I received this from the Holiday Inn at North Saguaro Blvd Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 stating that a disgruntled guest named “Elena” is using intimidation tactics against their company.

Holiday Inn is claiming that Elena is using our website as a way to bully their business and asked us to include their version of events below. They also claim, and offer a letter as proof, that they have had a bed bug dog inspect the facility and found no evidence of bed bugs. They also offer an inspection report which shows that no problems have been discovered.

I’ll start with Elena’s comment / complaint first and then I’ll present Holiday Inn’s version of events. You can read both and then decide for yourself which comment to believe.

By Elena:

Subject Line: Holiday Inn & Suites Fountain Hills has bed bugs at location 12800 N Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268-5102.

We stayed at this hotel with my two cats. After they changed the sheets I woke up with 15 to 20 bites on my neck, my friend had bites all over her chest. There was a dead bug on the pillow (took pictures with the holiday inn non smoking sign next to the pillow as proof) We notified management, they stated they did not have any problems and that we were bitten at the fountain across the street (surely the story they use on everyone).

Meanwhile my cats, which never visited the fountain at fountain hills, itched and scratched continually and one of them in fact now has a secondary skin infection from the constant itching.

After we checked out, within 5 minutes the cats had diarrhea , took them to the vet and they found round worm. The constant itching reaction they had to the bed bug bites has caused one of them to have a secondary skin infection and severe hair loss. To date my cats have been to the vet 4 times since our checkout on 07-05-11 ( today is 07-27-11) and I have to take one of them to see the vet on an emergency in the morning as urine samples were sent in today for analysis for a possible bacterial urinary tract infection (the same cat that has developed the bacterial skin infection from our stay at Holiday Inn).

To date vet bills are over $400 and doctor bills over $95.

We were diagnosed with “bed bug bites” by my family doctor. I provided the hotel and their insurance with all doctor and vet notes, bills and invoices, pictures of the bug on the pillow with the “holiday inn” sign, pictures of the multiple bites on all of us, and despite all the proof and evidence they have the colossal nerve to claim they have no bedbugs and we cannot prove it!

Apparently the only evidence they will accept would be a video of the bed bugs as they bite us, with each bed bug tagged for identification purposes… Holiday Inn at Fountain Hills and their insurance company is denying the bed bug problem at this hotel despite all proof, including pictures of a bug on their pillow!

The public health department has already been notified, our credit card company has been notified, Priceline has been notified and we are now in the process of notifying the attorney general, district attorney, BBB and any other governing government agencies.

I can provide all the pictures and documents proving we sustained numerous bed bug bites, the cats also got round worm (need to be on medications for 6 months just for that) and the numerous health problems suffered from our stay at the Holiday Inn at Fountain Hills, AZ.

And here is the information left by Managing Director Gary Lvov at Holiday Inn.

480-837-6565 – RESERVATIONSDATE: AUGUST 7, 2011

Dear Site Moderators:
We are currently experiencing a serious problem with a past DISGRUNTLED guest that had stayed at our hotel. The information on the guest is displayed above.The guest claims to have been bitten by bed bugs. But when we inspected the room, there were no bed bugs.

We even went as far as calling the State Certified Canine Unit, as well as our County Health Inspector and our Insurance Company. All found no evidence of any bugs whatsoever, and have already dismissed guest complaint.

The guest does have some pictures and some doctors documents; however, none of them prove the issue. In addition, she wants us to comp her room, pay her vet bills and her medical bills; which we do not think we should be responsible for, since all the third parties have already confirmed that we had no bed bugs.

To-date, we had refused to comp any part of her stay, despite all the intimidation tactics she has used. We have also been harassed by guest phone calls and emails all trying to intimidate us in an effort to be reimbursed. Because of that, she is very ANGRY, and has been blasting our good name into Cyberspace to cause us business damages.

The matter has now been escalated to our company’s Corporate Attorney for handling. In the meantime, I would like to ask you to take down her postings at least until such time that our Legal Department would settle this matter.

All these postings are untrue, and are damaging to our business, so we simply ask that you let us clear our name by temporarily removing these postings until the matter is settled.

There are many people out there making false postings into cyberspace. These postings can be hurtful to a business before they are even cleared and are proven otherwise. We look forward to having you help us resolve this matter.

I attach all the reports from the State-accredited agencies showing no evidence of any bed bugs in our beautiful new Holiday Inn.

Please help us to resolve this matter expeditiously without any additional pain to our business and our staff.


Gary Lvov – (fountain.resort@gmail.com)
Managing Director, Fountain Hills Hotel Developers, LLC
dba Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268, 602-810-7447

CC: Alfred R. Sorenson, Esq – Attorney at Law
CC: Sheila H Overall – President, FH Hotel Developers LLC
CC:Rosalind Ellis – CFO, FH Hotel Developers, LLC

——– Bed Bug Dog Report —————-
Azex Pest Solutions, PO Box 11493 Prescott, AZ 86304
(877) 445-BUGS
AZ Structural Pest License #8647
Report Of Findings: Holiday Inn and Suites, 12800 N Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
Date: 7/27/11
Room 302 was checked for Bed Bugs on the above date by Keith Coddington: Licensed Pest Control Technician
Aided by Ross “Certified Bedbug Detection Canine” and accompanied by the property owner.

The Room visually showed no Insects, Feces, Blood Stains, Cast Skins or Eggs.

The Bedbug detection Dog did not alert to any location in the room as well.If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at 480-427-4335.

Keith A Coddington

Maricopa County Environmental Services Department
Environmental Health Division
Public Accommodation Inspection Report Date: 08/02/2011
Start Time: 01:11 PM
Complaint Inspection
Permit ID: NF-01563
Expires 12/31/2011Business Name:Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites
Business Address: 12800 N Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
Phone Number:(480)816-9047
Owner Name:Fountain Hills Hotel Developers
Mailing Address: 12800 N Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268Repeat Violations: 0
District: NR04
Permit Type: Public Accommodation
Permit Location:
Future Action:
Number of Rooms: Based on an inspection this date, the items listed below identify violations in operation or facilities which must be corrected by the next routine inspection or such shorter period of time as may be specified in writing by the health authority. Failure to comply with this notice may result in immediate suspension of your permit. An opportunity for an appeal will be provided if a written request is filed with the health authority within the period of time established in this notice for correction of violation.
Violation: 45A Corrected At Time Of Inspection
Plumbing not installed and maintained by approved methods.

Y-valve attached to faucet at two-bin chemical sink in Hotel Laundry Room. One hose connected to chemical dispensing system and one hose resting in sink. Maintenance person removed y-valve from sink.

This inspection was done as a result of a citizen’s complaint. No evidence was found to support the allegations made in the complaint. No County action will result from this inspection. Inspected rooms 112,114,115,198, 207,251,302,311,315,341, and 347 Environmental Health Specialist:
Christina Serino