How Many Legs does a Bed Bug Have?

The first thing you want to do when you find a bug is count the number of legs, especially if you’re concerned about bed bugs!

Q) So how many legs does a bed bug have?

A) They have six legs.

Casey, a visitor who shared the following picture and story, wanted to know if this was a bed bug or something else.

Thinking it was a Nymph, she called the Orkin Guy who upon viewing it, could not determine if it was a bed bug. Kind of shocking coming from a pest control professional who is supposed to know their bugs…

Clearly, the picture below shows that the bug has eight legs, not six.

BTW – Visitors overwhelmingly conclude that this looks like Dermacentor variabilis (brown dog tick)

Casey's Bed Bug turned out to be an arachnid

Casey’s picture show a bug with eight legs, making it an Arachnid such as a spider, tick (not good) and mites.

Below is a picture of a bed bug full from a good feeding of blood which clearly shows the six legs.

Picture of how many legs does a bed bug have?

If your bug has eight legs, then visit for help with identification.

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