A government housing unit in Johnson City, John Sevier Apartment Complex, will be receiving brand new mattresses after dealing with a bed bug infestation that went through out many of the rooms in the apartment complex.

The new mattresses are coming from donations from friends of the John Sevier Apartment Complex. There will be between 40 and 50 new mattresses altogether. There are 137 tenants living in the complex, including elderly and disabled. Out of all the residents 59 had to get rid of their mattresses from bed bug problems.

Should they have used mattress covers? It would have been less expensive AND would prevent the problem from reoccurring!

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  1. Jason grant says:

    I”ve tried every bedbug spray gotten rid of mattress beddingBrought new still found bedbugs what can I do beside move.

  2. Rhonda Roddy says:

    I have recently found bedbugs in my bedroom. I wanted to know if they can come from comorter sets ordered online. Not sure where the set was sent from. Thanks.

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