Do Bedbugs Pose a Health Hazard?

It is said that bedbugs are not a health hazard and they can’t transmit disease but I believe they are referring to a bed bug transmitting disease when injecting saliva into your skin during the initial stages of feeding on your blood.

In the image below, you can clearly see that a bug filled with blood burst open in the palm of someone looking for an infestation. The question is, if that bed bug feed on a person with hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), would you be exposed to blood-borne pathogens? The CDC goes into great detail as to why you do NOT want to be exposed to blood.

Bed bug filled with blood burst open in hand

This bed bug burst open in the palm and exposed the exterminator to blood from someone else.

After feeding (about fifteen minutes), the bed bug becomes so engorged with human blood that the slightest pressure may cause it to burst open and spray blood in all directions.

Imagine that you are unfortunate enough to stay at an infested hotel. During the night, a bed bug full of blood from the previous victim crawls near your face; you roll over and the pressure pops the bug and exposes you to human blood.

You can minimize your risk of exposure by making sure to use our Bed bug Checklist and MAKE SURE that when you check your room for an infestation that you wear disposable medical gloves!.

You can see pictures of bed bugs here and if you are really brave, you can also view images of people bitten during their sleep!

Bed Bug Helth Hazard

The fact is, bed bugs can be found anywhere, from the cleanest of homes right down to the direst of homes. They can be found in hotels, apartments, businesses and schools. You could go out for a night at the movies and come home with bed bugs. Who is to blame? Bed bugs are becoming more and more of a problem. So what is one to do about this little problem? Many tenants are finding their landlords to be very unsympathetic which is hard to deal with when it’s impossible to sleep because you’re getting bitten all night long by little unwanted guests.

Some have said that bed bugs should be considered a health hazard, but at the moment it’s not. Like lice, bed bugs are defiantly a nuisance but not a health threat. Bed bugs don’t cause any type of diseases so therefore the provincial government doesn’t typically have much to do with cases of bed bugs because it isn’t considered a risk to the public. Generally, the city doesn’t deal with the issue either.

Do you think this is fair? People can pick up bed bugs virtually anywhere and while they don’t cause any diseases they do cause extreme itching that can lead to more intense pain as well as rashes. So should bed bugs be considered a health risk? As bed bug infestations continue to grow so will this issue. Share your thoughts with us below.

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Sick of This says:

I would highly recommend cleaning every spot in your house that you can and treat it as you would the infected bed. The moment you treat your bed, the bugs will try to run away to the other rooms, in which case, the other beds would get the bugs. Plastic bed covers should be fine for the beds, as long as they seal up tight.

I hope this helps you some. Ever since we got bed bugs in our own home, I’ve practically gone to war with them and have been doing as much research on them as I can.

I would like to say they /are/ a health hazard. My little sister is covered head to toe with bites and rash because of them. She bleeds out and scratches at them all the time. They are not safe for young children especially, because they don’t have the control not to scratch at the bites most of the time, and it’s even hard for someone like me to restrain myself. Luckily, I am not allergic, and they have not caused any kind of rash with me, but it has to my little sister.

Unrelated to health, they can cause a drop in confidence in anyone who has a bad reaction to them. Someone, who has a minor reaction like me, can pass it off as mosquito bites, but if the reaction is bad like in my little sister, it causes problems. She can’t go out to her after school group anymore because of the risk it could cause, bringing bed bugs to their home or other children. For young people, and for older, it’s hard to be confident with bites and rash all up your arms and legs, and for some people, their face. People think your diseased, and catchable, and quite honestly, in a sense, you kinda are. You can bring bed bugs with you to work, or school, and other people /can/ get them.

So yes, I would say that Bed Bugs are indeed a health hazard and should be taken care of the moment they are spotted.

Cyndi Howald says:

This is still undergoing research but in Vancouver BC Canada a Dr/researcher discovered two patients with MRSA that had no previous risk factors other that bad bed bug bites. they are doing further studies, see Bedbugs as Vectors for Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Jlynn says:

I’m sorry but i feel that they are a health issue. the loss of sleep the freaking out and tearing apart furniture and tearing down walls laying in bed clutching a flashlight NOT SLEEPING being parodied. Its very much a health Issue.. I used to think it was just a saying never dremed of them being real, and now I’m afraid to relax for fear that something wants me for dinner!

What I’ve went thru for the past 2 months is worst than any scary movie that I’ve seen.. and the cost to call a exterminator, omg I would cost me over $1,200 to have my house treated and to buy that many bags and totes.. I’m about to move away burn my house to the ground so no one else would have to deal with em here. and move to the Antarctic where I know they don’t like cold temps .. So Tell me they are not a HEALTH ISSUE….

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