In this section, you’ll find a number of videos about bed bugs that are sure to creep you out! Warning, viewing these videos before you sleep can cause nightmares, seriously! In fact, just reviewing these videos made me itch all over.

National Geographic put out a great video that gives you an overview of the bed bug and how these pest can reproduce at an incredible rate but how they can also attack you at night!

College dorms are a great place for bed bugs and they are being found in greater numbers than before. Make sure your teenager watches this bedbug video before they go off to college; in fact, they should watch it anyway so they understand what may be hiding under the bed!
One student shared her story explaining that she bought a new mattress and box spring only to find out too late that it was infested with bedbugs. In fact, it was so infested that the rooms had to be sealed off for more than three weeks while exterminators killed the bed bugs.

The store that sold her the mattress ended up paying her $1,000 in pest control fees. The store either put a returned mattress back out on the floor or stored a used mattress next to the new ones. Prove positive that checking for bedbugs before buying a mattress can save you a lot of trouble!

The University of Missouri has some excellent videos on bed bug prevention and control and well worth viewing!

Mary was in a deep sleep around 3:00am when she heard a noise that woke her and discovered more than 10 bed bugs feeding on her. She caught three of them and placed them in her sink. You can see just how active they are!

After feeling something near her ear, this poor lady woke up on the couch only to find a nest of bed bugs had come out of her pillow and began feeding on her.

These two short clips show a bed bug running around on the floor and gives you an idea of how fast they are!

This will freak you out! It’s a close up of a bed bug feeding on Dr James Logan in his laboratory where he explains the behavior of these blood suckers!

University of Missouri’s video on bed bugs and how to inspect a hotel room.

And of course, the best for last. This video is from the National Geographic Channel.

Wondering what bites from bed bugs look like?