that spraying rubbing alcohol will kill the mites…I’ll keep you posted.

Remember!! Not everyone suffers from rat (bird-mite) bites. Just because no one else in your family is suffering doesn’t mean you are alone. Stay vigilant and proactive. Keep the rodents at bay and the mites away.


I have been experiencing this same issue for a few months and because I haven’t been able to “catch” this biting insect/parasite I was told it was in my head and couldn’t get any help and now I am afraid to share or seek help. The dermatologist said they could not diagnose bug bites and it was stress, the Pest Control treated for fleas then determined it was not fleas and checked for bedbugs and said that was a no, entomologist said it doesn’t sound typical and must be psychological and I am so tired of this almost obsessive behavior of washing and constant vacuuming and still being bitten.
Whatever it is, is capable of adapting to all environments and surfaces (carpet, fabric, plastic etc) because I have them in my car as well from transporting items from my old apt. I have the bite marks so I know its not in my head. I used to just get them on the ankles now they are mainly one my upper body and face while sleeping and other areas during the day. The Health Dept told me to stop using insect repellent with DEET because it wasn’t healthy but it was the only thing helping for a while and they say it doesn’t work for bedbugs but whatever is biting me doesn’t appear to be a bedbug.
The odd part is that I couldn’t use the repellent on my private areas or in my face and then the bites increased in those areas too so it has to be something with a excellent since of smell and can pinpoint areas to bite.


It’s actually quite comforting to see that my boyfriend and I are not alone. For the past couple of years we have been combating these invisible bugs and recently (after we got termites) they have gotten so much worse. I didn’t used to have a problem with them. Well I mean they weren’t attacking me, but now they are.

Randy, do you still have to use the Ortho Home Remedy Spray daily? What about the cream? Can you please give us an update! Hope the itching has stopped!


Joanne! Yours is the first picture I’ve ever seen of marks that look exactly like mine. I’m referring to the two larger ones in that photo that seem to have holes or craters in the middle. I still don’t know what mine is but its good to at least see someone else with the same issue. I too am afraid to wear a bathing suit with the scabs and scars-I look like I’m on meth at this point.

Please if you figure out what this is come back and post results. Its awful not knowing what it is because then you don’t know how to treat it. I don’t know if I’m contagious either which also bothers me. Hope you find out what’s going on.


Might be mites::

My infestation involves bites without any associated bugs or bug debris. The fact that I am dealing with an invisible bug suggests to me they are mites. My bites go through changes, where they begin red, after a few days become light brown, then dark brown, then disappear/heal. They do not itch, there is no rash, nor are they painful.

When sleeping I am often awakened by a painful bite. My feeble home remedy is to get up and iron my pajamas, and most of the blanket. I encased my mattress in the shipping plastic, and sealed it shut with tape. And I launder my sheet and blanket weekly.

After reading this site, I spotted posts suggesting an insecticide called Ortho home Max Defence with Bifenthrin. I look forward to trying it, especially since they said it has no scent. Two pest control inspections confirmed my claim of having turned up nothing. One said their heat treatment for a single room costs $2,400! But this is for bedbugs, and I don’t believe my bugs are that species.

We live on a canyon rim, and squirrels and bunnies frolic. We also have an abandoned hummingbird nest just outside. But, of course, none of us have ever played with the animals or the nest, so I can’t see how any bugs from these vectors could find their way inside and then to my room. One poster suggested getting rid of nests, so I shall do that today.


I have been having trouble with some kind of bug or mite. They are clear like a skin cell flea shaped but about 1/4th the size of a flea. They start out as round patches of what seems like dry skin about the same size around as a thumb tack. Then they become scabs that wont heal. I know that it’s more than just dry skin because I have exceptional eyesight and can see them burrowed, not flaking.

They can turn green after exposure to blood. I think that they may be related to a fungal infection in my toenails, they are now underneath my fingernails too (making it so that they spread as I try to pick them off). I find them in my clothes, blankets and shoes. Like most people , Ive been told that I’m crazy and it’s all in my head. Well they’re DRIVING me crazy.
Any ideas?


Amanda’s story can now be found on our Flea Bites page!


Thank you for publishing my post but I have a question as to why it was moved to a new “flea bite” page. It has always been my contention that these are not fleas but some type of parasitic mite and I’m curious as to whether the moderator felt it sounded more symptomatic of a flea infestation. Please remember that I first noticed it with my cats scratching, which might have been totally unrelatived, but it has since come to affect me, personally, much more than my cats. If it was fleas, wouldn’t they be more attracted to my cats than to me? It has come to the point where my cats scratch no more often than an ordinary cat does, whereas I have become the primary prey of these “things” both in my apartment and car.

I realize that my post is long but this is a true cry for help since I haven’t been able to get any from the medical community. Any and all opinions will be GREATLY appreciated because I don’t know if I can live with this much longer.


does anyone have a cure or know for sure what this is?

Bed Bug Girl::

Hi Amanda,

I must have read that wrong and thought you were stating it was fleas that were biting you. I’ll make the changes tomorrow and write you then…


to jdh—hey now, don’t give up! i went thru somethings very similar back b4 everyone had computers and internet. I felt so alone, but i did my best to learn what i was dealing with and do what i had to and think on it later. Now with google, it is easy to find what you need to learn, just keep trying to google with different phrasing to find others who have success with your particular problems. You sound like you have much to be thankful for. I found this site because i gave a ride to a girl who told me (after i dropped her off) that she had bedbugs (UGH!). i have been googling how to prevent an infestation before it starts. I am definitely freaked out–but actively seeking help! getting back to your problem, have you considered morgellon’s disease? People used to think it was imagined but it is a real condition. Don’t drive yourself nuts with details, and when you do google for info, put the words “success story” after the words you google. you will be surprised at what you find. I will say a prayer for you. YOU WILL BE OKAY! – OKAY? OKAY! I have been there and back, and i am OKAY, if not better than i was before!


@Joanne that photo you posted, looks just like whats on my back and arms. your not alone. your story is the same as mine.


Hi Amanda, I left a comment for you which has now been moved to the top of this page. This will help!

lonnie thompson::

After reading all these stories. There is no doubt we share the same disease. I am presently being treated for contact dermatitis with therapy uv light. All the bumps with the mountain top figure have pretty much went away. but there is no change on my back. There are holes where stuff comes out of it that bite, string, burn, and releases this stuff at any time doing day or night. It appears to be lent, cotton, sand, and a little , very small something that attack. My insurance advises me to have my primary care physician hook me up with a knowledgeable physiatrist on morgellon disease. I believe if can stop the lease of substance being release out of my body I would be alright . I pray some one will find the answer to our problem.

Pat H::

The past 3 years have been a blur of trying one thing after the other to stop this itching, crawling feeling. I’m exhausted from cleaning, bought a rainbow vacuum cleaner, replaced all our carpet with hardwood floors, etc. I haven’t found anything that works to get them out of our clothes- have tried borax but not vinegar ( what a cheap fix if it works!) I have tried so many sprays, dusts, bombs. My husband has not felt any thing.

Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that although some people are exposed to these mites/fleas-whatever they are, not all people are bit and kept wondering”why just me”. 3 weeks ago I went on a yeast free diet, sprayed antifungal powder on my lower legs and arms where I get bit most regularly. I’m also using sulfur 8 shampoo which really helps with the itchy head. This diet is hard to stick with so I called my doctor and asked him to prescribe an anti-yeast pill. What a difference! I still feel them in my clothes, but they don’t bite me anymore.

I think the high sugar content of my diet has attracted these pests. No one at work seems to be bothered by them, but when I sit at my desk, they would start biting my lower legs, get in my hair and make my head itch within 5 minutes. I will be going to buy bifenthrin from Walmart…I just hope it works as well as RandyH said it does for him. Garlic pills really seem to help. Probably having to do with raising my immunity to combat the yeast, who knew?

JDH, keep the faith- I’ve honestly felt the same way you do now, but also remember ” that means they win” and its just a bug…so don’t let it get to you. We will find an answer to this menace. Try the antifungal spray, call your doc for a anti-yeast med called fluconazole(150mg) and Bifenthrin. Your life is worth fighting for.

I long for the easy going days before I sat on that couch (free-from the side of the road) at my daughters house. (NEVER pick up furniture from the side of the road!) I plan to get my life back! I WILL get my life back.

I hope this helps.


I had these mite bites which took me ages to work out they were from mites, however they WERE NOT in my bed. I bought an old house and ripped up the old carpets and found myself covered in bites. Anyway I have cleared it and went to war on the critters and this is my story on how to effectively kill mites yourself! I bought human grade fossil shell (called DE) and totally dusted everything in my home.

I abandoned the lounge where I first thought it started as I thought the critters may be in the gaps in the floor boards. I then started a regime on my self. I put a fine dust of fossil shell in my laundry bin. I then stripped every bit of bedding I could find, towels and anything else I could wash. I laundered everything on a 60-90 d was at the launderette, dried it at the launderette and bagged everything.

I then set to work with diluted dettol in a spray bottle (also great for mosquito protection). I spayed and wipe everything I touched. cistern flush handle, door handles, kettle, keyboard, mouse – You name it I cleaned it. Then I took a bath in sea salts, I soaked and made sure every part of my body was dipped (except eyes).

I put my worn clothes in the bin with the fossil dust and shook it up. I then put old sheets and pillows on my bed and put a fine dusting of human grade fossil dust on my bed. Every night I put the clothes I had worn in the laundry basket with the fossil dust, took a salt bath and slept in my bed with the fossil dust. Assuming mites are most active and bite at night it would ‘GET THEM.

Every day I sprayed things I touched with either a solution of household bleach or dettol. Always diluted. I even put a mile bleach solution on my skin (wouldn’t recommend this but it worked for me.) I kept this regime up for nearly 20 days. AND NOW IT HAS GONE. I went to war on the mites but it was worth it.


My story is similar to most of them here. I have been itching for months (getting bites) sometimes 3 in a row, other times random. I have a dog (who doesn’t seem to be itching).

I have read here that lots of people ‘check’ their bed sheets or vacuum their mattress and then eliminate bed bugs. I’m wondering if this is a good enough test to eliminate the possibility of these bugs so I can focus on mites? I have done the same kind of inspections but am still getting bit regularly! (ironically rarely in bed) but mostly on my couch.

Most of my online research indicates that you may never see them??? I seem to be the only person in the house getting bit. I have a professional exterminator coming tomorrow to check and hopefully diagnose my pest!!! I’ll let you know if it was mites or something else.


I do have the answer to the skin mites that affect the human skin. It is my story to inform everyone that you must see a dermatologist for this type of cure, the eradication of the mites. The solution is a lotion called Eurax 10 percent with crotamition. It is made buy Ranbaxy in Jacksonville, FL. This is it- the cure.

elizabeth b.::

hey i wanna know what exactly that i have n if it’s contagious n do i need to seek medical attention. my symtoms are: little bumps, feeling of crawling under skin, prick like sting. these symptoms usually increase at nite.


it was a few weeks ago when i was petting my dog, it occured to me that on his right elbow there was a type of skin that was falling off. i left it there but as soon as i moved my finger there was a bug. it was a weird bug i soon thought it was a over growen flea it was flat and it had a skin like flat back. and today while i was waching infested a tv show there was a case of a house infested with bird mites i looked just like the bug on my dogs elbow. PLEASE HELP IM WORRIED ABOUT MY DOG!


The itching first started behind both ears. Then it spread down to my neck. One night my neck felt like it was burning, so i got a cold towel and wrapped my neck up in it. The next morning, i awoke with my eyes swollen near shut, neck swollen, so i went to the emergency room, doctor diagnosed me with scabies.

I used the permerthin, things subsided for one or two days. Then it appeared that i had been reinfected. I checked my bed and noticed empty casings (clear or light yellow) on each corner of my box spring, hidden under the plastic corner tabs, so i threw the bed away, and began sleeping downstairs on my sofa. More bites and things keep getting worse. another treatment of permerthin. No relief.

I called an exterminator, he doesn’t see one bedbug nor flea. Leaves a monitor in my home for one week, no bugs, yet I’m still being bitten. Every night, and I’m awaken at 3:00 am to 7:00 am with something biting me. I see new bit marks every other day. The main areas I’m bitten are my abdomen area (chest, under my breast, stomach), and my back They just seem to appear on my pillows, clothing table, everywhere. They look like little black specks. I pick them up on a lint remover.

Washing my clothes, pillow cases (allergic and bedbug resistant pillow cases) everyday, i dry clothing at least two hours before i wear them, and nothing seems to kill them (not even bedbug/flea sprays). Spraying did decrease the bites, not eradicate them. What am I fighting? They also appear to hide in lint. I feel like I’m fighting an army of 1,000,000, and i don’t know who the enemy is, nor do i have a strategy of winning this war.

This has taken it’s toll on my psychological, and my family almost had me mental hygiene, because i became so overwhelmed, i appeared as having a nervous breakdown (or maybe i did). The bites are still coming, the rash is still spreading, even down my back, and I’m so tired, as I’m sleeping only after 7 am, and then only for a few hours, I’ve lost 10 pounds in 2 months, and I’ve been praying earnestly for relief, but there is none. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!


Holy smokes, I have the same thing as you Debbie.

Exterminators called, sprayed for 5 months. Got better for 2 weeks each time and then started again. The exterminators said they didn’t see anything such as mites, so I’m at a loss. I bought a steam cleaner and clean and spray everything, still comes back. I used a flea bomb, after 1-2 days, comes back. I caulked up all the cracks and powdered DE all over the hardwood floors, still come back. All this while washing my clothes, having a mattress and box spring encasement, having interceptors at the feet of my bed, and vacuuming constantly.

I’m using a permerthin cream today, and my cat has been on advantage multi for a month. The vet couldn’t find anything on him. We’ll see where it leads us.

Consider it lucky that you’ve had it for 2 months, I’ve been dealing with this for over a year and can’t figure it out. It’s something to do with lint, as I end up with black lint in my bed. I even bought a microscope and can’t find mites. I’ve been depressed for months, as every effort to get rid of this fails and I can’t socialize with people. Worse yet, get bites on my face and it looks like I keep getting pimples. Who would want to date a guy with this type of problem anyways, sigh…


I’ve been getting bitten by something for the past 2 weeks (which I think is now from mites). First it started as an itching sensation on the side of my neck and my ankle, then I scratched and that turned into red marks, the more I scratched it turned into a hard swollen bump, then I could see whole like a bug bite. I had one on my wrist also. Then the ones on my neck turned into three small itchy bumps, I’m using calamine lotion, that helps for a while then I have to reapply.

Two days later I got more bumps on the other side of my neck and my upper wrist, the one on my upper wrist has turned into three brown flat spots after itching stops, some days the itching comes back even after redness goes away. I went to the doctor she said it’s bug bites, I suspected bed bugs and that was the first question the doctor asked me.

I had maintenance come to check, he has taken classes on bed bugs and he went over my bedroom and bed and didn’t find any signs of bed bugs. I took off all linens including pillows and washed them. I have had two of the pillows for years and never washed them. When I washed the older pillows the washing machine had this brown dirt I guess on the walls, so of course I threw those pillows away, they smelled sour also. I started with clean linens including comforter, kept two pillows.

The first night no new bites, the second night they are back. Now they are on my neck and breast area. I have one on my knew that swelled up worse than any others. When I don’t scratch sometimes I get a burning sensation. At one point after taking a shower I noticed a red line like a rash up my arm leading from where some bites were. I didn’t scratch so the red line went away, actually I scratched a little, then I developed a dry patch on both my upper thighs, I got neutrogena emphasema treatment soap and creams and that went away.

I continue to get bites, every night I do something different to see if that will help. I took comforter off and covered in plastic bag, bought new pillows and now can’t sleep cause of itching. Put on calamine and took a benadryl, don’t know what this is, sounds like it could be mites, I will vacuum tomorrow and try soaps mentioned.

Started doing research this is the first site that sounds like it may be what others are complaining about. I don’t have pets, just a fish. I live in an apt with central heat.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say I only notice them in the morning so I’m assuming they are in my bed. Also I mean the one on my knee is really swollen. I have been really stressed lately also, so I’m wondering if it’s stress related. Just discovered a new one on my thumb, wasn’t there yesterday, now its itchy and red, I will do my best not to scratch maybe it will go away. It’s almost like it has a mind of it’s own, as I said before if I don’t scratch and just apply calamine lotion it begins to tingle and burn.


will share more later.


Hi folks
I also have had itchy mite like bites and crawling. It has been some 8 years now. It is amazing I have let myself continue.

Doctors in the UK are quite clueless about this. I am now an expert.

I suspect tropical rat mite as the culprit.

What you need to know
-lives in your environment, bed, carpet, sheets, fabric, but actually anywhere.
-more active at night
-distinct “pin prick” bites when at high levels.
-is actually contagious but to a very low degree. Some people seem to be totally non susceptible. Yet others will react and itch near me (I assume either from mites floating through air or their “fecal matter”.
-I know 3 people who developed it in proximity to me.

How to treat.

-treat as scabies but more so.
-use permethrin cream, malathion and eurax regularly. FULL BODY application. every 2 days or so, or daily. You will need to use more than a few times.
-treating body is USELESS if you do not treat your environment.
-go on ebay and order a miticide. Do some research. I use lambda cyhalothrin. Mix to dilution and SPRAY EVERYWHERE IN YOUR HOME and mattress. Leave for a few hours while it dries.
-Repeat the spray at least weekly, hoovering BEFORE a new spray.
-Continue topical body application.
-Change your sheets as often as you have energy on max temp as close to boiling as possible.
-same with clothes. Tumble dry high temperature. If you cannot tumble dry, spray them all, leave them to dry for a day or two then wash. You don’t really want the lambda on your skin though it is not known to be carcinogenic or tetrogenic or to have very bad effects even when force-fed to mouse for 40 days. There is published research if you care to look up the toxicity profile.
-I also bought a flea spray from a pet shop which also helps to spray on all surfaces (NOT FOOD SURFACES CLEARLY).
-procure some IVERMECTIN if you are able to find out how. I use an online pharmacy based in India which has proven very reliable. Take correct dose, every few days at the start.
-a hot bath with diluted hydrogen perxode (found in laundry whitener) gets them off you.

You cant do half measures. It may improve for a little while but the population will simply regrow if you do not tackle this directly and with force.

They are not visible to the human eye. Whether they are able to live in skin as well as on it and in in environment I cannot say.

This is a living hell to contend with but when you KNOW YOUR ENEMY you can defeat it as above.
Be persistent. Be wary of doctors who are completely clueless as to the nature of this and will most likely dismiss your concerns.

Don’t waste time with “natural” remedies – tea tree oil does get them off you but doesn’t kill them, at least to no degree compared with actual insecticides, which will persist and kill mites for weeks (necessary).

This said taking garlic tablets does make you less attractive to them. I would recommend taking a quite high dose as you do all the above. First few applications of permethrin cream tends to produce a reaction. It angers the mites and makes them move. If you don’t do whole body and leave it on they will simply relocate.

I wish someone had told me all this 8 years ago. Not everyone reading this will have the same as me. I rules out many other things first, including simply depression (though it certainly has led to it).

Be aware also that with scabies (and this is similar), itch can persist for some weeks even after they are dead. This may be the case with these mites, though I cannot be certain.

Do the above, and it will need to be for a good couple of months and you are likely to see an improvement. If you don;t, its highly unlikely to be any sort of insect problem as not much will survive that onslaught. Don’t get distracted by other “fibre” based theories. Fibres and lint exist EVERYWHERE. I was taken in by conspiracy until I realized this is basically just a stupid mite infestation, which appears to be getting more common in humans, and is not yet properly recognized by most doctors. Best of luck. It can be treated and taken logically is not even that hard work.


Alot of these symptoms sound like mine, itching particularly on the scalp, pimple like marks, pin prick biting, insomnia due to the biting keeping you awake. The biting is worse at night. I know mine are rat mite bites.

After moving and living in our home for 3 years without a problem, I started getting a crawling and pin prick bite sensation which was itchy. this got progressively worse over the months. I was originally the only one affected. And the same as others, the doctors thought it was in my head , same as the dermatologists. So wasted money and no help.

Had the pest exterminator spray twice, bombed the house with insecticide ourselves 6 times. Ripped up all the carpet, pulled out all the insulation, to no avail, none of this had an effect. Used the perithim cream, used deet products, euculuptus oil, tea tree oil, etc. Nothing worked. Thousands of dollars later, exhausted, suffering rashes and saws and the worst of all, major hair fallout, hair has so thinned. My scalp is hit the worst, I finally couldn’t stand it any longer and moved out to my father in laws.

One week later I was itch free, hair had stopped falling out. The rat mites were in my house and I was spreading them to my car. As soon as I left they started attacking my husband and youngest son. My entire family of six moved into my father in laws and we finally had relief. My husband got the food grade DE and puffed it around our house and it killed many off, but they were still there when we tried to return home.

We gave up sold most of our gear and our house and moved to a small unit. Unfortunately the day after we moved in we were replacing the stove, on pulling it out we found a massive dead rat and we have been receiving bites ever since. Not as bad as our other house, though they are gradually getting worse.

As my hair continues to fall out and am scared of going bald, we are now selling this place and hoping the next place we buy is rat free like our father in laws house, so we don’t have this problem again. We have been dealing with mite bites for over a year now, and it has made us lose thousands of dollars. Destroyed our family , our lives and is destroying our marriage.

If the next place has mites I will be returning to my relatives in a different state and my husband and I will separate as he can not deal with having to move yet again. Moving a family of 6 and having no guarantees there will be no mites is so stressful. Realize the only way to get rid of these mites is to expose yourself to carcinogenic chemicals , including DE ( though not a chemical as such , should not be inhaled as can cause lung cancer)

I will not expose my children to this anymore and will continue moving as long as it takes to find a mite free place. The only way for it to be rat mite free is to make sure your building is rat free. Rats get into roofs and can live and dye down walls. the rat mites can breed on them dead or alive and rats are impossible to dispose of if they are in the walls unless you smash your walls down. who can afford to do that.

we are thinking of buying a mobile home or van as no rats can get in the walls then, so no mites. where there are rats there will be mites whether the rats are dead or alive. They will continue to keep breeding on the live or dead rodents then feed on a new available host on their blood if there rat is dead. Get rid of the rats the mites dye in 3 weeks.

It’s a matter of being able to find these dead or alive rodents and get rid of them, impossible once they are down your residential walls. Unless your happy to expose yourself to chemicals which will probably cause cancer in years to come. I’m over it, and on the move again. just want my life back. And no I didn’t transport them to the unit, I’m in now as i said the day after our purchase finalized we found a dead rat in the stove and where there is one rat there is sure to be more.

We have since had another 2 dead rats in our yard and the cat has killed 3 mice. But the mites just keep on biting and getting worse. Just move guys to a place rats can’t get down the walls or under your house and set traps in your ceiling.

Food Grade DE works really well to keep them down in numbers but we were unable to get rid of them completely. Just move to a rat free home and rat proof it so they can’t get in and you should then be rat mite free.


Soak in a hot bathtub of 1/4 cup Borax and 8 ounces of peroxide. Soak for a minimum of 1 hour. Repeat as itching shows up. This may take several times a day within the first two weeks for abnormal cases as the one I had. Next wash all clothes in Sun Detergent and Borax. In a spray bottle put 1/4 hot water and dissolve 3 table spoons of Borax throughly, then at 1/8th cup of peroxide and spray your home, bedding, pets anywhere necessary. You can also sprinkle Borax around the house. leave it for 24 to 48 hours then vacuum. You can also buy food grade diatomaceous earth on E-bay and sprinkle it throughout the house. It is even safe for pets and to eat in small quantities. It is excellent as a dust bath for chickens or for cats and dogs as a flea powder.

For nasty itchy areas and quick relief use Vick’s Vapor Rub. Neem Oil is good for healing and Vaseline with Mint will suffocate mites under the skin.

There is a question right now, do mites give you a fungus through their bites, or does the fungus which forms in our bodies from the intake of corn syrup, cane sugars, etc. actually attract the fungus that in turn attracts the Mites.

In any case it goes hand in hand. Treat for mites and fungus at the same time … Fulvicin (Griseofulvin).

If you are prone to yeast infections of any kind, such as; athletes foot, vaginal infections . . . etc. You would normally be more susceptible. Check your vitamins especially vitamin D.

Remember, quick relief is from a hot tub of 1/4 cup to start Borax and 8 Oz of Peroxide. As you get better cut down on the Borax to 1Tablespoon in the Bath as it will build up in your system, which is a good thing.
Also remember Vick’s Vapor Rub for small mite bites.

I am better and you can be too.


STILL being bitten or whatever it is. I have gone to Loma Linda and still no answers. They make crap up and call it Neurotic excoriation or Morgellons. I dont know it this is crazy but I collect specimens that come off my skin as they dont look like scabs. When I get a normal scab I can pick it and bother it and it still heals fairly fast but when I pick one of these itchy scabs skin things they just get deeper and redder and more bothersome. I wish I knew how to find out if its mites or bugs and how Do I find them if I have them? Were do I look? I sometimes start to get better and am so happy to see healing then all it takes is one night and it all goes to hell and I break out with red bumped up rash that itches and then I feel tingling again and i cant leave it alone. Going to take a bath now to get it off me. I need sleep. I found a dr in orange county i see tuesday and he think morgellons and has a cure or so he thats the story for now. I’ll try anything. 3 years now, really!

Mites Bites Suck::

Chickens are hosts to mites, and rodents are too. If you have these, or a lot of birds visit your garden, there will be mites in your garden. They like to live under mulch, and in dry places. If you use a liquid mite spray on your chickens, bait the rodents, and wait for a good soaking rain, most of the mites should have gone.

Mites don’t jump, or fly, they CRAWL, slowly, and tend to go upwards. You will notice tickling on your skin, and the bites do tend to appear in lines or close together. If you have fresh bites, take a shower, wash from head to toe and change to fresh clothes. They cannot carry out their life cycle on a human.

If you have them in your bed, sleep somewhere else for several weeks and the ones in your bed will be long dead. Same goes for any couches or fabric chairs. They do not live in these things, they merely fall off you when you have carried them inside your house. If you go outside, don’t wear long pants that they can crawl up, wear shorts, shave your legs, (women and men), so they find it hard to get purchase, and when re-entering the house, wash your legs (and arms if you’ve been handling anything) with tea tree oil flea shampoo for cats and dogs.

Put frontline or similar on any furry pets, don’t let them into the house, and don’t hug any animal up to your body that is outside your house. If you decontaminate your legs and arms when entering your house, you house will become a mite free zone. And try not to scratch or pick at any bites, they can itch for a LONG time, up to several weeks, it doesn’t mean they are living in your skin, mites do not do that, it is just that some people are extremely sensitive to their bites, so leave them alone to heal up.


I have recently acquired small itchy chickenpox looking bumps on my stomach and in the last couple days they have spread to my chest, back, shoulders, upper arms, neck and head. I have not eaten anything new, used anything new, went anywhere new, ect. And after reading all the posts ( i do have a dog) i would hate to think that they are caused by anything like this. If they were a mite of some kind wouldn’t my son (who often sleeps with me) or anyone else I have constant contact with also have them?


After trying everything and doing a lot of research, I found that this government study ( shows that clove, matrecary, chenopodium, rosemary, eucalyptus and caraway oils were highly effective at controlling dust mites!

What’s great about this is that they are ecofriendly biodegradable pest control solutions!

I found Clove Oil to work the best, has a pleasant smell but it does have one downside, and that’s a possible allergic reaction for some people. Clove oil should also be avoided by people who have kidney, liver or seizure disorders, and it should never be ingested.


I just found your website! I have had a skin problem for a few weeks. I didn’t think bed bugs were a problem. My dermatologist thought it might be eczema or contact dermatitis. He took a biopsy.. that is the picture with the very dark sore on my shoulder but I haven’t gotten the results yet and I doubt if it will show anything. If you click on the thumbnail to the right, you’ll see a enlarged picture with detail.

Spider Mite Bites on EllenMy husband was sick several weeks ago for a day and then he got some blotches on his skin. After that I wasn’t feeling well; I figured it was a virus and then my skin started breaking out and it hasn’t gone away. I thought maybe it could be my cats bringing something in from the litter box; they rarely go outside except when they escape now and then. I though maybe the dog? No one is itching, I see nothing on their skin and I am itchy as hell. Could I have suddenly become allergic to my laundry detergent?

Last night I stripped my bed, saw nothing at all. I decided to wash my electric mattress pad, which I have never done, because they always die on me after…but I found one bug in it… a bright red bug, tiny. I picked it up with a lint sheet, which is very sticky and it’s little legs were moving so fast, I could never have counted them. It got caught up in the sheet and there was no way I could unfold it to show anyone, so unfortunately I threw it out.

Spider mite by Gilles San MartinKind of looked like the pictures on your Web site until my son said it could be a spider mite.. which I looked up and yea, it did look the same, too. He saw a bug in his room downstairs which he said was a spidermite and that I shouldn’t jump to conclusions. He was in California a few weeks ago and he said spider mites are prevalent out there.

I washed all my sheets in hot water, wiped down the animals, etc. slept lousy last night. Meanwhile, my son says he found a spider mite in his room, which is very much similar to the bug I found and does look like a bedbug at first glance. I sprayed with some ecological spray around the periphery of my bed for now and today I used a small steamer around and on my bed… but I don’t know if it hot enough. I did dry my bedding in the dryer. I haven’t put my electric mattress cover back yet, but I couldn’t wash it in hot water. I let it air dry and steamed it today a bit.

Here are some pictures of my skin taken on Feb. 27 and again just now. My skin seems very hypersensitive which is rather rare for me. I scratch it so much that I don’t know if the open sores are from my scratches or not. The itchiness started with just a round red patch and the more i scratch around it the more sensitive and red my skin gets.

I had a scratch on my chin which I may have gotten from one of my cats… it was gone, but I rubbed it today and then my skin was red and itchy around and then the side of my face was broken out. It is itchier when I wear clothes. I have no marks on my torso, except a one from a few weeks ago on my chest, which was not itchy and it still present.

So they seem to come and go for now reason. I have not seen any other evidence of a bug except for the one I found under my heated mattress. I have psoriasis on my feet, but this doesn’t seem related. I take injections for ms and I thought maybe I may be hypersensitive all of a sudden to the medication…not sure yet; the injection sites do itch now ant then but more since all this started and the itchy red spots do not necessarily correspond to all the injection sites.

So it is an enigma yet for me. I’m not convinced yet as to the real cause. It it is bed bugs then I may want to get some of the treatments like the earth. My daughter has had a big problem where she lives in Arizona. I haven’t gone to visit her. My husband came back from a trip there a few weeks ago. Could he have brought them back? He doesn’t think so. He didn’t see any when he was there and my daughter hasn’t said much about it lately. Here are the pictures… do you have any thoughts? It is worse when I am wearing a long sleeve shirt.. or any shirt at all. (but it is cold out!) it seems worse-more itchy- at night.

I have some cream the doctor gave me-Desoximentasone, but I can’t say it helps. He gave me hydrolozine which I took 2 or 3 times… knocks me out too much or makes me too spacey to function… I take aspirin sometimes which helps with the itching.. I tried soap and water today… made it much redder for awhile… still itches. I sometimes use over the counter cortisone cream, not much help either, or antibiotic cream, which does help slightly.

Thanks for being online…I hope these bugs are not my problem, but I can’t discount the thought and if so I’ll be following some of your directions.

The images above are from Feb. The situation started 2 or 3 weeks before this: The one on my hand started below the finger and I scratched to the point of the sore which you see. It was much work and finally it is getting smaller. The itchiness and redness appeared on my knuckle above it. It has finally gone away.

The dark spot as I said on the last pix is from the biopsy. Most of the spots start out like the last one… pink, blotchy and then once I scratch it, they open to be sores. It is hard not to scratch them. They seem to be more itchy in the evening, and with more clothes on, as I mentioned.


Hi everyone,

I had finally moved out of my parents house 3 months ago. Within the first month, I was getting a few bites here and there, and was really worried that I might have bedbugs. I searched every where to never find any signs of bedbugs, but I still bought some DE and put it around my bed, in my bed, under my mattress pad. Silly me, I thought it was dealt with.

Fast-forward to now, and I have about 9 itchy welts on each forearm, about the same on each of my lower legs, and three or four across my tummy. Just last night, I noticed I have about 4 tiny ones on my neck. These bites look like mosquito bites to me, but they have a tendency to swell up and get really ugly. We’re experiencing summer-like temps here and they’re so hideous, I have to wear long pants and a cardigan every day to work; I can’t let the people I work with see this!

They don’t look like scabies bites (plus, they don’t appear in the creases in my skin). Other than the itchiness, I can’t feel them (people mention feeling them crawl on them), and up until today, they’ve never woken me up. I feel like I’m going crazy. With year end coming up at work, I’m quite stressed out about it, which isn’t helping anything.

I’d be better at fighting this if I knew what I was fighting. I read on some forums people saying you can’t rid yourself of these things, you can only manage it. If that’s true, how can I even think about having kids when I have to contend with this? Heck, how am I even going to find a mate?

Any guidance you could offer would be great. I’ve just purchased some borax and tea tree oil dog shampoo. I don’t want to sleep in DE for the rest of my life. Please help.

I’m thinking that perhaps they could be mite bites?

Oh, and also. I don’t have any pets. I have no idea where this came from, aside from the fact that I moved into a new apartment recently. I feel such shame about all of this.

It was a little funny, though. Lying to the people at petsmart about my non-existent dog so I could buy the shampoo.

“What kind? Oh, she’s a border collie.” Why was that so easy?


I have had this problem since October 2010. It first appeared on my thighs where my cat laid across my lap. I also felt a biting sensation on my lower legs but could not see any fleas. Treated the cat and the house for flea bites. Problem continued.

Went to general practitioner who ordered permethrin cream. Used twice, still had problem. Continued using over and over again. GP sent me to dermatologist who said I had scabies and issued “something new” – it was permethrin cream under a generic name. 3 visits later and several hundred more $, dermatologist declared my problem to be dry skin!

Every day washing clothes and bed linens, running the dryer, sweeping the carpeting, bathing, treating, crying, praying. Took cat to the vets twice. She was given frontline treatments and shots for allergy to fleas but no mites. Vet assures me that she doesn’t have them and can’t transfer them to me if she did. He also told me that parasite mutate and that is why that after sometime a treatment that is effective today is not tomorrow. No one else that had been in the house was having a problem.

At this point, I was so disgusted. My “friends” thought I was not being truthful, imagining things (it’s in your head), or just being obstinate. I began to use neem oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, special soap. Nothing seemed to help. A friend heard on talk radio a discussion by several doctors about Morgellons disease. It was suggested that an imbalance in the ph was usually found.

I began taking a ph Buffer capsule by VAXA which I got at my local herb shop along with an immune capsule, Immune Gold with Mitake mushrooms from Vita Strong. These two things seemed to help greatly. The girl at the herb shop told me to try spraying denatured alcohol ($12/8oz at the pharmacy, $5 for 2 qts at surplus store) on my skin, which I did. It killed the “bugs” on contact. I couldn’t see them, but when I sprayed the denatured alcohol, I could feel them. The windex does the same thing.

I used Nix on my head and a special shampoo with neem and several other herbal remedies in it. I eventually began washing my hair about 3 times a day when I felt the bugs running. This has helped along with the immune and ph capsules which have been the most effective so far. I also used a sticky lint brush and rolled it over my skin when I felt the bugs crawling. It was amazing what this picked up from my skin. I feel that it removed many things that I didn’t want on me. When the itching wakes me up, I take a shower. All of this has helped but no cure.

I too have wondered if Life like this is worth living, but I pray for peace of mind and continue. The feeling of isolation is one of the worst to deal with. Most of the time I would prefer not to think about, let alone talk about my problem. People are put off by your scratching and sores. Others cannot understand what it is like, offer no comfort most of the time, and sometimes discouragement instead.

Let’s Try::

In the summer of 2010, this Pit-bull that had no fur ran into my house. About 2-3 weeks I started feeling like something was biting me. So, I started doing insect spray, I thought is was mosquitoes. I still kept feeling the like something was biting me. So, I thought it was fleas. I sprayed for fleas. That did not help. I started noticing my Pit-bull started losing fur in patches and I kept feeling this biting, things crawling in my hair, on my eye lashes, eye brows just all over my body.

I could not see anything (mites?). So, I went to a pet store to get something for my dog and they told me it was mange and gave me some treatment for the dog. It worked and his fur is back to normal. I called pest control they did a Bifen fogger, that gave me some relief for 2 weeks. I felt the itching for about 3-5 weeks and it was like they disappeared. 3 weeks later it started all over again. I got so frustrated that I made my own solution because I got tired of paying of $100 dollars every 3 weeks for 2 weeks of relieve.

I bought Bifen from a home supply store. I mixed 4 caps of Bifen with half a spray bottle of bleach, 1/3 bottle of window cleaner because of the ammonia, Epson salt, Apple Cider Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide (not sure if this is safe, but works for me). I went and got Hot Shot insect killer, the sticky pads not the spray and I sprayed the solution I made everywhere 3 times a day or even more if I continued to feel bugs crawling on my skin or something was itching me.

I sprayed my bed, pillows, sofa, carpet, everything. I threw away the insect traps when I thought they were full. I think the mixtures dries them up or something but it worked for me. I took showers and used Listerine or window cleaner on my body to wash them off my skin (again, read the warnings BEFORE attempting this). The most irritating thing is fighting something you can’t see and they just don’t go away. Or they go away and come back.

If you look at the sticky pads you will be able to see little tiny black bugs, mites, because it will be so many of them on there. I hope this helps because it helped me.


Can these types of problems be caused by an animal (a.k.a my cat) today i noticed that i have developed a welt which i did NOT have yesterday and my mom thinks its chicken pox because its going around but my cat sleeps on my bed and she is really dirty so cant his be posssible too?


Thanks for the post and here’s whats working for me.. Mites tend to flock to people with low immune systems, This explains why i have them worse then other house hold members. For this try,, Emergen-c with vitamin d drink daily from wal-mart (4.00$),And 1 full lemon squeezed into 12 oz. of water 2x daily,morning and evening. Eat garlic bread,Buy garlic cloves mites will hate the way you taste!!This will slow down there progression on your body, Let your pet eat small portions of garlic to clear up mites and sores completely. Halls menthol mouth drops to keep mites from getting internal. Now lets stop that crawling feeling quick like!!, All products purchased at wal-mart and dollar store. No permathin?? No problem. Start with Noxema face soap,,Mites hate Peppermint and menthol. Purchase lotions,soaps,shampoos. I picked up a shampoo with menthol$(4.00) from wal-mart and foot rub with menthol $(4.00), I apply over entire body.Vicks vapor rub, Excellent,Strong menthol aroma .Remember menthol makes them get off and stay off. But will not kill them unless mixed with Vasalene Rub. I apply after menthol lotion to suffocate them pesky critters.Also mix 1/2 water 1/2 Listerine in a spray bottle. Have another Spray bottle with Bleach and water ready.Before showering spray entire body and hair with Listerine let stand 1 minute ,watch your eyes it will burn,then spray the 1/4, Bleach and water around feet as they literally jump off into tub.After shower use menthol or peppermint lotions and feel the relief..Use lotion as needed and follow with vasalene.Use the mite spray from dollar store or Windex with ammonia to spray bed, pillows,chairs couches and floors,Daily,,Then rotate Every 3 days , x3, then 1x a week x2 weeks. Mites eggs hatch every 3 days, This is why spending money on exterminators is a waste. After 1 year of bites and skin crawling im 75% better in just 3 days.The crawl has vanished and the bites ae clearing??Good-Luck!!!


It was hell for years!! They are on the grass, do not sit on the grass. I was told by others that had the same problem, they are super bugs that have resulted from the farmers spraying the flower crop fields. That is why the ointment doesn’t really work just makes them multiply. Use it 3x what is recommended.

They seemed to like my body the most. It didn’t really take on the others.

They are micro scopic spider mites! The doctors can’t see them so they don’t believe you especially when you look like a scratched up meth addict. I almost punched the dermatologist who said I was imagining it and I had the mite bites to prove it!!!

They burrow into your skin and lay eggs. They come out of your skin to mate and that is when you feel them crawl and you are itchy. Mostly between 1 and 3 in the morning. Their feces also makes you itchy!

When you feel them crawling this is the time to use the lice shampoo and cream. Also shower, vacuum and wash your sheets and clothes.
The more you try to kill them the harder they try to survive by multiplying that is why it seems like they are gone and then they are back again.

There is a cycle. Mate. Burrow. Lay white eggs. Hatch. Crawl and eat your skin, in strange straight lines. Repeat. The longer you have them, the cycles overlap between the spiders so eventually you are itchy all the time.

What I did to get rid of them was everything at once:
I went swimming for at least 2 hours a day in a chlorinated heated pool and then I sat in the jacuzzi and steam room as long as I could.

Put on the cream.

Used tea tree oil, i put it in my eczema cream, my shampoo, my bath water.
I vacuumed.
I washed clothes.
I left the house for long periods of time.
I used the peppermint oil, etc.
I eat a ton of garlic.
Also, they don’t like vitamin B3. I took that along with vitamin D, E and C.

After 5 days, i was finally rid of them, but it took weeks for the itches to go away because of the eggs and feces left in my skin.
It took months for my skin to heal and the scars to go away.

I had the mites.
The overabundant yeast problem.
Then the fungus on my legs, like athletes feet. Tinatin powder is good for that! The seven dollar cure.
It caused extreme eczema.
Now I have developed bad allergies. The hospital took blood tests and told me I am allergic to dust mites and farine mites. The hell continues…..


I really feel that i’m suffering from dust mites attacking me from work. at first i had a very hard time breathing there, which got worse over time, and even make my throat close up. I got a nasal spray that helped me breath wonderfully from the doctor. Soon after, i started feeling very itchy at my office job. it was very creepy since i was the only one experiencing it. We cannot open any windows there, and it is almost 20 stories high. At first i would be fine the moment i would step outside for break, but soon after i was feeling itchy even when i was at home. i ended up quitting my job cause it was too unbearable at work, i just couldn’t stop itching “constantly” my bosses kept telling me it was all in my head…………

i went home.. and started cleaning like crazy. i felt amazing after that. But 3 days later, the itch attack started all over again. so i been cleaning every 2 days for the past month, and i started feeling better. of course I’ve been taking over the counter allergy pills every now and again, which help so much. now even without the pills i’m feeling better….

But today.. i went into my younger siblings room, and he had.. piles of DUST everywhere. i only stood in there talking for a few minutes.. and i just couldn’t stop scratching myself. my thighs and butt got soo itchy. like i didn’t notice at first.. i just started casually itching, then gradually it just got worse and worse! i had to run out and shower. like a super hot shower and afterwards just my legs were still itchy. i took reactive and rubbed on some gold bond and other creams on.. and i feel fine now xp but i don’t know how to get him to clean his room.. he won’t listen and he doesn’t care about other people.

i use to get these red marks on my body at first, then they went away, and now it’s just pimple like itchiness, and alot of redness when i scratch, anyways.. i’m not even sure what it is that’s doing this to me. i’ve just been reading these stories, and they just feel so similar to what i’m going through.


Hi !
I got my dog Alex about a month ago,a week after, she started scratching, so I thought that would probably be flees or ticks, so I got her an anti-parasite spray, the flees are gona but she still scratches certain areas, and lost about a third of her coat, I took her to the vet, he gave her a worm pill and some vitamins,and a fungus ointment,since he didn’t know what cause the scratching,I used that but she still is scratching and losing furr… Other than being very worried about my dog, I got some itchiness my self…

And the same tiny ( about the size of a pin head) red dots that my dog has… skin also looks darker on the bold areas.I called my vet 10 days after and he said I must give it at least two weeks till she gets better :/

I tried a boiling eucalyptus leaves and washing my dog in that…but it didn’t really help…So I’m wondering if its mites that were suffering from:/

Do you think I could use the Listerine treatment on my dog?|
Thanks !


I am a single, rather solitary older woman who lives alone with no pets. The sensation of things crawling on me and itching began Friday night of the holiday weekend and I was nearly suicidal by Tuesday morning. I saw a doctor immediately, but he had no clue. I am convinced I have found my answers here. How any of you have endured this for any length of time is amazing. Thanks to all of you for sharing. If I learn anything helpful, I’ll be back….


I’ve been finding random bites on my skin every few days or so. I just found one bite on my finger this morning. I’m think its either from these things or spiders. So, I will continue my observation.


Avalon Organics makes a nice series of shampoos, conditioners, and shower gels. I mixed the Tea Tree Oil, rosemary, and peppermint ones together and use them daily in my shower. I also use Noxzema and Listermint with the shower gel. Not only did it clear up the bumps, I am no longer getting bit.
I use talc powder on the carpets, as I have a lot of problems with chemicals (asthma). That seemed to quiet down the critters as well. Scrubbing the floors with a combo of bleach, a little bit of ammonia (with all the windows open as this is a dangerous combo), Listerine, and Borax (again just a little) seems to help as well.
I also wiped down the walls and used an oil soap on the paneling.
I am a lot less itchy than I was a week ago, and all the bumps have disappeared.
Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone!

going out of my mind::

We moved into a new house in oct. 2011 and this is where my hell began! At first I thought it was the water and taking hot showers so I left it go for awhile. My new neighbors who live in the other half of the twin home started complaining of the same thing so I thought it must be hard water and bought dove soap and dandruff shampoo well, nothing helped. I then bought menthol shampoo and that worked for my scalp but not my biting feeling and it always came back!!

I went to the doctor they said it was just dry skin gave me lotion and said my vitamin d was low try all this stuff well like everyone else nothing worked!! Then one day sitting on my couch just 2 days ago I felt a bite on my arm and i started scratching and picked this thing off me and put it on my coffee table and got my magnifier and it looked like your pic of the mite but then it started shrinking into nothing and evaporated!!!

I tried to get my fiance to see it because he is not getting bit and he just thinks I am out of my mind!!! So i finally found your website and told him to read this!! So today I am trying some of these things but I am just wondering where do I get the stuff you call DE? Not sure if I missed that in my reading…I just want the itching and sleepless nights to go away!!!! I have no pets and thought this was my ideal home and it turned into a nightmare!!!!


It’s been a month now since I was first infested. I have dragged this into my car and to my workplace. Trying to stop the infestation on all fronts has been exhausting, but last week I thought I’d done it….then it all came roaring back with a vengence. It drove me back to the internet looking for solutions (in addition to the endless laundry, vacuuming and covering myself with various “treatments” ) and I came across something called BEST YET cedar tree oil. Do any of you have any experience with this? It is horribly expensive – btw this whole mess has already been horribly expensive and was NOT in my budget – but I’d make the purchase if I thought it would end this hell safely….. Oh yes, I’ve seen my famly practicioner twice now and he is suggesting a psycological basis…. I don’t think psycological wakes you IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!

Pam B from Queensland Australia::

Hello friends, we are all aligned to fight this foe, here is my story and a few hints for those who’s affliction looks bad, I got infected with super teeny tiny black dots from long grass. It occurred on my shin, and within days of scratching an itch, I had lesions, then lots more bumps. I googled quickly enough to identify mites, not lice or scabies as the nurses and doctor first thought, they took a skin scraping for pathology, I told them to look for parasites, so he asked for a fungal scan, guess they don’t listen too well.

I found that Kerosene was the old fashioned method of ridding one’s body of lice etc, well I had tried all sorts of things but what has been most effective in some form of control ( but not eradication) has been to use a piece of paper toweling soaked in either neem seed oil, kerosene or menthol , and energetically rub down the area that is itchy, feel free to scratch hard as long as it is through the paper towel, check it regularly for tiny black spots, flip it over and scratch again, then if you want to go to a doctor, catch the black spots on sticky tape then tape them to white copy paper, you can then view them first hand through a good magnifying glass. There is your proof to doctors, family, anyone.

I have followed up with raw aloe vera as it has a soothing and healing film over the affected area. I have managed to heal the ugly areas and keep them on my shin as far as egg laying is concerned. I itch and scratch elsewhere, but no bite marks or egg lumps. Thanks so much for all the info on how to battle this enemy, Borax, Windex, DE, garlic & lemon will be added to my arsenel. I have already been using vicks vapour rub in ears, up nose and anywhere else I want relief from them. Also a Chinese Kwan Loong linament full of menthol, eucalyptus. camphor,lavender oil,& methyl Salicytate in it has given some relief and can be used as a wipe to remove any that annoy you.

Finally, I have been praying for a cure, and I found this page in the middle of the night, someone is listening to our prayers. I sincerely hope that each of us is helping the others to win the battle of the mite.

PS. We got a batch of mites erupt out of our veggie bin a few months ago, we went to the local feed store to ask for a miticide to treat the house, told him how we got it, and he said he wasn’t surprised if they came in with a bag of veggies. Shock horror!!! It could have been potatoes, onions or garlic. We got a sulphur powder with rotenone in it, we powdered everywhere and watched for 6 days, little by little they stopped moving. Maybe there is something in that for everyone.


Ok all, I have posted on ‘Medhelp’ but will post here too even though it sounds like most of you mite bites!
I got this from my ‘so called’ friend which knew and denies all the truism’s of this epidemic! I got it from my friend’s couch which denies the accusation it but I’ve been around no one else. It started by itching every time we spent time on the couch and began by my lower back itching like crazy! I have never had skin problems or experienced anything close to this…..

I’m 34, take good care of myself and am very hygenic,,,,no critters ever in this house till now! This is like ‘Chinese Torture! I’ve experienced for a few months, I can’t imagine you all that have been dealing with this for years….my blessings and prayers and heart felt love go out to all of you! I started w/ an itchy scalp in the back and then got little red spots (no flaking or raised),,,, then the body itches started, especially my back and small singular bites show up all over! I’m going into surgery next week, I hope thy don’t get inside through my surgery!

I take Alprazalam to sleep cuz it totally knocks me out but I know its a Benzo (narcotic) but it works to knock me out, as you all know night time is worse so tonight I took a ‘Eucalypti c Sea Salt’ bath and then smothered myself in Lavender Oil to drown the buggers and actually found relief for a couple of hours….also use Vicks Vapo around my hair line and ankles and such for barriers….and Anti-Allergy pill and I itch when clothing or anything tangible touches me! I need to by silk dress and tanks because they stick to cotton/lint!

Lets keep sharing stories, but I ‘ve never had a skin problem and now little rashes on my back of my scalp, sporadic bites that rise like an ingrown hair, but popping them is the worst thing to do! I’m going to keep up with the bathes in those Sea Salts and Lav. Oil and get my hair done weekly and go to a spa for a body scrup and mud wrap and a new silk dress that hopefully won’t allow the ‘bastards’ to stick and feel nice on my skin!

I will check back soon, please keep in touch as it is not us, we are a large group of soldiers against an epidemic that the Health Care Professionals choose not to address it because they have no we are the crazy ones! Ya right! All my prayers and blessings to you all, please keep posted…..I think its an everyday battle for few weeks at least,,,,I’m having trouble keeping up w/ my daily routines,,,,,its brutal! I will post again soon, bless you all!!!!


Here is my story. I started out with getting one bite and then the next day another and so on. I couldn’t figure out what was biting me. Well after a few weeks and almost 10 bites I knew something was up. After figuring out where they came from and visiting a doctor the source was rats. OMG! They carry mites!! I had rats come down my outside wall onto my patio every night.

I tried to naturally get rid of them but nothing worked so we had an exterminator do the job. Unfortunately they left the mites to deal with. Thank god I found this website for all your suggestions on how to rid these things. Here is what I did for about a month or so. So far for almost a week now I’ m bite free so I’m hoping this is over with.

Every 3 days or so sprayed my mattress with windex and once dried I vacuumed the mattress. I washed all bedding in borax and laundry detergent. I sprayed a rag with the windex and wiped down everything on my end tables next to the bed along with chairs pillows, everything else.
I also sprayed windex on the couch in the living room and vacuumed as well. (I was getting bites sitting on the couch)
I vacuumed everyday. What a pain!
I washed the all floors including hardwood floors with a mixture of bleach and water first two weeks about every 3 days and then about once a week.
Personal hygiene: I hated this the most! I showered using the Avalon products that someone suggested, peppermint soap,peppermint shampoo and tree oil conditioner. I used very hot water as hot as I could stand it and sometimes showered twice a day. After showering I sprayed the bottom of the shower with the mixture of bleach and water. I also lathered up with peppermint lotion all over my body and at first I wore socks and long sleeves and pajama pants to protect myself. Once the mites subsided I went back to norm sleepwear. I THINK WHAT SAVED ME WAS I HAD AN ESSENCE OIL THAT WAS FOR SINUSES AND IT HAD PEPPERMINT! MENTHOL! AND SOME OTHER INGREDIENTS and I rubbed it in all over my body before I went to sleep. The mites hate these smells and I believe this is what kept them away. I purchased this stuff in Cambria on a vacation and not sure what store I bought it from. So, if you can find an essence oil that has similar ingredients it will work wonders!

I also have two cats and I bathed them in lavender pet shampoo and actually these mites didn’t seem to affect them at all.
Next I also sprayed my bed every night with a lavender spray, sheets, pillow, bedspread. They hate lavender too.
I only wore clothes once so I was washing clothes a lot.

Since the rats are gone and I have been doing this regimen for more than a month I’m hoping the mites are gone and just to be safe I will continue for another week.

I hope this helps anyone going through this hassle and as some folks have called it hell! If you stay with it and continue the regimen you will see the light at the end of the tunnel! Good luck…..


I’m nearing month 2 of this infestation. Things have slowed a lot, but I still do NOT wear anything twice or use anything twice without washing it – am laundering sheets and towels every day. I am ruthless about it and it is exhausting.. I did ASK FOR (insist on ) the eurax prescription from my doctor who did not believe me. He suggested counseling. The eurax is a miracle . However, this medication is NOT to be used above the neckline, so I’ve used NIX four times in the last weeks -the people who track purchases at Wal Mart should be having a field day with that one.

my scalp has been the hardest thing to clear up. I don’t think it – NIX- touches the mites at all and I have wondered if I’ll be bald by the time this is over. Locations that are the worst for me? At my home and work computers. If any of you have cleared this area up easily pls let me know….I’ve sprayed and vacuumed, but they still seem to be a hot spots….. I am so grateful to have found this site, and that you all have shared. I have never felt so untouchable and disgusting….. I have NOT shared this with friends or family – how could you? and so I’ve gone through it alone….. how can you even have someone in your house or near you? KEEP SHARING THOSE SOLUTIONS! We are all we’ve got…….

Pam B from Queensland Australia::

Hello again, here is an update that may be of serious help to all, I found a pharmacist in Innisfail that put me on to “Benzemul Application” it is a lotion for the treatment of scabies and body lice but he believes it is the old fashioned way of dealing with mites. He hadn’t heard of Harvest Mites, but he had heard of Scrub Mites, they may be the same mite. I compared pictures and my leg fits the bill for them, also where I got them was from long grass in Autumn.

The main ingredient is Benzyl Benzoate 250mg/ml. While this was on order for me I purchased a mite itch lotion and I have been using this lotion for the past 2 days and I am finally getting some peace and sleep. Very regularly I am slathering it onto my shin and any other body part that itches. The directions are to rub vigorously to get it under the skin, down to where the mites are.

What I have also done is 5 or 6 times a day I am using this or any oil on tissues rubbing to remove mites, threads, dead skin cells, in fact anything on my skin that I can wipe off. Immediately I am sealing the tissue in a cliplock bag with some DE in it ( Diatomacious Earth ) which I am using as a miticide as well. The bag is then disposed of in rubbish, or burned. This has been my way of destroying and limiting any that I find.

Also the DE is being sprinkled in the dirty washing, on the mats, the floor, the bedding, under the beds, in edges of floors, walls, benches, almost anywhere I can see that may harbour a mite. After a few days I sweep it up (no vac in a van) I’m on hols, then renew it as need be. Vicks has been my greatest friend, I have used it to ease and numb the itch before I got the miracle lotion, vicks is great for a few hours of sleep, I have put it in my ears, up my nose, around my hair line, on my nether regions, absolutely anywhere it was needed. Vicks is also good smeared on a tissue then used as a rubbing pick up tool to remove mites and their debris from my leg etc.

Also I found a mite wash at coles, it was 80% Eucalyptus Oil & 20% ??? but I used it along with Eucalyptus Wool Wash and Borax in the washing machines with all my clothing, linen etc, hot wash, then hot dryer as was suggested previously, all of these actions produced relief, my leg is now healing, I have had my first nights solid sleep in 3 months, I feel more relaxed, not itching, not being bitten, I think I see light at the end of the tunnel. BTW I have prayed earnestly for freedom from these evil little pests. I would like to think my prayers have been answered, I now hope I can help you who need this information to get results too.

Here’s a thought or two, mites and scrub typhus were so prevalent in the last 2 wars that DDT was used to clear the scrub to save the soldiers from this affliction, wikipedia cites that 4 out of 5 casualties of jungle warfare were caused by mites, not fighting. If it was indeed that well known and documented, why is it not openly acknowledged by the medical profession now?

I asked my 2nd doctor about ‘Chiggers’ or ‘Harvest Mites’, he said he hadn’t heard of them for many years but took my sticky taped sample, checked it out under a microscope, and then sent an enlarged picture of it off to QUT for identification. Given that there are 46,000 known species of mite in the world, if this little bugger gets a positive ID I will post the info here. Cheers for now.



I have mine too. It’s all starts when I adopted a kitten. Honestly I don’t even have the extra knowledge about having furry animals as a pet. And now it was like a nightmare. I couldn’t sleep well, always scratching and becomes more sensitive on any tiny black spot on the floor. I will keep staring and wondering where the hell is these ‘things’ were hiding.

There was a blood dots scattered on the floor, even though I already washed the floor and clean up the room, almost everyday! I washed up my bed sheets, curtains and bath in a hot water too, regularly. Besides, I already put on calamine lotion, gets an injection, have an antibiotics. But still, it’s getting more and more red welts all over my body. It’s really killing me.

It’s already 2 months since I couldn’t find the solution. It’s quite tough and takes a lot of time and energy since I have to do everything more often. But today I am pleased with help and info shared by everyone here. I really appreciate it.

Anyway if one of you is thinking on adopting furry animals especially cats or dog, make sure you are willing to fight with these bloodsucking parasites.


From central PA – I must ask if any of you SEE the things that are crawling and biting. Only one time have I actually seen anything, and that was the very first time I felt the intense crawling sensation. I have not seen anything since then. I can actually feel a bite or sting and look down at where I just felt the bite and see nothing. Nothing on clothes, nothing in the shower, nothing in my bed …this part of it – and the inability to MAKE IT GO AWAY – are making me -bonkers.
I have spent the entire summer now doing laundry, remaking my bed and staying away from people. My current remedy is BEST YET cedar oil but the jury is still out on whether or not it will be the complete solution. I’ve spent a ton of money and and still run for the ladies room a dozen times a day to spray something on when I feel the damn things moving…..

It’s Black Pepper Mites::

Hello. I had the same frustration wondering what was biting me. I finally figured it out it is Black Pepper Mite Bites and called Black Pepper Mites because if you look on your mattress – they are so small they look like a fleck of pepper or a tiny piece of lint. Seriously. Look closely. Then you have to vaccume regularly and wash sheets in hot water and put in hot dryer.


Two weeks ago I returned home from a vacation at a casino resort. The next day I went to a family reunion at a park, after I took my daughter to the store and bought her 2 guinea pigs. About 2 days later I was in my bed around 8:00 P.M. and I thought I saw a bug on my arm. The light was on and I had my readers on and it was a bed bug. It was the size of a rice and light in color it matched my skin and i am an olive color.

I thought maybe I caught bed bugs from the hotel but I had no bite marks. Since then I have been checking for bed bugs all around my room and I see nothing. A couple days later I started itching especially on my head. A couple days later I had my head checked for lice, no lice. I can feel something crawling all over me especially my hair,eyelashes, eyebrows and inside my nose.

MY friend has owned rabbits and she checked the guinea pigs and said they have no lice or fleas, she also said their skin color looks great and it is soft. I do notice them itching and sneezing but their fur looks great. I found this web site yesterday so tonight I went to the store and bought lots of stuff. I sprayed my room with the ortho defense w/bifenthrin then I put a mint mask on my face, took some B12 and vitamin D after I mixed vaseline and vapor rub and rubbed all over body I waited five minutes and got in the shower and sprayed myself with half water and half Listerine.

My husband thinks I am crazy so he was there when I did this and nothing came off my body. After I washed my hair and conditioned it with a mint scent shampoo and conditioner and washed with aveeno extra dry wash. When I got out I brushed my teeth and rinsed with Listerine. Then I but an antibiotic cream on my husband got from his doctor for infected hair on his nape, also an anti itch cream for eczema . Finally I put tea tree oil in my hair and on my body. For about a half an hour I felt great and then my legs started feeling like you do when you get your hair cut. And then the itch, crawling and prickly feeling all came back. About three hours later I went to bed and my chest hurts and when I got up i was dizzy. The only thing that feels better is my scalp doesn’t burn as much.

I do have some tiny bumps on my body, may about 12 to 14. I ran the lent roller over my body and theres not hardly anything on it. My husband thinks I’m COO COO!!! I am a person who is constantly washing my hands and cleaning my house most people who know me say I am anal. I have had my skin crawl in the past when nothing was wrong with me but not like this, in my nose and ears… Am I crazy????