Can you get aids from bed bugs?

Can you get aids from bed bugs? You’ll notice that when the CDC and other organizations talk about the transmission of disease from bed bugs, they are talking about the feeding process, specifically when the bed bug inserts its tubes into your skin to deliver anesthetic and drink your blood.

Their statement might go something like this:

Tests conducted by the CDC do not show any evidence of HIV transmission from bed bugs or other blood sucking insects, however, viruses like West Nile, Yellow fever and Malaria can be transmitted by Mosquito and the same may hold true for bed bugs.
The conclusion is that the blood from one human host is not injected into another human during feeding. However, a bedbug engorge

Be careful when getting rid of bed bugs that they don't burst open like this one

Learn how to get rid of bed bugs

d with human blood can burst very easy as shown in this picture provided by a visitor that was simply checking for bugs and ended up with human blood on her hand!

If you inspect a room with your bare hands, you may run the risk of being exposed to human blood as you accidentally pop the bugs. Depending on where the bed bug was located on you as you rolled over during sleep, you could crush and expose yourself to human blood.

So, rather than ask the question “can you get aids from bed bugs”, I prefer to ask, “can you get aids from being exposed to infected blood from a bed bug”. It’s not the feeding process that I am concerned about, but rather exposure.

Bed Bugs Can Transmit Disease!

A recent study shows that bed bugs can pass Chagas Disease which was thought not possible before these experiments conducted on mice. Here is what UNM School of Medicine has to say about this disease:

Chagas disease, or American Trypanosomiasis, remains a leading cause of heart disease south of the US border, with close to 12 million afflicted individuals, 40 million at-risk individuals and 50,000 deaths per year throughout Central and South America. It is caused by the parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi, and isMichael Levy transmitted to humans by triatomine or kissing bugs.

Michael Levy is an epidemiologist at the University of Pennsylvania says that his study has been conducted only on mice, but is afraid that bed bugs could pass the Chagas disease to humans.

Bugsbugs & Disease – Abstract:
Populations of the common bed bug, Cimex lectularius, have recently undergone explosive growth. Bed bugs share many important traits with triatomine insects, but it remains unclear whether these similarities include the ability to transmit Trypanosoma cruzi, the etiologic agent of Chagas disease. Here, we show efficient and bidirectional transmission of T. cruzi between hosts and bed bugs in a laboratory environment.

Most bed bugs that fed on experimentally infected mice acquired the parasite. A majority of previously uninfected mice became infected after a period of cohabitation with exposed bed bugs. T. cruzi was also transmitted to mice after the feces of infected bed bugs were applied directly to broken host skin.

Bed bugs are capable of transmitting T. cruzi;
Credits: Renzo Salazar, Ricardo Castillo-Neyra, Aaron W. Tustin, Katty Borrini-Mayorí, César Náquira, and Michael Z. Levy. Chagas Disease Field Laboratory, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Arequipa, Peru; Department of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland; Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Transmission of T. cruzi from bed bugs to mice

Twelve aquaria, each with 20 bed bugs previously exposed to T. cruzi and a single uninfected mouse, were observed over the course of 1 month.

My advice – play it safe and wear gloves when checking for bed bugs.

Popular comments regarding bed bug disease


Can mice or rats bring bedbugs into the home? Can you find out if a apartment was infested bedbugs in past?


The answer is NO. There is not one documented case of this ever happening. First of all, you could swim in infected blood and not be “exposed” to the AIDS virus. It requires an open wound or mucous membrane on your body to allow it in. Further more many studies suggest that a single virus alone can’t infect a person successfully that it takes a large dose of virus (numbering hundreds or thousands) to overcome your body’s initial immune response which is sufficient to kill off a small number of HIV virii before they can take root in your system. Fear this problem not. You are more likely to get Hepatitis than HIV in this manner. In fact, that’s more scary than HIV nowadays.. HIV has treatments that stop its damage in the body… Hep C has no real effective treatment and is often incurable.

amber jackson::

I’m so scared i keep waking up with bites on my body, people say it not bedbugs but I don’t know? It doesn’t look like the pictures I’ve seen.

anthea ampia::

About nine months ago I felt this thing biting at night. I would wake with a bump and scratch because it itch badly I was later told by my son his girlfriend had these things and , may they came in with her. I was mortified to say the least. Now, nine months later my arms are polka doted and i still have them even after spending about three hundred dollars. They are not going away,when I think they are gone, i realize they are still here, what can I do, I can no longer live here they. the bed bugs, that is are evicting my family and I. I am broke now. someone HELP.

Desiree Collins::

Hey this is desiree, i dont know whats wrong with the mattress that me and my husband been sleeping on but i think we have bedbugs everynight we wouldnt be able to go to sleep we would be up itching and scratching at our skin um this didnt occur until we got this new mattress that someone was throwing out and all the time im thinking it was mosquitos but i dont think it is because i would see the mosquitos at night and i dont see anything me and my husband looked at the cracks of our beds and no bedbugs this is weird and these bug bites wont go away it’ll keep coming back and i dont want to harm the baby that is in my stomach


plz help i had bed bugs about a year ago i got bitten up so my family bought me a new bed but i just received some bites that i think they are back. I cant even sleep now thinking about them!

What can i do?


Well, that’s true – you could swim in blood and not catch anything as long as you had absolutely NO cites where germs and bacteria could enter your blood stream. I don’t know if I would trust mine or anybody’s body to be in that perfect a state. But you sure are right about the Hep C virus being the “step child” of the contagious aka possibly fatal disease list.

Aids – they had marches and protests and act outs and you name it – mostly thanks to the gays, Aids got a LOT of good attention and as a result – there are many medicines available now to treat it. Hep C? FORGEDDABOUDID. Except for an unlucky few who claim they really don’t know how they got it – Hep C is a drug addict’s disease and there is little for it except Interferon which I myself would not touch with a ten foot pole.

Everybody I know who took it eventually got the Hep C back or else came down with Diabetes – great trade off. And you can catch Hep C from a pretty small amount of blood – for instance – sharing a straw to snort Coke is enough to do it. I heard kissing someone with bad gums is another way to get it – blood in almost any amount is enough to catch it. One good thing though is as long as you do NOT drink alcohol, and take reasonably good care of yourself, you probably will NOT die of liver Cancer.


I live in an apartment complex overtop a florist and I’m learning there is an infestation of these bedbugs here, I wake with bites, and my children also, I threw away one mattress, I believe they live in the walls, this is a old building and I didn’t have this problem when I first moved in but now I see them everywhere in the bathroom, mainly the living room and of there home the BEDROOM. It’s horrible does anyone know of any pesticide killer used to treat this problem?

Karen Sousa::

Last year I thought I had bed bugs and I got on the Internet and a lot of research. There is a product called Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth which is the DE you are looking for.

You put it all over your mattress lightly, then put on your sheet. It will kill all insects it comes in contact with. I am not sure what type of insect I had, yet whatever it was, it is all gone. It is a great product also. You can even take it internally to kill off all of the parasites in your body. Most people have parasites caused from eating meat. They are microscopic and they are internal so you don’t really notice them.

Anyway, the Diatomaceous Earth is sharp to all insects and also dehydrates them. Try taking some yourself (food grade only!) and you will see that you will get real thirsty.


Ok Gross, I stayed at a red roof inn for my sisters wedding, and now a day later I have bumps all over my legs! Bedbugs from some filthy people before. Gross! I can’t stand this! I hope I didn’t bring them home with me. But my husband seems to not have any. Egh!


Can you catch full grown aids from a bed bug bite?


my daughter has bites all over her body we think it is mosquito bites because we see them flying around our apartment…….is there a cure for bed bugs and are there different types of bites?


I don’t have a straight answer. But from some of the things I have read online and pics I have seen. If there was no possible cause of transferred disease, such as AIDs, then why do the experts wear gloves? Because of the blood! Don’t believe everything the government tells you. They said Accutane was safe, too. Now look! We could go on with that…


@ carol u said u saty at red roof in 4 ur sisters wedding n the filthy ppl b4..wel read up on it b4 u post sumthing..u can be the cleanest the richest n still get them..department stores have them clothes stores have them hotel have them b4 u come on here talkin about filthy ppl read up on it sweety cuz most of the cases that are goin around are from the cleanest ppl….it erks me when i see ppl like that write stuff cuz the 1st thing that pops in there head is oh god they must be dirty ppl…my neighbor has them n she lives across the street from me n shes so started because they purchased a toddlers bed 4 her grandaughter at a nice store n thats how she got them…so b4 ppl come on here leavin comment know what ur talking about n do sum reading on them because you never know carol you might have them and not know it yet…


I have had bed bugs three times and i have bought brand new mattresses every time. except this time my hubby and i got ammonia and a toothbrush and scrubbed every crease of our bed and wrapped our bed and boxsprings in shrink wrap, have yet to meet the bed bugs again :) but i also realized that people come to your home and leave them. so its clear that they came from my living room furniture through the carpet to my bedroom. now company sits in basement with tiled floors on folding chairs… and a comment to the last commenter…. please learn to spell and grammar check before u reply and/or comment on someone else’s opinion. thanks


i got bedbugs and i keep getting rid of them and after awhile they come back .. then i find out my neighbors next door have them n they havent tried once to get rid of them .. i kno they can get to our house from theirs so what can i do?? is it fair that i have to keep spending money to get rid of them jus to get them back .. i have 3 children including an 8 month old and i dont want my kids to constantly be bitten .. is there someone i can call about this to help me .. theres gotta be some law to help with this .. or is it completely up to my neighbor whether they wanna treat their problem??? it just doesnt seem fair


I`ve been asked to clean to clean out a apartment infested with bedbugs & very concerned about NOT bring them home with me. This hole thing is new to me & I was advised to wear a full body painters suit with elastic @ the wrist & ankles, gloves & a mask. I`m not doing a deep cleaning, but rather just all furniture/personal property to the trash. If anyone has suggestions or ideas or even experience in this matter, I would really appreciate your advise please. Thank you for reading. Robert


I’m very nervous that i have bed bugs , and if i do have them i got the from my friends house and they got it from there friend who has aids, and I’m very nervous that i can get aids from the bed bugs, im not sure if i have them but i have bits all over my back . we cant afford nothing right now so we wouldn’t be able to get new furniture nor bedding . i don’t know what to do can some one please help me.,

opal huffman::

I was wondering if you can get hepatitis c from bed bugs?


i stayed at a hotel and its been 2 days later. That night at the hotel my daughter was getting bit all night long, but me and my stepson were fine? then i came home and now i think i may have brought them with my because i seen a little bump on my arm the next night. i dont want to spend alot of money on an exterminater. does anyone have any ideas on how i can get rid of them? Or if i do have bed bugs? Please i reallly neeed help!!!


Hepatitis c isn’t a “drug addicts disease” that’s unfair. I’m not a drug addict and somehow I got hep c and I also don’t sleep around (cuz u can get it frm sex too) I have 2 kids and a husband. Nobody but me has hep c and it’s because of the fact that I had a blood transfusion. So it’s extremely ignorant for anyone to say that. “it’s a drug addicts disease” come ON!!! anyway this is abt bedbugs anyway!!!! Not drug addicts!

Micky Bianco::

All I know is these vile creatures are VERY hard to get rid of. Rumor has it, these people that moved in down the hallway from me and they apparently moved out of the other apartment building across the way from ours because of a bed bug infestation.

It makes sense because as soon as they arrived everyone in the building was complaining about getting bitten at night. I have contacted my manager about this issue and I have now set up my 6th treatment!!!

It makes me wonder if this bug guy is doing his job or just sitting around watching my TV… I have noticed one thing if you keep your house very clean, and vacuum daily it does keep them at bay, but it doesn’t fully get rid of them. It has stopped the bites though, but if you let a week go by without vacuuming and deep cleaning they will bare their ugly heads once again.

And I really hope and pray that my family does not contract some disease from those bed bugs.


2 months ago I rented a room from an elderly gentlemen and he KNOWINGLY rented me the room knowing that the whole apt is INFESTED with bed bugs. I’ve been to the hospital 2 times cause I had welts and I scratched so much they got infected. I am miserable and haven’t had a good night’s sleep since I moved in thinking of them going into my nose, ears and other holes and I keep having panic attacks. I’ve tried bed bug sprays, anti itch cream and he just laughs and says “Well you can move out whenever you want!” Unfortunately I’ve been unemployed for over 2 years (not for lack of trying…I look everyday), my unemployment just ran out and I am absolutely BROKE. My family is all deceased and I have no where else to go! I’ve never been so miserable in all my life and am terrified that with all these open, bloody sores (sorry) they are going to burrow in and give me some kind of disease. He refuses to do the treatment cause he doesn’t want to throw stuff away (as he was told) and he has 5 cats. I vacuum everyday and now it’s 11:30pm and I just went into my room and they are all over my pillows…at least 15-20. HELP…I’ve never had bugs of any kind before and do you know what’s it’s like to go on a job interview with welts and sores all over your arms and hands for a Server position?


If I can ever get out of here, can I sue this guy since he knew of the infestation for all my pain and suffering. No BS, I have sores and welts everywhere and the other day I was at an interview and I opened my purse and 3 bed bugs ran across the ladies desk. I wanted to die. HELP!!!


I have bed bugs since I got a mattress from a friend and until now my house is like where the bedbugs does their meeting. Please where can I get help? as soon as possible?
another question is that can the bugs bring aids?
If you know anybody who can help me with a 1 king new mattresses, and 3 small for my children that will be great. Thank you guys

reginald clavier::

The same Diatomaceous Earth that can kill bedbugs, can it put it in water and drink it?


Absolutely DO NOT drink Diatomaceous Earth and water. It is made of 80% to 90% silica and that is extremely dangerous to ingest.



It seems that bed bugs are infesting our World and we have no available cure. Searching and searching for pesticides and treatments and we all come up with the same results. 1000’s of people asking the same questions about transfer of diseases and horrible bites. I myself have experienced the horrible bed bug problem after purchasing a home for my family.

We moved in and shortly after the bugs were all over my family, and loving it! I was worried since my Husband had a blood disease that the bugs would transfer the disease to my children…I still am worried. I have found that the bugs feed for one month, then they lay dormant for up to 1 year laying eggs that hatch and follow the same process. Keeping your home clean and daily vacuuming will keep them in low numbers but others have not had the same luck.

I have used sprays from drug stores that work to kill the bugs if applied directly but what about the bugs hiding? They stay dormant for a month or so and then they are out and about again to bite and wreak havoc on our families. Pest extermination companies have treatments available for $1000’s of dollars and they don’t guarantee their treatments.

Where is the EPA in all of this? This should be on the tops of the list for finding effective treatments. I have a number to a small business that sells their product to Military bases to treat bed bugs, larvae and eggs! I am going to purchase some myself to see if it works.

Good luck with your bugs… if anyone finds something that works please post!!


HEAT. Exposure to heat works wonderfully. I used a 100,000 BTU propane heat cannon, and had a portable thermometer sitting in the far corner. get the room up to 130º and keep it there for a minimum of 1 hour. ( I got mine to 157º) It helps to put the heater in the window so the room temp. doesn’t interfere with the ignition process. then stuff something around the heater to close off the outside air. (preferable flame retardant)

Exposure to heat of this temperature KILLS the bugs, AND THEIR EGGS.
I have not seen them back since.
Heat treatments for bed bugs really works!
good luck everyone!


can you lose a pint of blood over time from bed bug bites? not crazy, infested, have them under control only seeing one or two here n there but wondering if the pint of blood i needed when in the hospital and drs had no explanation where it went! I’m wondering if i lost it to bedbugs does anyone know if this is possible I was never covered in bites actually only had a few. I have been spraying everyday for a week using bedbug dust, it works just keep at it.

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